I'm Not A Playa - Chapter 4

Isaac was driving his brother to Long Island. They were on the highway in his new blue bug. The breeze was blowing through their hair. It was beautiful out and Ike didn’t mind driving Taylor because he wanted to go to the beach with his friend Alanna anyway. Alanna was nothing more to Ike then a NYC friend. They had never shared anything romantic before. She sat in the back seat listening to him and his brothers conversation.

“I can’t believe your actually seeing the same girl twice! This is a first!”

“What’s the big deal. She’s cool”

“Your making a big promise to me when you say you won’t fuck her okay?”

“Yeah. I won’t. Trust me”

“I can’t trust you”

“Yes you can”

“No I cant”

“Yes you can”

“No I cant”

“Yes you..”

“Guys, stop fighting!” Alanna interrupted Taylor. “Tay, no sex and Ike, he won’t have sex” she said settling the argument for them. She hated when they fought. It would always be something babyish and end up frustrating Ike for the whole day.

“He better not” Ike added onto Alanna’s statement.

“I’m not always some major ‘sex maniac’ ya know?”

“Sure Tay!”

“I’m not!”

“Yes you are!”

“I am not!”

Alanna gave up this time. She could see this going on for hours. Good thing they arrived at Skye’s house. Isaac noticed that Skye was wearing the shortest black shorts any girl could find and a small red halter top. She looked like a prostitute and he noticed what problems his brother would have trying not to screw her. Isaac looked over at Taylor who was licking his lips like a hungry man who hadn’t eaten for months.

“Tay be good” Isaac ordered his brother who jumped out of the side of the car and ran over to Skye.

“I’ll try!” He laughed waving to Ike.

The blue bug pulled away. Taylor quickly threw his arms around Skye’s waist, embracing her. He shoved his tongue into her mouth almost suddenly. She reacted the same. Both kissed like their was no tomorrow.

“Pervert! Get off my sister!!”

Taylor pulled away to see a boy a little younger then himself with a water hose.

“Get away or I’ll spray you with this!”

Skye laughed at her thirteen year old brothers immaturity.

“You better run!” He continued to tease Taylor.

“No way! Some twelve year old is not going to make me run!”

“Tay, I think you should listen to Danny!” Skye giggled.

“Hey I’m thirteen you herb!!” Danny turned the hose on and sprayed Taylor.

“Okay, that’s it! Your gonna get it now!” Taylor threatened, now chasing Danny.

Skye followed the two, now both, immature boys into her backyard. She saw Taylor’s blue eyes light up when he saw the 3 - 20ft pool complete with a diving board and floats. Next thing she saw was Taylor taking a sand bucket, filling it up with pool liquid and throwing it at her brother. She was laughing so hard she thought she would start crying. The following move from Danny was shoving Taylor who was standing at the edge, into the huge swimming pool. Taylor pushed himself up from the water grabbing Danny’s legs and pulling him in too.

“Hey Skye, we’re both wet. You might as well come in” Taylor shouted over to her.

“Yeah, or we’ll get you in!” Danny gave off silly giggles.

“Unlike you, I don’t want to ruin my cloths with the chlorine. That stuff bleaches material like this” Skye picked at her black denim shorts.

Taylor wanted Skye to change into a small bikini but he also wanted to see her erect nipples and big breasts through the wet halter top.

“Oh come on! I’m wearing CK pants, a CK tee, an armani belt, and doc martin shoes! I’m still in the water!”

Skye thought about this and decided Taylor was right. Besides, spending the rest of the day with him in the pool was probably better then whatever else he planned and she had a good idea of what that would be. “Fine” Skye agreed taking off her Tommy Hilfiger sneakers and socks. She tread on the first step of the pool. All of a sudden out of nowhere she felt a hand on her leg dragging her into the pool. She let out shrieks and noticed it was her brother. “I’m gonna beat you up, you fuckin asshole!”

“Whoa, I should tell mom what you just called me!” Danny joked.

“Haha” She laughed dunking his head under the water.

Taylor laughed at the two siblings fighting.

“What are you laughing at?!” Skye gazed at Taylor and then swam over to him.

She joked around trying to dunk him unfortunately it was no use, he was undunkable and too strong. Skye paused waiting for Taylor to make a move back. Instead he silently moved closer to her.

“You look good when your all wet baby” Taylor’s sexy voice murmered as he placed his hands on her waist and pulled her even closer to him so that their bodies pressed against each other.

“I bet that turns you on?” She whispered into his ear.

“Oh, yeah” He moved his hands up her waist, placing them on her breasts.

“Taylor, my brothers here. I don’t think we should be giving him any ideas of what to do with his girl friends”

Taylor took his hands off her. “I want to be alone with you”

“We will later”

“YO! Your leaving me out!! Whatcha talking about?!”

“Oh sorry bud” Taylor apologized.

“Its Danny. Are you trying to get in my sisters pants are something?”

“Haha” Taylor tried to laugh his way out of Danny’s comment.

“I’m serious. Why do you guys always pretend to be cool, and fun and nice and then ruin it by touching my sister in some sick way?! I thought you were different! I like James better!”

“Danny! Don’t judge any of my friends!” Skye screamed at him.

“Trust me, when your fifteen you will be the same as me!” Taylor was ashamed that Skye’s brother didn’t like him.

“No I won’t! I respect girls and I always will!” Danny swam to the corner of the pool, lifting himself up onto the cement and running into the mansion.

“Listen, I’m sorry about my brother. He’s overprotective of me”

“No, don’t apologize, it’s okay, really”

“I feel like I have to”

“At least we’re alone. So where is that James guy?”

“We broke up this morning”

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry! Was the breakup tough for you?”

“Not really. I’m kind of glad he’s out of my life. I have you now”

“I’m going to be gone and busy so many times. I don’t think you will really have me”

“I know, but... remember when you told me you loved me?”


“Well, I think I love you”

Taylor didn’t know what to say. Telling Skye he loved her was kind of a moment thing. He hadn’t meant it. He just knew it was what she wanted to hear. This was the minute where he wished he could take it back. “Hey, can we get out of the pool?” He questioned.

“Yeah, good idea”

Both swam to the stairs and got out of the pool. Skye felt slightly humiliated that Taylor hadn’t said anything when she told him how much she was in love. She wanted to hear the special words come back to her.

“So is Zac at Jenny’s house?” Skye asked as Taylor wrapped a towel around her as well as his arms.

“No, Zac went to the aquarium with the rest of the family”


Suddenly it was silent. Taylor nor Skye had something to say.

“Your father and I are going to the beach with your brother. Do you two want to come?” Skye’s mother broke the utter stillness. Skye saw that Taylor was fiercely shaking his head no.

‘Oh no, I was hoping it wouldn’t come to Taylor and I being alone’ Skye thought. “No mom we’re just going to hang out here”

“Okay than we’ll see you later!”

“Why didn’t you want to go? Is it because my brother’s going?” Skye directed her question to Taylor as her mom left.

“No, it’s because Isaac is going to be there plus I want to be alone with you” Taylor held her closer. Skye loved when he put his arms around her. She felt protected in some way. Skye turned around laying her lips on top of his. He kissed her back passionately for a few minutes and then she hauled away.

“Tay” she paused and continued “Who am I?”


“Am I your girlfriend? Friend? Sex toy?”

“What do you want to be?”

“Your girlfriend”

“I was going to say it was a mix between the last two but..”

“Friend and sex toy?!”

“A friend who I have sex with”

“Tay you know what that is?”


“A girlfriend”

Taylor didn’t give Skye’s attempts to be his girlfriend a second thought. He could have any girl he wanted and he didn’t want to commit to anyone special. “I’ve never seen your room”

It seemed like Taylor was always changing the subjects between them whenever Skye asked him something personal or they got into a deep conversation. “I wasn’t planning on showing it to you today” Skye’s plan was to see if she and Taylor could actually spend a fun day together without having sex. She knew her plan was heading downhill.

“Oh c’mon..” Taylor begged.

“Ughh.... fine”


“It’s just as nice as I thought it would be” Taylor stated as he walked into Skye’s room.

“Yeah, it’s the same four walls you have”

“Can I sit on your bed?”

“Um.. not until your dry”


Taylor looked so incredibly cute. His hair was wavy and damp. His blue eyes were so bright it was amazing. Skye could see his pecks through the wet white tee he was wearing. His lips were moist and looked luscious. He was truly the most amazing guy in the world.

“Tay, do you mind if I change into something dry?”

“No, can I pick it out for you?” He said with a devilish grin.

“That depends”

“Oh what”

“On if I like it”


“My closet is over there?” She pointed.

“Where do you keep the underwear? Bras and stuff?”

“Umm... in the draws near the closet”.

“That’s all I need to know”.

Taylor walked over to Skye’s draws and looked through all of her undergarments. He picked up the smallest black bra and panties he could find.

“Here, put that on” He threw them to her.

“Tay, I meant a complete outfit”

“That is a complete outfit, put it on. Please”

Just because Tay had asked nicely she decided to change into the ‘outfit’ he picked out. While Taylor waited for her to come out he took off his tee-shirt, belt, and pants leaving him in nothing but his soaked boxers. He held the materials in anticipation for Skye. Finally she came out. Taylor felt like he was five years old and was just handed a huge ice cream cone.

“Do you want me to put these in the tub?” Skye asked as she took the wet cloths from Taylor. He nodded his head yes. He wanted her so bad. He was definitely going to break his promise to Ike. Skye came back in the room walking over to her queen sized bed and stretching her body out on it. She moaned loudly turning Taylor on. He walked up to the bed approaching her.

“Tay, no your to wet” She teased him.

Taylor stood by her side practically panting for her. Now he felt like he was a five year old watching a big ice cream cone in front of him and not being able to eat it.

“Oh Taylor, you don’t know how bad I want to feel you inside me” She groaned as she touched her panties rather rigorously.

Taylor couldn’t take this. It was her room and if she told him that he was wet and couldn’t sit on her bed then it wouldn’t be polite to disobey her rules. He finally thought of something. He stepped out of his boxers throwing them on the nearest chair. Skye watched as his erection stood as tall as godzilla. This turned Skye on.

“I’m all dry now”

“I guess you are but you see this is my bed and if I don’t want you in it then I guess you can’t come in”.

“Skye, stop teasing me like this. You know I can’t take it”

“I bet you would like to feel my tongue on your dick, wouldn’t you?”


“Would you like to feel your dick in my mouth Taylor?”

“Yes but..”

“Then come closer”

Taylor did as she said.

Skye positioned herself to lay her stomach on the mattress. She tilted her head licking at him, preparing for her move. Finally she took his penis into her mouth brutally. He moaned pushing the back of her head into him so that he could go deeper down her throat. He felt her licking around him and sucking. He couldn’t take how much pleasure she was giving him. Taylor wanted more from her, more then he had ever had with her. After minutes of Taylor being in her mouth, Skye pulled away. She placed herself on her back and watched as Tay fell down next to her. His erection still stood high and she could tell by his obvious release that he wanted beyond what they had done.

Taylor turned to face her twisting a strand of her black hair around his finger. “Can I make love to you?”

Skye felt a shiver of obsession for him down her spine at his question. She had never been the ‘obsessed’ Hanson fan but she had always held a place for Taylor inside her. The way he had asked her to have sex with him seemed special. Just to hear the word ‘love’ come out of his mouth seemed extraordinary. Skye stared into his blue pleading eyes. “Thankyou for asking this time” She smiled.

“Can I?” Taylor was serious.

Skye wrapped herself in her red silk blankets.

“Come and get me” She taunted unclasping her bra and preparing to take off the black underwear.

Taylor found the end of the blankets and pulled them closer to him. Skye came rolling with the blankets. Taylor pulled the end so that they fell off her. Skye’s legs were wide open ready for him to pierce her body. Taylor moved on top of her. “That was too easy” he smiled. Quickly after his remark he made an entrance into her body. He slid in easily and moaned boisterously.

“Taylor! Oh god Taylor!” Skye screamed as he moved up and down harder and harder inside her. She felt him vigorously rubbing against her skin. She stroked her hands through Taylor’s beautiful hair which was now dry.

Taylor dragged his hands up and down her legs that were still extended widely, moving in and out of her as they both let out screams and moans. While still having sex he moved his lips to hers as their tongue’s played a game of tag. Taylor thought of the question Isaac had asked him the day before. ‘He wants to know why I have sex, this is why, its the best feeling in the world’ he thought still maintaining his speed and motion inside Skye. Taylor wondered what Skye was thinking. She acted like she had spent her whole life having sex and trying to perfect it. She was so good it scared him. He loved the way she moaned and made him never want to leave her body. He loved the way she teased him until he begged for her to have sex with him yet he still felt in control. He just loved being with her. After about two hours of straight fooling around and having sex, Taylor had to admit he was tired and let go of Skye causing them to separate.

“Why... did ....you ....stop?” Skye’s breathing was out of control. She could tell his was too. Skye rested her head on his chest, touching one of the four chokers on Taylor’s neck. She waiting for him to catch his breath. He moved his hand onto hers and then spoke up.

“Because, I’m worn out”

“Worn out?!” Skye started laughing.

“Ya know, tired”

“To tired to screw me?”

“I did screw you. Besides all you have to do is lay there. I’m the one who does all the bouncing”

“Bouncing!” Skye was having a hard time controlling her giggles.

“What?!” He laughed.

“Bouncing...! Heehee!!” She continued chuckling.

“Yeah bouncing!” Taylor jumped on top of Skye and started tickling her.

Skye’s laughter was impossible to maintain now. Taylor was snickering too.

Both laughed there heads off until they calmed down.

“Wanna go skinny dipping?” Taylor asked lifting an eyebrow.

Skye started to laugh and then realized he was serious.

“Come on, it’ll be fun!” He jumped out of bed taking her hand.

“Hold on, if we’re really going to do this, then let me get our cloths for after we get out” Skye went into her rooms bathroom and pulled out a long black tshirt and Taylor’s cloths which were now somewhat dry.

After she got the cloths she followed Taylor to her backyard. It was 6:00PM and was getting dark. Skye wondered if her parents would be home soon but then realized that whenever her family went to the beach they would stay until 7:00 and then go out to eat. She knew they wouldn’t be home for at least another 3 hours. Skye watched as Taylor jumped into the water.

“Hey, I’m gonna turn the lights in the pool on, okay?”

“Okay” Taylor watched as Skye’s perfect figure ran across the pool area and back.

“Come in, the waters warm”

“That’s because we have a pool heater” she pointed out.

“Well, it wasn’t cause I peed” Taylor laughed at his corny joke taking Skye’s hands and bringing her into the water. She moved onto him but surprisingly instead of her plans to straddle him between her legs, he had moved straight into her.

“Taylor...” Skye moaned. This was so unexpected, she didn’t know if she should push him away.

“Hmm... I want you” He muttered.

Skye’s face was in Tays shoulder and her arms were tightly grasping into him. Taylor was holding her legs up as she felt him move around inside of her. This position was something new to Skye and to Taylor but they both seemed to enjoy it. As Skye let out a scream of enjoyment, she thought. ‘Here I am in our pool in Long Island in the middle of a neighborhood having sex with Taylor Hanson. This is too weird’.

After two more hours of pleasuring each other, Taylor and Skye decided it would be good if they gave this whole sex thing a break for awhile.

“Lets go lay in the hammock” Taylor stated. Skye agreed. Soon she was laying on him. His warm chest felt good against her breasts. His penis touched her vulva but she knew he wouldn’t move it into her because the moment was much to romantic to ruin. Taylor gazed up at the stars. He felt like he never wanted Skye to leave his side. He never felt this way about any girl and wished he knew what was overcoming him. Soon Taylor noticed that Skye was sleeping. He quickly fell asleep too. A half hour later Taylor’s beeper sounded. He picked it up and noticed it was Isaac. He then looked at his watch. “Oh shit! 8:30! Skye wake up!”

“Huh??” Skye took her head off of Tay and sat up causing the hammock to flip over.

“Hurry, we have to get our cloths on. Isaac’s picking me up now!” Taylor stood up.

“What time is it” Skye yawned.


“Oh shit, my mom and dad are going to be home soon!”

Taylor and Skye ran and quickly put on the cloths she had brought down.

“C’mon, wait for Ike with me in the front”

Skye agreed and was led by Taylor into the front of the mansion where the garage was. Less then minutes later Taylor saw the headlights of the blue bug.

“I’ll miss you” Taylor pressed his body to hers straining her in a hug. He gently kissed her on her lips and walked over to the car.

“Call me” Skye voiced.

Taylor nodded as Ike’s car drove away with a sleeping Alanna in the back seat.

“So what did you do?” Isaac asked.


“Sex stuff?”

“No Ike, I kept my promise” Taylor lied.

“Then what did you do?”

“I swam in Skye’s pool with her and her brother”

“The whole time?”


“You didn’t bring trunks, you went in your cloths?”

“Yeah, so did they”

“Okay” Isaac was somewhat satisfied with his brothers answer.

Taylor was exhausted. He had done so much active stuff today and couldn’t wait to get to his hotel room bed.