I'm Not a Playa

Chapter 23

Taylor was inside his room that Thursday afternoon hanging out with four other guy friends who cut school, not a first for any of them. Zac and Jaimee decided to hang around the house and Isaac and Ella settled to spend the day together.

“Who’s going to that basement party tonight?” Kevin asked while flipping through the latest issue of ‘Playboy’. All of Taylor’s friends seemed to be just as deviating as him.

“It’s gonna rock. I’m definitely going!” Chris chipped in.

“I’m gonna fuck twelve girls there. Just watch!” Peter got excited at the thought.

“Fuck, I’ll top you with fifteen!” Nick challenged.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! What party is this?!” Taylor asked upset that he seemed to be the only one who didn’t know about it.

“Shit Tay! You don’t even fuckin know!” Nick took a flyer out of his book bag and handed it to him. “Your so caught up with that going back to fuckin New York shit you don't even fuckin realize all the dope stuff here in fuckin T-town.”

Taylor read it smiling. ‘When is Nick going to be able to say a sentence without the word ‘fuck’ in it? He thought.

“Fuck, mad sluts are gonna be there!” Nick laughed. “Natalie and I are fuckin going. That chick fucks like crazy!”

“Natalie is a whore.” Taylor handed the paper back to Nick.

“I fucked her.” Kevin told the guys.

“Who Ginger Spice?” Peter thought Kevin was talking about the magazine he was reading or more like looking at.

“No you asshole! Natalie! Hey Tay, didn’t you fuck Ginger Spice?”

“No, she’s like forty somethin.”

“Oh, I would fuck her anyway! Older women are experienced!” Kevin grinned.

“So Taylor, are you comin to the party?” Chris asked.

“Yeah sure, why not.”

“Yeah that’s it Tay. Why the fuck not! Who else here thinks Taylor should quit his fuckin MMMBop and move on to MMMBopping some more fuckin girls!?” Nick chuckled at the way he put his question.

“I say we gather up like thirty hot chicks and fuck ‘um’ all. If Taylor Hanson is there, they’ll do it!” Kevin laughed.

“That’s a fuckin good idea!” Nick observed.

“Um hi.” A greeting came from Jaimee as she entered the room. “I have to get something. I’ll be gone in a sec.”

“Hi baby.” Peter flirted. “You don’t have to leave.”

“Did you know your fuckin hot?” Nick questioned laughing his head off.

“Wanna fuck me?” Kevin joined in on the other guys chants of sex.

“Guys, leave Jaimee alone.” Taylor shook his head feeling guilty about how his friends were all harassing her. He gave Jaimee a look of apology.

“It’s okay. I’m out of here. Nice meeting you all.” Jaimee shut the door behind her. To her surprise all of Taylor’s friends were good looking especially the one who told her she was hot. Jaimee actually felt proud that they were so flirty with her.

“Okay, who the fuck was that?” Nick asked. “Does your house fuckin grow hot ass chicks?”

“No Nick. That’s Zac’s girlfriend.” Taylor informed him.

“Fuck! That mother fuckin babe is going out with your puberty penis kid brother?!”

“Yep. She’s fifteen, actually.”

“Man, if I had a girl like that...” Chris started to daydream.

“You can do BETTER then that!” Peter alerted him. “Think of Natalie spreading her legs for you.”

“Oh, your right.” Chris smiled seeming satisfied.

“You think Zac’s girl is hot, wait until you meet Ike’s!”

“No fuckin way Tay! Left eye got himself a fuckin hot girl?!” Nick couldn’t believe it.

“Swear to god..” Taylor held up his hands to get his point across.

“You guys really can fuck any girls you want!”

“This is true.” Taylor smiled then remembering Brianna. She seemed impossible to have sex with. If only the guys knew how he couldn’t score with her.... But maybe if him and Brianna went to the club party tonight she would loosen up and be more willing to have some ‘fun’ with him. Going to her house and convincing her to come would definitely be worth a try.

“God I cant wait for the party tonight!” Peter took the guys minds off of the ‘lucky’ Hanson brothers.

“We have to get ready soon!” Kevin warned.

“Your such a fuckin fag... get fuckin ready!” Nick grinned running his hands through his short blonde hair.

“Hey, he’s BI... there’s a difference ya know?!” Taylor joked.

“I need a hand job.” Chris requested out of nowhere.

“Well, I’m not fuckin doing it!” Nick laughed.

“HEY! Get Natalie!?” Peter jested.

All the guys broke into sudden laughter. It was sick how they all seemed to be best friends and all had distorted minds. Guess you could call them ‘normal fifteen year olds’ or maybe just horny fifteen year olds...


“Hi, is Brianna home?” Taylor asked Mr. Pilate outside her house.

“Yeah, she’s here. How are you feeling about the talk we had yesterday?” Mr. Pilate invited Taylor in.

“Great. You opened up my mind about a lot of things. Thanks again.” Taylor was talking major bullshit but he didn’t want Brianna’s father to think he was going to try something funny on her.

“Oh, hi Taylor.” Brianna entered the living room.

“Hey, can we talk outside?” Taylor pointed his thumb out the door.

“Sure.” Brianna grinned hoping Ella hadn’t told him anything about her bulimia. Grabbing her jacket she followed her crushes brother outside.

When Taylor had gotten Brianna to a corner distant from the house he started giving her his invitation. “So Brianna. I was wondering, do you want to go to this party tonight?” Taylor put on his best innocent smile.

“What kind of party?” Brianna asked curiously wondering if it was one of those sort of makeout parties or nude twister parties.

“It’s a late party with dancing and friends.”

“How late?”

“Around 2AM.”

“Oh, no I can’t go. Definitely not. I have to be home schooled tomorrow and my father would definitely not let me.”

Taylor suddenly had a brilliant idea. “Well.. Isaac mostly wanted to know because he really wanted to dance with you. I guess I’ll just tell him you can’t come.” Taylor tried to act capsized as he lied.

“Isaac’s going to be there?” Brianna was suddenly filled with attention at this matter.


“And he said that?”

“Yeah. I think he likes you.” Taylor moved closer to Brianna, his hot breath on her face as he spoke. “But not as much as I do.”

“But what about his girlfriend?" Brianna asked suspiciously.

Taylor thought fast of what to say. "Um, oh, he's thinking about breaking up with her. Yeah, definitely. I'm sure you have a chance. But don't mention it to him, he told me not to tell you." He quickly added.

Brianna’s long eyelash’s fluttered as a smile overcame her face. “I want to go.” She bit her lip.

“Okay then meet me here at 1:30 and we’ll go.”

“But I’ll have to sneak out...”

“I’ll help you.” Taylor offered.


“No problem.”

“Hey Taylor?”


“Did Isaac really say that?”

“Yeah he did.” Taylor hated to lie because Brianna really liked his brother but to keep his whole story straight he had to stick to it.

Brianna’s smile was bigger then the clown Taylor had at his sixth birthday party. “Okay. Tell him I’ll see him tonight.”

“Okay. I’ll pick you up. Remember 1:30AM.” Taylor kissed Brianna’s cheek taking her by surprise.

“Um, yeah. Bye.” Brianna furrowed her eyebrows with confusion.

“Your so shy. Loosen up, okay?” Taylor took her cheek into his palm.

“Okay. I will.” Brianna faked a smile not wanting to get on the bad side of Taylor who was kindly setting her up with his older brother.

“Good. I’ll c-ya.” Taylor walked away with a huge grin plastered on his face. He was going to make tonight really good.


That night Jaimee and Zac snuck into the loud huge crowded basement unaware of what to except.

“Okay Jaimee. We don’t do drugs, smoke or drink. Deal?”

“Deal... but what about sex?” Jaimee wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Now that we can do.” Zac smiled pulling her closer.


“Taylor. It’s so loud in here!” Brianna screamed covering her ears with her hands so that the alternative music’s volume could lower.

Taylor took Brianna from behind moving her hands away from her head and into his fingers. “It takes awhile to get used to the music. Just relax.”

“Where’s Isaac?”

“I don’t think he’s here yet.” Brianna asked that question about four times and they had only just arrived. All Taylor wanted was for her to forget about Isaac and think about him. Unlike all the other guys at the party with plans to have sex, all Taylor wanted was to kiss Brianna, maybe tongue her, or at most -- feel her up.

“Hey its my fuckin B.O.B!” Nick came over to Taylor with Natalie by his side.

“Just say that a little louder!” Taylor laughed.

“Whoa... fuck, who’s she?!” Nick looked at Brianna, mostly her body.

“This is Brianna. We’re here together.” Taylor answered feeling proud. He was going to get a lot of attention and envy with a model by his side.

“Whoa.. she’s fuckin hot!” Nick grinned. Taylor just smiled.

“We’re gonna hit the dance floor so c-ya!” Taylor grabbed Brianna’s hand, starting to walk away from his friend. Since the music was so loud she luckily didn’t hear anything that Nick said.

Natalie stopped Taylor with a huge chuckle. “Meet up with me at about four in the room upstairs to the right. If it’s taken then check the one next to it. Don’t forget to take your girlfriend. A threesome might be a fun idea. She’s hot.” Natalie winked walking away.

Taylor loved how Natalie thought. Taking in her proposal sounded like a pretty good idea, if Brianna actually chilled down with the whole sex thing. After nodding his head he turned back to date. “Come on, lets dance.”

“No Tay, can we just sit down?

“Ugh, yeah.” Taylor took Brianna to a quieter corner sitting on a small couch. Unlike Brianna, Taylor took it into himself to slouch down and be comfortable. She sat at the edge of the sofa fingering her navy blue skirt. “Do you want something to drink?” Taylor offered.

“Yeah, water please.”

“Okay. I’ll be back.” Taylor stood up heading for the bar.

“Hey Taylor. Doesn’t look like your gorgeous chick is giving you any.” Peter came up from behind him.

“Oh hi.” Taylor quickly turned around, some of his blonde tress’s falling out of the low tail his hair was in. “You’ve noticed, huh?”

“Yeah. Is it really that bad?”

“It’s actually worse then it looks.” Taylor sulked.

“Two chocolate mud slide milkshakes. I need them with a lot of alcohol!” Peter demanded of the bar tender. Peter, being sixteen, looking over twenty one, and the fact that the tender didn’t give a shit who was given alcohol was the reason he didn’t have to show ID. When the two tall glasses were handed to him, he put them in Taylor’s possession. “Here, start her off with two of these. Seeing how damn skinny she is, it’ll hit her faster. She’ll be yours the rest of the night and most likely forget everything in the morning.”

It seemed like a perfect plan. “Are you sure this is a good idea?”

“Positive man. What could be better then this shit?”

Taylor knew that he shouldn’t give Brianna the drink. It was totally immoral. So then why did every part of him want to?

“I know you have doubts but as a friend I’m just trying to help you out. It won’t even be rape considering when she’s drunk out of her ass. She’ll be all over you!”

Just imagining Brianna doing anything to him, made Taylor almost positive of giving her the liquor. “Okay, thanks.”

“No problem. Have fun. And if you two get bored then just remember that I’m here!” Peter laughed.

Taylor didn’t respond to Peter. He nervously walked back over to Brianna and blamelessly handed her the drink.

“Taylor! I can’t drink that!” Brianna looked disgustingly over at the beverage he was trying to give her.

“Why not? It’s really good.”

“It has a zillion calories in it!”

“Your so fuckin skinny it won’t matter!” Taylor needed to reason with her.

“Can’t you just get me water?”

“Taylor sat next to Brianna. “Baby, just have a sip. Please?”

Taylor’s innocent smile and sweet eyes were, in a way, hypnotizing Brianna. Taking the mud slide from him, she brought it to her lips and sipped a very small bit. Her plan was to throw it up when Taylor wasn’t around.

“Isn’t it good?”

As the liquid ran down Brianna’s throat, she actually realized that it tasted savory. “Yeah, it’s okay.” She took another gulp from the glass, a lot longer then the first.

Taylor watched for any change in her attitude as she hungrily finished the milk shake.

“Wow, that feels kinda good.” Brianna laughed getting tingly all over her body.

“Want another?” Taylor took the second glass from the table and handed it over to her.

“Sure.” A small hiccup escaped her mouth before she started on her second shot. It wasn’t long before she was Taylor’s, it wasn’t long at all.


Ella walked into the dim lit bland room with Isaac following. A vacant full sized bed sat in the middle of the chamber along with a small night stand.

“I can’t believe I agreed to come here with you! I mean we only spent a half hour downstairs at that club and we’re already up in a room! What exactly are you planning for us now?” Isaac asked Ella watching as she gingerly sat on the mattress.

“Hmm Isaac. I wonder...” A broad smile emerged from her face as she slowly started to unbutton her silky black blouse.

“Ella, you want to have sex here? Now?” Isaac felt a little shaky about the whole idea.

“I’ve wanted to have sex with you from the first hi Ike. I’m ready now and frankly, I don’t a shit about your opinion.”

“Ella listen...”

“No. When we were dancing I felt your hard as a rock boner. Isaac, your horny and you don’t want to admit it. Your so busy playing Mr. Romance and Mr. Caring guy that you don’t ever think of having some fun.”

“I have plenty of fun.” Isaac stood up for himself.

“Have you ever taken drugs?” Ella asked patiently.

“Of course not!”

“Have you ever had sex?”


“Have you ever drank alcohol besides wine at a party?”

“Ella, in my book drugs and alcohol aren’t much fun.”

“You’ve never tried it so what would you really know?”

“I know that it kills you.”

“Okay your catching my drift.”


“Can having sex with me kill you?”

“Well no.”

“So then come on Ike. And please, I know you want to.” Ella slid her now open shirt off of her shoulders letting it fall onto the bed.

Isaac admired Ella’s breasts. They were round and the perfect size. He was really pleased at her choice of wearing no bra. Soon after admiring Ella’s chest he accompanied her on the bed. He sat still and let her run her hands down his firm chest and onto the bottom of his shirt where she began to lift it up. When Ella had gotten the shirt over his head and off, she gently massaged his broad shoulders. Isaac tried to relax but the thought of going as far as to sex with Ella scared him. He wasn’t at all like Taylor, maybe even the opposite. He was nervous about making a huge mistake or messing up a relationship.

“Isaac you have a condom right?”

“No... not with me.”

“I have to do everything, don’t I?” Ella sulked pulling a wrapped up condom out of the platform shoes she took off.

“Ella, have you done this a lot?” Isaac took the condom from her.

“No Ike. I’m not a major slut if that’s what your asking.” Ella guaranteed. “I’ve done it a few times, lets just leave it at that.”

Ella’s smooth hands ran up and down Isaac’s back sending waves of enjoyment through his body. He had been horny for her all night and everything was just adding onto it.

“How about I massage something else?” Ella asked with all mirth in her voice.

“Mmm no complaints here.” Isaac smiled shifting higher up on the bed.

Ella straddled Isaac between her legs unbuckling his leather belt. Isaac helped her take his reddish-brown jeans off and then his boxers. His erection was just as colossal as it felt through his pants. Ella gripped it with two hands softly caressing him. She loved listening to Isaac moan and took enjoyment in knowing she was giving him extreme pleasure. Jerking Isaac off certainly made her aroused as well. “Listen Ike, if you don’t touch me I swear my pussy’s going to burst.”

Isaac laughed at Ella’s desperate tone. Instead of sitting on the bed like a pile of bricks he moved his hands onto her breasts. He slowly drew circles around her nipples with his fingers and slightly pinched them. As he did this Ella moved her hands faster and faster on his penis. “Oh baby...” He cried out.

Ella slid her black leather skirt off and then her lacy panties which Isaac found recklessly sexy. She widened her legs and brought Isaac’s long fingers from her breasts to her vulva.

Isaac felt that Ella was erotically wet. He slowly moved his index finger in and out of her causing her to breath out sharp gasps into his shoulder. He stopped for a second rubbing now two fingers against her clitoris.

“Oh Ike...” Ella called out as he switched positions rolling on top of her. She ran her fingers through his wavy hair pushing herself closer so that she could kiss him. Nearing his warm body she parted his lips with her tongue and began sucking on his. As her sucking grew stronger, his fingers moved more and more brutally. Ella let go of Isaac’s tongue. “Get that fuckin condom on because I want to fuck you so hard right now!” She gasped.

Isaac complied her demand and quickly opened the package, took out the condom and slid it over his penis. He watched as Ella spread her legs broadly apart from one another. Her insides were drenched with cum, just waiting for him to enter.

“Isaac hurry!” Ella’s chest heaved with excitement. Isaac kissed her passionately as he slowly began to enter her. She wrapped her arms around him feeling his back muscles fall and rise as he inched his way deeper and deeper. “Oh Ike...” She moaned after he moved his satiny heated lips to her neck. She was about to go off any second, as was he. “Ohhh Ike!” She screamed.

Isaac could tell Ella had reached her peak and was just about reaching his. “Oh baby!” He dirged gently into her neck. Pleasure quickly overcame his body but left just as fast as it came. He pulled out of her panting.

“Oh Ike... that felt so good.” Ella wheezed.

Isaac felt himself go infirm. “Your so amazing.” He turned to his side facing her.

Ella pulled a piece of Isaac’s sweaty hair out of his face staring into his deep brown eyes. “Thanks Ike.” She smiled.

“For what? Having sex with you?”

“No. For dating me even though you became a big rock star and for not caring so much about my beliefs.”

Isaac pressed his palm against the side of Ella’s face. “Thank you.”

“Thank me? For what?”

“For making me sense the wonderful feeling of love.” Isaac lightly grinned.

“I love you too.” Ella’s eyes gently filled with tears. Moving closer to Isaac, he wrapped his strong arms around her protecting her from any harm that the world could possibly do to her. He loved her so much it was intolerable and it was more then puppy love -- it was real love and he knew it. As for Ella, she now knew for sure that Isaac was more then trustworthy.

Taylor walked Brianna to the room Natalie told him to meet her at. He still had an hour to kill before she showed up. Brianna was stumbling and he had to help with her every move.

“Your so cute... Is... Ta..Tay. I ... have to lay down.” Brianna kept her arms around his neck.

“You will. You’ll get to lay down.” Taylor was nervous. What was he supposed to do with Brianna from this point? Would she even do anything once they were in bed? He pondered his thoughts opening the door of the bedroom. Just his luck -- it was free. As he walked in, he closed the door and lightly threw Brianna onto the bed. Feeling a bit uncomfortable he walked over to her side. As he approached closer to Brianna she started to laugh.

“Isaac... c...can we kiss?” Brianna’s giggles were worse then a hyena’s.

Taylor chose to ignore the fact that Brianna had just called him by his brother's name plus at this point he didn't even care whether she liked him or not. He sighed making the same movement he fabricated when he was in Brianna’s bed. He straddled her between his legs. “Sure baby.” He smiled kissing her quivering lips.

Brianna rested her hands behind his neck, once again. She removed the pony tail holder from his hair gently squeezing at the blanched golden locks

Taylor was wrong. Brianna definitely knew out to kiss. She didn’t waste any time guiding her tongue past his thin lips and into his mouth. He responded the same, running his tongue across her white capped teeth. Her breath reeked of alcohol but considering what Taylor was going to get from her because of it made the problem not such a bad one. Taylor moved his hand onto Brianna’s breast, outside of her white tank top. He heard a faint moan desert her pouted lips.

“Ike?” Brianna turned her head away from his kiss.


“Can I see you ... without your shirt?” Brianna was stuttering and even though she was ‘drunk as a skunk’ was still very timid.

Taylor lifted his shirt up and off of his body. Once he finished he put his arms back down on the bed, one on each side of Brianna’s body.

"You look like you have boobs." Brianna giggling, her comment relating to Taylor’s built chest.

Taylor narrowed his eyes and decided to get on with it anyway. “Why don’t you take off yours now?”.

“Okay.” Brianna answered blankly raising the tank top over her.

Taylor was in shock. Brianna was going to do everything he told her. It was like having his own sex slave. “Here, lets take this off too.” Taylor lowered himself onto Brianna moving his arms around her back and unsnapping her bra. Once it was off he expertly handled one of her nipples.

“Oh...” Brianna held onto Taylor’s other hand which was seriously sweaty. She tilted her head back as the feeling of his body pressed against hers, penetrated her mind and flesh. She had never experienced such delectation in her life and what her and Taylor were doing was barely anything. Even though Brianna was intoxicated with alcohol she was not being deprived of any stimulating touches.

Taylor brought the hand he wasn’t exhilarating Brianna with down to her skirt. He slowly slid half of it off and then with his other hand, the other half. He got excited when Brianna started unbuttoning his tight black pants. She might not have had sex before but she certainly knew a few things about it. After taking her skirt off he helped her with his pants. He noticed Brianna eye his white briefs and the huge bulge in them. “You like that, baby?” He asked sexually.

“Uh huh.”

“Do you want it?”

“Uh huh.”

Taylor laughed at how weird Brianna was acting. She was saying yes to everything. Was she really that obsessed with Isaac? He wondered. He figured he would give her what she wanted from his older brother. Sliding off his underwear he took her hands and directed them onto his penis. “You can play with it.”

“Anything for you, Ike.” Brianna grasped Taylor’s member sliding her hands up and down it. She was unaware of the enjoyment she was giving him.

Taylor closed his eyes taking in the fact that Brianna’s soft hands were rubbing up and down his most prized possession. “Yeah baby. That feels nice.” Taylor groaned working on getting her panties off. Once they were sheering off he extended her legs and inserted his middle finger into her. She was wet and horny, just how he wanted her.

Brianna moaned parting her legs so much further from another that they ached. She let go of Taylor’s penis throwing her arms above her head and resting them on a pillow. "I knew it. I knew... we were meant to be together, Ike. I'm so glad... Tay's out of our way." She breathed.

“Uh huh." Taylor muttered through clenched teeth. Hearing his brother's name over and over was definitely not helping this situation. He took one look at Brianna's slender and inviting body. Taking his finger out of her, he got ready to pierce her with something much bigger.

Becoming delirious, Brianna let out a loud shriek. "I love you, Ike! I love you!! Tay is nothing, I only want you!"

Not able to bear anymore, Taylor covered Brianna’s mouth with his hand so that her shouts were muffled. His penis abruptly entered her tight hot vagina and she let out a small screech. Taylor thrusted against her harder. All girls who weren’t virgins he could only make cum but virgins he could make bleed and cum. That was one of the only things he was finding sexy about Brianna, how she was never touched by any guy in that area.

“Ohhhh Ike!!!” Brianna screamed after Taylor moved his hand from her mouth. At that moment no pain could be felt, only the sensation from him and the tingly feeling from the liquor. “Oh my... t - taay!?”

Taylor plunged himself deeper into Brianna as she let out mixed screams. He himself was having a colossal orgasm. Once he felt himself go limp he left her body. Brianna laid by his side not saying a word. Taylor watched as she tried to catch her breath. She looked like she would faint. She was consequently way too skinny and most likely bulimic from what he had seen. “Are you okay?” He asked with all worry. Brianna didn’t answer, she just started laughing. She wasn’t sure who she had just had sex with.

“I liked that.” Brianna’s words stumbled out of her mouth. “I want to try that with Isaa... Isaac.”

Before Taylor could retort to her comment the door opened. Just as he expected it was Natalie. She was wearing only a teal panties and bra set and looked ready for what she had planned. “Looks like you got started already.” She shut the door.

“Yeah but she’s really smashed.” Taylor looked over at Brianna.

“Hi!” Brianna sat up on the bed still giggling.

“Taylor, you spiked her drink?” Natalie asked crawling over to him on the bed while removing her underwear and bra.

"Tay?" Brianna asked with bafflement but neither him or Natalie paid attention.

“Sort of.”

Taylor?" Brianna repeated, not understanding what was going on and maybe thinking she'd floated to another room.

“Bad bad Tay.” Natalie went down on Taylor. This time the girl was bestriding him. “I think I’m going to have to punish you.” She opened his mouth with hers and immediately Taylor and her got to their famous tongue swirl.

“H - hello! I’m here.” Brianna alerted.

Natalie pushed Taylor away from her. “Don’t worry. I didn’t forget you.” She threw back her long red curls and got off of Taylor. Sliding over to Brianna, she pushed her into a laying position on the bed. With little effort, she wrapped her legs around the model and delicately started to kiss her neck finding her way to her smooth lips. Since Isaac was apparently gone, Brianna, who was getting too tired to protest decided to go along with whoever was kissing her so sweetly.

Taylor watched as Natalie and Brianna started kissing wildly. There was nothing more amusing to him then two teen girls going at it. Taylor figured he would have a little fun and moving over to the back of Natalie, inserted his penis into her backside performing anal sex.

Natalie stopped kissing Brianna and turned her neck so that she could see Taylor out of her corner view. “Ooo, Tay, we never did this position.” She panted.

Taylor laughed. He had only tried this with Alanna which proved it to be a good encountering. He moved further into Natalie as she let out a painful scream.

“Oh baby!” Natalie was becoming more aroused then ever. She decided to give Brianna a little something. Finding her shaven vagina, which was dripping cum from all over she went inside her with just the index and middle finger. She started to work Brianna’s clitoris by slowly going up and down. As Taylor’s semen exploded into Natalie’s anus she moved her fingers deeper into Brianna. Natalie was enjoying fingering Brianna more then receiving anal sex from Taylor.

As Taylor left Natalie’s body he laid back down watching her fingers leave and enter Brianna. His penis kept going erect again with all the wild sex going on in the room. Natalie took her fingers out of Brianna noticing how they were covered with blood. She looked to her right at Taylor. "Virgin huh?", Natalie grinned holding up her bloodstained digits.

"Me?! Hahaha.... Where have you been for the past five years?” Taylor
laughed, sweat coming down from his forehead.

"No, asshole, the girl, Brianna or whatever. She's a virgin." Natalie voiced.

"Oh yeah... so?"

"So... nothing." Natalie rolled her eyes licking both fingers which were covered with blood and cum. "Mmmm... haha." Natalie smiled.

"Damn, you're so fucking nasty." Taylor eyed Natalie, a revolted look upon his face.

"Aw, too nasty for my baby Taylor?" Natalie looked over at Brianna who had passed out, either from the alcohol or exhaustion.

"Yeah." Taylor picked up his T-shirt from the floor.

“You can’t go. We haven’t fucked yet.” Natalie spread open her legs and with her fingers separated her vaginal lips. “Come on Tay. A quick fuck?” She reasoned.

Taylor looked up at her. “Fine but very quick!”

“Oh wait.” Natalie handed Taylor a condom. “I think the other one broke.”

Taylor shook his head taking the contraceptive from her. At least Natalie was having somewhat safe sex and was most likely on birth control. Once Taylor had slipped the condom over his penis, he took in Natalie’s solicitation entering her body fast and energetically. They were both in a sitting position but he was able to go just as deep as he usually went with her.

“Ohh Taylor!” Natalie threw her arms around him as he began to suck on her neck. “Oh Tay! Your dick is go big and feels so good! I’m going to cum!” Natalie squealed pushing his body closer to hers.

Taylor kissed her neck on the hickey he had given her. He moved his mouth up to her ear. “Your pussy is so wet. Are you hot for me?” He breathed.

“Yes! I’m so fuckin horny! Go harder!” Natalie demanded.

Taylor pushed himself in and out of Natalie’s body faster and faster with more force then ever. As he did this he felt her warm cum surround his penis. “Guess you liked that baby.” He whispered.

“Unhh, oh god! YES!” Natalie screamed.

Taylor wailed as he reached a climax. Pulling out of Natalie all he wanted to do was rest. Brianna was taking up most of the bed along with Natalie who obviously had the same idea as him. Scrapping that idea Taylor stood up onto the floor and started to put his clothes on again.

“T-take me home.” Brianna lightly touched Taylor’s arm. “I - I need t-to hurl.”

After Taylor got his briefs and pants on he lifted Brianna off of the bed and into his arms. Luckily there was a bathroom in the bedroom. When Taylor got to the toilet he put Brianna down and kept his arms around her stomach as she threw up the spiked milk shake. “Is that better?” Taylor asked once it had looked like she finished.

“Huh?” Brianna looked up at Taylor. She had dark circles under her eyes looking sleepy, gaunt and to put it in the simplest form -- like shit.

“Are you all right?”

Brianna couldn’t concentrate on what Taylor was saying or where she was. “I don’t understand.” She looked at him confusingly.

‘This whole alcohol thing was a bad idea.’ Taylor thought dragging Brianna out of the bathroom.

“Just let her relax for a few minutes.” Natalie suggested still laying still on the bed.

“She’s gonna fuckin fall over! I have to get her home!” Taylor couldn’t take anymore of Natalie.

“Taylor, this has happened to me before. I know what to do.”

“You drugged a guy to sleep with you?!” Taylor dropped Brianna onto the bed with little labor.

“No asshole. I’m not as fuckin stupid as you. Just let her rest a few minutes then carry her home. She’ll most likely take a shower in the morning so no one will smell anything on her.”

“Will she remember anything?”

“Nah, I doubt it.”

“Natalie, you have to help me get her home.”

“No fuckin way. I promised Nick and Chris a fuck so I have to stay here!”

“I really need your help, Nat. Please?” The look in Taylor’s eyes was a sure sign of plea.

“How long will it take?.”

“A half hour...”

“Oh fine...” Natalie gave in.

“Thanks.” Taylor smiled handing her the bra and panties she came in wearing.


“Shit!” Zac shut the door of the closet behind him and Jaimee.

“I can’t believe those older guys are trying to throw us out! You would think they know what its like to be a teen!” Jaimee hissed.

“Where’s the light?” Zac asked feeling the ceiling.

“This closet is so small it should be easy to find!” Jaimee was complaining.

“Ah, here it is.” The small clothes room suddenly lit up. “God, you look beautiful.” Zac smiled taking a glimpse of Jaimee.

“You don’t look so bad yourself.”

“Hey Jaimee. Are we not going to get to have sex now?” Zac asked, his voice small and loving.

“Of course where going to have sex Zachy.” Jaimee grinned.

“In here?” Zac asked ready to burst into laughter.

“Why not?” Jaimee was serious as she lifted her peach T-shirt over her head.

“There’s no room.”

“Putting your dick in me doesn’t require a lot of room!” Jaimee laughed.

“That’s true.” Zac reasoned.

“So come on!” Jaimee giggled pushing Zac against the closet door and fiercely kissing him. She fiddled with the button on his jnco’s as he fiddled with her tongue. As soon as she unzipped his pants they fell onto the floor leaving Zac in a pair of dark green silky CK boxers. Jaimee ripped off his clothes ferociously, him doing the same. Both couldn’t help but chuckle at the situation that was occurring.

Leaning closer to Jaimee, Zac tried to find the hooks to take off her bra. “Oh fuck!” The closet door suddenly opened causing him to fall backwards onto the floor half naked with Jaimee on top of him.

“Zac, what the fuck are you doing here?!” Taylor asked helping Brianna stand.

Zac looked up at his brother and quickly jumping up started to yell. “What about you Tay!? What are you doing here!? Forcing girls to fuck your desperate ass?!” Zac was furious how Taylor thought he had the right to interfere with his life.

“MY desperate ass?! You stooped down to the level of fucking stalkers!”

“What the fuck did you do?! Drug Brianna to fuck you?!” Zac screamed noticing how she looked half dead. “Or what’d you kill her then fuck her corpse!?”

“Shit Zac! When dad finds out you were here all hell is going to break loose!”

“No because you won’t tell! You have no reason to be here too!”

Taylor changed the subject. “I’m trying to watch out for you and here you are fucking Jaimee, again!” No one paid any attention to Taylor and Zac’s fight because it was too crowded to notice.

“Whoaaaa, you should talk! I mean this is you.” Zac put on his best impersonation of Taylor using a deeper voice. “‘Fuck me, anyone! I’m Taylor Hanson! Fuck meeee! My dicks gonna blow up if you don’t fuck me! AHHHHH!!! Ha ha! Oh my god!!!! Do I feel cum coming?! Pshhhh!!!! It’s coming!!! Tay... I got two words for you -- SUCK IT!!!!!” Zac screamed this as loud as he could putting his hands out to make his charade more dramatic. Now he was starting to attract a crowd.

“Zac! When we get home I’m going to kill you!” Taylor threatened. Zac dissed him bad and he was radically humiliated.

“Why not kill me now?! Huh Tay!? Come on! Come on! Hit me! Go ahead!”

“I have to get Brianna home but later I swear your going to be so fucked up it won’t even be funny to me!” Taylor grasped Brianna’s hand tighter and with those last words left the club, along with Natalie following.


Taylor walked into his room exhausted. The night had definitely been one to remember. He noticed Zac was asleep but where was Isaac? Deciding not to care much Taylor curled up in his blankets and fell sound asleep. That morning he woke up feeling drowsy. He couldn’t remember half of what had happened last night. He knew he had sex with Brianna and Natalie but that was about it. As Zac walked into their room, images of occurring moments from the club filled Taylor’s mind. Putting his hand on his forehead, he let out a loud groan.

“Fuck you Tay.” Zac gathered up his blankets shoving his bed under Isaac’s.

“Oh fuck me what?!” Taylor snapped.

“You really ruined last night!”

“Zac, don’t go there!” Taylor jumped out of his bunk.

“I just can’t wait for that Regis and Kathy Lee interview Monday! It’s when all the fans find out the truth about you!” Zac endangered.

“Don’t threaten me.”

“Don’t tell me what to do!” Zac pushed Taylor’s chest.

“Oh come on! I’m half your size! You think you can really mess with me?”

“Yeah, I think I can.” Zac gave his brother another shove, this one making him hit the floor.

“All right Zac! Your gonna get it now! All of it!” Taylor leaped up ready to pound his little brother’s face in.

Zac knew it was time to run when he saw the look in Taylor’s eyes. Luckily instead of running his father showed up at the door.

“Have any of you seen Isaac?” Walker asked troubled.

“No.” Both boys answered in unison exchanging death stares.

“I hope he’s back before we go to New York City tonight.”

“I’m sure he will be!” Zac smiled. “I’ll help you guys find out where he is!” He hurried out of the room, mostly to get away from Taylor.

“Yeah that’s it run!” Taylor laughed as Walker gave him an uncanny stare shutting the door. As Taylor sat down on Isaac’s bottom bunk an important thought ran through his head. They were all heading to New York tonight and he was going to see Skye tomorrow. How could he have forgotten? Taylor now had so much to do to make everything perfect. He needed Skye to remember how much she loved him. He deeply wished that she would forgive him but the chances looked slim. Jumping out of bed Taylor grabbed a pair of cream colored pants and a black tee. He still had a whole day ahead of him and he wasn’t going to spend it worrying about Skye. Although, It was going to be a long twenty six hours...