I'm Not a Playa Chapter 30

That morning Taylor woke up feeling completely odd. Where was he? The answer to his question
was clear as soon as he saw Veronica lying next to him. Turning over to his side, his back facing
her, he remembered how he was going back to Tulsa that night. He also recalled today being the
last day he had to confront Skye for quite awhile. He needed to see her, even if it was only for the
silly reason of her wanting him. He came to New York with a mission to get her back and he
wasn't going to lose the purpose of the trip. The only thing standing in his way was the lunch
date he had with Lindsay. Either, he was going to stand her up or have a very busy day. Sitting up
on the bed, he began to re-dress himself.

"Taylor, don't leave." He felt Veronica's warm hand on his bare shoulder.

Taylor was startled but turned to face her. "I have to." He spoke a little above a whisper.

"Why?" She simply stated resting her head on his pillow. She wanted to have a morning-fuck
with him. She could still feel is wet tongue running up her cream colored legs.

"Because.." Taylor grinned. He was also reminded of that night. Veronica tasted so good, he
wanted badly to do it again. Looking over at the clock, he realized it was already eleven. There
was no time.

"Do you have a girlfriend?"

"... Yeah ..." He had to lie. He couldn't stay.

"Okay, then I understand."

Taylor threw his shirt over his head. "Good-bye." He gently kissed Veronica's mouth.

"What's her name?" She asked as he finished putting his shoes on.

Taylor paused walking over to the door. He needed a name.. what was the most beautiful name
he had ever heard? That was easy. "Skye. Her names Skye." He smiled closing the door behind
him. And what he said was somewhat true. Skye was going to be his girlfriend by the end of the
day and that was a simple fact.


"Onhhhh!" Isaac groaned rolling over. "Dang..." His eyes were tightly shut. He was afraid the
headache he was having would get worse if he opened them.


"HUH?!" Isaac sprung up from his laying position on the bed.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN BED WITH ME!?" Alanna screamed in disgust.
She was confused and wasn't fond of what the situation appeared to be.

"What about you?! Where the fuck did you come from?!" Isaac was just as baffled as Alanna.

"Oh my god! You don't think we...."

"No No NO!!! I don't think we, do you think we..."

"I... Oh my god! YOU RAPED ME!!!" Alanna cried jumping out of the bed and grabbing her

"I raped you?! I didn't rape you!!" Isaac screamed. He was sure he didn't rape Alanna... He hated
her, why would he rape her?

"Yes you did! I remember it! You forced me to have sex! You threw me on the bed and fucked
me!" Alanna didn't know if what she was saying was true but it sure seemed like it. Why in the
world would she fuck Isaac?

"I did not! You were begging me for it! Why else would I fuck a skank like you?!" Isaac stood
straight on his feet in front of Alanna.

"I am NOT a skank!" Alanna hollered, her breath tingling Isaac's face with the smell of cheap

"Yes you are! You fucked Taylor and I'm sure you did something to Zac when you were
watching him!" Isaac yelled back, his head burning with pain.

"Yeah that's right! I fucked Taylor and I gave Zac head! What are you jealous!? You're not as
good as them so you had to rape me?! Huh?! Huh?!" Alanna threatened moving extremely close
to Isaac.

"I didn't rape you!" Isaac growled.

"Yes you did!" Alanna insisted.

"You want to see rape?! I'll show you some fucking rape!" Isaac grabbed Alanna's waist
forcefully pushing her to his body, laying a monster kiss on her lips.

Alanna was in shock. What was Isaac doing? Why was he kissing her? Why was she kissing him
back? That's when she finally realized something... she was, indeed, in a deep, hateful, odious,
love.... with Isaac.


"Hey Tiff!" Zac grinned after she opened the door to her hotel suite where he was waiting

"Hi Zac!" Tiffany grabbed her baby-blue jacket closing the door behind her.

Zac looked her up and down. She looked perfect. That was the only word he could use to
describe her. "I guess you're ready to go!" His smile was huge.

"Yep, I got my ice skates and everything!"

"I'm gonna have to rent skates. I don't own any. Are you a good skater?"

"Not really but I'll get the hang of it." She assured following him out of the hotel doors. "Wow.
There's a lot of people here. I wonder who they're waiting for!"

"Hi Zac!" A bunch of Hanson fans greeted.

"Hey girls!" He grinned shaking some of their hands.

"Oh, their here for you." Tiffany noticed some of the fans give her confused looks.

"Who's she?!" Lindsay demanded an answer from Zac.

"This is my friend Tiff." Zac simply answered.

"Wait a sec! I thought you were dating Jaimee!"

"I said Tiff was a friend." Zac ended the beginning of an argument he didn't want to take part in.
Ignoring the rest of the fans he continued to walk to Tiffany and his destination which wasn't far
from where they were.

"You have a girlfriend?" Tiffany asked meekly.

"... No... not exactly."

"Zac... I know you're lying. Just cut the crap and tell me the truth kay?"

"Fine.... I have a girlfriend... but I really, really, really like you."

"I like you too but if you have a girlfriend then no more kissing between us. Okay?"

"Aww.. okay." The way Zac said okay told Tiffany that he wasn't serious. She knew something
was going to happen between them. She couldn't keep herself away from him and he couldn't
keep himself away from her. Something was definitely bound to occur.


As Isaac pulled away from the lip contact he had with Alanna, she buried her face into her hands,
apparently crying. "What's the matter?" He asked quietly.

"Everything! You, me, my life..." Alanna didn't look at Isaac even though his gaze was strong on

"Why?" Isaac begged to sympathize with her.

"Isaac, Why do you think our friendship changed so much in the past few months?"

"Because you used me to get to Taylor."

"Exactly. And I can not begin to apologize for that. I never realized what a special friend you
were until I had gotten what I used you for." Alanna admitted.

"What are you saying?"

"I'm saying.. lately, I've hated you so much that it has made me love you even more. Does that
make sense?" She asked looking into his soft caring eyes for a sign of understanding.

"God yes... I know exactly how you feel. I have perceived the same for you."

"Do you think there's anyway that we can be together? And have sex that means something? Or
if not that, at least start over."

"Listen," Isaac put a comforting hand on Alanna's shoulder. "I have a girlfriend, Ella, and I love
her deeply. I think I have forgotten that a few times too many on this New York City week
adventure. I don't want to break the bond Ella and I have just worked so hard to start.
Nonetheless, I would love to start over with you."

"Yeah... That sounds like a good idea." Alanna agreed wiping her tears away.

Isaac smiled taking his hand off her shoulder and situating it out to her. "Hi, I'm Isaac Hanson.
I'm in the band Hanson. You a fan?"

A smile appeared in the corner of Alanna's lips. She chuckled playing along. "Hey, I'm Alanna
Gizel. Nahh, I'm not really a fan. I just find you an incredibly intriguing and handsome man."
She accepted his hand-shake, now a huge grin on her face.

"What do you say we leave this beat-up crib and I'll introduce you to my innocent little brother
Taylor?" Isaac joked.

"I say, that's a great idea." Alanna laughed as they finished dressing and left the room.


Taylor waited outside the club for Isaac. He knew his brother couldn't go back to the hotel
without him. Running his knotty hair through his fingers, Taylor set out a plan for going to Long
Island to see Skye. The family's plane to Tulsa left at 10:00 that night. Would he even make it
back on time?

"Tay!" Isaac ran up to Taylor, Alanna following a few minutes later.

"Hey." Taylor stood up. The question of why Alanna was with Isaac ran through his mind but he
figured he wouldn't ask just yet.

"Were you out here all night?"

"No. I found three... two chicks last night and laid them."


"Isaac, I need to ask you a humongous favor."

"Oh no..."

"I need you to drive me to Long Island to see Skye... You asked me if I thought it was time I
should get over her... well, It's not. I have to see her. I have to make sure she knows that I love

"Taylor... you've had all week... we're leaving tonight.." Isaac wanted Taylor to see Skye so
things could be back to normal between them but he didn't want to drive out there for two hours
and then back.

"We'll make it... I figure we make it back to the hotel by like twelve to get ready, then we leave
by one, we get to Skye's house at three, I stay there until seven or earlier if she kicks me out, and
then we make it back to the hotel by nine and get to the airport at ten." Taylor took a deep breath
after running that by Isaac.

"That's cutting it real close..."

"Come on Isaac... when do I ask you for favors?"

"Well lets see... there was yesterday when you told me not to tell our parents about your tattoo,
then there was the time when I drove you to Oklahoma city, then the time when you made me go
on a double date with you and Kara just so her ugly annoying sister would have a date, then there
was the time when you told me to..."

"OKAY!" Taylor cut Isaac off. "Just please, this one last time! PLEASE!"


"Please." Taylor gave Isaac the most pathetic look possible.

Isaac looked over at Alanna for some insight on the subject. "Will you go with me so I have
some company?"

"Sure." Alanna shrugged.

"Fine Taylor." Isaac made the final decision.

"Oh my god! Thank you so much! I'm going to get Skye back!" A look of scheme invaded
Taylor's eyes. He definitely had a vast goal...


Zac and Tiffany glided around the crowded ice skating rink. Tiffany had said she wasn't a great
ice skater but she was actually really good. There was a bit of modesty from her on the subject.

"So how serious are you and your girlfriend?" Tiffany asked nonchalantly, taking their convo off

"We've been seeing each other for like two months." Zac tried to make it seem like it was a few
days but it was hard considering how much he really did love Jaimee.


"So, you don't have a boyfriend right?"

"I've never had one. I mean, I've gone to dances and stuff with guys. I just have never had a real
boyfriend. Sorry if that sounds.. immature."

"No it doesn't. It just sounds like your waiting for the right guy."

"Yeah, I guess."

"You know," Zac took Tiffany's hands stopping in front of her. She paused waiting for him to
finish what he began saying. "I could be your right guy." He smiled.

Tiffany looked down at the clear white ice and then back into his eyes. "Yeah, if you weren't
dating someone." She muttered.

"I'll go break up with her right now." Zac decided almost suddenly.


"I'll call her and tell her its over." He repeated.

"No! Don't do that!" Something deep inside of Tiffany was begging Zac to break off the
relationship but the good part of her didn't want him to hurt someone who most likely loved him.

"If you agree to be my girlfriend, I'll call her. You mean a lot more to me then Jaimee does. I
knew it when I first saw you yesterday." Zac couldn't stop his brain from controlling his mouth.
He didn't mean to say all these words but everything was just coming out. Watching Tiffany
stand in front of him, looking like an angel with the smooth ice reflecting off of her bright image,
everything just seemed complete.

"Zac... this decision is yours." Tiffany couldn't persuade him into not breaking up with Jaimee. It
was too difficult to lie to him.

"Fine, be right back." Zac slid over to the nearest exit of the rink leaving a guilty Tiffany
standing alone waiting for him to return. He stumbled over to a pay phone on his skates. As he
picked up the phone, he started to think. Did he really want Tiffany over Jaimee? Jaimee was
funny, pretty, sexy, understanding, older, everything he ever wanted in a girl. Then Tiffany was
fun, pretty, famous, pure and what seemed to be ‘perfect.' How could he make such a choice?
Why did he have to meet Tiffany in the first place? If he hadn't, then he would never be in such a
position. "Damnit." He mumbled hanging the phone up. How would Tiffany even know he didn't
break up with Jaimee anyway? And how would Jaimee know that he was having a friendly
relationship with another girl. His brothers didn't even know that he cheated on Jaimee. The girls
would never find out if he just kept everything secretive.

Skye sat in the living room that Saturday watching cartoons and eating dry froot loops. It was
about 3:00 in the afternoon but she had been up all night thinking about Taylor. He was clearly
on her mind. She felt ashamed for telling him that she still loved him, yet, she was happy she had
finally told him the truth about her feelings. Just as Bugs Bunny & Friends had gone to a
commercial, the phone rang. Skye muted the TV. "Hello?"

"Hey, It's Jenny. You'll never believe who I saw yesterday!"

"Who?" Skye chomped on her cereal flipping through the stations.

"I would have called you last night but James and I were out the whole time... Anyway it was
Taylor and we got into a huge fight!"

"... Wait.. I ran into Taylor too... when did you see him?"

"He was leaving the hotel with Isaac... it was early I guess..."

"Oh okay. I saw him in the tattoo parlor."

"He got a tattoo?!"

"Yeah... anyway you got into a fight with him?"

"Wow! Taylor Hanson got a tattoo! I wonder when he's gonna tell all the fans!" Jenny gushed in

"He's not. His parents don't even know. So go on.."

"Wow..." Jenny shook the tattoo thing out of her mind. "Okay.. so he gave me some bullshit,
saying he didn't love you and of course I had to prove him wrong because it was SO obvious!
Then he grabbed some crack head fan and kissed her and I made fun of him then he was like
‘Fine I love Skye!' and all this babble shit and then get this... he started crying!"

Skye's eyes widened. "Are you serious?" She wasn't surprised that he was crying. After all, she
had seen him break into tears a few times. He was a sensitive guy. She was just amazed that he
did it in front of fans.

"I swear!" Jenny laughed.

"Oh god Jen.. I told him I loved him yesterday... he just stood there... do you think he really loves

"YES! He broke into tears after he admitted it!"

Skye smiled. "What crack head fan did he kiss?"

"Some teeny... she screamed after he kissed her. It was hilarious! Damn, it was picture perfect!"

"How did he kiss her? Tongues?"

"Er, on the lips, no tongues... but that's not the point anyway! He was crying!" Jenny was
screaming with laughter.

Skye was about to respond when her door bell rang three times in a row. "Hey Jen, hold on,
someone's at the door." She put the phone on the couch walking over to the door and opening it.
"Oh.. hey Mar... Marc what's wrong?" Marc had a terrifyingly angry expression on his face. Skye
had never seen him look so disturbed.

"You know perfectly well what's wrong!!" Marc yelled approaching her strongly.

Skye was confused. Had he heard her conversation with Jenny? "Marc.. wait a sec.." Skye
grabbed the phone. "Jen, I have to go. I'll call you later." She clicked the phone off. "I don't
know what's wrong!" Skye corrected.

"You and Taylor! You still have feelings for him!"

"Where did this come from?! Is this why you were so angry when we were going home
yesterday?!" Skye didn't understand why he was so mad.

"Yes! I thought about it last night and you still love him!"

Skye looked away from Marc's evil glare. He was scaring her. "No.. I don't..."

"Look at me when you talk bitch!"

Skye's eyes snapped back into Marc's direction. "What did you just call me?" She felt her eyes
water. He was never like this.

"A bitch! A back-stabbing, cheating, BITCH!"

"I never cheated on you!" Skye shouted as loud as she could as if the volume of her words would
have an effect on his trust in her.

"LIAR! I saw the way he looked at you, and the way you looked back! It was dead obvious that
you two have something going on!"

"We HAD something going on! We don't anymore!"

"LIAR!" Marc repeated grabbing the arm Skye had gotten tattooed. "I'm glad we didn't get each
others names tattooed on our bodies! I don't think I could live with the horrible memory of a
cheating bitches name on me!"

"... And I don't think I could live with a selfish dicks name on ME!" Skye yelled back screaming
when Marc tightened the grasp he had on her arm. "Let go of me!" She cried attempting to
wiggle away from his grasp.

"I may not be famous Taylor Hanson but I'm a hell of a better boyfriend then he'll ever be!"
Marc squeezed her arm tighter, his voice louder.

"Let go ass hole! You're hurting me!" Skye wished her parents were home but the only one
awake was her brother and he was in the backyard where he couldn't hear her.

"I should have known what a slut you were from the beginning! Your telling me that you love me
then sleeping with Taylor behind my back!" Marc twisted the arm he was holding so roughly.

"Oww! Bastard!" Skye attempted to kick Marc between his legs but he slapped her first and then
threw her against the couch, releasing her from his clutches.

Skye looked up at Marc, fear burning in her eyes and tears running down her cheeks. "Get out of
this house NOW!" She demanded pointing to the door.

"I'll get out when I want to BITCH!" Marc was so mad he thought he would burst. "I don't think
you heard her right." A voice came up from behind him.

"Taylor?!" Skye was in shock. What was he doing here? It was like he came out of nowhere and
at the right time too.

Marc slowly turned around. Taylor was about two inches taller then him but nothing that would
make an embarrassing difference. "What if I didn't hear her right?!" He challenged. The thought
of why Taylor was at Skye's door never crossed Marc's mind. All he knew was that Taylor was
the enemy and must suffer.

Taylor's face was boiling red with rage. He wasn't a bit scared. If anything, he had Isaac outside
to back him up. Even Alanna could most likely use her WWF skills on him. They all saw what
was going on because of the door being wide open. "Then I'm going to have to fuck-you-up!"
Taylor alerted.

"I'm sorry, I don't take it up the ass!"

"Well in this case, you'll have to - take my foot up your ass, that is!" Taylor grabbed Marc's shirt
and threw a punch at his face. All it took to get him pumped up was watching Marc hurt Skye.
Something inside of him went off when he saw the royal cock touching the girl he loved with
such fury.

Skye watched as Taylor and Marc got tangled up into each others sloppy wrestling holds. If it
wasn't such a serious situation, she probably would have laughed. But this was completely the
opposite. They were hurting each other, swinging left and right, kicking in places Skye didn't
want to think about... She couldn't even picture who would get the final swing, the last knockout.
She contemplated whether she should stand up and tell them to stop but the thought was far too

After Taylor had given Marc a bloody nose and a whole lot of bruises, he figured he had done
enough. Throwing him outside the open door, Isaac and Alanna proudly kicked him off the curb
and onto the grass. "Don't you ev-er, ev-er touch Skye again." were Taylor's final words and
along with a thank you to his brother and Alanna, he shut the door, exhausted.

Skye sat still on the couch wondering if she should make the first move between them. "Taylor..
are you okay?" She asked quietly. It was quite obvious that he still had a bit of a macho-man act
going on. She didn't want to rain on his parade.

"Yeah." Taylor turned to her. "But your not. Let's get some ice on that slap mark." He helped her
off the couch as if she were crippled.

"You shouldn't be helping me. You look like a mess." Taylor didn't listen. He practically walked
Skye into the kitchen.

"Don't worry about me. Your all that's important."

"Is that sarcasm?" Skye asked flatly.

"No, no. It's my truthful opinion.. which took me forever to realize." Taylor searched through
Skye's freezer for an ice-pack. "Um.. you don't have any ice packs, how about a frozen steak?"

"Yeah that's fine. Take one for yourself too. Your right eye looks a little screwed up." Skye sat in
a chair at the table.

Taylor laughed. "I'm fine. Did he hurt you anywhere else?" He took a seat next to her, there
chairs facing each others.

"He grabbed my arm pretty hard and twisted it but it's nothing I won't live through."

"Which arm?" Taylor asked.

"This one." Skye lifted it up a little, using the other one to cool down the bruise forming on her
cheek with the arctic meat.

Taylor softly took Skye's tattooed arm and lightly kissed it pushing his seat closer to hers. His
light pecks delicately went up and down the top of her arm, up to her shoulder and back down to
the elbow area.

Skye felt her eyes water. Taylor's kisses were actually making her arm feel better. Maybe it was
because the butterflies in her stomach were going crazy taking her mind off the pain.

Taylor gently took Skye's hands into his. His eyes were so sensitive, he was so delicate with her.
He was just the way Skye always wanted him to be. "I love you." Taylor acclaimed smoothly.

Skye smiled. She didn't even think about smiling, her heart pasted it right on her face. "I love
you too.. so much.." She wasn't sure if what she said made sense. "Taylor?"


"Can I tell you something that I've been wanting to tell you for awhile?"

"Of course." Taylor admired how Skye had her hair up into a scrunchie looking all casual and
less like the gothic image Marc had corrupted her into.

"Okay... Lately, all I think about is you. The mistakes I made, the mistakes you made, the great
times we shared, the bad ones... No matter what I think about, you are always somewhere in the
thought. I just can't stand knowing that we're not connected. I can't stand knowing that your not
just a phone call away. I can't stand living without you. I know that sounds corny..."

"No it doesn't... Skye,"

"Wait, let me finish. Sometimes I analyze our relationship or turn little things into huge things..
then I don't realize what a mistake I've made until the whole things over with. Then there's the
times I act like a big shot, I remember a time you've really hurt me and I try desperately to hurt
you back when really I should be talking things out with you. I've done so much wrong..."

Taylor knew it was his turn to talk, to apologize. "Skye... This isn't your whole fault. I've been
an equal if not bigger ass hole. When I wanted you the most I replaced you with another girl. I
actually thought that would make me feel better but it just made everything worse. I should have
known how impossible it is to substitute you.... It's like, lately you've made me feel a lot of
rejection and I've been trying to ... seduce... more girls just to have the feeling that I can get any
girl I want. I guess you've brought me to my senses. But I've also been thinking and there is
some truth in what I was saying last week. You don't know a whole lot about me..."

"But that's what I want you to tell me."

"And I want you to tell me everything about you." Taylor smiled bringing Skye in for a hug. "I
really do love you." He could hear Skye sniffling already.

"I love you too." They both stood up as if there posture was planned.

"Your a tough girl. Don't cry." Taylor wiped away a tear from under her eye.

"Yeah, that's your job." Skye snickered lightly.

"Jenny told you, didn't she?!" Taylor laughed.

Skye smiled. "Yeah, she did."

"She really opened things up for me. I'm glad she was there yesterday."

"Yeah, me too. But I'm happier that you were here today. Why did you come anyway?"

"I wanted to see you to make sure we were both sure about our decisions last week."

"Oh, well we definitely weren't!"

"I agree. Listen, I'm not going to force you to trust me. That's something I'll have to earn over
time. I just want to make sure we keep in touch so that we don't lose each other. I don't want to
start figuring out whether your my friend or girlfriend. I just know that your really special to me
and when I get everything settled at home and in my life, we'll be together."

"I know I'm being technical here, but as a girlfriend the deal is not to cheat. As a friend there
really isn't any pressure or problems in that area. I just want to know what package I'm getting,
you know?"

"Yeah, I understand. Your getting the ‘Taylor will try his best before he commits' package."
Taylor hoped Skye wouldn't get upset about his statement.

"Try really hard Taylor." Skye wrapped her arms around his neck.

"I promise I will." Taylor cautiously leaned over and gave Skye a tame kiss on her lips. He was
nervous. After all the possibility of her being just a friend was still pretty big.

Skye was overwhelmed that Taylor gained up enough courage to kiss her. She certainly wasn't
brave enough to make that move. As his velvety soft lips brushed over hers she felt her whole
body going crazy. The reaction to the kiss was frightening. "Please don't stop." She muttered, her
lips still touching his. Taylor nuzzled his face into her neck kissing it sweetly.

"I'll never stop." Taylor brought his lips up her neck using a little of his tongue. "Do you want to
go up to your room?" He hoped she would say yes.

"Maybe that's not such a good idea." Skye said between breaths. "We might ruin what we're
starting to get back." She returned the kiss he laid on her lips after she finished speaking.

"MmmHmm. If you say so." Taylor proceeded to kiss her shoulder. Skye kept are eyes shut
taking in the feeling of his hot breath teasing her flesh. Slowly, he went down her body lifting her
light blue baby tee up to kiss her stomach. "A belly button ring?" He smiled fingering the tiny
hoop then lightly running his tongue across the medal.

"Oh..." Skye moaned quietly.

"Can I?" Taylor held the elastic of Skye's boxers wanting desperately to take them off and eat
her out like his hunger for her screamed.

"My brother might come in." Skye made aware.

"Let's go to your room."

"I don't know Taylor..."

"Do you want to just stop? Because its not a big deal." Taylor looked up at Skye, his sparkling
eyes coaxing her into giving into letting him have her.

Skye gazed at him. He was so beautiful, so irresistible. "I don't know." She looked away from
him shyly.

"Your blushing." Taylor grinned.

Skye looked back at him. "That's what you do to me." Her voice was completely virtuous.

Taylor made his way back up to Skye's eye level putting his hands around her waist and pulling
her against him into another kiss.

Skye's body reacted as soon as she felt Taylor's tongue plunge into her mouth. She flickered her
tongue with his as they gently made their usual swirls. She could feel his hand massaging the
front of her velvet boxers. He knew just where to touch her.

Taylor stopped kissing Skye. "I bet your wet." He lifted an eyebrow.

Skye paused. Taylor was right. She was terribly horny. "Lets go upstairs so you can find out."
She nodded her eyes towards the steps.

Finally, the words Taylor had been waiting for. "Lead the way." He followed her, hand in hand to
her room. Skye sat on her bed. She anticipated feeling Taylor's hands on her. She watched him
and his sexy tattoo intensely after he took off his white tee and went on to straddle her. "Touch
me." Skye whispered pulling her long South Park shirt over her head.

Taylor was surprised Skye wasn't wearing a bra but figured she was alone in the house anyway,
until Marc took her by surprise. Taylor casually fondled Skye's breasts engulfing her nipples with
his mouth. As he continued he realized that he had never really given Skye anything like she had
always given him. The endless blowjobs, and handjobs. He hardly returned any of it. Skye was
right, he had been selfish. Taylor knew he had to make up for it now. Lowering himself down her
body he slid off her boxers smiling. Teasing her, he touched the wet area of her panties. He began
to gently rub her there with his middle and index finger.

Skye was pretty much silent except for a few light moans. "Take them off." Skye touched the
back of his hand. Taylor did as she said and Skye helped by wriggling out of them. Taylor laid
down on the bed widening her legs. She wasn't sure what he was about to do but she hoped it
was the one thing he owed her. Laying back and thinking, she almost jumped when she felt his
tongue run up her slit. "Oh my god!"

Taylor just smiled continuing what he had set out to do. He knew he had taken her by surprise.
He licked up and down her vagina noticing how her insides were becoming a very dark pink. He
couldn't remember a time when her body had reacted as aroused as it was now. Taylor persisted
to stroke her quickly, wanting to taste everything she was giving him.

"Oh god..." Skye laid her head against the head board of the bed watching Taylor. She couldn't
take the view of him licking her so repeatedly. She couldn't take the feel of his tongue sending
waves of enjoyment through her body. "Ohhhh!!!" She groaned exploding into the biggest
enjoyment possible. Watching Taylor gulp down all of her cum made her even more horny.

After Skye had climaxed Taylor slid up to her. They looked each other, eye to eye, and in a way
Skye was thanking him. Lifting her head up to his she held the back of his head with her hand
and fleetly kissed him. "I didn't expect that. I guess its my my turn now." She smirked fiddling
with the button on his gray semi-baggy pants.

"No you don't have to." Taylor took her hand. "You don't have to give me anything." He smiled.
"Except your love."

"Taylor... that's so sweet. I love you to death." She bit her lip. "So you don't want to have sex or

Taylor shook his head. "No. I want to take things slower since I'm not sure what we are."

"Um, then why was your head between my legs just now?" Skye grinned.

"Because I owe you." Taylor chuckled. "Besides, I wanted to."

"Oh reaally? I hope you want to some more later." Skye giggled kissing him again.

Taylor took Skye into his arms. "Maybe I will." He murmured into her ear.

Skye laughed grasping his hands. "Don't leave me tonight."

"I really don't want to but I have to be out of here by seven. We have to catch a plane at ten."

"Where are you going now?" Skye was disappointed.

"Back home. Zac's having a birthday party."

"Oh.... I guess you have to leave soon anyway. My mom won't let me see you, remember?"


"Yeah... but I just want you to know that I'm not putting pressure on you to not kiss other girls or
whatever. It's a party, have fun, don't think of me. Okay?"

"I'm not going to ever stop thinking of you. Every time I do something I think of you and wonder
if its okay or what you would think. Don't put all your faith in me yet Skye, just remember that
I'm going to try my best to make us work."

"Thank you." Skye hugged Taylor. "Thank you."