Chapter 1

Taylor sat on the boulder that overlooked the pond. He hadn't told his mother what had happened. He just left. Everything was too much. He knew his brothers loved all the fame, but what about him? Had they ever asked him what he wanted? No. Did he want to be a teen heartthrob? No. What did he want? To be normal Jordan again. The stupid band thing even changed his name.

He had no control over anything. He couldn't see his friends anymore. His mom said they were below their standards. Since when did he have standards about who his friends were? All he wanted was his old name back. His old life back.

"Taylor!" Zac yelled from the path that circled the pond.

"Time to come home. We have practice. You're already late," he was beginning to act like Ike.

All they ever wanted to do was practice and when they weren't practicing they were recording and when they weren't recording they were on tour.

"I'm coming Zac." Taylor climbed down from the boulder and walked to the path to join his brother on the walk home.

They didn't talk at all, they never did anymore.

Upon entering the door he felt the sting of his mother's hand across his face.

"What were you doing out? You are supposed to be here with your brothers working!" Diana screamed in his face.

Her hand stung his face again. He let her hit him. It didn't hurt anymore. Not physically at least.

"Get in the basement and work. Now!" she screamed, turning and walking towards his father.

His father was so pathetic. He just watched. He was twice her size, yet he wouldn't raise a hand against her no matter what she did.

Taylor walked down the stairs to join his brothers. They practiced as normal despite the red hand prints covering Taylor's face.