Chapter 8

"Isaac," Claire said standing up.

"What are you doing here?" she asked.

"I live here. I think one of you should tell me why my brother was kissing my girlfriend," he said rage filtering through his eyes.

Taylor decided that he was not going to take the blame for this.

"I was sitting here and then Claire came over and she started hitting on me. Then she kissed me, I told her that it wasn't right but she did it anyways. I'm sorry I didn't stop," Taylor said never quiet looking Isaac in the eye.

"Oh, so I have a slut girlfriend?" Isaac asked looking at Claire.

"How do you like this slut?" he said before hitting her across her face.

Taylor jumped in front of him only to be pushed into the wall.

"Isaac don't do this, don't become our mother," Taylor screamed.

Isaac let go of Claire.

"Leave," was all he said before going up to his room.

"I think you should go, now," Taylor told Claire.

"I leave, but I'm sure the tabloids will have a great time with my story of being taken advantage of by the middle Hanson then being beat by the oldest. Don't you think the little teenie-boppers will like that story Taylor?" she said walking out of the door, a triumphant grin spread across her face.

Taylor sat down on the couch. A realization finally hit him. Claire had planed the whole thing. She must have thought she could get rich by selling her story. He couldn't think straight, his head hurt from trying to figure everything out.

He went to the laundry room and found some clothes. He didn't want to be in the same house let alone room with Isaac so he put on a pair of shoes Zac had left downstairs. They were about 5 sizes too small but Taylor decided that he would manage.

He left the house and walked down the familiar path that he had walked so many times before when he felt like a prisoner in his own house. He got to the park and went to sit on a bench. The little leauge team was having a practice. He looked longingly at the boys and their fathers talking about the right batting position. Their fathers looked so happy to be there with their children. The mothers all lined the fence camped out in lawn chairs. Talking about the latest gossip he supposed. He felt his eyes start to burn as he watched.

He had never had the chance to play baseball. Even when they did let him plat soccer they were never supportive of him. Nothing he did was ever good enough for his parents. Music had been driven into his head since he was able to walk. He knew before the was eight that he was going to be a famous musician someday, he had to.

As much as he hated his mother and father for the way they were he wanted nothing more than for them to be proud of him. He wanted his dad to pat him on the back and say good job son or some other corny line that a tv dad might say. He wanted his mother to give him a hug in front of all his friends. It would be embarassing but it would be worth it to know that he was loved.

The people at the baseball practice slowly filtered out until there were only a boy and his dad. His dad was pitching to him. He missed the ball all but two of times his dad threw it. As they walked away the dad put his arm around his son and they walked away together. Taylor let one of the tears that had been burning inside slide down his cheek. He sat for a moment letting the tears fall then slowly walked back home.