Chapter 4

Taylor sat on the small couch infront of the television. Zac and Ike were going over the questions that would be asked at that nights inerview. He listened as Ike practiced saying he didn't have a girlfriend and sounding real about it. He wondered if Claire, Isaac's girlfriend, ever felt weird about him not admitting that he had a girlfriend. Taylor knew that Claire would in the end only get hurt. Isaac didn't really love her. It doesn't seem that someone as cold as he was would be capable of loving anybody. It was a shame, Claire was such a sweet girl. Zac got up and walked to the bathroom. Isaac continued saying his 'lines' to his reflection in the mirror. Taylor realized that Zac had been gone for quite a while. He got up to go see if he was ok. He knocked lightly on the door all he heard was a quiet, almost inaudible cry. He opened the door slowly. Zac was huddled up in the corner. He had been crying. A glimmer on the counter caught Taylor's eye. It was a razor blade. He walked over a picked it up.

"Zac, what the hell are you thinking? What were you going to do with this? Zac answer me." Taylor said his voice getting more outraged by the second.

"Taylor, I, I, I don't want this anymore. I don't want it. I just want to go home and, and." Zac breathed out the words between sobs.

Taylor sat down on the floor beside him and gave him a hug. Zac buried his head on Taylor's shoulder and cried.

"Taylor, mom, she..she hit Mackie today. He can't help it. Tay he is so little. He is only 3 he doesn't know any better. I wanted to leave. I wanted to die. But I need to be here for him. Don't I Jordan?" Zac said.

When Zac called him Jordan it brought something back into Taylor. His mother had no right to hit them. He let go of Zac and ran out of the bathroom. He grabbed his jacket and caught a glance of Isaac sitting, still reading over the questions, before he walked out of the hotel room. Isaac made Taylor sick. He would sit there and know that his brother's needed him and he was too worried about the fans finding out the truth that he didn't do anything.

He continued to storm down the hall until he was to his mother's room. He looked throught a crack in the door to see his mother rocking Zoe and singing a song to her. The same song she had sung to him when he was little. He had left his hotel room with every intention of telling his mother off and risking a severe beating. But it was moments like this that made him believe she still had a little bit of the mother he loved in her. He felt tears coming to his own eyes as he watched his mother put Zoe in her crib.

He left the door and made his way to the elevator. He went down to the bottom floor. Hoping no one would notice him he walked out of the hotel. He found a bench not for from the main door, in case some psycho fans came by, and sat down. There was a slight wide which caused him to pull his jacket closer to him. He got a bit nervous as a willowy blonde girl came towards him. He was hoping she wasn't a fan who was going to scream, because he really didn't want go back to that hotel room.

"Excuse me. Is anyone sitting here?" she asked.

"No." he replied scooting over so she could have more room to sit.

"You a tourist?" she asked looking over at him.

"Yeah, but I've been here before. You?" he asked.

"Yeah, but this is my first time here. I hear its gorgeous in the winter with all the snow." she said looking out onto the busy street.

"It is. Especially around Christmas time. The big buildings have lights and the carolers stand on the corners and sing well carols. The snow. Is beautiful if you can get up early enough to see it. The snow trucks usually come out and get rid of it before the morning rush." he said turning to her. But she wasn't there she was standing at the door of a bus.

"Sorry it's my bus." she said getting on.

"Hey what's your..." he said to late for her to hear. "name?"

He sat back down but he couldn't be still. This girl had really thrown his brain for a loop. He liked her. Not in the sence of I want to marry her someday. More like she is so easy to talk to I want to be her friend. He just shook the thought out of his head. He would never see her again. He turned and went back to the hotel.