Chapter 5

Taylor rolled over and hit the buzzing alarm clock. He sat up rubbing his head. He looked over to Isaac and Zac's beds. They were already gone. He concluded that they had most likely went down to eat breakfast. He got, took a shower, got dressed. and went down to the lobby to join the rest of his family.He looked around the crowded hotel lobby for his family. He found them over at the far corner. Jessie and Avie were at one table throwing cereal at each other. His mom, dad, and Isaac were sitting at the table beside them, Zoe was in a highchair by their table, and Mackie was asleep in Isaac's lap. Zac was sitting by himself a few tables away. Taylor went to the table that had once been filled with food, now almost empty. He grabbed the last blueberry muffin and a glass of apple juice then sat down at Zac's table.

"You all sure left early this morning." Taylor said taking a bite of his muffin.

Zac gave Taylor a suspicious glare as he sipped his coffee.

"How do you drink that stuff? And why are you looking at me like that?" Taylor asked.

"Who was the girl you were with last night?" Zac asked a smirk spreading across his face.

"You better tell me. I covered for you last night." Zac said leaning back in his chair with a triumphant look on his face.

"Zac, I really don't know who she was. She left before I could find out her name." he said.

"And now you wish you had got her name. Right?" Zac said taking a bite of his bagel.

"Well yeah." Taylor said.

"Man she was hot but she sure has you messed up. I've never seen you so dazed. Are you on drugs Taylor? You know there is help for that." Zac said.

"No Zac I'm not on any damn drugs." Taylor said.

"And the quiet on curses. What would the fans think?" Zac said laughing.

"When the heck did you get so happy?" Taylor asked.

"When I found out last night, while you were out on your little escapades, that Mackie came down with the flu so mom is going to take all the kids back home. Which means three months no mom." Zac said.

Taylor's face brightened at the thought of three monthes without his mother there to beat his butt.

"Told you, you shouldn't have went out." Zac said getting up to leave.

"So when is she leaving?" Taylor asked following his brother.

"By my calculations dad should be telling us it's time to go" Zac said looking at his watch.

"Taylor! Zac! We have to get to the airport." Walker said loudly.

Three months. No mom.Taylor thought as he walked out the hotel door.