I'm Not a Playa...

Chapter 25

Taylor slowly shifted off of Skye sitting by her side. “What do you mean abortion?” He asked slowly brimming with confusion.

Hot water flooded Skye’s eyes. She looked at Taylor not knowing what to say. How could she possibly put such big emotions and experiences into words?

Taylor waited for Skye to speak but she didn’t. The complete silence was beginning to abrade him. “Skye, tell me! Marc got you pregnant?!”

“Why do you assume it was Marc!?” Skye snapped suddenly angry.

“Well, It couldn’t be... is it me?” Taylor questioned, his voice greatly low and terrified.

Skye ignored Taylor’s question. “Do you think I’m a slut?! Is that what your objecting?” She searched Taylor’s eyes for an answer.

“No but ... Skye, who’s baby was it?”

“Do you think I actually slept with Marc?!”

“You didn’t?” Now Taylor wished Skye had slept with Marc. The baby was his and she dishonorably got rid of it without his opinion.

“No! It was yours!” Skye yelled. “Ours!” She corrected herself.

“Whoa Skye... It can’t be OURS!” Taylor disagreed.

“And why can’t it be?!” Skye grabbed her panties and bra.

“Because I used a condom!”

“Hardly ever!” Skye cried. “Do you recall the time in the pool?!” She shouted clasping her bra back on and sliding her panties through her legs.

“That isn’t my fault! How about the time here in New York when you took me into the hotel room and made me fuck you?! I insisted on wearing a condom but you said nooo.”

“Listen, I didn’t fuck anyone but you! Anyway, it’s not even about who’s fault this is Taylor! The baby is gone! It’s done with!”

“Yeah and how could you not even tell me!? It was OUR baby as you said! You just callously killed it without my permission!” Taylor pushed.

“I tried to tell you!” Skye calmed down a bit. “But every time you called I just, I couldn’t tell you over the phone. That’s why I was acting so detached from you when we talked...”

“Skye I loved you. You could of told me that. You know you can tell me anything.” Taylor eyes started to water.

“You loved me? There’s an e-d?”

“I think I need to think things over between us. I’m pretty sure I was wrong about this whole love thing.”

For some reason Skye felt hurt and rejected. Taylor was supposed to be begging for her back, not shoving her out of his life.

When Skye didn’t reply, Taylor knew that he had hurt her feelings. “Listen, you made a mistake. You didn’t tell me about something so important. Something that had to do with both of us. I just don’t think I can trust you anymore.”

Skye crinkled her eyebrows now incredibly mad. “Trust?! Your telling me about trust?! We separate for two fucking months and immediately you’ve cheated on me!”

“You cheated on me too!”

“You fucked Alanna and I don’t even want to know who else! The most Marc and I ever did was kiss. You had your hands all over some slutty excuse for a girlfriend!”

“You know, sometimes I wonder how you could even love me. You hardly know me! You don’t know about why I am the way I am. You don’t know my hopes and my dreams. You don’t know anything about me!”

“Your right. I don't love you Taylor! In fact I never loved you!”

Taylor was baffled again. “Huh?”

“I used you for your fame. I wanted to date you cause your famous! I admit it, happy?”

Taylor opened his mouth shocked from what he just heard. His eyes were wide and he couldn’t get a word out of his mouth. “Uh... I...” He couldn’t even catch his breath.

“Say something asshole!” Skye bellowed throwing her shirt on.

Taylor pointed to the door of the room. “Leave.”

Skye choked back her tears throwing on her skirt and boots which she would lace up later. “I am.” As she neared the door she looked down at the floor. “Bye Taylor.” Skye noticed Taylor give her the most evil glare she had ever seen him bestow. She quietly slithered out of the room. As she entered the entrance of the hotel suite she didn’t bother saying bye to Isaac. She just ran straight out the next door. When she was outside the hotel she let her tears flow. ‘Why did I say that?!’ She screamed in her head as her sobs and cries grew louder. ‘Why did I make Taylor think I never loved him?’ The hurt look on Taylor’s face replayed in Skye’s mind. “Why!?” She yelled out loud as the amount of her tears grew. Skye pictured Taylor walking down the hotel stairs, taking her into his arms and telling her that he knew she was lying about her using him. Of course stuff like that only happens in movies. In reality Skye was never going to see Taylor again. The horrifying thought made her shudder. She always knew she had him even if he was far away and with another girl -- she always knew she had his heart.

“Did Taylor do something to you?” A familiar fan asked Skye.

Skye shook her head. “Do you know where a pay phone is?” She asked calmly.

“Yeah, come on. I’ll show you.”

Skye followed the teenage Hanson fan. “Thanks.”

“I’m Lindsay. You probably don’t remember me though.”

“Yeah I do.” Skye stated unsurely.

“Oh okay. There’s a few phones in there.” Lindsay aimed to a small cafe.


“No problem.”

“Can you do me a favor?” Skye inquired politely.

“Yeah sure.”

“If you see Taylor tell him that I’m sorry I lied about the love thing and that if he’s ever open to giving me an apology then, I’ll listen. Can you do that?”

“Yeah I can but what’s your name? Just so that I don’t sound like I’m talking about a fan.”


“Okay.” Lindsay began to turn so that she could get back to the hotel.

“Oh wait.” Skye held the phone to her shoulder before dialing her parents digits.


Skye handed a piece of paper with her beeper number on it. “Page me if you talk to him and oh... tell him... tell him that... that Skye did and still loves him.”


“Taylor?” Isaac knocked on the door of his brothers hotel room.

Taylor didn’t answer. He sat still on his bed looking down at the floor.

Isaac repeated his brothers name entering the room. There was still no answer. No problem. He would stand there for as long as it took for Taylor to speak up. He couldn’t imagine how hurt he was from whatever Skye had said.

Taylor couldn’t manage to let the words he wanted to say leave his throat. He couldn’t believe that after he had tried so hard to be faithful and devotedly attached to one girl that that one girl hadn’t even cared or acknowledged anything but his stardom. Taylor followed Isaac with his eyes as he sat next to him on the bed.

“Skye told you about the kiss, didn’t she?”

Taylor eyes were filled with confusion. “Huh? What kiss?”

“Oh.. um.. forget it.” Isaac bellowed. “So what did she say?”

“Wait no! I would really love to know who else that whore kissed!” Taylor shouted.

“Oh well... um... it was only once Tay.” Isaac looked down at the floor blushing.

“Oh come on! You! Why the fuck would she kiss YOU!?”

“Oh thanks Taylor!” Isaac laughed hoping he would get the same reaction back. Unfortunately he didn’t.

“Well it doesn’t matter. She was using me for my fame.”

“What?! Where did you come up with that one genius?!” Isaac chuckled.

“She told me.” Taylor notified Isaac sounding mature and as if he knew everything.

“What? That’s impossible!” Isaac thought of the night in Tulsa when Skye and him had ‘accidentally’ kissed. He remembered she quickly stopped him and said that she was dedicating herself to Taylor. She seemed as if she deeply loved him. Of course what she had told Taylor was one huge fabrication. “You ass wipe! She was lying!”

“No! She seemed totally honest.”

“Yeah, then again, isn’t her dream to be an actress? I’d say she’s a pretty good one.”

“She wasn’t lying Ike! Shit! She doesn’t love me and I really don’t think I love her either!” Taylor confessed.

“So you let her go? Just like that!?”

“Yes! In fact I told her to go!”

“Your never going to find someone again! You know that Tay?”

“That’s not true! Shutup!”

“Your just going to die lonely!” Isaac yelled standing up.

“Leave me alone!” Taylor hollered now incredibly hurt and scared of what Isaac said.

“Yeah that’s it Tay. Just push everyone out of your life!” Isaac stomped his feet walking out of the room. He made sure to slam the door behind him, as hard as he could.


“Jaimee, that’s not how you do it!”

“Zac, I think I know how to braid my hair!” Jaimee laughed.

“No, that’s not right! Damn girl. I sit still for hours when my mom braids mine!”

“Fine Mr. Braid expert. You do it.” Jaimee let go of the half done braid.

“Urm... well I don’t know how.” Zac declared shyly.

“Oh my god!” Jaimee giggled.

“What?! My mom does it for me!” Zac grinned.

“Well what are you good for?!” Jaimee joked.

“You really wanna see?”

“Oh yeah. I do!”

“Okay lay down.”

Jaimee obeyed Zac laying down on the bed of the room her, Isaac and Zac were sharing. “Kay! I’m laying!”

Zac smiled guiding himself to straddle Jaimee’s body.

“Zac honey. Isn’t this what all guys are good for?”

“Yeah but I’m good at it!” Zac laughed bringing his lips to hers and his left hand onto one of her breasts.

“Oh yuck. I really don’t want to see a my twelve year old brother feeling up a fan!” Isaac walked into the room covering his eyes.

“Ughh.” Jaimee slouched down in the bed.

“So if you don’t want to see it then GO!” Zac hinted.

“No forget it. Go ahead. I’ll just watch T.V.”

“What?! No! Go away! Pleeeease!” Begged Zac.

“And where should I go? To the dumb ass next door?”


“Hell no!”

“Go play with Jessica or something!”

“I don’t want to! Hey lets watch a movie!” Isaac skimmed through the films which the hotel provided.

“Noooo Ike... go away!”

“May I remind you that this is my hotel bedroom too.” Isaac pointed out.

“May I remind you that Jaimee and I are trying to get somewhere with this!”

“Your twelve. Where do you honestly want to go with it?”

“Ike, please gooooo. Please?”

“No, I’m going online.” Isaac shared flopping down in his bed then plugging the laptop into the phone outlet.

“Can’t you go online in there.” Zac pointed his finger out the door.

“No.” Isaac simply answered.

“Ughhhh! Fine!” Zac got off of Jaimee knowing he wasn’t going to ‘get any’ in the room which Isaac so badly wanted to stay in.

“Zachy. We have to ask Taylor if he’s still up for that double date with Alona.” Jaimee reminded him.

“Oh yeah! Lets go now!” Zac took Jaimee’s hand. “We’re outta here!”

“Yeah bye.” Isaac muttered now very attached to the instant message on his screen, from Ella.


After throwing his clothes from his suitcase around the room Taylor felt a little better. Tossing stuff around a room can always get rid of frustration.

“Hey Taylor?” Zac asked as he opened the door to his brothers hotel bedroom.

“What?!” Taylor snapped.

“I was wondering, are we still up for that double date? Ya know the one with Alona?” Zac was very meek asking this question.

“How could you even ask that at a time like this?! After Skye left and after you spent the past three days calling me a nympho!?”

“Oh, well... Is that a yes?”

“NO asshole!”

“Oh okay... bye.” Zac slid out of the room but peeked back in a second later. “Are you sure?”

“YES! BYE!” Taylor fumed. ‘I need to get out of here.’ He thought pulling his hair back into a ponytail and grabbing his suede jacket.

“Where are you off to?” Walker asked as Taylor got to the main door of the hotel suite.

“I just want to go, um, talk to the fans. It’s cold out and I feel bad for them.”

“Oh okay. Be careful!” Walker warned.

“Yeah I will dad.” Taylor left the room. When he arrived outside he was greeted by camera flashes. “Um hi guys.” He heard a bunch of fans greet him back.

“Where are you going!?” One of the girls asked.

“Around.” Taylor answered. “Wait Tay!” A girl he recognized as Lindsay screamed jumping in front of him. “Yeah?”

“Umm I need to talk to you.”

‘What a dumb bitch’ Taylor thought chuckling to himself. “I’m busy. I can’t talk now.” He began to walk past her.

“No wait.” Lindsay grabbed his arm hearing a bunch of noises from the fans. Ignoring the mean comments directed towards her she realized she now had Taylor’s full attention. “It’s about Skye.” She informed in a low tone.

“Oh... um... Come with me.” Taylor directed.

“Okay, sure. I can do that.” Lindsay was screaming inside her head as she followed Taylor.

“Did Skye say something?” Taylor asked once Lindsay and him were away from the fans distance.

“Yeah. She wanted me to tell you she loves you and lied. I don’t remember the rest.” Lindsay watched as Taylor’s eyes grew wider.

“Are you kidding?”

“Nope. She’s your girlfriend? You don’t have to answer that. I’m just interested...”

“My ex.” Taylor looked down at the ground thinking. “Are you going to see her again?”

“She gave me her number.”

“Okay. Tell her that we both messed up our relationship and we’re going to have to face it until we’re actually mature enough to go out again. Also ask her if she was lying about the abortion.”

“Abortion?!” Lindsay squealed.

“I don’t want to get into that.”

“Oh.... urm... okay.”


“You remember my name?!” Lindsay’s face brightened up.

“I’ve met you like forty times so yeah.”

“Oh true... so, what?”

“Do you think that this whole pass on the message is a good idea? I mean, maybe I should just tell Skye myself and stop the junior highschool stuff.”

“I think you should stay away from each other until you cool down.” All Lindsay wanted was to be able to keep in touch with Taylor. What she was saying wasn’t her honest opinion but she couldn’t tell him that he should really confront her again.

“Yeah, maybe your right.”

“Okay so how will I get in contact with you to tell you what she said?”

“Beep me.” Taylor took a black ink marker out of his back pocket. Taking Lindsay’s hand, he started to write his number on it.

“Oh my god...” Lindsay mumbled. She wanted to shriek. Taylor was holding her hand, sort of. She was going to be able to talk to him over the phone. She had a chance of actually being his friend.

“Hmm?” Taylor looked up from her hand.

“Um nothing.” Lindsay smiled.

“Oh.” Taylor gave her a frail smile back. “There ya go.” He let go of her hand.

“You didn’t have to let go.”

“What?” Taylor wasn’t sure if he heard Lindsay right.

“Oh nothing!” Lindsay blushed.

“Thanks Lindsay.” Taylor wrapped his arms around her in a hug.

Lindsay didn’t know whether to hyperventilate from her name leaving Taylor’s gorgeous lips several times or for the fact that he was holding her. “Your welcome.” She barely got the statement out.

“I have to go.” Taylor stopped embracing Lindsay. “You’ll page me right?”

“Oh yeah! Definitely!”

“All right. Thanks.”

“No problem.”

“And please don’t tell the rest of the fans, okay?”

“Oh I won’t! You can totally trust me!”

“Great. Thanks again. Bye.” Taylor started to walk in the direction of a supermarket which his family always bought food at when they came to Manhattan.

“Bye Tay.”

As Taylor entered the local store he pulled out his wallet. ‘Forty dollars to spend on junk food.’ He thought. Pigging out on chocolate always made him feel better even though he never liked the flavor much. Throwing some Chips Ahoy cookies into the wagon he was pushing around the store, he wondered if Skye was doing the same as him. He wondered if she felt the same stress he felt. Approaching the ice cream isle he noticed a rack of condoms. ‘Damn I need sex.’ Taylor thought eyeing the porn pictures on the boxes.

“Funny I’d find you looking at the rubbers Tay.”

Taylor quickly spun around to face... Alanna? She was always in front of him when he thought of the word sex -- why? “Oh Al, hi.” Taylor greeted blankly feeling his heart pump faster. He looked her up and down approvingly. She was the same as he remembered. Same curly yet slightly frizzy brown hair, same cute baby face and same attractive body. He liked her style.

“So, how have you been?” Alanna smiled noticing how Taylor was checking her out.

“Why are you here?” Taylor asked curiously amazed how she ended up in the same store at the same time as him.

“I’m here for the same reason as you.”

“And why am I here if you really think so.”

“Your here, looking.”

“Looking? Looking for what?”

Alanna sauntered behind Taylor checking out his round tight ass as she slipped her arms around his neck. She had to stand on the tips of her toes because of the height difference. Exhaling his scent she started to talk again. “Looking for someone, to fulfill you, for just one night.” She licked his ear ever so gently causing waves of pleasure throughout his body. “For one hot sexy night.”

Taylor hesitated for a moment. “No, not me. I’m just here for ice cream.”

“Oh we can have ice cream.” Alanna smiled. “Wouldn’t you just love to lick it off my horny body? Wouldn’t you just love for me to eat up your ten inch ;) chocolate covered cock?”

“Listen Alanna... I ... I can’t do that. I mean we, we can’t do that.” Taylor gulped.

“And why not baby?” Alanna pouted knowing in the long run she was going to win over.

“Cause... I don’t know why. We just can’t.”

“I know you have tension but I can help get it off your shoulders. Remember that night we fucked like wild animals? Then we took everything nice, slow and sexy? Didn’t you like that?”

Taylor couldn’t lie. “Yeah I did.”

“And don’t you want that again? Don’t you want me again?”

“Oh god yes...”

“So come on. We’ll go to my place. My parents are out for the night, probably fucking like untamed dogs in some bootlegged ghetto hotel room so you and me, we can fuck in their nice big bed.”

“You know I’d love that but don’t you live in the village?”

“Yeah and so?”

“So I have to be back to the hotel suite soon.”

“Then lets go to your hotel room.”

“My parents are there and so is Isaac.”

“So fuck them!” Alanna backed off of Taylor. “I want you, bad.” She took a pack of Trojan condoms off of the rack they sat on. “Look, it says extreme enjoyment on the box. We should test them to make sure.”

Taylor grinned. “You are too much Al.”

“I know.” Alanna established proudly. “Come on Taylor.” She took his cookies out of the cart and still holding the condoms, grabbed his hand. “Lets go find that ice cream...”


“Yay, Taylor left!” Jaimee distinguished with all glory.

“Oh god finally!” Zac slammed Taylor’s bedroom door shut pinning Jaimee against the nearest wall. He bestowed her with candy kisses.

“Oh Zac!” Jaimee slid down the zipper of his jeans, him doing the same to hers. “I’m going to die! I need you!”

“I need you too!” Zac cried pausing his kisses to raise the white polo t-shirt she wore off of her. When the shirt landed on the floor he kissed her lips once again. He heard her moan as his tongue slid between her lips, licking the roof of her mouth and savoring her sweet flavor.

Jaimee shook her blue flared jeans off now sucking on Zac’s long tongue. Zac unsnapped her blue silky bra off, which she had wore just for him. His tepid hands grazed her breasts long enough for her to gasp. As she backed away from their kiss, she lifted his baggy green ‘jnco’ shirt off of him. “I’ve wanted this all week!” She screamed bringing her arms around Zac’s shoulders. For a twelve year old, he had some pretty big muscles. He wasn’t at all flabby when you felt him.

Zac kissed Jaimee once again as he lifted her into his arms. Good thing she was a couple inches shorter then him and lean or he would have had a problem there. His weight was hardly anything to be holding someone else’s.

Jaimee held Zac tight, tongue kissing him back. She was surprised when he threw her on the bed but kept going. Zac slid her underwear off and shoved his fingers into her wet vaginal opening. He enjoyed Jaimee’s silent cries as his tongue continued a journey down her throat. His thumb rubbed against her clitoris as his pointer finger found its way in and out of her. He had learned quite a few things about fingering a girl from the roller coaster incident. Zac stopped the kiss wanting to hear Jaimee call out his name, wanting to hear her tell him how much she wanted him.

“Ohhhh Zac!” Jaimee squealed as he dug his sweaty face into the side of her neck. His breathing was getting faster and faster as well as hers. “AHHHH!” She shrieked as she felt her muscles tighten at the release.

“Oh god Jaimee, I can feel you!” Zac cried as her cum poured onto his fingers. When he knew Jaimee was finished, he took his fist out of her and watched as she caught the air in the room.

“My god! You have magical fingers Zac!”

“I have a magical cock too! Wanna see it?”

“I want to feel it!” Jaimee screeched helping Zac pull down his boxers. When they were down and off she hungrily yanked at his erect penis bringing him closer to her.

“Jaimee, suck it! Please Jaimee!” Zac pleaded.

‘Ew’ Jaimee thought. “Ummm Zac no. Anything but that. Okay?”

“No Jaimee, please do it! Please! Girls did it to Tay before and I saw it in a porn video once so please! Please do it! I just want to see what its like!”

“A porn video?!”

“Yeah, Ike’s friend let him borrow it so him, Tay and I watched it once but anyway please, please suck it!” Zac had to keep on the subject.

“But Zac... would you want to get that close to my private and be eating me out... I don’t think so...”

“Yeah I would! I would eat you out!” Zac assured.

“But I don’t want to... Your going to cum in my mouth. I mean Zac, I love you but I don’t think I really want to taste your .... something that .... well THAT, ya know.”

“You don’t have to swallow! Jaimee please!”

“Oh god, fine.” Jaimee gave in. “Where do we go?”

“Ummm, I’ll sit on the edge of the bed and you get down on the floor.”

“But... is that how we’re supposed to do this?”

“I don’t know but it sounds right.”

Jaimee did as Zac had advised. She watched as he slid closer to her, his penis coming with him, which of course, was expected. “I really don’t want to do this.” Jaimee looked up at her boyfriend.

“Aw come on Jaimee. Even Clinton got a blow job! Why can’t I have one!?”

“Zac!” Jaimee couldn’t help but laugh. “I’m not as willing as Monica was. Plus he’s like the president... it’s different!”

“Aw Jaimee, pleaaaaase. You don’t have to put all of it in!” Zac persuaded.

Jaimee took another look at Zac’s swelling red man hood. She couldn’t do it. The thought made her sick. “Can’t we just have sex or something? I don’t want that in my mouth.”

Zac sighed feeling let down and knowing that there was no way Jaimee was going to agree to sucking him which he wanted more then anything. How did Taylor drive girls to do it to him? Taylor probably had his dick in millions of girls mouths and Zac couldn’t even get it into his girlfriends.

“I’m sorry.” Jaimee sat next to him on the bed.

“It’s okay, I guess.” Zac shrugged.

“Are you mad?”

“No, I’m not mad.” Zac fingered Jaimee’s curly hair. “Come on. We have to have sex before we don’t have the chance.” He started to lay her down.

“Wait Zac.” Jaimee held her hand out.


“Do you mean you don’t want to have sex with me and your only doing it because you might not get to?”

“What?! No! Where did you come up with that?!”

“You kinda just got that point across.”

“Well that was a wrong point.”

“To be totally honest with you, I’m not really in the mood anymore. Sorry.” Jaimee grabbed her bra putting it back on.

“What?! You have to be kidding me!” Zac yelled.

“I’m sorry hon.”

“Sure, you had your little peak of excitement. I got nothing.” Zac slumped down in the bed.

“You got something. Hey, where’s my underwear?”

“I don’t know that but I can tell you where my dick should be right now!”

“Shutup Zac.” Jaimee’s voice was empty of emotion as she threw on her jeans forgetting the underwear.

“Man, this sucks! Your leaving tomorrow! I just wanted to fuck you before you go! Is that asking too much!?”

“No, it’s not. Maybe later.” Jaimee gave Zac a peck on the cheek after she dressed and then warily stepped out of the room leaving Zac alone with the only way out of his raging hormones, his hands.


“As much as you know I want to do this with you, I can’t” Taylor told Alanna when they had left the supermarket.

“It’s only 9:00. No one would care if I came for a little visit.”

As convincing as Alanna was, Taylor had to refuse. “The noises, the ice cream.. someone would notice. Plus what would Isaac think? I may have a whole ton of stress on my shoulders right now but I don’t think adding to my problems is going to help. I’m sorry. I really am. If you don’t understand, I saw Skye today and lets just say, things didn’t exactly go well.”

“Yeah, I get it.”

“Thank you.”

“It’s because you think I’m fat!”

“Yeah, it’s beca... WHAT!? NO! I never said that! I never even thought that!”

“Skye and I hung out. She’s a little anorexic ho. I’m sorry you don’t think I’m good enough for you!”

“What the fuck?! I told you my reasons and they had nothing to do with your shape! Damnit! Your beautiful and that’s what’s so hard about turning down your offer for fucking free sex!” Taylor felt ultimately embarrassed when he noticed people walking by giving him the strangest look.

“All right Taylor. Forget my offer. As odd as this sounds, I’m not going to force you into this. I’ll see you around.” Alanna made her way past Taylor.

“No hold on.”

“What?” Alanna turned back around to face Taylor.

“This doesn’t mean we can’t do it ever. It just means we can’t now. My brothers and I will be going home in a little less then a week for Zac’s birthday. Feel totally free to visit the hotel in the mean time.”

“Yeah whatever bye.” Alanna carelessly waved her hand in a gesture of ‘shooing Taylor off.’



MmMbOpPoP: Anyway, I really miss you.
EllaM070380: I miss you too Ike.
MmMbOpPoP: Oh wow Taylor’s finally home.
EllaM070380: lol. I bet he brought girls with him. Right?
MmMbOpPoP: Um, lemme check.
MmMbOpPoP: Nope. Some accomplishment for him!
EllaM070380: LOL yeah! But he’s o.k.
MmMbOpPoP: Whatever man.
EllaM070380: I have to go now. When are you on Regis and Kathy Lee?
MmMbOpPoP: After tomorrow. Fun fun fun.
EllaM070380: Yeah. Have fun with Kathy Lee! I hope she tells you ALL of her little Codey stories! Annoying bitch, lol
MmMbOpPoP: Thankyou for that blessing.
EllaM070380: I don’t send blessings Ike :o)
MmMbOpPoP: Yeah your right. Later babe.
EllaM070380: B.u.h.b.y.e

Isaac signed off of the families Toshiba laptop settling himself in for bed. Ella and him had spent the whole night talking. She was sexy even online when he couldn’t see her. He imagined her just as she described, hair back, baggy black Adidas gym pants, and a black Ozzy shirt on. Ella always wore black. The day he saw her in yellow would be the day he fell over. Just as he met her the first time, there was still a lot of mystery in her. She definitely was a small bit depressed but there was something aside from that. All of Isaac’s thoughts quickly caused him to drift off to sleep into his own fantasy world.


“Hi Tay?” Zac nervously approached his brother who was sitting on the edge of his bed taking off his shoes.

“What?” Taylor used all of his patience to reply to Zac.

“Okay, well, here’s the thing. I was talking to Alona, or actually Jaimee was talking to her and well, Jaimee couldn’t manage to tell Alona that you didn’t want to go on the double date. They just became friends again and stuff, so she just, couldn’t. You made this date and I guess you should....” Zac thought of some words that would finish his sentence. “Fulfill it.” He spitted out.

“When?” Taylor sighed.


“When do you want this double date?”

“Tomorrow at five.”

“Fine but you have to stop the nympho jokes!”

“I swear I will! Thank you sooo much Tay!” Zac jumped into his arms.

“Zac stop ew!” Taylor urged him off.

“I love you man!” Zac exclaimed using his all time famous quote.

“Yeah whatever.” Taylor boredly stated as Zac left the room. ‘How does he talk me into these kind of things? Oh wait, I talked myself into it.’ Taylor remembered lying down on his bed. Things were certainly weird lately. He had major problems. Skye was still on his head, the recurring scene playing over and over in his mind. She still loved him but he wasn’t sure if he loved her. It was so complicated. If things couldn’t get worse Alanna was now on the prowl for him. Then of course, there was the wonderfully planned double date with the other Alona that next day. Taylor knew if he actually started liking Alona, Zac would always be jesting him about ‘dating a stalker.’ The worst of the week in New York would most definitely be the fact that he had to see Kathy Lee again. The last time they were on the show he was ready to smack the living crap out of her and Regis -- calling them surfers? What a crock! Lightly breathing Taylor realized that he was free. He was free from a huge ‘love’ relationship. He could go back to having sex with any girl he wanted and he knew just who to start with. First Alona, then Lindsay, and he wouldn’t forget about Alanna. Nope, he was going to just lay back and have fun and when he got to Tulsa he was going to have even more fun. Maybe things wouldn’t be so bad after all....