I'm Not a Playa - Chapter 14

“Oh god, 1am!” Walker looked at the bright numbers on the clock in the living room after he and Diana had walked in.

“Aww, look at everyone” Isaac, Taylor, Zac, Skye, Jessica, Avery, and Mackie were all lying on the couch and floor surrounded by blankets and pillows.

“Yeah, look at Taylor and Skye” Walker said heartless pointing his eyes in their direction.

“Oh, leave them alone! I think they are very sweet together. Just look at the way he’s holding her” Diana gushed.

“Yeah well, its stopping right after tomorrow when she goes home”

“I can’t believe you can say something like that!” Diana whispered seeing that Mackie was on the verge of waking up.

“Like what?”

“They are so sweet together!”

“Who cares? Her mother doesn’t want them dating and I certainly am against it!”

“Lets not argue over this tonight. I’m tired and we still have to check on Zoe. Do you think she was crying?”

“I’m sure if she was, one of the boys would have been up there with her”

“I hope so” Diana began to tread up the stairs.

“Taylor isn’t missing MTV LIVE” Walker stepped behind her.

“I still can’t get the whole scene of Taylor.... jumping.... well on Skye, out of my head ya know? It disgusts me”

“That’s why we have to make sure that it never happens again” Walker was firm.


“Ohhhh” Taylor loudly groaned.

“Tay what time is it?” Skye rolled over sleepily causing him to fall of the couch. “Oh Tay sorry!” Skye laughed as she sat up.

Taylor rubbed his back and stood spreading his arms out stretching. “It okay” He mumbled.

Taylor’s hair was sticking up and his eyes were half closed. He looked very tired. Skye wondered at the sight of him how he played the roll of ‘gorgeous teen idol’. She smiled slightly. Even though he looked a mess, he was still adorable. Skye sat on the couch for a moment watching him wake up. The scene was so precious. Skye sighed as Taylor took her hands, stood her up and smoothly kissed her lips.

“Why hello!” Walker interrupted Taylor and Skye’s romantic moment by coming into the room they were in holding a fork with a hanging pancake on it.

Taylor backed away from Skye not mentioning the kiss. “Aw dad, pancakes again?” He whined. “If you don’t like it eat somewhere else” Walker said stubbornly walking back into the kitchen. “Come on” Taylor took Skye’s hand back as they followed his dad.

“I have dejavu” Skye laughed at the familiar scene of brothers and sisters eating at the table.

“Well things around here never change” Taylor took a seat.

“You want change...stop dating Skye” Walker advised not caring that she was sitting right next to Taylor.

“Dad! I don’t want to talk about this during breakfast!” Taylor slammed the table in frustration getting the attention of his family and Skye.

“Taylor! Stop your fit this instant!” Diana hollered looking up from her ‘House and Garden’ magazine.

Taylor rolled his eyes and stood up. “I don’t care what any of you say! Skye and I are going to stay together if we have to sneak around to do it!” He excused himself from breakfast, storming out of the kitchen leaving Skye with the same situation as she had the day before.

‘There goes plan b.... sneaking around’ Skye thought.

“I’m going to talk to him” Diana decided.

“No! Don’t turn all mush. He has to learn that there will be letdowns in his life and that he just has to deal with them”

“Wasn’t Rachel enough of a let down?!” Diana couldn’t take her husbands attitude anymore. Just the mention of Rachel’s name caused Isaac, Skye and Zac to look down at their plates sadly.

“But he dealed with it” Walker brought on his point.

“Dad, Taylor really loves Skye. I’m serious when I say this. He has never acted this way about any girl. Do you know how much he slept around before her? She’s a good influence and admit it, he needs her” Isaac stood up for his brother hoping that the ‘do you know how much he slept around’ part of his words wouldn’t get Taylor in trouble.

“Slept around?” Diana asked confused. Walker stood silently.

“We need to talk. Zac, watch the kids for a few minutes. Okay?”

“Ughh, fine!” Zac got up angry that he didn’t get to join in on the famous ‘Taylor and Skye’ subject.


Soon Walker, Diana, Isaac, Taylor, and Skye were up in the boys room.

“Now Isaac, what did you mean by ‘Taylor slept around’?” Walker asked.

“Uh...” Isaac wasn’t sure if he should elaborate.

“Ike, you told!” Taylor was obviously upset.

“It was so that you and Skye could stay together!” Isaac covered for himself.

“Taylor, how many girls did you have sex with?” Walker avoided the brother fight.

“A few”

“Taylor...” Walker stated his name rigidly

“Like four”

“Maybe you should tell the truth” Isaac mumbled.

“Fine like a million! Okay?!”

“Taylor! Name them all! How long has this been going on?!” Walker was sure Taylor was exaggerating.

“For five years” Taylor looked down at the floor shyly as Diana grabbed her heart in shock. “But... its stopped now that I met Skye”

“Taylor!” Walker couldn’t believe this. “With who? Who did you first have sex with when you were ten?!”

“Umm... Holly was my first” Taylor had to take time to remember.

“Holly Trandler? Isn’t she in collage right now?” Diana asked.

“She made me do it!” Taylor pointed out seriously.

“And who after that?”

“Umm.... I think it was this girl named Sara, there was a Gina too”

“Oh god” Diana muttered loudly.

“There was Reema, Allison, Kerri, ....Ricci, Tracy, Veronica, Paula, Debra,...... Jennifer, Kim, Helene, Angie, Chelsea, Natalie,..... Christina ” Taylor smiled thinking about Reema and Debra who he had considered very good lays.

“Taylor!” Walker was terrified of his son’s nonstop list of girls he slept with.

Skye looked on in disgust thinking of all these girls Taylor had shoved his penis into. She couldn’t stop cringing at the thought.

“But now its stopped, I swear! I only love Skye and we aren’t having sex anymore!”

“Ya know what?! You can see Skye if her parents give you permission but no other girls, and no more sex! You have to go for an aids test, both of you. And you can not be alone together! Are we straight with each other?” Walker compromised.

“Yes dad!! Thankyou!” Taylor jumped up in joy.

“No more sex until your married! You got me?!”

“Yes dad!”

“I’m making an appointment for that aids test right now!” Walker left the room.

“Okay, dad”

Diana was still in shock. “Isaac, did you ever...?”

“Once mom and I’m almost eighteen so its not a huge deal, is it?”

“With who? When?”

“Melanie. I was dating her last year, remember?”

“What about Zac? Did he?”

“Mom, he’s twelve! He hasn’t even kissed a girl yet!” Isaac lied laughing.

“Yeah well Taylor was ten” She turned to her son and gave him ‘the look’.

“What?!” Taylor asked bringing his attention back to Skye who was convinced that her mother wouldn’t let him see her.

“I have a date with Heather so I have to get ready” Isaac stood up.

“No sex, Ike!” Diana used the familiar phrase.

“Well duh! This is only our third date!” Isaac now gave Taylor ‘the look’.

“What is with everyone today!?” Taylor took Skye’s hand departing the room so they could think of a plan on how her mother would let them see each other.

“Okay, I’ll leave” Diana followed them as Isaac looked for a nice outfit to where on Heather and his lunch date.


“I’ve been thinking. We have a lot of conflict in our lives. Why can’t things just be perfect once in a while?” Taylor stated from his seat on the carpet where Skye was doing his hair from her seat on the couch in the living room.

“Because nothing is ever perfect”

“What are you doing to my hair?”

“I was going to give you a French braid but since you cut your hair, I can’t”

“Thank god I cut my hair shorter. So then ‘what are’ you doing?”

“Giving you little braids”

“Oh cool but don’t make me look like Zac!”

Skye leaned over and whispered into his ear. “Your too sexy for that”

“I know” Taylor smiled.

“Ego elert!” Skye laughed.

“I’m just very in touch with my inner self”

“Oh god...”

“I can’t believe this!” Isaac slammed the door as he entered the living room.

“What?” Taylor and Skye answered at the same time.

Isaac sat down on the couch next to Skye ready to ramble on about what happened. “Okay, so Heather and I go to see a movie..”

“What movie” Taylor interrupted.

“Who cares what movie. Let me finish”

“We care. Its an important detail” Taylor argued.

“‘Something About Mary’, Okay?”

“Yeah, go on”

“So everything’s going great. We’re making out, ya know normal stuff you do in the theater. So the movie ends and we go out to eat at the restaurant..”

“What restaurant?”

“Taylor! For god sakes! Let me finish!”

“Okay, okay, okay”

“So we’re eating and talking. Everything’s going perfect. Then this guy walks in, claims his name is Jimmy, and Heather like freaks out! She invited him to have lunch with us and told me he was her ‘old boyfriend’. All they did was talk about how much they missed each other. He kept flashing her these huge smiles the whole time! It was so annoying! So later on, I’m driving her home and she tells me how she ‘doesn’t think we’re right for each other’. It was all because of this Jimmy guy! Can you believe this?!”

“Maybe she just didn’t think you were right for each other” Taylor pondered.

“That’s really stupid! We both know its because of ‘Jimmy’”

“There are hundreds of girls who will go out with you. I wouldn’t worry about it” Skye assured.

“Yeah but Heather was really something. She was a lot of fun”

“You didn’t even bang her up?”

“Taylor!” Skye shoved him playfully, even though she meant it.


“Now THAT’S pathetic” This time Taylor held his arms out in protection of Skye pushing him again.

“I think I’ll leave you two alone and go sulk in my room. Where’s Zac?”

“Zac said he was going to lazer quest with a few friends” Taylor answered.

“Oh, and your alone together?”

“No, moms in the kitchen”

“Oh, cool” Isaac started up the stairs to his room.

“I thought he would never leave!” Skye rolled her eyes jokingly as Taylor lifted his face up so that she could kiss him. She quickly kissed his moist lips and then moved onto the floor next to him.

Taylor stopped for a moment. “What lipstick is that?” He licked his lips.

“Strawberry Ice-cream” She smiled.

“I see you have done Hanson research”

“You bet” She leaned in for another kiss.

Just as Taylor had easily slid his tongue into her mouth, Diana walked in.

“It goes no further then what your doing now. Okay?” She imposed.

“Mom! Oh of course!” Taylor blushed turning on the TV.

After Diana left the room, Taylor looked blankly at the screen which was running the MTV video music awards rerun for the thousandth time.

“Tay, aren’t you going to kiss me?” Skye asked blamelessly.

“My moms in the next room, no”

“Oh” Skye looked at the TV screen which was now announcing Hanson.

Taylor quickly changed the channel to VH1.

“Tay! I wanna watch that!” Skye grabbed the remote from him flipping back to MTV.

“No way, gimme that remote!” Taylor playfully jumped onto her trying to grab it.

“No, shh shh, your on!”

“I don’t care” Taylor attempted to snatch it from her again.

“Lets just watch this, please!” She pouted.

“Ohhh, fine” Taylor sat up and crossed his arms.

“You look so tall on TV” Skye said dreamily..

“No I look stupid!”

“What happened to being in touch with your inner self?!” Skye laughed.

“Ahh, screw that!” Taylor laughed back.

“Tay, you looked at her!” Skye noticed Taylor’s eyes wondering in places they shouldn’t as she watched.




“The vampire girl! You looked her up and down, you pervert!”

“I did not!” Taylor insisted.

“Yes you did! I swear! Oh my god! You did it again!”

This time Taylor had seen but still disagreed. “No I didn’t. She was talking so I glanced over”

“No, Tay you looked at her boobs!”

“Skye. You are so weird”

“Admit it!”

“No way!”

“Yes way! You did!”

“That’s stupid”

“Don’t tell me you looked at Natalie Embruglia too!” Skye joked as she watched the Australian singer walk to the stage to except her award.

“No and I didn’t look at Sarah Michelle Gellar either!”

“Oh! You even know her name! I’m turning you in”

“Your just jealous!”

“Maybe I am” Skye smirked.

“Well, Sarah will never get to do this with me” Taylor grabbed Skye’s shoulders forcefully giving her one long kiss.

“Don’t you two do anything but makeout?” Diana walked in again.

‘Why does my mother always have the worst timing?’ Taylor asked himself. “Uh, yeah”

“Then start doing it”

“We are. We’re watching TV” Skye looked at the set respectfully.

“Have you seen Zac?” Diana asked a tad worried.

“He said he was going to lazer quest with a few friends. He’s probably fine” Taylor told his mother who was looking out the front window.

“Probably” She sighed noticing it was 7:30. “You two packed? Where leaving for NYC tomorrow” Diana turned to them.

“Tomorrow?!” Taylor thought they were leaving the day after tomorrow.


“Skye’s staying with us in NYC, right?”

“No. Her mother wants her home”

“But that’s not fair!” Taylor was now very upset.

“Life isn’t fair besides you are going to be super busy anyway”

“We have to start packing” Taylor turned off the TV as he left the living room to go upstairs. Skye stalked behind him.


“Taylor?” Skye walked into his room, seeing that he was throwing shirts, pants, shoes and other cloths angrily into a suitcase.

“What?!” He turned around.

“Oh god, sorry. I didn’t know you were mad at me!” Skye turned around to leave knowing that when Taylor was like this, he wasn’t worth spending time with.

“No, Skye, its not like that” Taylor’s voice turned peaceful as he walked over to her carefully taking her arm into his clutches.

Skye turned around. Taylor swiftly, with one touch of the door, closed it. He took her hands into his, tangling their fingers together and shifting her against the door. Before Skye could give a snappy ‘Then what’s it like?’ question, Taylor had licked her top lip with his tasty tongue. ‘Oh god’ She thought. He moved closer onto her as she felt his erection stroke the inside of her thigh. His lips were soon against hers again. The whole time, thoughts raced through her head. “Um, Taylor” She moved lightly from his grasp as he stopped kissing her.

“Yeah” He was already out of breath.

“I really want to but what if Diana walks in?”

“She can’t walk in. Your against the door. If she hears anything and knocks then we’ll stop”

“Its not that easy to just stop”

“Skye, this is my last time seeing you for maybe forever... do you really want to give each other just a good-bye kiss?”

“So what you want is a good-bye fuck?”

“A fast good-bye fuck” He corrected.

“Oh god, Tay. I really don’t think so. Your mom is...” Before Skye could finish, Taylor had pressed his lips onto hers again. “Mmm, mmm” She whimpered trying to pull away. His grip on her hands tightened determined not to let her leave. “Taylor! Stop!” She breathed as his warm lips ran down her neck. “Tay, please!” The edge of his mouth was now on her cleavage. “Tay, no... please” She begged. He unbuttoned her black jeans using his left hand. “Oh my god, Tay no” Skye couldn’t move her hands. He held them too tight and he left no room for her to even attempt to get away from his body which was closely against hers. ‘Why does he always make me do this’ she thought helpless in his arms.

Taylor knew if he let Skye go, there would be a fight. He decided to use his charm that almost always turned the girls on. While holding her against the wall, he slid her jeans off. He tried to ignore the pleads for him to get off of her. “Oh baby, you know this is what you want. To feel my hard cock in your wet pussy” His voice was sexy and seducing.

As tempting as Taylor made it sound, Skye wished Diana would knock on the door so that he would stop.

Taylor made sure the bedroom door was locked and dragged Skye onto the floor. She laid defenselessly panting straddled between his legs. Taylor knew that Skye knew that if she screamed and Diana found out what was going on, she wouldn’t be allowed to see him anymore. That’s what made this so simple. With another quick move of his hand he had fully removed her jeans. “Aw, baby. Don’t just lay there” He had her pinned down.

“What do you want me to do?!” She managed to say.

Taylor could tell Skye was definitely angry with him. “I want you to let me fuck you”

“I am!” Skye knew that there was no way he would get off of her at this point.

“No, your making things difficult!”

“Letting you rape me isn’t exactly easy!”

“I’m not raping you. I’m trying to make love to you” He brushed his lengthy fingers through her extensive strands of sweaty hair.

“Skye was surprised how Taylor could make the most terrible word in the world sound so sweet -- why, by changing it of course. “Taylor, please don’t do this to me now”

Taylor could see tears forming in Skye’s gentle eyes and let go of her hands climbing off of her. “Here” He threw her jeans by her side after he got up. Skye didn’t say anything. She was perfectly motionless as if he was still holding her down. Finally a word escaped her mouth. “Thankyou” It was a whisper and sounded as if it was from a four year old. Taylor tried to smile but he now felt incredibly guilty. “I didn’t mean to. I just really need to...” Taylor thought the rest of his sentence was embarrassing and decided not to finish.

“Relieve yourself?” Skye offered sitting up to put on her jeans.

“Oh my god!” Taylor blushed.

Skye only smiled. “Come here Tay” She wiggled her finger emphasizing her welcome. Taylor walked over to her as she unbuttoned his shorts. He was still blushing and obviously erect. Skye slipped her arms around his neck, looking into his eyes. Innocently, her hand skidded into his boxers as she rubbed him up and down. She could here his loud gasps in her ear.

Taylor was about to reach an orgasm when a tap on the door sounded causing Skye to stop.

“You locked the door! What are you doing in there?”

Taylor could just about kill his older brother.

“We’re only packing. I’ll let you in” Skye shouted. Her eyes opened wider signaling Taylor to put his shorts on faster. Soon she came to the door and let Isaac in.

“Why did you lock the door. This is my room too!”

“Sorry. We wanted to pack in private” Taylor answered.

“I packed already. I’m so excited about seeing Alanna!” Isaac jumped onto his bottom bunk.

“Fun” Taylor sarcastically muttered.

“Have you guys been doing anything you shouldn’t be?” Ike looked at Taylor’s huge boner that could be obvious to the blind.

“Oh god, no!” Taylor blushed again as he lied.

“I think Tay is thinking about you too much or he just hasn’t laid off the viagra” Isaac grinned at Skye.

“Can we stop talking about my dick?” Taylor threw some more cloths into his suitcase.

“Gladly. The subject wasn’t very inviting” Isaac laughed.

“Then you shouldn’t have started it”

“Tay, we always talk about your dick. Why all of a sudden your so shy about it?”

“I know you wish you had one my size but since you don't maybe you should just deal”

“Yes Taylor, maybe your right”

“Should I leave?” Skye asked feeling like a third wheel in Isaac and Taylor’s penis conversation.

“No, its okay. I am capable of talking about other things” Ike smiled again. He was trying to get his mind off the whole disaster date with Heather.

“Good” Skye pulled her hair back into a ponytail.

“Zac didn’t get back yet. Mom is freaking out downstairs”

“But its like 9:00!” Taylor suddenly got worried about his little brother.

“I know” Isaac bit his lip.

“Oh god. Where do you think he is?” Skye casually took the tight black leather pants Taylor had packed out of the suitcase throwing them back in the closet.

“What do you think you just did?!” Taylor avoided her question.

“I’m helping you pack” Skye gave her boyfriend a small smile.

“And what’s wrong with my leather pants?!” Taylor was greatly offended.

“They make you look gay and too many girls are checking out your ass!”

“Skye! I happen to like those pants a lot!”

“You wore them a year ago on Leno when they were way too small and tight. Why would you ever where them at this point?! Because there even tighter now?!”

“You saw us on the first Leno?”

“Yeah, Jen made me watch it. That almost convinced me that you were gay”

“Fine I won’t wear those but I am wearing my baggy and flared black leather ones!” Taylor certainly didn’t want Skye having one thought that he was swinging the wrong way.

Diana walked into the room seeming tense. “Skye, you can sleep on Zac’s bed until he gets home” Diana paused. “If he gets home” she added.

“What do you mean if?! Where is he?!” Taylor’s bright blue eyes grew wide.

“I don’t know but I’m going to wait downstairs for him and if he isn’t back by morning, call the police”

“Did you call Timothy’s house?” Isaac asked.


“What about Brian’s?”


“Eric’s, Andy’s, Don's, Grant's?!” This was becoming impossible.

“Yes all of them”

“What about Margaret?” Skye pointed out casually.

“Yeah!” Taylor grew a smile. “That’s where he is! He has to be there!”

“Well, I’ll try her house. Do you have the number?”

“Yeah, hold on” Taylor looked through Zac’s electronic organizer and found Margaret’s number. He read it aloud as Diana dialed.


Margaret turned over on her bed to answer the phone. “Hello?” She answered sleepily. “Oh! Diana! Oh my god, yeah he is, hold on!” She cupped the phone and shook Zac. “Zac wake up!” She whispered.

“Huh??” His eyes flashed open.

“Your mom is on the phone! We fell asleep!”

“What time is it!?”

“Almost 9:30”

“Oh shit!” Zac grabbed the phone. “Hi mom, I’m heading home. Sorry!” He hung up and grabbed his bookbag to leave.

“Wait!” Margaret ran over to him.

“I can walk myself out” Zac grinned.

‘Its now or never’ Margaret thought clutching Zac’s back and laying a huge, wet kiss on his lips. She pulled away blushing.

“What was that for?!”

Margaret couldn’t tell if Zac had liked the kiss or was mad. “I just, I um... really like you”

“Oh, cool” Zac shrugged his shoulders and walked himself outside of her room, and out the house.

‘He just left? Like that?’ Margaret was confused. ‘Oh, cool’, ‘Oh, cool’ Zac’s words ran over and over in her head. ‘Does he like me? Why didn’t he say anything? Did he kiss me back?’ Margaret laid down on her bed wondering if she had just ruined their ‘friendship’. Even though they had sex once -- strictly just to see what it would be like -- didn’t mean he liked her. Why had she told him that she liked him. “Oh god!” She muttered slapping her forehead and breaking into tears of embarrassment.


The next day the flight was booked to head to NYC at 6:30. Skye and Taylor had to go for aids tests before they left which took most of their day away.

“So where are you going after NYC?” Skye asked as they sat on a long cushioned bench in the doctors waiting room..

“LA, I think. I hope dad gets here soon”

“I hope he does too” Skye looked down at the floor.

“Yesterday, when you came up to my room and I was packing...”

“Taylor, its okay. You don’t have to apologize”

“No, its not about that”


“I meant to tell you something”

Skye returned Taylor’s gaze. “So tell me now”

“I was planning on doing that. I’m going to miss you”

“That’s it? I’m going to miss you too” Skye smiled.

“No, that’s not all of it” He turned to her to confide his feelings. “Sometimes I wish I wasn’t in a band. I mean, sure its a huge part of my life but there are something’s I have never gotten to do like go to school, have a steady girlfriend, spend hours laying around doing nothing, sleeping late, staying in the same state for over a month, things like that. People think my brothers and I so lucky because we have fans, media, fame, press, and all that. The truth is, its killing Zac. I think they even put him on drugs once to keep him from going ballistic on stage. He’s always tired and lost any fun he would have ever gotten out of it. I worry about him the most. Its also making Ike impatient. He hates that he can’t go to collage. And me, obviously Im lacking all interest in it.

Skye watched as Taylor ran his silver ring up and down his finger. For some weird reason this turned her on. Probably because she was thinking about something else with the notion of ‘up and down’. Brushing the thoughts out of her head she glanced over at Taylor who was deeply speaking from his heart about his feelings. She could tell he was serious about what he was telling her.

“I just want to be with you. I don’t want Germany or Japan to get in my way”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying, I want to quit the band”