Chapter 22

“I can’t believe you dragged me to church.” Ella whispered while the chapel filled with voices of song, three more beautiful then others.

“Yeah, well, you used to come every week.” Isaac reminded her.

“Things changed and you won’t be able to corrupt me, that’s for sure.”

“Whatever.” Isaac smiled continuing to sing.

“I forgot how boring church was.” Ella sighed popping a piece of big red gum into her mouth and slouching down in her seat. “But ... I admit, you do look hot in that suit.” A grin played on her face.

“Just pay attention to the priest, Ella.”


“Taylor. I have to pee.”

“Can’t you hold it Avie?”


“Ugh, come on.” Taylor took Avery’s hand leading her out of the pews.

“I have to go! I have to go!” Avery whined walking down the isle behind Taylor.

“Shhh..” Taylor squeezed her hand tighter as they walked into the lobby of the church. “Here Avie, go take a leak. Knock yourself out.” He dropped her hand.

“No Tay! Come with me!”

“Avie! No!”

“Yes Tay!” Avery grabbed Taylor’s hand back pulling him into the ladies room.

Surrounded by a bunch of women and girls, Taylor’s cheeks turned bright red. ‘Maybe if I turn around, so that my hair is showing no one will notice I’m a boy.’ He pondered this thought but then realized that the suit he was wearing easily gave his gender away. He felt as if the whole room was making fun of him. Their eyes were certainly not in any other direction but his. “Avie, what’s taking so long in there?” Taylor turned to the bathroom stall she was in. Seconds were starting to feel like hours.

“Tay, help! My frog fell in the toilet!” Her little voice cried.

“Oh god...”


“I’m horny.” Jaimee slouched down in her seat.

“Jaimee! Don’t confess that in a church!” Zac murmured in a loud tone.

“Well I am. I think it’s that sexy little suit your wearing.”

“Hey, you had to pick out the shortest skirt in the whole universe.”

“Yeah, well I was hoping after this your fingers could crawl up there and..”

“Jaimee. This is a church. It’s like the home of god. Please don’t go on.”

“Oh, well I’m Jewish so sin this.” Jaimee leaned over on Zac kissing his neck.

“Jaimee, anywhere but church. Okay?” Zac’s voice seemed to be pleading and his sentence ended with a small squeak.

You really had to respect Zac for feeling so strong about his religion, either that or the fact that his parents were sitting two seats away. “Okay, Zac.” Jaimee backed off of him fingering the soft material of her red skirt.

Zac tried to concentrate on the minister but instead found his eyes stuck on Jaimee pulling up her skirt up inch by inch. “Jaimee, please stop.”

“What Zac? I’m not doing anything to you.”

“Yes you are.” He insisted.

“No Zac. I’m not.”

Zac slid his tongue over his lips. “Jaimee, just stop playing with that skirt.”

“Okay Zac. I’ll just play with my shirt.” Jaimee smiled slowly unbuttoning the top buttons of her white blouse so that her cleavage showed. She noticed Zac gradually getting an erection and wondered what dirty thoughts he was thinking. She decided to tease him some more. “Mmm Zac, that feels good.” She lightly moaned.

“Jaimee stop. I’m serious.” Zac tried to pay as much attention to the priest as he could.

Jaimee noticed Zac starting to sweat. “Ever hear of the saying -- melts in your mouth, not in your hands? Well that’s what we should experiment on later.”

Zac couldn’t take it anymore. Standing up he rushed out of the temple and into the lobby leaving Jaimee behind. There he noticed a wet Avery and Taylor drying themselves off with paper towels. “What are you two doing?” He curiously asked.

“Avie apparently lost her frog in the toilet and guess what? We found it.” Taylor answered using plenty of sarcasm.

“Oh I thought you got a little to obsessed with the holy water.” Zac laughed at his joke.

“We’re going to have to get mom and dad to explain to Avie that your not allowed to bring frogs to church.” Taylor gave Avery ‘the look’.

“Where’s the frog now?”

“Hopping around in a garbage pail.” Taylor admitted laughing. “I think we missed the whole sermon so we’re going to get back now.”

“Okay. Just don’t sit next to Jaimee. That girl is so damn horny that she’ll do it with anyone!”

“I’ll take your word on it.” Taylor beamed.


“Ella, wake up. It’s over.” Isaac nudged her arm. His plans for converting her weren’t working. He took her to church to make her feel apart of something and fulfilled but instead she slept through half the lectures.

“Oh, good, we can leave.” Ella yawned standing up and following the Hanson’s and friends out of their row.

“Hey Taylor, come over here for a sec.” Walker told his son.

Taylor obeyed his father who was standing side by side with the priest. “Listen, about the frog thing...”

“No this isn’t about that. This is Mr. Pilate. He’s the minister here.”

Taylor shook Mr. Pilate’s hand giving off a small smile.

“I think it would be a good idea if you went over to Mr. Pilate’s house tomorrow for a couple of hours to talk about things. He might really help you learn useful stuff you didn’t know.”

“Um, okay, whatever.” Taylor really didn’t understand why he needed to be there but if it was only two hours on a day where he had nothing else to do, he figured why not.

“Okay. Isaac will drive Taylor over at four.”

“That’s great, Mr. Hanson.” Mr. Pilate turned to Taylor. “I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.” He shook Taylor’s hand again.

“Yeah, sure.”


“Church ended really late.” Jaimee walked into the brothers room combing her hair.

“It was a special service.” Taylor pointed out looking up from his magazine.

“Oh, I didn’t understand a thing that dude was blabbing about.” Jaimee paused looking over at Zac. “Are you still not talking to me?” She walked over to him. He was lying in bed playing his gameboy and didn’t answer. “I’m sorry about what happened in church. I’ll tell you what. I’ll make it up to you in a very good way.” She whispered into his ear.

Zac turned off his gameboy now amused in what Jaimee had in mind. Moving over, he made room for her in his bed. “How are you going to make it up to me?” He asked full of appeal.

Jaimee plopped onto Zac’s bed. “Thursday night there’s some kind of party thing. I read a flyer when we went out for breakfast. We can go there and hang out. Maybe find a room afterwards.”

“What time?”

“Late, around one or two in the morning.”

“Okay but what if we get caught?”

“The danger is just what makes it more fun.” A raunchy grin cornered Jaimee’s lips.

“All right, what are you two whispering about?!” Isaac shouted at Zac and Jaimee.

“Don’t worry. Nothing about you, Ikey poohs.” Zac covered.

“If your planning on doing something you shouldn’t be then forget it.”

“Ikey, Ikey, Ikey. Now why would we do something we shouldn’t be doing?”

“Because Zac. I know you and you would.”

“Don’t worry Ike. We won’t do anything fun.” Zac assured his brother rolling his eyes. ‘But we can do something beyond fun’ He added an evil laugh to his thoughts.


Taylor sat down at the Pilate’s house in a comfy love seat waiting for Mr. Pilate to start his lecture. Unfortunate for him, Mr. Pilate didn’t waste any time.

“Hello again Taylor.” Mr. Pilate reached out for another handshake.

‘Is this guy trying to get free feels?’ Taylor thought shaking Mr. Pilate’s hand for the third time.

“How are you feeling?”


“Glad to hear that. How is your week in Tulsa so far?”


“How’s it going with your brothers?”

“Good.” ‘Geez, this guy is nosy.’

“How’s it going with religion?”


“How about girls?” Mr. Pilate seemed to take a different tone with this question.


“So everything is good but girls are ‘okay’?”

“I assure you. I have no girl problems.” Taylor chuckled.

“Do you know the reason your here today?”

“To talk to you.” ‘This guy is so weird.’

“Okay. Do you know what we’re going to talk about?”


“Anh uh. Your here to talk about sex.”

‘Oh no, another sex lecture!’ Taylor cried in his head. ‘I get way to many of these and now my dad is making me talk to the priest about sex... oh god!’. “Okay...”

“I want you to be honest. Nothing you say leaves this room. I’m your friend. Now first question, have you ever had sex?”


“How many times?”


“Same girl?”


“How many girls?”


“And all these girls were special to you?”


“Taylor. I’m not interviewing you or taking notes. You can give an explanation for your answers.”

“Okay.” Now more then anything Taylor wanted to get this sex talk over with. He figured he would answer the questions and leave right after Mr. Pilate couldn’t think of anything else to ask.

“Do you wear protection?”


“Do the girl’s usually take birth control?”

“I don't know.”

“Are you aware of sexually transmitted diseases?”


“What does sex make you feel?”


“Taylor, I need more detail in that answer.”

“Powerful. Stress-relieved.”

“Okay, do you currently have a girlfriend?”

“No. Hey are you publishing this in a tabloid or something?”

“No, no, no.”



“Oh, excuse me.” Mr. Pilate picked up his phone. “Uh huh.... yeah.... oh I forgot.... okay I’ll run them down now... uh huh... all right ... bye.” Putting down the phone, Mr. Pilate turned back to Taylor. “I’m really sorry but I have to run some papers down to the church and discuss a few things. I have more stuff to talk to you about so do you mind sticking around here for awhile until I come back?”

“How long?”

“An hour at most.”

“Okay. I guess not.”

“Thank you so much.” Mr. Pilate grabbed his jacket and keys running over to the door. “Feel free to walk around and help yourself to the fridge.”

“Okay. Sure.”

“Thanks again. I’ll be back.” Mr. Pilate stormed out of the house slamming the door shut from behind him.

“Great.” Taylor muttered to himself deciding to find a bathroom. People’s cabinets were always fun to look through. As he walked down the hall he heard ‘I Will Come To You’ playing from one of the rooms. Wouldn’t it be funny if he decided to freak out the fan living in the house. A little surprise could be fun. Knocking on the bedroom door he waited for a response.

“Hold on.” A very small and bashful voice came up from behind.

As the door opened Taylor almost fell to the ground from the sight in front of him. He had never seen a more beautiful girl in his all his life or a more beautiful body. Even porn didn’t have girls this good looking.

“Oh, um, um, hi.”

Instead of surprising the girl behind the door, the girl behind surprised him. “Hey, nice track your playing.” Taylor tried to act calm and collected.

“Thank you. It is a nice song.”

“Can I come in? I’m waiting for your dad to come back.” Taylor asked noticing how the attractive girl was not exactly inviting him in.

“Um, yeah.”

Taylor walked into her room admiring the teeny see through pale blue, sparkly dress she was wearing that matched her eyes perfectly. It was cut open on the stomach except for the small glittery stones in a crisscross. “Did you know your half naked?” Taylor smiled closing the door behind him.

“Oh yeah. Its for the runway.”

“Your a model?”


“Wow. That’s probably why I never really see you around when I’m here.”

“Yeah, maybe. Besides the fact that you travel a lot too.”

“What’s your name?” Taylor asked walking a few feet closer to her.

“Brianna.” She answered walking further away from Taylor and turning her stereo off. At her bedside, she held up a pastel pink gown and tiara.

“I like the blue one better. It brings out your eyes and shows off your figure better, Bri.” Taylor came up from behind her and grinned wrapping his arms around her tiny waist. “I can call you Bri, right?” Taylor whispered into Brianna’s ear slightly nibbling on it.

“Oh, um, yeah but I think you should leave now.”

“That’s not what you really want, is it?”

“Yeah, it is.”

“No, It’s not.” Taylor passionately kissed her neck running his hand down from her stomach, up her dress, and to her vagina where he noticed she wasn’t wearing any underwear and her pubic hair was actually shaved off.

“Please, please, stop.” Brianna tried to escape from his grasp.

“Why? You should enjoy this.” Taylor tickled her lightly with his index finger gently moving into her. He held onto her body tighter so that she couldn’t leave his arms.

“Stop!” Brianna squeezed her two legs together. “Let go of me! Please!”

Taylor did as Brianna said and let go. “Okay Bri.”

“Now can you either just hang out here like a normal person or leave?”

“Okay. I choose to hang out but normal is an irrelevant word.” Taylor once again wrapped his arms around Brianna this time with her facing him.

“I don’t want to hang out like this.”

“I do.” Taylor’s eyes grew brighter as he lightly pushed Brianna onto her bed straddling her between his legs.

“Please stop...”

Taylor laid down over Brianna ignoring her pleas. He took her long crimped blonde hair into his hands as he kissed her. No signs were shown of her knowing how to kiss. Either that or she really didn’t want to fool around with him. Deciding to just fuck her and leave, Taylor got up from his laying position over her and still bestriding her pulled down the zipper of his jeans then his boxers allowing his large erection to pop out. Brianna let a horrified scream leave her mouth. “Shhh, it’ll be over in a second. You won’t feel anything.” Taylor lied lifting up her dress and spreading her legs far apart.

“No, please get off of me! Please!” Brianna begged trying to push his body away from hers. Tears filled her eyes. “Please!”

Taylor touched Brianna’s private with his penis, gently teasing her, though he was teasing himself more. Dipping gently into her a very little bit her screams got louder. “Relax.” Taylor ran his hands up and down her long legs.

“Stop! I can’t do this!“ Brianna screamed and with one huge shove managed to push Taylor off of her and onto the floor.

Taylor decided to be calm with Brianna. He cautiously stood up sliding his boxers and jeans back on. He slowly walked over to her. “Why can’t you do this?”

“Because, we’re not married or anything!” Brianna was afraid to move from her cornered position on her bed. She didn’t want Taylor to block her out of escape again.

“You want to lose your virginity when your married?” Taylor asked thinking it was the weirdest thing he had ever heard.

“Yes! And its not something that is new to the world.”

“It’s nothing I ever heard of.”

“Can you leave?” Brianna asked wiping the tears from her face. All she wanted was for Taylor to get out of her room.

“Why do you want me to leave?”

“Because you tried to take advantage of me just because I’m a fan and a model.”

“That isn’t true!”

“Then why did you always make fun of me when we were younger?”

“Make fun of you?! I didn’t even know you!”

“Where do you think the nickname ‘Bri’ popped into your head from?!”

“Brianna - Bri. It kinda just works.”

“Don’t you remember how you tortured me when we were younger, how you hurt my feelings and made me cry all the time?”


“Oh, well I guess that’s what happens when you get fans, you forget all the little people in your life.”

“Bri, how old were you when I made fun of you?” Taylor asked suspiciously.


“Oh, yeah ... sorry about that.” Taylor apologized in a low voice remembering all the insults he gave her towards her height and bony body.

“Yeah and I actually liked you Tay.” Brianna blushed. “I always tried to be your friend but you were mean to me.”

“I’m sorry. I was nine. What can I say? I was like that with girls.” Taylor carefully sat on Brianna’s bed.

“Not with Rachel. You were always nice to her. I guess I just wanted what you and her had but why am I telling you this? It doesn’t matter anyway.”

Taylor wanted to avoid telling Brianna about Rachel’s suicide so he quickly changed the subject. “It matters. You know, you really look different after six years. When did you move anyway?”

“I traveled with my mom and dad when I turned ten. We went from place to place cause of dad’s job and that’s how I got discovered.”

“Sounds all to familiar.” Taylor laughed. “When did you start modeling?”

“When I was thirteen. Didn’t you see me in Delia’s? You get clothes from there.”

“I actually think I did. Who told you I get clothes from Delia’s?”

“Oh come on Tay. I saw you wearing all of the clothing on late shows and stuff.” Brianna giggled.

“Yeah okay. Brianna, listen, I’m sorry about everything. Everything that went on when we were nine and everything that went on today. Okay?” Taylor was sincere as he lightly ran his thumb across her cheek.

“You really scared me today.”

“I know. It was a mistake on my part too.”

“It was?”

“Yeah, I’m sorry. Can we just forget it ever happened and start over?”

“Okay but that’s something that might be a little hard to forget. Hey Tay, I might of did it if we were together for a long time and you weren’t acting like you were forcing me. But you and Rachel are probably together now, right?”

“No, Rachel and I, we lost touch.”

“Oh. Sorry to hear that.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Taylor smiled. “Listen, don’t tell your father what I did, all right?”

“I won’t as long as you never do it again.” Brianna warned. “Oh wait its forgotten.” She smirked.

“I can do it again if we get married, right?”

“Haha! That’s a very different story...”

“Do you wanna come over for dinner tonight? Maybe meet the rest of us?”

“Oh wow. I’d love to.”

“Grea...,” A knock on Brianna’s door interrupted Taylor’s sentence.

“You can come in.” Brianna shouted.

“Taylor, I’m sorry that took so long.” Mr. Pilate offered an apology.

“Oh, it’s no problem.”

“I see you met my daughter.”

“Yeah, Bri’s really nice.”

“Bri?” Mr. Pilate stated sternly.

“It’s my nickname for her.” Taylor grinned.

“Don’t tell me you have a nickname for Taylor?” Mr. Pilate looked towards Brianna’s direction.

“Yeah, its Tay.” Brianna smiled. “Hey can I eat dinner at his house tonight?”

“I guess so as long as Walker or Diana are supervising.”

“They’ll be there.” Taylor reassured.

“Then I don’t have a problem with it. Now come on Taylor, we need to finish that little chat we were having. Then you and Brianna can go to your house after.”

“Okay.” Taylor stood up off of Brianna’s bed leaving for the room for the rest of Mr. Pilate’s discourse.


“AH Zac! Stop you nerd!” Jaimee screeched as Zac flung mashed potatoes on her forehead.

“Ha ha ha ha! Prepare to be mashed!”

“Mashed?! Ah Zac!!” Another spoon full of potatoes landed in Jaimee’s hair. “Okay, your gonna get it now!”

“I asked you to mix the potatoes, not throw them at each other.” Diana walked into the kitchen laughing.

“Oh sorry.” Jaimee smiled.

“Why don’t you get washed up before we eat?”

“Okay, Mrs. Hanson.”

“Call me Diana, hun.”

“Okay.” Jaimee left the kitchen to go upstairs and take a shower.

“I like her. She’s so polite.” Diana told Zac in a gossip columnist tone. “So is she your girrrlfriend?”

“MOM!” Zac shouted in embarrassment. He hated when his mother tried to act like she was his closest friend.

“Okay, okay. I won’t ask questions.” Diana smiled. “You know, just yesterday I was holding you in my arms and you were so tiny and...”

“MOM!” Zac left the kitchen not wanting to hear one of his moms long baby stories.

Diana chuckled mixing the potatoes. A few minutes later Taylor walked in with a friend. “Care to introduce me?” She stopped them.

“Oh yeah sure. This is Brianna.” Taylor’s voice had no concern what’s so ever in it. Diana greeted Brianna, her giving a shy ‘hi’ back too.

“Oh, Taylor. Why don’t you set the table? It was nice meeting you Brianna.”

“Sure mom.” Taylor took Brianna’s hand tugging her away from Diana.

As Diana left the room, Isaac entered.

“Hi left eye.” Taylor laughed.

“Shutup pimp boy.”


“Who’s your thug girl this week?” Isaac looked Brianna over.

“Stop watching MTV, Ike. This is Brianna.” Taylor took some plates and silverware from the cabinets.

“Oh, hello Brianna.” Isaac extended his hand to the pretty girl who was giving him a long goofy stare. “Fine don’t shake my hand! It’s not like I have cooties ya know!” Isaac joked.

“Oh no here’s my hand! Take it! Keep it!” Brianna smiled grabbing Isaac’s hand and shaking it.

“Damn girl! You gotta grip!”

“Thanks Isaac.” Brianna said this in a dreamy voice.

“You have really pretty eyes.” Isaac stated letting go of her hand.

“Oh wow. Thanks Isaac.”

“No problem.”

‘Brianna seems to like Isaac.’ Taylor thought. ‘Nah she doesn’t. No way. No one likes Isaac.’ He shook his head.


“Ella honey, baby, cutie, sweetheart!” Isaac gushed after opening the door.

“Oh Isaac, stop your blabbing.” Ella gave him a peck on the lips.

“Glad you could make it. We’re just sitting down to eat. Isaac took off Ella’s black suede jacket guiding her into the dining room.

“It smells delicious!” Ella complimented as she walked in greeting Isaac’s family and friends.

Diana looked up. “Ella, you made it! Have a seat!” A chair next to Isaac was quickly pulled out for her.

“Thanks.” Ella sat down. “Aren’t you a model?” She asked the familiar girl sitting on her left side who happened to be giving her dirty looks.

“Yeah, I am. Brianna Pilate.” She held her hand out to shake Ella’s.

“Ella Thompson.” Ella smiled accepting Brianna’s handshake. “You model for Delia magazine right?”

“Yeah. I was also in a few commercials and I do runway for a some designers. I’m going for a ‘Cover Girl’ job too.” Brianna stated proudly.

“Oh wow. You sure keep busy.”

“Here.“ Isaac handed the large bowl of mashed potatoes that was being passed around the table to Ella.

“Where’s Zac and Jaimee?” Walker asked as he poured himself a glass of cream soda.

“Here we are!” Zac jumped into the room with Jaimee.

“Oh, join us.” Walker smiled.

“Otay!” Zac imitated a teeny bopper Taylor fan.

“Shutup Zac!” Taylor laughed.

“Oh, hey, Brianna right?” Zac took a seat next to Isaac across from her.

“Yeah. You remember me.” Brianna smiled.


“You’ve met Brianna?” Taylor asked Zac.

“Yeah, yesterTAY.”

“Zac!” Taylor grinned passing a bowl of broccoli to Brianna.

Brianna quickly passed it onto Ella.

“So Ella, I noticed you were dozing off in church yesterday. You didn’t enjoy the sermon?” Diana asked with all interest.

“I’m not really attentive of the Christian religion anymore.” Ella established uncomfortably giving a weak smile to Isaac.

“Oh really. Have you converted?”

“I’m an atheist.” Ella looked down at her plate. She had mine as well got everything out in the open in front of everyone.

“Lord!” Brianna almost choked on her water. “Why?!” She seemed to take the news worse then everyone else.

“After my mother died, I knew quote, unquote ‘god’ wasn’t listening to my prayers. That just showed me that there isn’t one.” Ella nipped at the steak on the end of her fork.

“But god IS listening!” Brianna was about to go on but Taylor stopped her.

“Brianna’s father is a priest in the church so she has really strong beliefs on this kinda stuff.” Taylor informed the table.

“Well Ella, your ideologies are just as good as everyone else’s although you should really look into Christianity a few more times.” Diana suggested.

“I’m sorry Diana. Can we just not talk about it?”

“Okay honey.”

“No Diana is right!” Brianna insisted. “You should talk to my father!”

Ella was becoming annoyed by Taylor’s little girlfriend of the week. “I said I would rather not talk about it to anyone. Can you please respect that?” She sneered at Brianna trying to be as nice as she could possibly be.

“Isaac, how could you go out with an atheist? That’s just so wrong!” Brianna pointed out not minding that Ella was sitting in the middle of them.

“Brianna, that isn’t important.” Isaac’s smile was frail. In a way Brianna was right. Then again, what would she know? She was probably just saying that stuff so that he wouldn’t go out with Ella. If she was trying to hide the fact that she liked him, she was doing a very bad job at it.

“Brianna eat something.” Taylor whispered, trying to get her mind off his brother as the rest of the table started talking amongst themselves.

“I am.” Brianna swallowed a full fork of lettuce of to prove her point.

“No that was the first thing you put into your mouth all night.”

“Well I’m not hungry.” Brianna hissed. “Excuse me. Where’s the bathroom?” She asked standing up. Immediately everyone seemed to answer. “Thanks.”

“May I be excused too?” Ella questioned.

“Sure. There’s going to be a line for the bathroom.” Diana laughed.

Ella chuckled at Diana’s joke even though it wasn’t very funny. She had to get on her good side to make up for the atheist thing. As Ella neared the door to the bathroom she heard a gagging sound. ‘I knew it!’ She smiled at what a natural genius she was. As the door opened she folded her arms.

“Oh hi Ella.” An innocent smile took over Brianna’s face.

“I knew you were bulimic. You couldn’t have kept that figure without hurling.”

“Oh my god!”

“Yeah... how pathetic is that... just to look good..”

“I don’t do it for my shape! I do it for God unlike you!”

“For God?! Girl what the hell is your problem?!”

“Please don’t tell anyone.” Brianna begged.

“Okay, now that depends.”

“On what?!”

“On if you stay away from Ike.”

“Fine, I’ll stay away from him or whatever!” Brianna walked out of Ella’s way and back to the table.

In a way Ella felt guilty. Maybe she was supposed to be helping Brianna, not threatening her. In a way, Brianna’s life was in her hands. Maybe she should tell but who would she say this to... Isaac? Taylor? Maybe the priest? Why didn’t Ella just ignore her thoughts and walk away from the bathroom. What she did was selfish. Isaac wouldn’t have went for Brianna anyway, or would he? This brought up a serious question -- was Isaac trustworthy or did Taylor actually take after him?