Chapter 5 

“And then the dolphin jumped like 80 feet over the ramp and...”

“Zac I need to use the phone” Taylor argued.

“Can’t you see I’m on it?”

“Whoever that is, tell them that you have to go!”

“Its Jenny and no I wont!”

“Zac this is important!”

“Hold on Jen”. Zac cupped the phone. “Tay, go away! I had the phone first!”

“I have to call Maria, this is important!”

“Maria can wait!”

“No she can’t! Call Jen back later!”

Zac gave his brother a nasty look. “Jen, I have to go. Tay needs the phone”

“Okay when are you leaving for that Europe thing?”

“In two days”

“Can you call me before you leave”

“I’ll try”

“Okay, thanks. Tell your brothers I said hi”

“I will, adios amigo”

Jenn heard the phone click which told her Zac had hung up. She really liked Zac but she still wanted Taylor and hated Skye for actually getting so close to him. Although Zac made it clear that Taylor was a player she still desired him. She wanted to be one of the girl’s he used. She just wanted to be close to him, for him to hold her. Zac had told her about Skye and Taylor spending the whole day together which made her even more upset. This wasn’t going well since she knew Zac had a major crush on her. Jenny felt really bad and when she felt really bad she usually called Skye for comfort. She wished that she could call her now. While she thought, the phone rang.

“Sup?” Jenny asked picking the phone up and putting it to her ear.

“Don’t hang up!”


“We need to talk”

“I was just going to call you!”

“I am so sorry about the whole Taylor thing. Its just that, I really love him. I didn’t want to lose a friend out of this. I was hoping you would understand. I’m really sorry but I’m not going to stop seeing Tay. I’m just hoping you will someday forgive me and understand. I guess I’m kinda hoping that someday could be now”. Skye finished waiting for a response.

“I’m sorry too. I really miss having you around”

“I feel the same. Friends?”

“Yeah friends”


“I’m just worried”


“Because Zac said Taylor has sex with hundreds of girls a week and that he has never made a commitment to anyone. Just a minute ago, he was calling some Maria chick”.

“Who’s Maria?”

“I’m not sure, he didn’t say”

“It couldn’t be his girlfriend. He loves me”

“You really believe that?”

“He told me so”

“He’s bullshitting you. I don’t want to start anything, I just don’t want you to get hurt”

“I won’t. Tay really loves me”

“Okay, oh shit. Dinners ready”

“You have to go?”

“Yeah, I’ll call you later or tomorrow”

“Okay, bye”


Skye was nervous about who this Maria was and quickly called the hotel room number Taylor had given her. “Shit” The phone line was busy. She hoped Maria wasn’t anyone special.


“You little fuck!” Taylor continued to curse Maria out.

“Taylor, I’m really not in the mood to talk to you”

“That’s too fuckin bad!”

“Stop saying fuck in every sentence”

“What the fuck?”

“Tay, I’m hanging up”

“Maria, you didn’t have to tell your 5,000 Hanson club members that I’m a player and that I screw everything!”

“They had the right to know!”

“And even worse, you had to send a picture of Erica and I kissing! Now that was cruel. Hanson fans are passing it around the internet! Our band is in deep shit if you continue this!”

“I needed a rare picture!”

“I knew my dad shouldn’t have bought you that scanner for your birthday!”

“I know, I have such a nice uncle. Don’t forget to thank him again!”

“Why do you even have to have a club on us anyway?!”

“Because I have rare info and I love when my computer says ‘You’ve got mail’”

“That’s so fuckin pathetic!”

“Tay can I hang up on you please?!”

“As long as you promise not to send any more pictures like that or give out info about my private life!”

“Okay, I promise. Now can I hang up on you?”


Taylor heard a click on the other end and very shortly after the phone sounded again.

“What do you want?!”

“Sorry Tay. Is this a bad time?”

Taylor’s heart jumped up when he heard Skye’s voice on the other end. Something in his pants also jumped up at the same time.

“Oh, hey Skye. No you didn’t”

“Can you answer my question sincerely?”


“Are you going out with some girl named Maria?”

“Why would I go out with my fucked up cousin!?!” Taylor laughed.

“She’s your cousin?!” Skye was relieved.

“You forgot the fucked up part”

“Oh, thank god!”

“I do NOT want to talk about her!”

“Okay, do you think you could come over Thursday?”

“I want too but we’re leaving for Europe in forty eight hours”

“For how long?” Skye was upset.

“Long enough”

“What kind of an answer is that?”

“We’ll be in Europe for a month and then we’re heading back to Tulsa for about two or more week’s. I don’t think we’ll see each other for a few months” Taylor said sadly.

“Taylor! I’m going to miss you so much! You can’t leave for that long!” Skye sobbed.

“Traveling is part of the music. You know how serious I am about it”

“Yes but.... I love you!”

“Skye, lets not make this harder then it already is”

“Can I see you before you leave?”

“I wish there was some way but we are seriously busy. Speaking of being busy, I gotta go. I’ll call you before we leave. I promise okay?”

“Okay” Skye was starting to cry.

“Don’t cry okay?”

“I’ll try not to” Skye rubbed a tear away from her eye.

“I’ll cya”

“Yeah bye” Skye waited for Taylor to hang up before she did but she could tell he was waiting for her to do the same.

“Tay...” She began hearing his part of the phone hang up. She knew he thought the conversation was over but she still wanted to hear his voice. She most of all wanted to hear the three words she had been awaiting from his mouth which he hadn’t repeated since the first time they had got intimate.


“Here we go into the wild blue yonder...” Zac sang as the plane took off for Europe.

“Zac, do you even know what a yonder is?” Taylor asked his brother.

“No, do you?”

“No, do you Ike”

“Huh?” Isaac looked up from their Toshiba laptop.

“What are you doing” Taylor leaned over to see that Ike was on-line.

“Talking” Isaac answered.

“To who?”

“That’s whom” Zac corrected Tay.

“Oh shutup” Taylor jokingly slapped Zac in the head.

Zac laughed. “Oooo, I should tell mom you said the ‘s’ word”

“So...” Taylor ignored Zac’s silly comment waiting for a response from Ike.

“To Alanna”

“You like her huh?”

“Not as much as you like Skye” Isaac mumbled, his eyes glued to the IM on his screen.

“Skye’s amazing!”

“So we’ve heard” Lately all Taylor talked about was Skye. Isaac liked that his brother had actually somewhat committed himself but he hated that their daily conversation was always about her.

Taylor turned away from Isaac and looked to see if Zac was doing anything interesting. Zac was just staring out the window. Taylor was suddenly very bored. “I’m going to the bathroom.” He stated leaving his seat.

“Thanks for sharing” Isaac muttered moving his legs to the side so that Taylor could get to the isle.

Taylor walked to where the bathroom was. He stood impatiently waiting for the person inside to finish. As the door to the bathroom opened, Taylor noticed that the girl inside was extremely beautiful. Her hair was cut very short and was brown with chunks of blonde streaks. She was wearing a ‘Yankees’ tee and baggy blue jeans. She wasn’t exactly ‘miss fashion statement’ but Taylor liked her look.

“Hello!!” The girl knocked on Tays head making sure he was awake.

“Huh? What?!” Taylor was confused.

“You COULD move, ya know!”

Without thinking, Taylor pushed the rude girl into the bathroom shutting the door behind them.

“What are you doing!?”

Taylor locked the door pinning her against the wall of the bathroom.

“Answer me, Mr. hotshot!”

“Making a move” Taylor gently brushed his hand over her cheek.

“Excuse me?!”

“You heard me” He moved one of his legs into hers leading her to basically sit on his knee.

“You know nothing about me!” She stated.

“I’m sure you know a few something’s about me”

“All I know about you is that your the world famous MMMBop boy, that horny girls use pinups of to wallpaper their rooms!”

Taylor laughed. “Oh, I’m much more then that. Trust me” He moved his lips over hers, slightly tilting his head to the side. His kisses were mild and warm. She seemed to be enjoying it because she was kissing him back. He tried to get her mouth open so that he could move his tongue inside but it was no use. Taylor decided to try to break the bit of tension by moving his hand slightly up her tshirt. When he did, she pushed him away.

“What the fuck are you doing?! You don’t even know me!”

“So?” He began to move closer to her but she forced his attempts aside.

“My name is Sandra. Your Tyler right?”


“Tailor?” She said pronouncing his name wrong.

“TAYlor” He fixed her mistakes.

“Oh, sorry. And how old are you?”

“How old are you?”

“I asked first”

“16 turning 17” He lied hoping she wouldn’t know the truth.

“I thought you were 14?”

“Nah..You heard rumors” ‘She screwed up my age anyway’ He thought.

“Are you sure?”

“I think I know how old I am! What about you?”

“I’m 18”

Taylor and Sandra were ignoring the constant knocks on the bathroom door and starting a conversation.

“So, wanna have sex?” Taylor asked as if it was an everyday question.

“You really want to lose your virginity to me?”

“I would want to if I hadn’t lost it already”

“YOU had sex before?” Sandra laughed.


“You have to be kidding me!”

“I lost my virginity when I was 10”

“Haha, yeah right!”

“You don’t have to believe me but I CAN prove it to you” Taylor pushed himself onto Sandra leaving absolutely no space between them. She was pegged to the wall.

“You know what? We better go find our seats”

“Why?” Taylor whined.

“Because I am NOT having sex with you in the bathroom of a plane”

“Why not?!” Taylor pleaded.

“Because I don’t want to!” She shoved him against the wall behind him, rather firmly, opening the bathroom door and walking out. Taylor followed her out blushing and apologizing to the passenger’s who needed to use the lavatory. He watched as Sandra took her seat in 2nd class. He smiled at her and continued walking to first class.

“Oh your back, we thought you fell in” Isaac joked.

“Ha - ha”

Taylor sat in his seat. He felt a huge ray of guilt spread over him thinking about Skye. He felt like he had cheated on her but then reminded himself that they never made a vow or commitment to not see other people. Thinking about this made him feel much better.


It was another sunny day. Jenny was at Skye’s pool. They sat with their feet dangling in the water as they talked.

“Any word from Tay?” Jenny asked.

“No, he didn’t call me before he left like he promised” Skye said unhappily.

“Oh, Zac called me the night before”

“What did you talk about?”

“He told me about how he got to feed the dolphins and watch the show at the aquarium. I swear that’s all he talks about when he calls me!”

Skye chuckled. “He probably doesn’t have anything interesting going on in his life. Either that or he is setting goals to become an extra on Baywatch”.

“Why Baywatch?”

“Don’t ask. I saw the episode where the lifeguards work at Seaworld yesterday”

“Oh” Jenny laughed.

“Yeah, I can’t believe a show like that stayed on air for like nine years. I mean, its based on the lives of plastic woman”

“I know what you mean. Hey!! They played MMMBop on there once! It was really cool!”

“Woopie!” Skye joked.

“So you and James broke up?”

“Yeah, thanks to you”

“Oh yeah... sorry”

“Its okay. He was a nosy piece of shit anyway”

“That’s true. He was looking for you on Saturday”

“For what?”

“He thought you would show up at his ball game”

“Haha, yeah right!”

“I’m not kidding. He really thought you would be there with me rooting him on or something”

“Well, I was with Taylor! Hey why were you there?”

“Watching Michael”

“Oh god, your still not over him?!”

“Hey, if I can’t have Taylor Hanson, why not settle for his lookalike?”

“Why not settle for Zac?”

“Zac’s so young. I need a man”

“Zac really like’s you and excuse me but since when was Michael a ‘man’”

“Since he just turned 16!”

“Um... okay”

“Zac’s only 12. I feel like a pervert when I’m with him”

“That’s stupid”

“It isn’t stupid...”

“Girls, lunch is ready!” Skye’s mother called from the kitchen. Both girls left the pool area and ran inside to eat the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that were made for them.


The next day Hanson was in their new hotel in Europe.

“I bought these tuxedo’s for you guys. Tonight you will have to where them for Ginger Spice’s cousin’s Angel’s birthday” Walker told his sons, showing them the tux’s.

“Will Ginger be there?! Didn’t she quit?” Ike pondered at his comment.

“Ginger was cool last time we met her!!” Zac added.

“Tuxedos!! Fuck no!!” Taylor was the only one who seemed to be having a problem with this.

“Tay watch your language!” Walker yelled at his son.

“And since when did WE perform for birthdays?!” Tay changed the subject off of him swearing.

“Since we were offered a half million bucks to do it! That means your wearing the tux!”

“Daaaad!” Taylor whined.

“Dad, Tays right. The tuxedos are kinda stupid” Isaac agreed.

“Its hard to look sexy when your prancing around in a huge bow tie and corny jacket! Not to mention the pants...” Taylor continued to complain.

“Taylor, I’ve heard enough from you! You guys are wearing the tuxedos, end of story!” Walker threw the suits onto Ike’s bed in the room they were sharing. When he left Taylor started to whine again. “Why do we have to wear these stupid things...”

“I like it! Girls might find them sexy! Who knows!?” Zac smiled.

“Zac’s right. Remember that TV Guide photo shoot for the Grammy’s” Isaac pointed out.

“I hated every minute of it! Why do you think I wasn’t smiling in most of the pictures?!”

“Wedgie problem?” Ike joked.

“All you did was complain at that shoot! ‘I want the blue shirt! I want the blue shirt! Wha wha wha wha wha!” Zac mimicked Tay.

“Oh shutup! I got the blue shirt!! Hey what color do I have now!” Taylor observed the tuxedos.

“At least there’s no frills on them this time” Ike examined them with Taylor.

“True, I got dark red!! This actually looks good!” Taylor was starting to like the tux.

“What the hell! PINK! I have pink!!! I don’t wanna look like fuckin Barbie!!”

Taylor was laughing so hard he thought he would fall on the floor.

“I got blue!” Zac was just as happy as Taylor. As for Ike, he was just above furious.


Taylor stared at himself in the mirror combing his fingers through his light hair. ‘I look so good’ he thought standing up straight.

“Tay has been looking at himself in the mirror for the past hour!” Isaac told his mother as she buttoned his shirt.

“He’s got a lot of self confidence. That’s very good”

“No an ego, that’s what he got. Oh, thanks for talking dad out of making us where the stupid bow ties”

“No problem, they did look stupid”

“Yeah, can you talk him out of making me where pink?”

“Haha, no can do hun”

“Awww mom, pinks so girlie”

“No its not, that’s a stereotype”

“Sure, its only the color owned by Barbie and baby girls who were just born”

“Okay, ready to go?” Walker questioned after giving the baby-sitter emergency phone numbers.

“Yep, lets hit the road” Diana said in a cheery voice.

‘This definitely has to be formal because my moms wearing a gown’ Taylor thought taking one more glance in the mirror before they left.


As Hanson walked on to the stage they saw a lot of adults, woman in gowns, men in tuxedos and yamakah’s.

‘This must be a batmitva’ Taylor thought now noticing the teenagers in the front.

“See the girl in the long dark blue velvet gown? That’s Angel. Sing to her or something” Walker instructed Taylor.

“Okay, so where’s Ginger Spice?”

“She is somewhere in the back. Jessica is talking to her”

Jessica was the only person in the Hanson family that came besides Hanson and their parents. She was a fan of the Spice Girls and had tons of questions for Geri.

Taylor jammed a few notes on his keyboard to test it. He noticed all the teenyboppers in the front giggling at him. He looked up and smiled unbuttoning the first two buttons on his shirt. The girls chuckled louder. Taylor wasn’t sure if he had done that to make them giggle more or because he was hot under the spotlights that were set up above the stage.

Isaac walked over to Taylor holding his guitar. “Tay, What are we staring with? MMMBop or Gimme Some Lovin?”

“I’ll say happy birthday Angel, and we’ll jump into MMMBop”

“Yeah okay” Isaac nodded walking over to Zac and telling him the plans.

As soon as all three brothers were set up, Taylor adjusted his microphone. “Happy twelfth Birthday Angel” He said in a sexy voice playing the first notes of ‘MMMBop’ on his yamaha. “You have so many relationships in this life, only one or two will last” Taylor sang. He almost stopped when he saw Sandra the girl from the plane walk into the huge hall. She was wearing a long slender purple gown and small sparkly hair burette’s on each side of her head. Her short hair was gelled and turned up at the bottom. The chunks of highlights could be easily noticed. Taylor thought she looked amazing. He stared at her and noticed her staring back. She looked surprised to see him. He wished she hadn’t caught them singing MMMBop especially right after she had called him ‘That MMMBop Boy’. Taylor decided to stop the song early which left his brothers confused. Taylor started playing the second song of the night -- Gimme Some Lovin as his brothers went along. The party was going by pretty fast. Taylor watched as all the people danced to their music, he also watched Sandra who was sitting next to Ginger Spice and a few other girls. The eleven and twelve year old girls in the front were either screaming, dancing, or giving Taylor goofy ‘I love you’ looks. He just played along picking certain girls, and staring at them while singing. Every time he did this they would let out a shriek. He found this a lot of fun. Isaac was playing guitar and trying to cover up his pink shirt with the black jacket. He was finding this night horrible. Zac was thinking about Jenny while pounding on the drums. He missed talking to her and desperately wanted to see her again. Hanson was up to the last song of the night then they could relax and have fun at the party. Once again, ‘I Will Come To You’ was the finishing song. In the middle of the song, Taylor walked off the stage and up to Angel. “You won’t have to reach out for me, I will come to you, whoa...” He sang into the microphone while holding her hand and kneeling on the floor. He could see the shocked and dreamy look in her dark blue eyes. As Taylor sang to her, he realized that she was one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen. Her lips were full, her eyes were deep, she was not as skinny as Skye but not as chubby as Jenny. Her hair was long, straight and brown. For a girl who had just turned twelve she was also developed some what. She was absolutely perfect. The only bad thought that hit Taylor’s head was that she was eleven just yesterday, and ten the year before. There was a three year age difference. Taylor thought about this while singing the song and then came across the thought that he had made a move on Sandra and they were also three years apart. As Taylor finished the last ‘you’ he gently kissed Angel on the cheek. She was blushing and Taylor had a feeling he was too. He walked back up to the stage to receive many applauds and cheers along with his brothers. Isaac thanked the audience and they walked onto the floor. Taylor smiled when he saw all the teenyboppers were running up to Isaac, Zac and him. He also saw that Sandra was coming to talk to him as well. As he signed autographs he glanced up at Sandra who was waiting for the younger girls to leave.

“Will you dance with me?” One of them asked.

“Can you kiss me like you kissed Angel?”

“Can I get a hug?”

“Can I have an autograph for my friend?”

“Can I take a picture with you?”

About 15 girls were asking him questions and he just wanted to get away from them. “I’ll be right back. Go talk to Ike and Zac for now”. Taylor said noticing that his brothers already had tons of girls around them. Taylor walked over to Sandra. “What are you doing here?” He asked.

“I’m one of Geri’s friends”

“Oh, wow is that why you came to Europe?”

“Yeah, you look good”

“Oh thanks, so do you”

“Taylor, I know you lied to me”

“About what”

“Your only fifteen”

“Yeah so?”

“So, you lied”

“That’s only because I liked you”

“Well, that’s the sweet part”

Taylor smiled as the DJ played ‘I’ll Make Love To You” by BoysIIMen. “Do you want to dance?” He asked.

“I guess so”

Taylor led Sandra onto the dance floor, putting his arms tightly around her skinny waist. She wrapped her arms around his sweaty neck massaging him. They swayed back and forth with each step holding each other closer. Taylor stared into her eyes. “I never noticed you had purple eyes” He whispered into her ear.

“Their really hazel”

“They look purple to me”

“Its because of the dress”

“Oh, well their really pretty”

“Now that we’re on the subject of eyes. You have the bluest eyes I have ever seen in my life”

“Its a gift” Taylor smirked.

“Can I get a closer look at your gift?”

“Not here”

“Why” Sandra was confused.

“Because there are fans here”

Sandra nodded putting her head on Taylor’s shoulder. Taylor could hear her breathing deeply.

“I’ll make love to you, like you want me to ...” He sang lightly in her ear.

“Taylor, I want you to” Sandra was turned on by his sweet voice in her ear.

“To what”

“Make love to me”

Taylor felt her hand rubbing her hands up and down his erection. He wanted to pull her hand away. He knew it wasn’t right to let her touch him like this in front of his fans. All he could do was let out a small moan. As “How Do I Live” by Leanne Rimes began, Taylor heard a small nervous voice. It was Angel. She had a very strong English accent but Taylor thought it was cute.

“Um... um... Tay? Can I please dance with you?

Taylor wanted to say no and tell her to go away but he knew that wouldn’t be fair considering it was her birthday and she had huge a crush on him.

“Do you mind, Sandra?” Taylor questioned pulling away from her.

Sandra felt really upset. She wanted Taylor so bad and she was just about to have him. Everything was getting intimate. “No, of course not” Sandra said taking her hands off of him.

Taylor moved his arms around Angel’s hips and pulled her beside him as Sandra left the dance floor. He could tell Angel was nervous. Her hands were on the edge of his shoulders afraid to move anywhere else. “Relax, its a long song” Taylor murmured quietly into her ear. His breath was warm. He took her hands from his shoulders and placed them around his neck. Her fingers brushed over the back of his collar, and then ran through his fluffy silky hair. She blushed slightly. “Do you like your birthday so far?” Taylor whispered in her ear.

“Yeah” She answered him.

Taylor continued to breath his words into her. “Did you like our performance?”


“Are you nervous?” Taylor held her tighter.

“A little”

Taylor was turned on by her insecurity. He loved playing this game with her. He loved making her more and more nervous. He stared intimately into her eyes exploring her. She stared back. ‘I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing’ by Aerosmith came on. Both didn’t notice that the song had changed until Sandra came back.

“Um.... do you mind if I have Taylor back?”

“No” Angel said with disappointment in her voice as she moved away from him. Taylor still held her hand.

“I’ll be right back. Stay here, okay Angel?”


Taylor took Sandra into a corner. “Maybe I should finish this dance with her”

“Taylor..” She moved her hand through the front of his hair.

“It is her birthday”

“But, I really want to be with you... alone”

“Okay fine, we’ll go somewhere after a few more songs”

“Okay, promise?”

“Yeah, I promise” Taylor walked back to Angel taking her back into his arms. “Lets dance” He told her as they took steps around the floor. Soon the song had ended. Taylor guessed that the DJ was playing slow songs because he saw that Angel and him were dancing because ‘Madly, Truly, Deeply’ By Savage Garden soon came on.

“Tay?” Angel finally spoke up.


“Do you have a girlfriend?”


“Oh” Angel’s voice sounded pleased.

“Why, you want to be my girlfriend?”

“Are you asking me?”

“Maybe. Do you want to go out sometime?”


“Then how’s tomorrow?”


“Let me give you my beeper number and you can give me yours”


Taylor walked Angel over to a table with invitation papers and a few pens. He wrote his number on one and told her to do the same.

“I really have to go right now. I’ll call you”


Taylor smiled. He would have a definite share of his fun if the only way Angel could answer a question or reply to a comment was with a ‘Yes!’ or an ‘Okay!’.


“Dad, I’m not feeling well. I think I’m going to throw up” Taylor lied with his hand over his stomach.

“Are you sure? You look fine to me”.

“We already did the show. Can’t I just go home and rest? I’ll take care of Mackie, Jessica and Zoe so that the baby-sitter can have the rest of the night off”.

“Oh fine Tay. Here’s the key. Your brother’s look like they want to stay here so I hope you don’t mind being with the kids alone. You have my pager number right?”

“Yeah, I have it. I don’t mind”

“Here’s money for a cab”

“Dad, what time are you coming home?”

“If you take Jessica off our hands, then we should be back around 3AM”

“Yeah I will. Are you sure that late?”

“Yeah Ike and Zac don’t look tired and your mom and I want some time alone”.

“Okay” Tay said trying to hide the huge smirk plastered on his face.


“Don’t tell mom and dad about Sandra okay?” Taylor handed Jessica a twenty dollar bill.

“I won’t! Relax Tay! You treat me like I’m Avie’s age!”

“Get some sleep. Your getting grumpy.” Taylor took his black tux jacket off.

“No I’m not!” She disagreed.

Taylor walked out of the hotel room his younger siblings shared and told the baby-sitter she could take the rest of the night off. He knew he would never see her again so it didn’t matter if she had saw Sandra.

All this is almost too easy. Taylor thought.

“So what do you want to do?” Taylor innocently asked closing the door behind the baby-sitter and pulling his silky shirt ends out of his pants. He hated having it tucked in all night.

“I’m not sure”

‘The beds in our room are so small for comfort, and Zoe is sleeping in mom and dads room. Where can Sandra and I have sex?” Taylor thought finally coming to a conclusion. “Wanna see the bathroom?”

“The bathroom??”

“Yeah the bathroom. It’s really big. It has a hot tub”

“So lets go check it out” Sandra let Taylor take her hand and lead her into the huge fancy bathroom.

Taylor started to fill the hot tub up when Sandra walked over to him and laid a warm kiss on his lips. He kissed her back erotically. His lips were damp from the steam that invaded the bathroom from the tub. Sandra thought Taylor was so sexy. She never knew she would have any feelings for a Hanson brother. Her thoughts were soon stopped when she felt Taylor trying to move his tongue into her mouth. She decided to let him have the pleasure and opened it wider. She felt him move around her teeth, tongue and throat. She moved her tongue with his. That’s when she noticed his hands were trying to unzip the zipper in the back of her dress. Carefully she guided his hands to the zipper. She felt his long fingers tickle her back as the dress slid off her body and onto the floor. He rubbed her back lightly. She loved having his fingers crawl around her. Sandra moved her hands onto the buttons of Taylor’s royal red shirt and cautiously unbuttoned them. One after the other. Soon after she had unbuttoned all the buttons, the shirt glided down his back and onto the floor with her dress.

“Your so boney” She stated feeling his chest.

“Is that a big deal?” Taylor blushed.

“No, can I ask you something?”

“Sure” He muttered under his breath. He hated chit chat when he was getting into something thick.

“Why do you play this goody goody act with your fans if that’s not the way you really are?”

“That IS the way I really am. Anyway, I just don’t want to hurt them.”

“No it isn’t! Your so demanding and horny! With the fans your like... well... bubblegum!”


“Yeah like your music is bubblegum pop. The image you play goes along with it”

“Aren’t I bubblegum now?” Taylor moved his hand onto her shoulder and started to massage it lightly.

“No..!” Sandra laughed.

“I bet I can stick to you!” Taylor made a corny comment while moving closer to her.

“I bet you wish you could stick to me!” She gently pushed him away from her.

“What does that mean?” Taylor moved closer about to kiss her again.

“It means I have to get to my hotel before my parents throw a fit on me!”

“WHAT?! You're 18! I’m sure your parents won’t mind plus its only 12:00!!”

“Taylor, whatever you were planning to do with me I think should wait until we’re both ready”

“I’m ready! Don’t tell me YOUR a virgin!”

“No I’m not a virgin, not that there should be something wrong if I was one but I just think if you and I are going to go this far we should at least have a friendship first”

“Friendship?!” Taylor acted like he hadn’t even heard the word before.

“Yes friendship”

“Guys are people to be friends with, girls are people to fuck with!”

“Okay, that’s it! I’m outta here!” Sandra grabbed her dress and slipped it back on but before leaving stopped. “Taylor, I think you have a big problem that you didn’t noticed” She looked down at the floor giving him the obvious clue.

“Oh shit!!! I forgot to turn the water off!!” Taylor shouted turning the knob and grabbing towels to dry the puddle with. “Think you could give me a hand?!”

“I guess so”

“Go get more towels from the closet over there!”

Sandra handed the towels she quickly grabbed from the closet to Taylor, helping him dry the tiled floor.

“I can’t believe this. Its like a huge puddle!” He stated.

“That’s exactly what it is!” Sandra shot her head up at him. Taylor looked so cute when he was frustrated. He soon noticed her staring at him.

“What?!” He was angry.

“You look cute when your mad”

“Oh” Taylor blushed as Sandra moved closer to him.

“Taylor?” Her voice was light.

Taylor looked down at her. He didn’t know what was going to happen but what did seemed so natural. Sandra and him gently moved their lips onto each others. The kiss was nothing huge, nothing with tongue’s, just a kiss. Taylor was confused. He felt like this was his first real kiss. Maybe he felt like this because it just happened. Taylor wasn’t convincing her or playing any of his little ‘make you want me’ games. They just... kissed. As Sandra pulled away she noticed a weird look in Taylor’s eyes. He looked so, sensitive.

“That was nice” Sandra said softly.

“Yes, very” Taylor glanced at her for a moment and then went back to drying the floor. Sandra wanted him to kiss her again, this time firmly but he didn’t act like he wanted to. “Taylor?”

“You can call me Tay if you want”

“Okay Tay, umm....this is hard for me to say” Taylor’s blue eyes looked at Sandra waiting for words to come from her mouth. “So, do you want to ya know now?”

“Ya know?” Taylor suddenly got a look of hunger in his eyes.

“Have sex”

“Do YOU want to?”

“Your asking me?!”

“Yeah, do you?”

“No, I don’t”


“I’m just kidding! Of course I ...

Suddenly a door slammed open and in came Walker and the rest of the family.

“Shit!” Taylor whispered shoving Sandra behind the bathroom curtains.

“What happened in here?” Walker asked as he passed the bathroom and saw Taylor on the floor with no shirt on in the middle of a huge puddle.

“I was going to get in the hot tub cause I figured it might make my stomach feel better but when I put the water on and went to rest on the couch for five minutes, I kind of lost track of time and evidently this is the result” Taylor covered up for himself very well.

“Well, I can understand that. Why don’t you get some sleep. I’ll get a hotel maid to clean this up”

“No! I feel better. I can handle it”

“Are you sure Tay?”

“Yeah positive”

“Okay, I’m going to call it a day. If you need help cleaning this up, the number to the hotel desk is near the phone”

“Don’t worry about it” Taylor smiled.

“Okay, goodnight”

“Yeah, night” When Walker left Taylor quickly shut the door to the bathroom. “You have to go!” He told Sandra handing her the see through sandals she had wore to the party.

“Tay, I have to say one thing”


“I gave you my number. Please call me. Tonight was a lot of fun” She smoothly pecked his cheek. Taylor grinned.

“Yeah it was” He opened the bathroom door again to see if anyone was outside it. “Okay, I’m going to open the door to the outside of the hotel suite. When I do, I’ll signal you to run okay?”

“Okay, Tay”

Taylor walked over to the door and motioned his hands. Sandra ran smoothly and shifted out the door. Taylor quickly closed it.

“Who was that?” Ike mumbled brushing his teeth as he walked in the room

“I thought someone was at the door but it was my imagination”.

“Oh” Isaac nodded leaving to the bathroom (The one without the puddle)