Zac Says Tay Still Wets the Bed 

Zac Says Tay Still Wets the Bed is a hanfic story by Nick written in the late 90's. It was the winner of many hanfic awards and is considered one of the best fan fiction stories ever written.


Chapters 1-5
"Oh Crap Its the Full Monty!," "So...You Are Hanson," "I'll Buy You a Racing Camel," "Just Wait till They Make the Movie," "I'm Just Registering a Protest That's All."

Chapters 6-10
"Zac...This Would Make a Great Action Movie," "I LIke Meeting Fans Although This is Not Exactly the Place," "Oh I dropped you all the time when you were a baby and it never did you any harm, " "I Have to Look Good for My Public," "But Still the Line Wasn't Moving..."

Chapters 11-15
"This is normal security for a Hanson concert.", "She blushed. Ahhh... He thought, she's shy..." "Now we can be twins." "Soap!"

Chapters 16-20
"Look how much blood I had in me!", "Definitely no drumming.", "Oh that was just to annoy Tay.", "I have to go to the bathroom.", "That semi dramatic waiting pose. Quit it."

Chapters 21-25
"You're the greatest man!", "Disappointed to find no Hanson albums.",  "Heroes don't sleep on floors." ,"Of course they'd call him stumpy...", "A porterhouse steak medium rare."

Chapters 26-30

"Yes I would care to take that bet." "Trust Zac to think of the important issues." "But I think you want to." "Duh brain!" "Bbbring Bbbring."

Chapters 31-35

"You look like a prize prat right now." "Zac your feet smell." "So... do you play baseball?" "Let me have this okay Tay? I think I deserve it." "'God only knows."

Chapters 36-39

"'Ike!' he hollered..." "Maybe Taylor was going a little bop crazy." "Get in." "Have a splendid trip home."