Chapter 3

Taylor climbed into the van. He was the last to get in. Isaac was reading a book. Avery was sitting beside him eating the rest of her poptart from breakfast. Zac was beside her. Taylor noticed a bruise on his arm. His mother must have found out about the sleeping bag and pillow. Mackie and Jessie were sitting in the seat in front of him. Mackie was kicking Jessie making her holler. Taylor hushed them before his mother started screaming. After he had gotten them settled down her looked over at Zoe who was in her car seat beside him. She was sleeping peacefully. She didn't deserve the family she was going to get when she grew up. Then again did any of them?

They left the drive way and made it to the airport with out any casualties. Taylor got Zoe out of her seat and was the last to get out. He caught up with his family at the gate. The airport guards were making a walkway so they could get to the plane without being mobbed. They finally got on the plane. He gave Zoe to his mother and took his seat beside Zac. Zac was off in his own world. Sometimes Taylor wished he had the imagination of Zac. He could just imagine all the pain away even if just for a little while.

"I know you saw the bruise. It wasn't because of me helping you." Zac said not chaning his gaze from the window.

"Why then?" Taylor asked looking more closely at the bruise.

It really wasn't that bad compaired to most.

"I didn't put the remote on the right table." Zac said finally looking over at Taylor.

"Oh." Taylor said turning his attention to reading the back of a peanut bag.

Zac resummed looking out the window. They were both silent the rest of the flight. Three hours later the plane landed in New York. They filed off just as they had gotten on. This time the boys put on their best smiles and signed a few autographs. The screaming girls made Taylor's head pound all her could think about was getting to the hotel away from all the crowds. The family made it safely to the van and then to the hotel.