Chapter 7

Taylor woke from his noon nap on the couch when he heard a knock on the door. Despite his lack of much clothing he answered the door. Clarie let out a shrill laugh and pointed at his bare chest with an amused look on her face when the door opened. Taylor was none to amused.

"How may I help you?" he asked still half asleep.

"Well, you could invite me in." she said walking past him over to the couch.

"Ike isn't home right now Claire." he said sitting down in the chair on the other side of the room.

"I know he isn't. I came to talk to you." she said motioning him so sit beside her.

"So why would you majesty sir Isaac Hanson's girlfriend want to talk with a lowly peasent child like me?" he said sarcasticly.

"I've met someone else." she said giving Taylor a serious glance.

Taylor sat there dumbfounded. She was going to leave Ike. That just seemed unreal they had been together so long.

"When did you met him?" he asked still in shock from the news.

"The same day I met Ike. About 3 hours before thought." she said.

"You met Ike the day you moved here. Our family helped yours all day. How did you met anyone else? Besides that you were the same age as me and I sure couldn't go anywhere by myself back then so I know you couldn't have." he said confused.

"Remember when I came over to ask if your family would help?" she asked.

"Yeah, I answered the door then I ran and asked my mom and she told me to tell you that we could help after we got finished eating lunch. So she told you to come back in two or three hours." he said remebering the day perfectly.

"Thats when I met you." she said looking at him.

"But you like Isaac more. You've been going out with him for...."

Claire silenced Taylor with a kiss. He pushed her away.

"No. I can't do this. You can't either. You belong with Isaac." Taylor said nervously.

"Claire! What the hell is going on here?" Isaac said dropping the bags in his arms.