Chapter 6

The room seemed to spin as Taylor looked up at his mothers face. She must have been lifting weights of something because her punches had goten much stronger. Her hair was down and flying in all directions. She hit Taylor with all she had. Not even looking at him. It was like he was just a rag doll. She cared nothing for him, nothing at all. Finally he heard the door shut as she left. He tried to stand only to find his legs wouldn't comply. He felt someone lifting him up. He looked over to see his dad trying to help him up. He quickly tore his arm from his fathers hands. He didn't want that man touching him. What kind of father sat there and watched his children being beaten. If there was one person Taylor hated as much as his mother it was his father. Taylor put the pain in the back of his head. He gripped the couch to lift himself up. He made it upstairs and walked throught his room to get to the bathroom. Isaac barely looked up from the computer when Taylor walked by. He went in the bathroom to clean up only to find Zac putting a band-aid on one of Avie's cuts.

"Mom got her too?" Taylor asked anger in his voice.

"No she just fell off her bike." Zac replied not looking at Taylor.

"Well were finished. Bathrooms all yours Tay." Zac said as he picked up Avie, whiping the tears from her eyes, and left.

Taylor looked at his reflection. This wasn't the worst he had looked but it was close. His top lip was cut. His eye was a bit swollen not noticable thought. He wiped the blood from his lip and nose. He decided since he was already in here he would take a shower. He walked back into the room to get some clean clothes.

He walked down to the park after he had showered and changed. It was 10:30 on a weekday so the park was virtualy empty. A few people walking the trails around the pond that was all. He walked over to the boulder that he usally sat on. Someone was already there. He recognized the girl who was sitting in his place. He didn't know exactly who she was because all he could see was the side of her face. He cleared his throught trying to get her attention. When she turned and looked at him he was stunned. She was the girl from New York.

"Taylor?" she said climbing down to where he was.

"You live around here?" he asked.

"Yeah." she said.

"Why didn't you mention that when we met in New York?" he asked still amazed.

"I didn't think it was important. I had never ran into you down here before so I didn't think I would again." she said walking over to the bench, Taylor following her.

"I can't believe I met you again. This is so weird because I never found out your name so I thought I would never see you again. What is your name anyways?" he asked.

"Oh, I'm sorry Taylor. I have to go I'm late for an appointment. I'll see you later." she said running off.

He opened his mother to scream something but she had already scurried away.

I still don't know her name,he thought to himself.