I'm Not a Playa - Chapter 13

“You two can not be together!” Walker shouted to Skye and Taylor at the kitchen table after he had caught them sleeping side by side that morning.

“We weren’t doing anything!” Taylor tried to make his parents understand.

“I don’t care. Your only fifteen! How serious do you want to be about this relationship?!”

“It’s not all our fault. Skye’s mother doesn’t want you two together either” Diana added to her husband’s comment so that Taylor wouldn’t think it was all of their fault.

“Whatever we were doing before stopped. We love each other so much. You can’t split us up!” Taylor needed his parents to understand.

“We are just really good friends who like being together” Skye helped Taylor out.

“You like having sex together too! Which is a bad thing!” Walker informed her.

“No we stopped!” Skye vowed.

“You can not see each other. Period!” Walker stood up pushing in the chair he was sitting in.

Taylor stood up and did the same. “Fine then I won’t be at MTV LIVE next week!”

“Don’t play like that Taylor! You can’t use your career against this!”

“And why not?”

“Because you made a deal with Mercury and the fans are going to be there! There are a lot of reasons!”

“I don’t care! Let me see Skye and I’ll do it!”

“No Taylor. You’ll do it anyway!”

“No I won’t!” Taylor stormed out of the kitchen and to his room.

Skye didn’t know what to say or where to go.

“Zac is outside with Margaret. Go play ball with them or something”

Skye took Walker’s suggestion and opened the door to greet Zac and his friend.


Since Taylor couldn’t see Skye he decided to give Angel a call like he promised. He picked up the phone, grabbed her number and dialed it. Angel picked up on the first ring.


“Hey its Tay!”

“Oh, hi Taylor!!”

“You seem a little happier then the last time we talked”

“No, I’m just happy to hear from you” She smiled even though Taylor couldn’t see her.

Taylor lowered his voice. “I just wanted to know what was going on with the whole pregnancy thing”

“Oh, I decided not to keep the baby”


“Taylor, I don’t want to waste my life raising a child”

“But... that’s our child....you can’t just kill it”

“It’s not killing, its just....”

“Just what?!”

“I don’t know!”

“Murder! That’s what it is! Just because your afraid to go through a little pain!”

“No it’s not! I’m only twelve! I can’t take care of it!”

“Your parents will!”

“Taylor, its settled! OKAY?!”

“No! Ange...” Angel quickly hung the phone up on him. Taylor thought about calling back but instead decided to find something else to do. He stood up and looked out the window into the backyard. Skye was playing soccer with Zac and Margaret. Taylor wished he could join them but he knew his parents wouldn’t let him. Instead of sitting in the house all day he decided to go back to the river and see if there was any trace of what had happened last night.


Skye ran around the Hanson’s backyard. Her long hair was put into a ponytail. As she ran around kicking the ball it swayed back and forth. She noticed Zac staring at her in a funny way but ignored it.

“I told you you couldn’t beat me!” Zac screamed after he had broken her what was supposed to be, goal.

“I haven’t played for a long time! I’m just warming up!”

“Haha, admit it! You just can’t play!” Zac stuck his tongue out.

“Oh, shutup!” Skye joked as Zac blocked another of her shots. Skye looked over and saw Margaret. She looked like she felt left out. “Hey Margo, why don’t you and Zac play for awhile? I’m gonna take a breather”

“No, Skye...” Zac whined.

“It’s okay. It’s obvious Zac wants to play with you” Margaret sat back down on the bench.

“Who cares what Zac wants?! He’s just afraid your gonna beat him! Now get out there and kick some butt!”

Margaret smiled. “Oh.....okay”

Skye kept an eye on the game. Margaret and Zac made a cute couple in her opinion. The weird thing was they sort of looked alike. The same color and length in hair, the same color eyes, same nose.... it was scary. Skye heard a loud shriek in the front of the house. “What was that?!”

“Probably just a fan” Zac answered not stopping his game.

Skye got up and went to check if Zac was right. He was. Taylor had just walked out of the house and six fans waiting had obviously seen. Skye watched as Taylor shook their hands and greeted them. They looked like they were going to pee in their pants out of excitement. Skye couldn’t help but laugh as she thought of Jenn who was exactly like them. Skye noticed that Taylor had soon rollerbladed off. His direction was towards the river. Skye guessed he was going back there to check on anything that had happened last night. She was still a little shaky after what she had seen. She wasn’t even sure of what she had seen. Maybe she just could have been sleepy and didn’t really see anything. Skye walked off into the backyard.

“Was I right?!” Zac asked.

“Yeah Zac”

“I knew it! I’m always right!” He gave a satisfied smile.


Taylor sat down on the small broken down wooden row boat he had sat on last night. He unstrapped his rollarblades and took off his socks hoping the fans hadn’t followed him. As he looked around memories quickly entered his mind. He remembered when he was eight years old and about thirteen kids including him and his brothers played in the river until late. He remembered when he was eleven and spent the whole night with Rachel telling goast stories until she was too scared to sit an inch away from him. Most of his memories were filled with Rachel. They had spent so much time together. Taylor wished she was still in his life. He knew things would be a lot different but he also knew the differences would probably be a good thing. Taylor stood up and walked down the river. The cold water tickled the bottom of his feet. Taylor never really appreciated Rachel as much as he did now that she was gone. The famous saying soon entered his head. “You don’t know what you’ve got till its gone”. Rachel had always listened to his problems and he remembered never really taking the time to hear hers. That was only one of the things he felt guilty about.

“Excuse me. Are you Taylor Hanson?”

Taylor shot his head up at the girl standing on the side of him. She was gorgeous. One of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen in his life -- next to Skye of course. “Uhhh, yeah that’s me” he extended his hand and she happily took it into hers to shake.

“Wow, what are the chances of me actually seeing you here?!” The girls crystal blue eyes glowed.

“What’s your name?”

“I’m Charity. I moved here from Colorado”

Taylor watched how Charity licked her pink glossed lips. He was fantasized in every move she made. “Umm, where in Colorado?” He scanned the river area for his socks so that his feet wouldn’t stand out.

“Denver, ever been there?” Charity’s light blonde hair bounced.

“Yeah, actually I have”

“Fun” She giggled. “Your really cute”

“Huh?” Taylor looked up after snatching his socks from on top of the row boat.

“Oh my god! Did I just say that?! I’m so sorry!”

“No, no, no. It’s okay, really! Its flattering” Taylor smiled.

“I feel really stupid....”


“Umm, so do you have a girlfriend?” Charity changed the subject.

Taylor looked at her after putting his socks on. “Well...” ‘Should I tell her the truth?’ He thought and then decided to say the right thing. “Yeah. Actually I do”

“Oh” She looked let down, the result Taylor had expected.

“But....., do you?”

“No, I just moved here. Remember?”

“Oh yeah.....How old are you?”


Taylor nodded. “Well I better get going” He started to strap on his rollerblades.

“Okay, where do you live?”

“A block from here. What about you?”

“Right over there” Charity pointed to the house across the river.


“Its an okay house but I didn’t want to move here”

“Why not?”

“Because all of my friends are in Denver. I feel like such a loner here”

“Oh, well, you’ll meet people. Everyone lives around here” Taylor gave a friendly smile.

“I hope so”

“Don’t worry. I gotta jet. It was nice meeting you. Cya around” Taylor started to rollerblade off as he waved. He was so proud about how he was able to tell this sweet, beautiful girl that he was taken. Taylor was so caught up in his thoughts he didn’t see the small twig in front of him. “Oh shit” He murmured as he fell onto the rocks and dirt. The twig had gotten stuck in his wheels. Before he could rearrange himself to get up and leave, Charity was by his side.

“Are you okay?!” She asked concerned as she gave him her hand so that he could lift himself up.

“Yeah fine, thanks” Taylor muttered taking her hand. He was turning red from embarrassment. He noticed that when he took Charity’s hand she had helped him onto the ground rather close to her. Taylor wanted to look away from her staring eyes, her innocent smile... but he couldn’t fight the urge he had to kiss her. ‘Don’t do it’ His conscious kept repeating. Taylor took a deep breath. “Thankyou” He pulled away from her gentle grasp.

“Your knee!” Charity looked down.


“Your bleeding!”

Taylor looked at his knee. Sure enough he was bleeding. “Oh, its okay. It doesn’t hurt”

“You have to get that cleaned up before it gets infected! I think we might have some stuff at my house if you don’t mind taking the trip there. Its really not that far”

“No, don’t worry. I’m okay” Taylor grinned trying to reassure her.

“No, come on” She took his hand before he could object.


“You don’t have to do this?” Taylor told Charity as she put the medication on his knee which caused it to sting. Charity didn’t say anything. She just peeled the band aid from the small wrapper and placed it over his scratches.

“I’m surprised I found the band aids and stuff in all these moving boxes” Charity chuckled.

“Yeah” Taylor looked around at the stacks of boxes and suitcases around the what seemed to be living room.

“We’re going to start unpacking today. Oh! Can you sign something for me?”


Charity handed Taylor her ‘MMMBop’ single and a marker.

“Do you have ‘Middle Of Nowhere’?” Taylor asked as he signed the CD -- To Charity, Thanx for helping me, hope I see you around Tulsa some more --

“No, I’m saving my money” She smiled at what Taylor had written after he handed the CD back to her.

“All right, well I better really go now” Taylor stood up from the chair he was on.

“Okay” Charity walked him to the door.

“Hopefully I won’t fall this time” Taylor laughed.

Charity giggled. “Okay bye!”

“Cya” Taylor loved the way Charity laughed. He was praying that he wouldn’t fall on the way home and have her see him. Luckily he got home safe and sound noticing that Skye was once again lying in the backyard hammock. “Hey hun” Taylor kissed her cheek.

“Where were you?” She asked rolling onto her side so that she faced him.

“I was at the river”


Things stayed silent for a few minutes as Taylor took his blades off.

“Your parents left” Skye spoke up.

“Where did they go?”

“Some charity thing on the other side of town”

“Charity?! Huh?”

“Yeah an auction for charity, I think”

“Oh.... oh! Okay” He laid down.



“Kiss me”

Taylor leaned over and softly pecked Skye’s lips. She responded just as lightly and then pulled away.

“Thanks” Her voice was quiet. She was desperately hoping Taylor was going to have a good plan on how they could see each other after she went home in two days. Its all she could think about.


“I can’t believe this!” Isaac complained as he paced back and forth through the living room with a flashlight.

“Relax, I’m sure our parents will be home soon”

“Tay, Tay. I’m scared” Avery rested her hand on Taylor’s knee.

“When will the rain storm end and the lights come back on?” Jessica asked.

“Soon” Taylor answered.

It was 6:30 and pitch dark outside. The lightening struck through the sky and the thunder rumbled loudly. Because of the huge storm, a blackout formed throughout Tulsa. Zac tried hard to keep Mackie laughing and not scared. Avery and Jessica tried to get comfort from Taylor. Taylor tried to make them feel better but Skye too was scared and that was a lot to deal with. Her head was lying on his shoulder and her breathing was loud.

“Relax guys” Taylor repeated calmly.

Suddenly the doorbell rang which caused half of the family to jump.

“Okay, who wants to answer the door and meet the murderer on the other side who’s gonna chop all our heads off and eat all our guts out and..”

“Zac shutup!” Taylor stood on his feet. “Ike, you get it. Your the oldest”

“Yeah right. Stupid excuse. You get it” The doorbell rang again.

“Oh shit” Taylor walked over to the door. “Who is it” His nervous voice squeaked.

“Taylor?! This is Charity!”

Taylor swung the door open. There was Charity soaked. Her long blonde hair was stringy and her bright blue eyes shown with happiness to see him. Taylor noticed how incredible her figure looked when her cloths were all wet and stuck to her body. He loved her white tshirt and short denim cutoff shorts. “Charity, hey come in!” Taylor welcomed her as she stepped into the dark house.

Isaac quickly put the flashlight on her. “Who’s this?”

“Its the murderer who’s come to kill us all!” Zac ran closer to the door. “No wait its a major babe!!!”

Skye jumped up. ‘What friend of Taylor’s is a major babe?’ She thought and then saw the girl standing next to him. Jealousy had overcome her. “Who’s she?!” Skye snapped at Taylor who seemed concerned in why this girl was drenched. ‘She probably knew her teeny wet cloths would attract Taylor’ Skye’s jealousy was taking over any sane thoughts she had.

“This is a girl I met at the river today who helped me” Taylor answered turning back to Charity. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine” Charity answered. “Can I just stay here until the rain stops? I’m so happy I found your house”

“Yeah sure!” Taylor walked her near the couch where the rest of the family was. He took a seat noticing that Skye was in the same spot as she had moved to after Taylor answered the door.

Charity innocently took a seat next to Taylor and gently moved her hand onto Taylor’s inner thigh. “Thanks again. I don’t know how I can repay you for this. You are just such a sweetie!”

“Thanks” Taylor muttered acting like he wasn’t noticing Charity’s hand going up from his thigh and onto his what was now, erection. Taylor shifted uncomfortably from her when he noticed Skye’s catlike staring eyes focused on where Charity’s hand was.

“Here girlie!” Zac threw Charity two towels. “If you need a shirt or something you can borrow one of mine”

“Thanks for the offer but I think the towels will do” Charity wrapped one towel around her and the other she sat on.

“Are you cold?” Zac jumped into the small space on the couch that Taylor and Charity hadn’t taken up. He deviously put his arm around Charity’s shoulder as she giggled.

Isaac noticed the discomfort that Skye was having with this situation and spoke up. “So Taylor, you have been dating Skye for like two months right?”

Taylor looked at Skye and then at his brother. “I guess”

“Wow that’s a long time” Isaac acted as if he was clueless on Taylor and Skye’s relationship.

“So where is Skye? Is that the girlfriend you told me about today?” Charity searched around the room and guessed that the beautiful girl with the long silky black hair had to be Taylor’s girlfriend.

“Yeah, that’s Skye” Taylor pointed to her.

“Oh hello Skye!” Charity greeted her.

“Hi” Skye tried her best to be polite.

“This is intimidating” Charity blushed.

“What is?” Taylor asked ignoring Jessica and Avery who were dying for his attention.

“I mean, look at your girlfriend” She looked at Skye. “Your all dry and look like you walked out of ‘Teen People’ then look at me, I’m as wet as a dolphin and my hair is knotty and oh god I look like crap run over twice” Charity looked at Skye then the floor.

“What do you expect. You were splashing around in puddles while you searched for my boyfriend” Skye said bitterly.

“I wasn’t searching until it started raining” Charity pointed out.

“Yeah well congrats, you found him”

“Are you mad at me or something?”

“Your sitting on the couch touching MY boyfriend! No I am very pleased with you!” Skye was sarcastic.

“Sarcasm will get you nowhere and I am NOT touching Taylor!” Charity removed her hand from Taylor’s thigh.

“Oh so your hand just happened to rub his dick a few times, huh!?”

“WHAT?!” Charity jumped up embarrassed.

“Skye, she wasn’t touching anything!” Taylor felt the blood rushing to his cheeks as he thought about what Skye had just said.

“Oh sure Tay! That’s why you grew a huge bulge in your pants!” Skye shouted at him.

Taylor looked down and sure enough he had one hell of an erection. “Oh god” He mumbled to himself as Avery began to ask questions about what was in his pants.

Isaac was trying to calm down Mackie who curious about what was going on while Zac fantasized about Charity’s breasts.

“Oh look! The rain stopped! Now you can LEAVE!” Skye opened the front door to the Hanson’s house. Even though the pouring precipitation had stopped, it was still drizzling pretty hard.

“Fine! I’ll go! And I never wanted to steal Taylor from you! I just wanted to make some friends because since I moved I have none!” Charity sniffled as she walked to the door throwing the towels onto the couch.

“Yeah I’m sure you’ll make tons of guy friends if you give them all handjobs” Skye slammed the door in Charity’s face.

“Skye! What’s your problem!?” Taylor shot an angry glare at her as soon as she turned to face her back to the door.

“You! Your too horny for your own good!” Skye cried.

“She didn’t touch me and I didn’t touch her!” Taylor walked closer to Skye.

Isaac nor Zac spoke up. Both saw Charity touch Taylor but didn’t want to get involved. “Ya know what? I’m gonna go find the fuse” Isaac left the room to go to the outlet box in the kitchen.

“I think I’ll go with him” Zac stuttered as all the kids followed leaving Skye and Taylor alone to continue their argument.

“We both know where she put her hand! And you didn’t even stop her!!”

“Skye, if your going to be my girlfriend your going to have to learn a little something about trust!”

“How can I trust you if every girl in the world wants to screw you!”

“Even if every girl in the world really wanted to screw me that wouldn’t mean that I would feel the same way about them! Charity was just a friend!”

“Yeah right Tay!”

“Lemme tell you something!” Taylor moved even closer to Skye. “Everyday I tell you how much I love you, everyday I show you how much I want you! Everyday damn day! And you still don’t trust me! I have gone out of my way to be faithful to you and I have been giving all I have to change! Now your shoving all this shit in my face and trying to accuse me of things that I would never do to you! If we’re going to have stupid fights like this then I don’t think we should see each other anymore!” He let out a sigh of rage.

Taylor’s angry eyes turned darker blue and his eyebrows lifted. Even in the pitch blackness Skye could see all of his expressions. She knew she would regret saying anything back to him but her exasperation was boiling up and she wanted to hurt Taylor just as much as he was hurting her. She knew he expected her to say how sorry she was and how she overreacted but that wasn’t going to happen. “Fine! I don’t think we should see each other either!” Tears rolled down her cheeks. She didn’t understand why Taylor and her always had such dramatic fights. She loved him so much she couldn’t stand to see any other girl with him or like him.

Taylor swallowed hard and breathed in the dark air. He gently bit at his lip and pulled his sweaty hair back with his hands. All of his moves seemed like they were in slow motion. “Okay then, its over.... but for good” He was calm and serious saying this.

Skye knew this was not what she wanted. She didn’t even want to think of Taylor dating other girls. She didn’t want to think of his hands on any other girls body. She didn’t want to think of Taylor’s lips on any other girls lips. She didn’t want to think of his tongue in another girls mouth or his penis in another girls...... ‘Oh god calm down’ She told herself. Taylor was staring intensely into her eyes as if he could look through her and know everything she thinking. “Tay.....” Her voice was a whisper and seemed to drag.

“What?!” He seemed frustrated.

“I .... love you” Skye looked down at the floor. Taylor continued to stare at her. She avoided looking back as fresh tears trickled down her cheeks. It seemed like forever for Taylor to respond. When she looked up at him, his expression had completely changed. His rage had went away. His face was understanding and loving. Skye was never happier then at that moment when Taylor took her into his arms.

“Oh god Skye, I love you too” His voice was sweet. “Lets never fight again” He kissed her neck as the lights went on.