I'm Not a Playa - Chapter 15

Skye was shocked. “Taylor! You can’t do that!”

“But I love you!”

“But deep inside you love your music. My mom probably won’t even let me see you and what would your father think?! Your brothers?! Your fans?!”

“We would talk to your mother and make her understand. If I quit music she would know that I really love you. My father would be mad, and so would my brothers. But in time they would get over it. As for the fans, they will probably find some other band to obsess over”

“Tay, no. Please don’t say this. Music is what you do, its what you love. If you quit it you will be making a huge mistake”

“No I won’t. I want to be your boyfriend but I can’t be a good one if im only seeing you once every two or three months”

“That’s not true and we don’t have to have a serious, serious relationship, not now anyway”

“How long do you want to wait? I want to be your boyfriend now. I want things serious now!”

“You are my boyfriend! And you’ll be my boyfriend even if your a million miles away!”

“Skye, I want to do this for you”

“Music is one of your biggest passions. I know it probably is hard right now but think of how many lives you have changed. Think of how many people love Hanson. Think of how much you love doing it. Im sure it may have some bad things about it, but you have to admit, it does have a lot of perks. If you quit the band, you wouldn’t be who you are”

“Hey guys” Walker had just caught a glimpse of Taylor and Skye in the waiting room. They both looked up. He had unknowingly interrupted a deep moment.

“Hey dad”

“Where’s the doctor?”

“Somewhere over there” Skye pointed to an area in the office. She turned to Taylor after Walker went to talk to the M.D. “So do you get what im saying? Do it for me. Okay Tay?”

“Skye, do you think im HIV positive?” Taylor made a quick subject change with the line that had been entering his mind for awhile.

“Taylor, no! Don’t even think that! Of course not!”

“But I did have sex with a lot of girls”

“Taylor! No! Please don’t bring that up again!” Skye looked away from him. The thought of Taylor infected with such a deadly disease made her want to cry. She wouldn’t be able to let him leave her life just like that. It would be awful, losing her boyfriend, someone so close to her. She sort of understood how Taylor felt after Rachel’s death. When you love someone so much, you can only imagine how hard it would be to let go.

“Dad, whats taking so long?!” Taylor worriedly shouted to his father.

“Their getting the tests” Walker answered calmly.

After a few minutes Walker strolled back over to Skye and Taylor. “The tests are both negative” He was surprised. He had secretly been up all night worrying. With all the girls Taylor had sex with it seemed like the chances of him being infected weren’t that low.

“Oh thank god” Taylor smiled in relief.

“Taylor, no sex. You remember those two words until your married. Got me?”

“Yes dad”

“Now lets head to our house so we can pick up the rest of the clan for the airport” Walker, walked out of the doctor’s office and to the maroon van waiting in the parking lot. Taylor and Skye followed behind.


“So, I’ll see you tomorrow” Isaac paused for an answer as Taylor, Skye and his father walked into the house. “Okay, bye” He clicked the phone off.

“Who was that your seeing tomorrow?” Taylor asked walking to the fridge and pulling two cans of ‘Pepsi’ for him and Skye.

“Alanna” Ike answered nonchalantly.

“Oooo, Alaaana” Taylor joked sipping his soda and leaning against the counter.

Taylor handed the other ‘Pepsi’ he took out of the fridge to Skye after she walked in. “Thanks” She grinned opening it.

“Alanna and I are just friends. You know that, Tay”

“Yeah and so are Zac and Margaret but they slept with eachother last night!” Taylor laughed.

“No they didn’t!” Isaac was straight out with his reply.

“They did?” Skye was now interested because of the liking Jenny was starting to have towards Zac.

“Yes they did. Zac told me” Taylor lied trying to make himself the center of attention even though there were only two people in the kitchen who would care.

“No way! He told mom that they just fell asleep, not slept together!”

“What was he supposed to say” Taylor mimicked Zac. “‘Hi mom, sorry im late. I just got finished fucking Margaret and didn’t realize the time’”

Isaac was about to say something when the a knock at the door sounded. “Coming!” He opened the door. “Why hello Margaret. Come to see Zac?”

“Yes I did. Is he here?” Margaret asked politely as Ike welcomed her in.

Taylor started to give off a little girly giggle. He stopped when Skye nudged his arm lightly giving a stern look.

“Hold on. I’ll get him!” Isaac ran up to their room.


“Yes Taylor?”

“Are you and Zac getting along?” He snickered.

‘Oh no! Does Taylor know what happened last night? Does Zac hate me?!’ “Yeah, of course!” Margaret gushed.

“Are you sure your not getting a little too friendly?”

‘He knows!’ Margaret grabbed the sides of her hair. “Umm, I don’t know what your talking about”

“About you and Zac. I heard you gave him pussy last night”

“Taylor!” Skye could see Margaret’s humiliation.

“Nooo, where did you hear that?” Margaret tried to stay calm even though she had tears that so desperatly wanted to fall.

“So you didn’t?”

“Didn’t what?” Taylor was making her nervous.

“Fuck, screw, bang, boing, mmmbop.... do you get where im going with this?”

“Oh my god! No!” Margaret thought Taylor was talking about the kiss but he had obviously gotten the wrong info.

“Oh so what happened then?”

“We fell asleep watching ‘Forrest Gump’”

“Oh, I can see the reasoning there” Taylor laughed as Zac walked in.

“Hi Zac” Margaret stuttered.

“Hi Margo” Zac greeted casually.

“Um, can we talk?”

“Yah” He stood still.

“I mean alone, outside” Margaret pointed to the door.

“Oh, yah” Zac followed her out of the kitchen.

When Margaret and Zac were outside alone, she started to feel uneasy and scared. She had confessed her feelings for Zac that night and he hadn’t even gave what she said a second thought.

“Soooooooo?!” Zac was becoming impatient.

“Um..” Margaret lightly kicked a small pebble out of the way of her foot.

“Um what?!”

“Last night when I told you I liked you, what did you think?”

“Your like my best friend. I like you too” Zac was confused.

“No Zac. I mean I like you as more then a friend. I want you to be my boyfriend” Margaret slurred her words nervously.

Zac thought about the ‘Rachel and Tay’ thing. From what he had seen and known Rachel had wanted to be Taylor’s girlfriend for years but he always considered her his best friend. But then Rachel commited suicide. Would Margaret do the same? “But your my bestest friend! How could we be boyfriend and girlfriend?!” He decided to work this situation out.

“We could. I mean we’ve had sex before! Im sure we could manage going out together!” Margaret struggled to have him take her side. She wanted him so much. She would give anything to feel his full soft lips against hers.

“We had friend sex. We didn’t even kiss before we did it like we’re supposed to. We just did it!” Zac acted as if he had knowledge of the subject.

“There is no such thing as ‘friend sex’! Zac, when I kissed you last night, what did you think?” Margaret stared into his big brown eyes.

“I thought you were one horny woman!”

There was silence before Margaret spoke up. “Zac!” Flaming tears streamed down her face. “How could you say that?! I just love you so much!”

“Its friend love” Zac stated clearly.

“No! I would do anything for you! I would give anything to you and do anything you want! I gave my virginity to you for god sakes! You think I wanted to do that?! I did it because of you! Because you wanted to! Because I love you and im not saying as a friend!”

“But you wanted to do it too!” Zac looked at everything as winning and losing and he was not going to lose this one.

“No I didn’t! You wanted to so I acted like I did!”

“No Margaret! You were just as curious as I was!”

“Well whatever! But it was a big mistake!”

“I can’t disagree with that!” Zac shouted stubbornly.

“Zac, please! Your leaving in less then an hour! I don’t want to fight. I just want to...”

“Be my girlfriend” Zac cut her off. “But you can’t because your my friend. But as of now your not my friend, your my xfriend. And don’t kill yourself because I might, if your lucky, change my mind!” Zac turned around to leave.

“So its all about you! I have to wait on your every demand! I have to wait until you want to be my boyfriend! You are so selfish! Goodbye Zachary Walker Hanson and goodluck with your stupid career!”

“Cya, Margaret Julie Smithoni” Zac walked back into his house with not a care in the world for what had just happened.


“Come on everyone! In the van!” Walker took a few suitcases and stacked them in the trunk. Taylor, Skye, and Zac took the back seat, Jessica, Avery and Mackie sat in the one in front of them, and Isaac sat next to Zoe who was in her baby seat in the back of Diana and Walker. The van was filled up.

“Did we leave anything behind?” Walker turned the ignition on.

“No” The whole van answered in unison.


With a few stops the Hanson family and Skye were at the airport looking for their gate. It was not long before they found it.

“Im gonna get a few snapples and chips before we get on the plane. Kay dad?” Taylor asked.

“Sure. We’ll wait”

“Get me some ‘M&M’s’!” Jessica ordered.

“Me tooo!” Avery shouted. “No peanuts!”

Taylor snatched Skye’s hand as they went to the little magazine stand to get munchies. Skye grabbed a an issue of ‘Tiger Beat’ and one of ‘BOP’. She handed the cashier a ten dollar bill throwing in a ‘Sprite’. The cashier eyed the magazine and then Taylor as he put it in a plastic bag.

“Yo, I forgot! I need some ‘Surge’!” Zac ran over to Skye and Taylor and then to where the soda’s were.

“Zac, you get way to hyper on that stuff. Can’t you just get milk or something?”

“No way, Tay!” Zac handed the ‘Surge’ to the cashier along with a bunch of quarters.

“Where are the ‘M&M’s’?” Taylor asked himself.

“Do you go through this everytime you are going somewhere on a plane?” Skye chuckled passing Taylor the ‘M&M’s’ that he had been searching for.

“Yep!” Taylor laughed. “Thanks”


Taylor signed on america online from his laptop.

“I thought MMMBop was your only screename” Skye said slyly.

“It’s not the biggest thing we have lied about” Taylor clicked his mailbox and to his disappointment found nothing but junk mail.

Skye stared out the airplane window. It was now 9:00 and the sky was dark. She turned back to him. “Check my website out”

“Okay, hold on. Whats the address?”

“I’ll type it” Skye typed the addy into keyword and the site quickly came up. “Whoa, this laptop is fast!”

“The All Alternative Music Page?” Taylor read her top banner. “What’s all that about?!” He was flustered.

“Im into that kind of music” Skye stated bluntly.

“And you like our music?”

“Your music is sorta good but Manson is like.... he’s just awesome!”

“Oh god Skye. You are too weird”

“Im not kidding. He has a great beat and the lyrics are very deep”

“Yeah, go to hell, go to hell, im in hell, im the devil and your all gonna die.. ahh ahhh ahhhh” Taylor attempted to mock Marilyn Manson.

“Oh Taylor. It’s not like that at all” Skye smiled.

“Now you have to see my website!” He grabbed the laptop from her lap.

“I’ve seen Hansonline a thousand times! Oh and the frames suck!”

“No not that one. We have frames now? I don’t even make that site. You have to see my page called ‘The Coolest Place In The World Is Here”. Its like a journal only I typed it up on the computer and published it as a site. Taylor typed the address and the site was quickly shown.

“Oh cool!” Skye took the mouse from Taylor’s hand and scrolled down. There were links for his reviews of everyplace in the US, and in most other states.

“A lot of them are short”

Skye looked at the counter which read only 345 visits. “Why don’t more people know about your page?”

“Because I only gave it to friends. No one ever visits” Taylor laughed.

“Put it on Hansonline and you’ll have tons of hits!”

Taylor laughed. “I wrote a lot about girls in some of them. I don’t think I want any fans reading it!”

Skye giggled. “Can I send myself the link so I can check it out sometime?”


Skye sent the link to her screename.

“Wait, what’s your screename?” Taylor asked not catching it as fast as she sent the email.

“DpeShowSk8r” She pronounced.

Taylor took the mouse back from Skye. “Spell it” He clicked on buddylist.


“Okay, cool. I’ll email you” He smiled. “Isn’t dope show Manson’s song?”

”Yeah, its my favorite song!”

“How uncool” Taylor laughed.

“Ah, shutup”

“Lets see Hansonline. I wanna see what they did to it” Taylor typed in www.hansonline.com. “Oh god, it looks so different!” He scrolled around.

“I know. It was better before”

“Maybe I’ll talk to the webpage designer”

Yep, it is kind of your page” Skye sighed. “Hey Tay”

“Yep?” Taylor signed off america online and turned to face Skye knowing that she was going to say something serious.

“Are you going to quit the band?”

“I don’t know yet Skye”

“Please don’t. I would feel really guilty”

“I’ll think about what im going to do. And if I quit it would have nothing to do with you” Taylor paused to think. “Okay, well maybe something to do with you”

“Just don’t quit. It will end sooner or later. And you don’t have to be the cause of that”

“I guess so but do you relize that we have only had one big hit in the U.S?”

“No. What about ‘Where Is The Love?”

“That’s ‘Where’s The Love’” Taylor corrected.

“Ooops, I got it confused with a Celine Dion song”

“That wasn’t a big hit like ‘MMMBop’. If you think about it that was our only serious hit. Everything else was just not as popular. I think we’re one hit wonders or whatever”

“No way! You guys have way to many fans and ‘MMMBop’ was your first song. You should be glad it was your biggest hit. If your first song was bad, your careers would have ended right there. Anyway, you’ll get another awesome hit when your new album comes out. If you don’t quit, that is”

“I guess so” Taylor laid his head back on the cushion behind him.

“When do we get off this plane?”

“A couple of hours then we have to check into the hotel” Taylor closed his eyes.

“Why didn’t you get an earlier flight?”

“They were all booked. This was the only one Mercury could get. Im going to take a nap until we get there”

“Sounds like a good idea” Zac’s already asleep. Skye looked over at the snoring twelve year old. “Tay..?”


“Can you be my pillow?”

“Of course” Taylor opened his eyes and smiled putting his arm around her.

Skye leaned her head on Taylor’s shoulder. “Your a boney pillow” she laughed.

“Nothing I can do about that”

“No its fine. Don’t ever change. Goodnight, wonderful boyfriend of mine”

“Goodnight wonderful girlfriend of mine. I’ll see you in two hours”

“Well, I’ll see you in my dreams”


“Aww, look how sweet” Diana looked over at Skye and Taylor. Skye had her head on his shoulder and they were sleeping soundly. “Guys wake up. We have to get to the hotel” She hated to wake them.

Skye and Taylor woke up but looked like they were still asleep.

After about two hours the group had made it to the hotel.

“Please don’t tell me those green jello stalkers are here” Taylor whined.

“Yeah, their here” Walker sighed.

“Red jellybeans too?”

“I think so”

“I like the red jellybeans better” Isaac looked to the back of the van at Taylor. "You have a fave?"

“To be honest, I don’t give a second fffu...” Taylor stopped himself. “Crap, I don’t give a crap”

Isaac laughed. “No one named any groups after me!”

“Your not worthy of it, Ike” Taylor looked out the tinted windows at the fans. "I think they need lives"

“Green jello rocks!” Zac yelled.

“Whats with all this food talk?” Skye was confused.

“Our fans gave nicknames to themselves” Taylor answered.

“Cool! Im fried chicken!” Skye giggled. “And thats for you Ike” She winked.

“Aww thanks Skye”

“Not funny” Zac frowned.

Diana opened the van door holding Zoe. “I’ll take the kids and Skye into the hotel. You can bring the boys after they say hi to the fans and we'll meet in the lobby"

“Yeah no problem”

Taylor fixed his hair which was sticking up in his low ponytail because of his nap. Walker stepped out of the van. Taylor could here girls screaming their names and welcoming them back to NY. Isaac jumped out following his father, greeting the green jello’s, red jellybeans, and the rest of the fans who had shown up to wait for Hanson’s arrival at the NYC hotel. Zac walked into the hotel with his mother, and younger siblings. He didn’t want to see any fans because he knew that he would probably be cranky since it was so late. Next out was Taylor and Skye which caused most of the fans to ask ‘Who’s she?’. Taylor let go of Skye’s hand. “I’ll see you in a bit. I have to say hi to my many spectators” He laughed.

Skye walked into the hotel hearing the girls tell Taylor how sexy he is and asking about her. She saw him shaking hands and talking. He was so tired and she could tell that talking to fans was the least thing he wanted. It was 1AM and she couldn’t even begin to understand why a bunch of girls would want to wait outside a hotel at that time. Skye met up with Zac and the rest of the gang. She threw herself on one of the lobby's couchs watching Zac as he went to the doorway of the hotel to wait for his brothers.


“Did you miss us?” A familiar fan named Alona asked Taylor.

“Of course” He smirked.

“I was hoping you would say that”

“Who’s that girl?” Another fan named Jamiee questioned.

“What girl?” Taylor knew who she was talking about but hoped she would just say ‘forget it’. No chance.

“The one with the long black hair?”

“Oh, just a friend” Taylor would never forgive himself if he had called her a ‘no one’.

“Your friend?”

“I guess so, why?”

“Just wondering. Is she your girlfriend?”

“Of course not. I don’t have a girlfriend. You know that”

“I guess I do”

“Okay, we have to go!” Isaac yelled to Taylor.

“Yeah, cya guys later!” Taylor walked up the hotel stairs to Isaac, waving to the fans. Zac stood in the doorway watching Jaimee and Alona as they smiled and walked back across the street to sit on benches, maybe to wait for the guys to come back, maybe just go home, who knew, who cared, Zac did.

"Ouch!" Zac cried out as Taylor bumped into him.

"Watch where you're going squirt!!"


Ike noticed Zac staring at the two girls, ‘Hmmm, does young Zac have a crush?‘ Ike turned around and walked to the elevator, Taylor running behind him and Zac walking very slowly.



"Yea?" Ike was going to try to hear a little bit about Zac's new found problems and love or whatever it was. He had been moping around all afternoon and all Ike could think of was seeing Alanna, he couldn't wait!

"So what do you think of Jaimee and Alona, ya know the two girls from before?"

"Wow... they are hot..."

"So why don't you ask one of them out?"

"That's just the problem, I still like Jenny, but it's not like we're going out or anything.. but even still, I wouldn't know who to ask out... Jaimee or Alona.. Jaimee or Alona.. Jaimee or Alona..."

"Stop!!!" Taylor said, looking up from his thoughts. Skye walked into the room and sat on Taylor's lap,"Awww.. TayTay, be happy!" Skye leaned over licking his lips and placing her hands over his growing buldge. She could feel Tay getting hard and whispered in his ear,"Meet me in your parents bedroom.... the kids are out with your parents for the day..."

Taylor smiled and nodded, Ike and Zac continued to go over Zac’s relationship problem and soon came to a decision that he'd ask Jaimee out for Friday night and Alona out for Sunday afternoon. Taylor and Skye slipped out of the Isaac, Zac, and their room easily and headed towards Walker and Diana's.

"I can't believe you have to leave tonight" Taylor muttered feeling unpleasant with touching Skye knowing that the last time he did, he had made her cry.

"Yeah and what was that you were saying about a goodbye fuck?” She moved closer to him shutting the door.

“Uhh, what?”

“You remember, Tay. The other day in your room” She followed Taylor as he walked backwards away from her.

Before Taylor knew it he had unwittingly flopped onto the hotels kingsized bed.

Skye stood still before approaching him again. “Taylor, I want to have sex with you” Her eyes lit up. “Now”

“Okay, we can do that” Taylor uncomfortably and slowly stated. This situation did not look good. He wasn’t supposed to do this. He had thought it over that night and Skye and his relationship needed more then sex. ‘Maybe I should stop her’ Taylor thought.

Skye unbuttoned her silky red shirt causing it to fall lightly onto the floor, revealing her naked flesh.

‘Or maybe not’

Skye climbed onto Taylor laying him down. She nibbled on his earlobe. Everytime she did this she made him want her. She knew there was nothing different about this time.

“Skye, I don’t have a...”

“Shhh” She brought her finger to his lips.

“The door isn’t ...”

“Could you be quiet!” She shouted out of frustration.

Taylor laid still quiet as Skye unbuttoned his stripe overshirt pulling it off. Her fingers ran up his grey tshirt he had under and he reluctantly lifted his arms up so that she could get it off.

Skye loved doing this to Taylor. It was always the other way around but now she had things going differently.

‘I need to get control of this’ Taylor thought pulling down Skye’s long flowered skirt. ‘Your not wearing any underwear too? What were you prepared for this or something?” He was stumped.

“Yes Taylor. Why weren’t you?” She asked finding the button on his jeans hard to unbutton.

Taylor helped her as she slid down the zipper.

“Oh god. Why is it so hard to get your cloths off. I wanna feel your cock in me now. I want you so bad Taylor. You don't know how bad”

Skye was hardly ever this horny but she definitly had her moments. Taylor’s jeans were successfully taken off.

Skye wasn’t pleased to find that Taylor’s erection was not as large as it was before. She pulled his boxers off confused.


“No Tay shutup!” She slid her tongue down his body and onto his penis.

Taylor got excited. “Oh god Skye. Please do it” He said to himself. Her tongue playfully slid around him in circles. All he could think of was wanting so much to be in her mouth. “Skye...” Before he could finish his sentence what he been wanting so much had happened. Taylor moaned loudly pushing Skye’s head closer to him so that he went further down her mouth. This brought so much memories back from the first time she had did this to him. “Oh my god” He uttered as he tried to hold in his semen.

Skye noticed what was about to happen and backed away. As soon as she did the sticky white liquid came flowing out.

Taylor was now extremely aroused. “Okay, lets fuck!” He forced himself on top of her as she giggled uncontrollably.

Skye’s giggles stop when she got what she had wanted from him. “Taylor!” She groaned loudly as he quickly brought her to a climax.


Ike walked into the room to see Taylor bouncing on top of Skye with their clothes discarded onto the floor. "Jordan fuckin Taylor Hanson!!"

Taylor got off of Skye in a flash, both of them collecting their clothes and trying to put on as many as possible. Taylor pulled Isaac over to the corner and started screaming at him. "Don’t you ever think to knock!?!”

"Why are you still having sex?!"

"Because I love Skye!!!"

"So show it some other way, not by sticking your dinky little dick into her”

"You’re just jelous that you and Alanna don’t have the same kind of relationship!!” Taylor didn’t know where that had come from but he knew it was a good point.

"Me? Jelous? Of you!? HA!! Never!!!!!"

"You never get the girls, im the heartthrob, im the one all the girls want, im the one that they masturbate in front of pictures of, not you, it’ll never be you!!!”

With that, Ike had heard enough, he brought his fist into his younger brother’s face, and watched as he fell to the floor with blood dripping from his nose. Skye was now fully dressed and ran over to Taylor. She tried to help him regain conciousness and clean up the blood which had dripped down his cheek. All the while throwing nasty looks at Ike. She then realized there was something wrong with Taylor and her relationship that she needed to fix, and quick!