Chapter 24

“Hey Brianna.” Taylor entered her room holding flowers.

“How’d you know I wasn't in school?”

“Just a hunch.” Taylor walked over to Brianna’s bed and handed her the bouquet. “Plus aren’t you home schooled?”

“Yeah but I’m not learning today. I feel like hell and my head hurts so bad.” Brianna groaned accepting the flowers. “Thanks. Where’s Isaac?”

‘Oh god that name...’ Taylor shrugged it off. “We actually can’t find him. How did you sleep last night?”

“You can’t find him?! Poor Ikey...”

“I’m sure he’s fine.” Taylor grumbled.

“I know... It’s just that we shared something so special last night. I can’t help but care for him.” Brianna smiled.

Taylor couldn’t believe that Brianna still thought she had sex with his brother when it was really him. “Oh did you?”

“Yeah. I think I’m sinned for life because of it but he was so perfect, so beautiful. I couldn’t help but obey all of his commands. I would do anything for him.” Brianna’s voice was filled with lust and devotion.

“So perfect huh?”

“Mmm hmm.”

“What did he do that was so perfect?” Taylor asked filled with interest since he was really the one who had been doing everything ‘so perfect.'

“He kissed me and touched me. His hands were soft and his words were sweet...”

Taylor took Brianna’s hand into his. “You really do like him, don’t you?”

“Yeah...” Brianna sighed.

“Well... maybe he likes you too.” Taylor gave Brianna a warm smile not letting go of her hand.

“Do you really think so?” Brianna’s eyes lit up.

“Sure.” Taylor sat on Brianna’s bed. He leaned closer to her lying one of his hands on the opposite side of himself over her slender body. He swiftly lowered himself to her face and gently kissed her delicate lips. The only response that came from Brianna was a hard push oh his chest.

“Don’t do that!” She warned.

“Why not?”

“Because you make my skin crawl! It disgusts me!” Brianna yelled.

Taylor stood on his feet feeling terribly insulted. He huffed as he walked over to the door. “Well you know what?! It didn’t disgust you LAST NIGHT!” He ran out of the room leaving Brianna in utter silence


“Ella, we have to get going.” Isaac tried to sit up so that he could get his clothes on.

“No, please.” Ella giggled nibbling on Isaac’s neck from behind him. “I don’t want you to go.” She pouted.

Isaac let out a smile. “Hon. We’ve been together all night and morning. I think we both know that I have to leave sooner or later.”

“Then I choose later.” Ella stated, her wet tongue moving up to his ear.

“We really have to get out of here. We’ll do this some other time.”

“But Ike. I don’t want you to go to New York City. Do you know how much I’ll miss you?” Ella asked sadly.

“I’ll miss you too but I can’t stay here forever. You know I’ll be back.”

Ella sat down by Isaac’s side as he finished putting his pants on. “Hey Ike, I need to tell this to someone and I don’t know who but her life is in jeopardy if I don’t tell.”

“Just spit it out.”

“Okay... Brianna is bulimic.” Ella waited for Isaac to react but he didn’t. “Sooo?”

“So what? She’s Tay’s friend, not mine.”

“Yeah but she likes you and I thought maybe if you talk to her she’ll listen.”

“Her being stupid is not my problem. Your talking to the wrong person about this.”

“But shouldn’t we do something?”

“No. And in all honesty, I don’t give a shit what she throws up.”

“Okay can you at least tell Taylor?”

“Yeah but for now lets just spend the time we have left together, okay?” Isaac gave Ella a quick kiss on her lips.

“Okay and Ike?”


“I just want you to know that last night was the best night of my life.” Ella admitted.

“Mine too.” Isaac smiled.


Taylor couldn’t stand Brianna. She was acting like an obsessed spiteful Isaac fan. Maybe that was exactly what she was. The only way Taylor could relieve his stress, safely, was playing basketball. So there he was in the middle of a half empty park. As he missed the hoop for the millionth time that day he noticed a girl walking over to him. ‘Oh no, not another ugly fan who wants my autograph.’ He thought ignoring her attendance.

“You play like shit.” The girl spoke up.

Taylor thought about ignoring her comment but instead turned to her. “You think you can do better?” He threw the ball to the plain looking girl with great force. She wore her short dirty blonde hair in a high ponytail and her eyes were an ordinary brown. She was the average weight and a few inches shorter then him. To Taylor’s surprise the unknown girl caught the basketball, perfectly shooting it into the hoop. Of course as luck may have it, the ball went in.

“I think I CAN do better.” She smiled as Taylor walked over to her. “I could give you a few pointers if you want.” She offered.

“Nah...” Taylor declined sounding a little more stuck up then he meant to be.

“Fine then!” The girl began to walk away from him.

“Can I have my ball back?” Taylor laughed.

“Oh yeah here!” She grinned tossing the sphere object back to him.

Taylor strolled back over to her once again. “Thank you. So what’s your name?”

“Why do you ask?”

“Just curious...”

“It’s Samantha.”

“Oh, I’ve always liked that name.” Taylor pointed out.

Right before Samantha could make a comment a guy about Taylor’s age with jet black hair and deep blue eyes walked over to them.

“Hey Mrs. Michael Jordan.” The ‘guy’ looked Samantha over.

“Oh... hey Darian.” Samantha looked down at the ground, shy, quiet and blushing like crazy. If at any other situation someone had called her “Mrs. Michael Jordan”, she would have replied with an unknown factoid about the great retired ball player. However, this was Darian, one of the hottest and sweetest guys to ever walk the planet and she couldn’t possibly be calm around him.

“Why aren’t you in school?” He asked.

“Why aren’t you?” Samantha dared back.

“I don’t need school. I’m going to be a famous basketball player.”

“Yeah, I’m sure you will.” Samantha laughed mockingly.

“So... wanna play a little one on one later?” Darian questioned.

“Um... I don’t know...”

“Aww come on. I bet I can kick your ass.”

“Oh no way!” Samantha’s head shot up.

“So meet me over there.” Darian pointed to one of the basketball courts. “We’ll see who’s really tough shit.” He smiled.

“Yeah we’ll see.” Samantha was always up for a challenge.

Darian turned to Taylor. “Oh hey... Taylor right?” He asked the middle brother of Hanson.

“Yeah.” Taylor smiled proudly hoping some brain cells would go off in Samantha‘s head causing her to realize his popularity.

“Samantha... be careful around him.” Darian whispered. “He has a reputation.” All Samantha could do was nod as Darian walked away.

“You like him, don’t you?” Taylor asked her.

“Oh... no... well... was it obvious?” Samantha asked.

“He likes you too so it doesn’t really matter.”

“He doesn’t like me!”

“It’s clear as glass that he likes you!” Taylor chuckled.

“Yeah, well I wish.”

“Your so shy around him.”

“I don’t want him to think I’m weird.”

“Do you want me to think your weird?”

“I don’t give a shit what you think about me.”

“I feel loved...”

Samantha let out a huge laugh. “Oh your loved..” She smiled.

“The first sentence you said to me was a insult and I’m loved?!” Taylor grinned.

“Well you do suck like shit at basketball! But I admit, you play soccer well.”

“You’ve seen me play soccer?” Taylor questioned.

“Yeah we were on the same team. Remember? We were six...”

“Umm... nope!”

“I was Rachel’s best friend until you took the title away from me.. recall anything?”

“Oh yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Taylor grinned.

“Yep. You heard what happened to her right?”

“Yeah, you did too huh?”

“Yep, but she was going to go sooner or later because of the cancer.”

“How did you know about her having cancer?” Taylor curiously asked thinking he was one of the only people who knew about why she really committed suicide.

“She told me.”


“The day she did it.” ‘The day she did it’ in Samantha’s sentence was referring to the day she killed herself. “I don’t want you to be upset or mad at me so I think I’m going to just shutup here.” She started to turn in Darian’s direction to take in his challenge.

“No!” Taylor grabbed Samantha’s arm. “Please tell me everything.” He pleaded, his voice low and raspy.

Samantha took in a deep breath. “Do you think we could talk about this somewhere else then?”

“Yeah, I know a perfect place we can go.” Taylor took Samantha’s hand, still holding the basketball.

Things were quiet between the two but when Samantha realized where Taylor had taken her, she quickly spoke up. “Whoa Taylor, I’m not sure I want to be here.”

“This river may have one huge bad memory but it has good ones as well.” Taylor guaranteed.

“I’m not too sure. I mean Rachel killed herself in this...”

“Shhh.” Taylor placed his index and middle finger on Samantha’s lips. “Don’t talk about Rachel’s death. Talk about the way she was before she died.”

Samantha took a seat on the ground, Taylor following her actions. “Rachel was incredibly terrified after you left. But she wasn’t worried about not seeing you again for her benefit. She was just worried about you in general.”

“What do you mean worried about me?”

“It’s so hard to talk about her with you. You were so close to her and I was only a friend. Don’t you know about all this stuff anyway?”

“No I don’t. Just please tell me.” Taylor needed to hear as much as he could about Rachel. He needed to feel like she was still alive, other then in his heart.

Samantha inhaled the fresh scented air and went on. “Rachel was worried that after your hopes and dreams were fulfilled that you wouldn’t really be happy. She knew how you were here in T-Town and she knew how things were going to be if you traveled the world. I hope for yours and her sake that she was wrong.”

Taylor looked down at the rough gravel. “She wasn’t wrong. She never was. I just need her friendship again. I need her to be there to tell me good from bad. It’s not like I haven’t tried to find a friend like her. I came close once with this girl Sandra but we ended up having sex, just like what always happens when I get close to someone.”

“Then maybe you should find a person who will listen to you and not jump your bones just because your Taylor Hanson. You know, guys make good friends.” Samantha brought up a point.

“Yeah if they weren’t all perverts like me.” Taylor grinned.

“You don’t necessarily need a friend to tell you right from wrong, just a conscience. That’s what I use.”

“Why would you use your conscience? I’m sure you have friends.”

“Taylor, everyone uses their moral sense. Although to be honest with you, I don’t have many good friends either.” Samantha confessed.


“If you knew you won’t want to have anything to do with me and might spread rumors so I would rather not tell you. I don’t want you to feel bad for me either.”

“I wouldn’t and I won’t. I’m not the kind of person that shares people’s secrets. A secret is something to keep.”

“A lot of people know about me already.” Samantha rolled her eyes at Taylor’s little attempt to be clever, anthology.

“Well I don’t know and I would really like to.”

“No, I positively don’t want to tell you. We just met and I don't think it would be a good idea.”

“We may have just met but to be honest, I feel like I’ve known you forever.” Taylor stated very reserved.

“Nice line but it sounds like a pick up.” Samantha took her scrunchie out of her hair running her fingers through the locks that fell right above her shoulders.

“It’s not! I swear!” Taylor held his hands up.

“I know! Who would want to pick me up!” Samantha laughed at the slur she had given herself.

“Darian would...” Taylor grinned. “Actually I’m sure a lot of guys would.”

“Nah, not around here.”

“Just tell me why you don't have a lot of friends.” Taylor didn’t want any more quick subject changes. He was actually interested in Samantha’s secret.

“Fine but promise you won’t act like its a big deal or be scared of me?”

“I promise.”

“Okay.. my step father abuses me.” Samantha told this to Taylor using all the courage she could. Her voice was still shaky even though she tried hard to make it sound brave.

“You mean verbally, forcefully... sexually.” Taylor stifled the last word out.

“All of them.”

“What does your mom say?”

“See now this is leading to a whole other story. Let me just make this quick, to the point and not so dramatic. Rachel is not the only person I have lost in my life. I lost my mother, father, and sister also.”

“What? How?” Taylor asked confusingly.

“Okay, my father died of a heart attack and my mom remarried. My sister didn’t like our step father, for obvious reasons and ran away. We never found her. Then my mother died in a car crash and wah lah. Here I am living with my bitchy wannabe a pimp step father.”

“Oh my god... I’m so sorry.” This was all Taylor could say.

“Don’t be. I’m used to it. I mean... I don’t really mind. It’s not your problem anyway. I would appreciate if you didn’t make a big deal out of it.”

“I won’t. I just... I don’t want you to get hurt or anything.”

“Don’t worry about me, Taylor. I’m know you have a million more people in your life to care about and a whole lot of huge problems to face.”

That’s true but I...”

“Taylor!” Charity squealed running up to Samantha and him.

“Hey Charity.” Taylor greeted with disappointment in his voice.

“Hehe, your at my river!” Charity giggled sitting next to him and giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Okay, well I’ll leave you and your girlfriend alone.” Samantha stood on her feet.

“No Samantha...”

“I have to go anyway. It’s already 4:00.” Without another word of explanation Samantha ran into the tree surrounded exit leaving Taylor alone with little knowledge of how he could contact her and a very giggly blonde.


Zac and Jaimee were both playing a video game in the living room that afternoon. Diana reluctantly decided to go get some of their bags so that everyone could depart the house faster when it came time to leave. When she got to the brothers room she grabbed two of the suitcases Zac had packed and Jaimee’s Nike book bag. Not noticing how it was open a small tube of pills fell onto the floor. Curiously Diana picked it up noticing that their were days of the week for each set of tablets. They were obviously birth control pills. “Zac, Jaimee! Get up here right now!” Diana clutched the container in her hand.

“Yeah mom?” Zac came over to the door with Jaimee by his side, few seconds later.

“Have you and Jaimee been having sex?” Diana asked calmly.

“Um... why do you ask that?” Zac stuttered nervously.

“The pills.” Jaimee whispered eyeing Diana’s hand.

Diana noticed how Jaimee had spotted the tube in her palm. “Listen honey, I wasn’t going through your stuff. It just fell out.”

All Jaimee could say was a simple “Oh.”

“Mom, we only did it once.” Zac fibbed. “I just wanted to see what its like and I won’t ever do it again.”

Diana laughed at Zac’s last line. “Never again?”

“Nope, never.” Zac was relieved that his mother was smiling and not as upset as she was when she found out about Taylor and Skye having sex.

“We just wanted to be safe so I asked my family doctor...” Jaimee started to explain.

“Just what I had.. “ Zac started to sing in a low murmur.

“Shhh!” Jaimee giggled. “I asked her if she could give me the pills.”

“I’m very glad that you two did this safely but your to young to be having sex, understand me?” Diana handed Jaimee the pills.

Zac and Jaimee both nodded their heads.

“We won’t do it again.” Jaimee promised.

“The only reason I’m letting this slide is because I like you. You make Zac happy.” Diana gave one last smile to Jaimee and left the room.

“Thanks Diana.” Jaimee felt overjoyed about Zac’s mom saying something so sweet.

“Yeah, thanks mom.” It was at the spur of the moment but Zac grabbed Jaimee and squeezed her tight. “I love you.” He avowed, his voice filled with happiness and passion.

“I love you too.” Jaimee grinned condensing him back.


“Want a lollipop?” Charity giggled in between her words. She stopped to lick the candy erotically, her tongue swirling in circles around the pop.

Taylor watched the sweet flit in and out of Charity’s mouth. He couldn’t help but imagine the pop being his own, not relating to the candy.

“Do you want one?” Charity repeated herself slowly waving it in his face. “I have some more.” She chortled.

All the dirty thoughts in Taylor’s head were gradually causing him an to get an erection. He silently cursed himself for it.

“Taylor baby?” Charity watched his mesmerized expression with interest.

“Huh? What?” Taylor snapped out of the trance Charity had seemed to put on him.

“Nothing. Here lick it.” Charity placed the lollipop to Taylor’s mouth. As he slowly moved closer to her he began to stroke the candy with his long tongue. He realized how the delicious red confection was starting to symbolize sex in every shape and form. “Oh Taylor..” Charity moaned, her eyes directly on his mouth.

Taylor stopped licking the pop. “I bet we could do a lot more interesting things with this candy.” A playful grin took over his face.

“Oh Tay.... I wish we could but you need to get off of my land and river.” Charity giggled.

“Since when did this become your river?” Taylor asked not aware that Charity was joking.

“It’s my river, all mine.” Charity’s words hardly made sense yet they seemed so sexy once they left her mouth.

“You really want this river?” Taylor asked smiling.

“Yes, I want it bad.”

Taylor stood up picking boosting Charity into his muscular yet skinny arms. “You still want the river?” He questioned making sure she would say yes.

“Hehe Tay.” Charity placed her arms around his neck. “Yeah I do.” She laughed.

“Okay, If that’s what you want that’s what your gonna get.” Taylor, still holding her, walked over to the edge of the stream. “One.. Two...”

“Taylor! Oh my god! No!” Charity now knew what Taylor’s plan was but couldn’t stop giggling to push him away.

“Three!” Taylor swung Charity into the cold water. “There, now the river is ALL yours!” He let out an evil laugh after she came up for air.

“But Tay Hun, I was always brought up to share.” Charity grinned pushing some of the brittle water onto him. She watched as he screamed, his beige pants and tight black shirt soaked and stuck to his flesh. “Your body is so nice.” Charity quietly complimented. “Can you come in so I can feel it?”

“Only if you let me feel yours.” Taylor chuckled.

“You can touch me anywhere you want.” This comment made Taylor smile.

With one breath he jumped into the water, his body in the appearance of a cannon ball. While underwater he swam around to the back of Charity, putting his arms around her after he surfaced. “Let me have you here.” Taylor whispered into her ear, his voice extremely sexy yet nasal like, as always.

Charity turned to Taylor placing her arms back around his neck, as she had them when they were on land. With one dexterous move she brought her tongue into his warm mouth. She moaned loudly as Taylor kissed her back intensely. His conditioned light blonde hair was so soft when it was wet. Everything looked nicer when Taylor was wet.

Taylor ran his hands up and down Charity’s body. He rested them on her breasts as his breathing sharpened. He could feel her nipples, hard as pebbles. “Man, I want to fuck you.” He told her pulling down her shorts which she was brave enough to wear in the mid of October.

“Me too.” Charity managed to choke out as Taylor’s fingers started to rub vigorously against her hard clitoris. “Ohhh Tay.” She grabbed a tighter hold of him pressing her freshly manicured nails into his shoulders.

Just as Taylor was about to take off his pants and have sex with Charity a thought ran through his head. This was the same river where Rachel had committed suicide and the same river her ashes were dumped in. Look how disrespectful he was being, fooling around with some whore in such a meaningful place. This was not good. Gently pushing Charity away, all Taylor could say was four simple one syllable words -- “I can’t do this.”

“But why?!” Charity stated feeling upset that Taylor had almost brought her to an orgasm. She was incredibly horny and needed to feel him inside her.

“I don’t want to explain myself.” Taylor walked onto land.

“Please don’t tell me it’s because you can’t get it up.”

“Oh no Charity! That definitely isn’t it!” Taylor laughed.

“Oh..” Charity giggled exiting the river as well.

“I just really have to go now. We’re heading to New York City at 11:00 tonight.”

“Oh, will you be back soon?” Charity asked feeling sad that Taylor had to go.

“Yeah. I think so.”

“Can you do me one favor?” Charity asked politely.

“Sure. What is it?”

“Just think about me.” Charity took Taylor face into her hands gently kissing his soft lips. “I want to go steady with you. Will you try to find an answer?”

“Charity, I..”

“You went steady with that girl Skye and obviously things didn’t work out between you two but you and me, I think we have charisma.”

“But Charity....”

“Just think about it, please?”

“Okay, I will.” Taylor gave in exchanging a smile with her.

Charity took Taylor’s hand. “Bye Tay.” She gave him a sugar coated smile which she knew he couldn’t resist.

“Bye.” Taylor blushed as their hands parted from one another. Walking into the forest like area he realized that he still had an erection. ‘I have to get rid of this.’ He thought. Going back to Charity was out of the question. As he continued his journey back to the Hanson house he came across Samantha. “Hey. I thought you left?” He asked.

“Huh? Oh Taylor!” Samantha looked up at him. “I... I... I just wanted to see... I.”

Taylor sat next to Samantha. “You saw Charity and I?” He questioned.

“Yeah, are you mad?”


“I was just curious. I’m sorry.” Samantha didn’t know what to say.

Taylor smiled. “Just a wild guess but you’ve never been with a guy you liked before?”

“Taylor, don’t tell anyone but I’ve never even kissed a guy before.” Samantha looked down at the ground shyly.

“With all due respect don’t you count your step father?”

“No! Why would I count that bastard?! He never kissed me anyway, he only comes into my room and gets what he wants.”

Not wanting to make another subject change Taylor reverted back to his former sentence. “A lot of people your age... wait your fifteen right?”

“I’ll be fifteen in two months.”

“Oh okay, well a lot of people your age haven’t had their first kiss yet.”

“For real?”

“Well... I’m really not sure. I wouldn’t know.”

“Are first kisses really as special as people say they are?” Samantha asked inquisitively.

Taylor laughed. “No. Actually first kisses really suck! In fact Jessica just had hers and she sweared that she would never do it again.”


“My little sis.”

“Oh, she’s probably younger then me huh?”

“Yeah, she’s ten.”

“That makes me feel great. Just great...” Samantha was sarcastic.

“Haha. Don’t worry, you’ll get your first kiss sooner or later -- with Darian... oOoo” Taylor chuckled at his immaturity.

“Shutup!” Samantha gave Taylor a small push.

“Make me!” Taylor continued laughing as he stood up and made a quick dash. “Samantha and Darian sitting in a tree...” He began to sing as Samantha started to run after him.

“Oh that’s really mature!” Samantha giggled. “I think I like MMMBop better though!”

“M-M-M-B-O-P-P-I-N-G. First comes love...”


“Then comes marriage....”

“Okay, that’s it!”

“Then comes Samantha with the baby carriage!”

“Grow up!” Samantha couldn’t stop laughing as she continued to run after Taylor. Samantha caught her breath as they neared the road where right across was Taylor’s house. “Okay, enough running.”

“Yeah, I second that.” Taylor agreed panting like crazy.

“What time is it?” Samantha asked noticing that Taylor had a watch on.

“Umm... 5:13. Hey I thought you had to leave at four?”

“I lied. I try to get home as late as possible.”

“Oh why?”

“Because of my...”

“Oh yeah. I know sorry.”


“It’s getting dim out.” Taylor observed.

“Yeah.” Samantha looked up at him. His cheeks were flushed from running and his hair was tangled in a low tail and still damp. “Urrr...” Samantha couldn’t think of anything to say.

“Hmm?” Taylor waited for Samantha to speak.

“So what are you going to say to that girl at the river?” Samantha asked anything that came to her head.

“Oh, about the go steady thing?”


“I’m gonna say no.”

“Why? She seemed like she was giving you what every guy wants plus you two have charisssmaaa.” Samantha laughed.

Taylor chuckled at the way Samantha made fun of Charity. “I’m going to say no because she CAN’T give me everything I want.” He smiled taking Samantha’s hand. “Come on.”

“Where are we going now?” Samantha questioned.

“To my backyard.”

“Oh, you live around here?”

“Yep. Right there.” Taylor pointed to the nice little quaint house across the street. “Where do you live?”

“I live a few blocks from here. West 76th.”

“Oh that’s actually pretty close.”


“Nice tree house.” Samantha commented once they were in the Hanson’s backyard.

“Oh yeah, filled with memories.”

“Do you ever go in there just to... remember Rachel?”

“Sometimes. But usually as soon as I’m inside, I just have this weird feeling that she’s with me. I know I’m supposed to feel happy when I get that notion but it just makes me depressed.” Taylor sat down on the hammock and laid back.

“She’s always with you, Taylor.”

“Hey Samantha?”


“Call me Tay and I’ll call you Sammy. We’ll have nicknames for each other.”

Samantha laughed. “Okay... ‘Tay’... hehe.”

“You can sit down if you want.” Taylor welcomed patting the empty spot next to him in the hammock.

“Oh.” Samantha sat on the rocking device. She felt Taylor’s hand actively guide her to lay down and laughed.

“You can be comfortable ya know? Geez....” Taylor grinned.

“I am comfortable.” Samantha apprised Taylor. “Your leaving tonight?”

“Yep. I’m going to New York City... fun, fun, fun.”

“I wish I could travel like you do. It’s always been my dream see the whole world.”

“The sights are really cool. Hey who knows? Maybe your dream will come true someday.”

“Nah, I’ll be dead before I get that chance.”


“Forget it... Is it just me or is it getting darker by the second?”

“No it is getting darker. But I like the dark, it makes things romantic.”

Samantha looked over at Taylor. “I like the stars.” She lightly smirked.

“Yeah and the moon.” Taylor turned to her.

“When it’s full.”

“And bright.”




“When we’re older lets travel the world together.”

“Tay!” Samantha laughed. “We hardly know each other and your already devising our future!”

“So? What’s wrong with planning ahead?”

“Your nuts.” Samantha giggled.

“No I’m not.” Taylor scooted closer to Samantha. “I’m just.... I don’t know.”

Samantha smiled staring into Taylor’s eyes.

“You have nice lips. Did anyone ever tell you that?”

“Um no. I’d have to say, your the first. Thanks.” Samantha gulped. No one in her life had ever really complimented her so she was surprised that Taylor would actually say something like that.

“Don’t I wish I was Darian so I could get to feel them with my own.” Taylor chuckled.

“Oh.. um..” Samantha blushed.

Suddenly things were quiet. Taylor and Samantha stared at one another enjoying the serene. That’s when the peacefulness was broken.

“Hey Taylor! Is dad totally deranged that I didn’t come home last night?!” Isaac screamed even though his brother was directly in front of him.

‘Shit.’ Taylor thought sitting up on the hammock. “Uh yeah, so is mom but I think they’ll be happy your back before we headed to New York.”

“Oh okay. God I’m gonna need a really good excuse.” Isaac prepared himself.

“Just say you slept over at a friends. That’s what I usually say.”

“That’s a good one. Thanks Tay.” Isaac walked away.

“Tay. I have to go.” Samantha stood up.

“No why?” Taylor asked unhappily.

“Because... I promised my friend Liz I would go over her house.”

“You know Liz?” Taylor asked standing up.

“Liz Gady?”

“Oh Yep. I went out with her.”

“Is there anyone you haven’t gone out with?” Samantha grinned.

“Yeah, you.” Taylor answered sincerely.

“Oh... well that’ll never happen.” Samantha chortled walking away. “Bye Tay!”

“Wait Sammy! What’s your phone number?”

Samantha turned around and shouted her number. “Now repeat it over and over until its memorized.” She smiled.

“Yeah, I will Sammy.” Taylor laughed turning to the house so that he could pack his clothes.


Taylor walked into his room throwing some clothes from his draws into a suitcase.

“Taylor sucks!” Zac said loudly making sure Taylor heard him as he walked past the bedroom they shared.

Taylor rolled his eyes and ignored his little brother.

“Taylor sucks and is a horny nympho who can’t get any excpet by raping innocent girls...” Zac was starting to make a song out of his insults.

‘I won’t let this frustrate me, I won’t let this frustrate me.’ Taylor repeated to himself.

“He doesn’t care about anyone but himself and when Skye sees him tomorrow she’s gonna say ‘fuck you’ yeah yeah yeah... ‘fuuuuck you...’ and dump his ugly fucking horny ass...!” Zac finished his song applauding himself.

“Can’t you see I’m ignoring you?” Taylor grabbed the suitcase he packed and shoved Zac out of the way in the act of walking out of the room. As Taylor made his way down the stairs the doorbell rang. Putting down his luggage he walked over to the door and opened it. “Oh hey Brianna.” He smiled.

“You are such a jerk!” Brianna brought her knee hard into the middle of Taylor’s legs.

“Ow! Shit bitch!” Taylor screamed falling to the floor while holding his hands over his most sensitive spot that was so hatefully hurt.

“Don’t you ever, ever, ever try anything like you did last night again!” Brianna warned. “I never want to see you for as long as I live! Drop dead loser!” With those last words Brianna stormed off of the Hanson house’s porch and away into the darkness leaving Taylor on the floor to suffer.

“May you be blessed with thousands of Hanson posters!” Taylor called after her gritting his teeth.


“Taylor is a horny nympho.” Zac whispered from his seat behind Taylor on the plane to New York.

“Shutup Zac!” Taylor cautioned.

“Taylor is a nympho, Taylor is a nympho...”

Taylor couldn’t stand Zac’s chants. Blocking his annoying brothers voice away he put on his headphones. “Okay, this is much better.” Taylor flipped to track number five of his Mariah Carey ‘#1’s’ CD.


That next day went faster then Taylor has expected it to. He slept most of the morning then went to get his hair trimmed and blow-dried. Everything had to be perfect for Skye's visit but now his whole plan was starting to go down hill.

“Where is she?!” Taylor paced back and forth. “Should I wait outside for her?”

“No the fans are going to attack you. I’m sure she’ll manage to get up here. Calm down. You’ve been like this the whole damn day!” Isaac told Taylor.

“Does my hair look okay?” Taylor flattened his blonde silky freshly cut hair. “God its 6:30! What if she doesn’t come?!”

“You spent the whole morning at the barbers. It should look a lot better then okay! And don’t worry, she’ll come!”

“How does my outfit look?!” Taylor was wearing a pair of baggy flared black pants and the red t-shirt he wore to Arthur Ash with another black button down shirt over it.

“Your wearing Skye’s favorite colors so I’m sure she’ll like it.”

“Do you think she’ll show up?!”

“Taylor! Yes! Now sit down and relax damn it!”

Isaac was right. He was overreacting. Sitting down on the couch in the hotel suite Taylor grabbed the remote and flipped to MTV.


Skye arrived at the hotel an hour late. ‘Taylor must have got here already since most of the fans are gone.’ She thought walking into the hotel and up to the front desk. “Excuse me?”

“Yes, may I help you?” The Chinese women looked up from the counter.

“Yeah. I need to know if Hanson arrived.”

“I can’t give out that information. Sorry.”

“I’m not a fan. I’m a friend. I was supposed to meet Taylor hear an hour ago and I’m late. Can you ring his room and tell him Skye’s here?”

“If this is a prank then I’m going to have some serious damage put on you.”

“Fine. Just please give him a buzz.” Skye watched as the lady at the desk called and hung up. “Okay you can go up. Room 32B.” Skye couldn’t believe it. That was the hotel suite her and Taylor first had sex in. What a coincidence. As Skye went into the elevator her stomach suddenly filled with nausea. What was she going to say to Taylor? How was she going to act? The dreadful moment she didn’t want to face had finally came -- she made it to the 32nd floor. “Oh god.” Skye muttered. The door was so close, he was so close. Could she just turn back and leave? Was that an option? Skye stood in front of the room 32B preparing to knock, yet preparing to run. As she was about to knock the door flung open and there stood Taylor. Skye almost lost her breath as a choking feeling took over her throat.

“Your hair, what’s that in your eyebrow, a barbell?” Taylor looked Skye over. “Why is your skirt so short? Why are your boots so high? What’s with that purple glittery eye shadow?” Taylor’s mind was bombarded with questions. Skye looked so different.

Skye looked down at the floor then picked her head up to Taylor’s eye level. She just had to smile and act natural. “I’ve changed, Tay.”

“No you haven’t. I can see through all of that makeup, skimpy clothes, new haircut and eyebrow ring. Don’t try to hide the girl I really love because its you no matter what you look like.”

“Taylor, can I come in?”

“Yeah.” Taylor opened the door wider watching as Skye lightly strolled in looking around.

“Hi Isaac.” Skye greeted, her voice low.

“Hey Skye.” Isaac knew it wasn’t a time for them to talk. She had things Taylor and her had to set straight. “You guys can take Taylor’s bedroom for privacy.”

“Yeah, that’s where we’re going.” Taylor stated signaling Skye to follow him. Things were so quiet. There was no laughter and hardly any smiles. As both of them walked into the bedroom Taylor shut the door. He noticed Skye let out a deep sigh.

“Why is this so hard?” Skye looked down at Taylor who sat on his bed. She needed answers.

“It’s hard to let go Skye.” Taylor didn’t make eye contact with her. He kept his head down.

“It all started here. This was the room we shared our first time in.” Skye eyes watered. “I can’t believe it’s going to end here too.”

Taylor didn’t want to look up at Skye. He didn’t want her to see his tears. “We don’t have to end this. We can work it out.”

“We’ve tried working it out already. But can I be honest with you?” Skye sat next to Taylor on the bed.

“Yeah. Of course.”

“Okay, even though our relationship never worked out I have this huge attachment to you. It’s something that makes me want to be near you, something that makes me not want to let go, ya know?”

Taylor didn’t answer in any other way but nodding his head. He knew exactly what Skye was talking about. “Where do we go from here?” He asked quietly.

“Taylor..” Skye couldn’t hold her tears anymore. “I don’t know.”

“I can’t loose you. I know I’ve made mistakes before but I’m going to stop them. I swear.” Taylor and Skye’s watery eyes met at that moment and instead of saying anything else, all they did was stare. Breaking the gaze, Taylor couldn’t control his tears anymore. “I don’t want you to see me like this, Skye. It’s just that I can’t stop loving you!”

Skye bit her bottom lip. She couldn’t give in. Although she loved Taylor a lot more then Marc she just knew he couldn’t be there for her. “I can’t deal with not knowing what your doing or where you are all the time. I can’t deal with missing you.” Skye’s voice was soothing and gentle.

Taylor’s big blue eyes seemed so hurt. “I hate it, I hate what fame has done to my life!” Taylor yelled ready to pull all his hair out as he stood up.

“Don't say that, Taylor. We never would have met if it wasn’t for your fame. I never would have been at your concert or in New York. We would never have known each other.”

“And maybe it would have been better that way. If I never knew that there was someone like you out there then I would never want you as much as I do now.”

Skye wiped a fallen tear from her cheek. “What do you want me to say?”

Taylor kneeled down in front of Skye taking her hands into his. "Just say three words.... three words that make my heart fall to my stomach... Just say you love me... and that you will always love me... I guess I don't mind you seeing other people, that’s what your intended to do, but just promise me you will love me, and I promise I will love you... always... forever..."

"Taylor..." Skye paused, looking down at him. He was looking straight up at her waiting for the three words he so desperately wanted to hear... "I love you and I will always love you. I know I will always love you, because I lost everything I had to you, you will always be right here in my heart... forever." Skye took Taylor's hand and put it against her heart, which was beating quickly.

"Is it really over?" Taylor didn’t move his hand.

"No... We’re going to meet each other again. Someday when some of your fame wears off or when I’m old enough to travel with you then we’ll meet again.”

“How can you be so sure of that?”

“Because, Taylor, It’s destiny. If we really are meant to be together then we’ll find each other again.” Skye stood up off of the bed with Taylor doing the same as he dropped his hand.

“I’m never going to find another girl like you. You leave me with something to look forward too in my life.”

“Just shutup and hold me.”

Taylor smiled and lovingly took Skye into his arms. He couldn’t stand being so close to her and not being able to truly be with her like he used to. Letting go of the grip he had on her he spoke what his heart was genuinely saying. "Skye, I don’t want to trust destiny ... damn it, I want to be yours. I don’t give a fuck what you think is right for us, man, I love you, and I think we should be youuu...." As Taylor kept on rambling about god knows what, Skye interrupted him laying a small kiss on his heart shaped lips. She backed away leaving Taylor confused as all hell.

“Your right.” Skye simply stated clearing away her tears.

“I... uh... what?”

“I can’t let you out of my life. Part of having a relationship is working things out and if we can get past this, we can get past anything. Taylor, I came here today planning on how to end this but I can’t leave knowing your not in my life. I love you more then I’ve probably ever loved anyone and I can’t deny that of myself.”

“So your saying we’re not breaking up?” Taylor looked at her, his hopes high.

“No. I’m saying we should ....... maybe have an open relationship.”

“What does that mean? Is this all bullshit?”

“No. We should allow ourselves to see other people. That means that I can date Marc and you can date any other girl you want. But we won’t let each other go... just so it doesn’t have to be completely over. We’re too young to make commitments and staying with one person anyway.”

“I’m not sure about this...”

“It’s either that or putting our faith in cupid’s hands.” Skye moved closer to Taylor. “I’m just trying to be serious about this. I don’t want to make any mistakes.”

“Skye, you could never make any mistakes.” Taylor once again took her into his arms, rocking her gently. “Stay with me tonight?” He blew his question into her ear. “Please.”

Skye took a long sharp breath. “Yeah, I’ll stay but first will you kiss me like you used to.” She looked longingly at him admiring the curl in his lips that she so badly wanted to feel against hers.

Taylor didn’t answer Skye. He slowly tilted his head, her doing the same, as he softly closed his eyes. He felt butterflies in his stomach as he pressed his velvety lips against her glossy mouth.

A tear ran down Skye’s cheek. Taylor was so close to her. Just kissing him brought back memories. Wrapping her arms around his neck she started to osculate him deeply. So far, everything was happening like it used to. They would get into something hot and heavy and pretty soon find themselves tangled up in each others naked bodies.

As Taylor backed Skye to the bed, a shiver ran through him from her cold silver barbell. Although, he definitely had to admit she was just as sexy if not more, with the whole new look. As Taylor pondered his thoughts he left a trail of kisses down Skye’s neck. While he gave her the sense of his hot breath on her collar bone, he laid her on the bed digging his face into her exposed cleavage. “God I want you.” He whispered kissing Skye right below her gold necklace. She smelled beautiful and it just made him have more and more desire for her.

Skye smiled. “I want you too.” She murmured feeling Taylor’s hard penis against her. She was in-between his legs and he was now slowly unbuttoning her silky purple low cut v-neck. Skye gently palpated his feathery golden hair. It seemed so soft. His tress’s were probably one of the things she loved most about him.

Taylor gradually slid Skye’s shirt off with little help from her. She seemed as if she was thinking. He hoped she wasn’t reasoning on if they should stop. He didn’t want anymore quick mood changes from her side. As Taylor looked down on Skye, his glistening blue eyes shining, all he wanted was to have sex with her. He desperately needed it. “Skye can we just fuck and not build up to it?” He asked with all integrity in his voice.

“Taylor... no. Just keep going.” Skye hated that Taylor was once again wanting her only for sex. She felt like she was going to choke a few tears out. What was she thinking when he had acted as if he changed?

“Okay. I understand. You want this to be special. I’ll make it special for you. I just wanted to let you know how bad I want you. You know I want you, don’t you?” Taylor asked, an angelic look upon his face.

‘A few points for those lines.’ Skye thought not able to oppose to anything he coveted. “Yeah I know you want me. You told me so.” She smiled.

Taylor nodded as he unclasped Skye’s bra. Their lips connected forcefully as he rapidly darted his tongue in and out of her mouth. He savored her reaction while he manipulated her. In very little time his hand was on one of her breasts and he began rubbing the nipple in-between his thumb and index finger. “God your tits are beautiful.” He told Skye once they had stopped kissing.

Skye brought her hands down to Taylor’s crotch. He moaned as she unzipped his black pants. Shamelessly conveying her hands into his boxers, she ran them up and down Taylor’s hard enlarging penis. He was becoming more aroused by the second and it was visible.

“Skye, stop I’m going to cum.” Taylor told her.

“Yeah, that’s the point of this kinda stuff.” Skye laughed.

“No. I want it to wait until I’m inside you.”

“Um, Tay, I...” Skye started.

“Shhh.” Taylor brought his lips to hers again.

Skye went along with what Taylor had planned and removed his black, over button down, shirt. Taylor helped her for a second quickly taking off the red shirt he wore under. “I want you.” She heard him mutter. “So you’ve said.” Skye giggled as he ran his hands through her dark silky hair.

Taylor unzipped and slid Skye’s tiny skirt down her body noticing that she was wearing nylons underneath. ‘Great more stuff to take off.’ He thought sliding the undergarment away too.

“Oh... god. I’m so horny.” Skye acclaimed.

“Uh huh.” Taylor finally got Skye into just her pair of panties. He touched the outside of them with his fingers finding that they were notably wet. “I still turn you on huh?”

“Oh god, yes.” Skye cried.

Taylor began to rub Skye’s clitoris, still outside the panties. “I bet you would like it better if my fingers were inside you. Would you like that better?”

“Yes.” Skye’s eyes were tightly shut.

Taylor glided Skye’s panties off her body as she finished stripping him. He spread her legs apart from each other while she laid back, waiting. “You like this?” Taylor asked now pestering her with the shift of his erection by rubbing it against her moistened insides.

“Oh god... Tay. Keep going...” She commanded, her voice low.

Taylor rubbed himself harder against Skye listening to her whimper in pleasure. He stopped right before he knew she was about to climax.

“Oh god... keep going please Tay.”

“Let me make love to you now. I’ll make this real good for you.” Taylor promised preparing to enter Skye’s body. As the head of his penis softly admitted her, she noticed and opened her eyes in shock.

“Tay no!” Skye screamed firmly pushing him away.

“What?!” Taylor asked in surprise. “What did I do wrong?! What’s the matter?!”

“I... I can’t do this...”

“Why?! We always used to do this! Why can’t we now?”

Fresh tears rolled down Skye’s cheeks. “Because ... Taylor.” She stayed calm for a few seconds and then let her exasperation out. “Because...” Skye prepared herself for Taylor’s reaction. “Because I don’t want to have another abortion!”