Zac shook his hand and watched his brown eyes look over him sadly as he shut the door. Turning around Zac walked down the hallway and out of the front door into the brisk London air. Taylor and Isaac were waiting next to the Black Cab they had kept waiting. Zac felt a little sad and a little happy at the same time. Karen's husband had been very pleased to see him. He thanked him profusely for the song they had sung at her funeral and Zac said it was the least they could do. Zac had thanked him for having such a wonderful wife. That was perhaps why his eyes were looking so sad now. He had handed over the locket he took from her the night she died. Not even sure why he had taken it, it just felt right at the time and he had been waiting for the right moment to give it back. He guessed he had been waiting until he could meet her husband face to face. He seemed to understand why Zac had taken the locket. He certainly didn't seem mad about it. Zac wanted to tell him about the Karen he knew, about what she had done, about how she had died. Her husband seemed to appreciate hearing about it, well he hoped so anyway. Surprisingly he had refused to take back the locket. He said Zac should keep it, that he had a whole house full of things to remember her by and Zac needed one thing for himself. That was really nice of him. Zac fingered the locket in his pocket. Later on he would put it on. After he had a word with her maybe. It had been two weeks now since the adventure in the desert had ended. They spent some of that time in Africa just enjoying being with their family again then they flew to Paris to negotiate with the press. That was a seedy side of things. None of them had wanted to do it but as their Dad pointed out, the money they could get for selling their story could be very helpful for the Orphans of the War in Yugoslavia. And that's exactly where it went. The money Time magazine and Rolling Stone paid them would buy a lot of food and medicine for those kids.

Taylor and Isaac watched as Zac came out of the building and walked over to the car.

"Are you okay?"

Zac smiled a little, "Yeah I am Tay, thanks."

They all climbed back into the cab.

Zac took a seat in the middle with Isaac and Taylor on either side of him. The Cab started motoring through the early evening London traffic.

"You know you still owe me." said Taylor nonchalantly.

Zac cocked his head toward him, "What for?"

A grin crept onto the corners of Taylor's mouth.

"You told the world I wet the bed."

Isaac laughed loudly. Taylor glared at him.

"Sorry man... I forgot about that, yeah Zac I think you do owe him. That's not good for his reputation you know."

Taylor pretended to sock Isaac across the head.

Zac grinned. "Okay Tay you've got a deal. Get me in touch with the worlds media and I'll tell them the truth. Taylor doesn't wet the bed. I do...."

Zac's grin went devious. "And you've been sharing a bed with me at the hotel!"

Taylor's mouth dropped open as the penny dropped.

"Why you..." He punched Zac in the arm and Zac kicked him in the shin in return. A voice interrupted them.

"Where to please?"

It was the taxi driver.

"Uh... home please." said Isaac not really caring.

"Yeah," added Zac, "Take us to the airport, we're going home."

He paused, then the grin crept back onto his face.

He turned excitedly to Taylor and Ike,

"Guys!" his grin was infectious, Ike and Tay couldn't help but smile,

"Have I got the funniest joke for you... okay... a man goes into a pet store and.."