I'm Not a Playa Chapter 29

Taylor covered his eyes with his square framed sunglasses. Although it was shady out, he knew
wearing them would add to his sexy appearance.

"So where are we off to?" Isaac asked noticing how the train had left them in the median of time

"To call our parents." Taylor casually answered stopping at a pay phone. "Gotta quarter?"

"Why are you calling them?!" Isaac demanded an explanation.

Taylor rolled his eyes. "We're going to be back at the hotel either really late or tomorrow so we
have to tell our parents an excuse. Geez Ike..."

"You have an excuse?" Isaac handed Taylor a quarter.

"Yeah, I do." He took the quarter and put it in the pay phone quickly dialing his fathers cell
number. After Walker picked up, Taylor explained how Isaac and him had met up with a friend
from New York who's house they wanted to sleep over at. Walker said it was fine as long as they
were home by morning. Sometimes Taylor questioned his parents teen awareness. They didn't
have a clue what their sons were up too.

"Now we have to find a club to go to..."

"Gimme another quarter." Taylor ordered.


"Just give me a quarter!" He repeated.

"I don't have another. I only have bills."

"Ugh, yeah right Ike." Taylor punched in the number he was trying to reach through collect.

"Who are you talking to?" Isaac noticed Taylor speaking in a whisper and turning so that only his
back was made public.

A few minutes past and Taylor hung up, facing his brother. "Kay, done. There's a club on west

"We're going now?"

"Yep." Taylor grabbed Isaac's arm stomping back off to the train station. "Oh Ike, can you do me
a favor?"

"What is it?" Isaac asked flatly.

"About Zac's birthday party. If he asks you if you want Tara to come then just say no." Taylor
figured it was a convenient time to bring the Tara subject up.

"Tara? Ohhhhh, got a boyfriend, don't want you Tara! Haha."

"Don't start Ike!" Taylor was serious.

"Played Taylor's ass Tara!"

"ISAAC! Please shutup!!"

Isaac put on a little girl voice. "Will you be my girlfriend Tara? Perty perty please? I really like
you." He mocked his brother and then Tara's reaction. "Ew no! I have a boyfriend and he is
soooo much better then you!" Isaac burst into laughter thinking of the scene playing in his mind.

"I can't believe I told you that!" Taylor pushed his brother's shoulder, frisky yet filled with anger.
All Isaac did was chuckle. "I was only twelve!" Taylor defended.

"And she said NO! Hahaha!!" Just the thought of someone refusing to go out with Taylor was
hilarious to Isaac. Tara was one of the only girls his brother had ever asked to go steady with and
she turned him down like a limp dick.

Taylor grumbled some pointless words underneath his breath then spoke up. "That was like so
long ago!"

"I love you Tara!" Isaac laughed. He just couldn't get the predicament out of his head.

"Don't aggravate me!" Taylor huffed walking far ahead of Isaac.

"Lemme ask you one more thing." Isaac stalked after him.

"What?" Taylor rolled his eyes.

"Skye told you she loved you today. So then why do you have this urge to have sex and forget
about the pledge she made to you?"

"Because, it's obvious I can't have her. There's no way I can compete with the long haired me
wannabe freak who's always there for her. Besides that, you can see the way their like

"That isn't true. All those times you were fucking girls behind her back, you could have been on
the phone with her. Plus, she didn't seem like she liked Marc THAT much. She was bossing him
around like he was her play thing." Isaac pointed out.

"Yeah whatever." Taylor mumbled. "OFF the Skye subject please!"

"Oh, I forgot, this is the topic we have to avoid..." Now Isaac was rolling his eyes. God, Taylor
was pathetic. Why did he have such a stupid brother? Washing away the familiar thoughts, he
tried to catch up with Taylor who was now far ahead of him.


"I'm going to the pool!" Zac told his parents, grabbing a towel from the bathroom.

"Bring Jessica with you!" Walker commanded.

"Fine." Zac sighed waiting for his sister to get her swim suit on. When she was ready they both
made their way down to the huge square shaped indoor pool.

"I bet I can get in faster then you!" Jessica challenged running over to the edge of the pool.

"Don't even try to make a bet like that! You know I always win!" Zac grinned fleeing over to
Jessica's side. He instantly came to a halt when his eyes caught a glimpse of a gorgeous girl
sitting by the side of the swimming pool. Slowing down his pace, he watched her watch him. He
couldn't take his eyes off of her. Her smile was teeming on her full cherry mouth. Her straight
strawberry blonde hair bounced perfectly on her ideally shaped hips. She noticeably had the
brightest shade of green eyes he had ever seen. Even her thin bangs couldn't hide them. Her
baby-green, tank top like bathing suit fit her body completely, as if it was made to apt her curves.
She was absolutely the most beautiful girl in the world. As he continued his short journey to
Jessica, he gave the flawless girl a friendly smile hoping she would return it. His stomach jumped
a mile when he noticed her lips curve into a smirk. Deciding to make his passion for her less
obvious, he turned away and watched Jessica easily win the venture they had set. Jumping in
after her, he tried his hardest to keep from watching his new interest. All of a sudden, a splash
sounded causing him to turn in the direction of the noise. Funny, no one was there. Pondering his
thoughts, Zac felt someone's hands on top of his head. What was Jessica doing? Before he had a
chance to turn around, the hands had successfully dunked him under the water. "Jess!" Zac
screamed after coming up for air.

"No, not Jess." A sweet voice spoke.

Turning around, Zac was stunned by the pretty girl he had been checking out. "Oh, I, urm, I....
WOW!" After letting a remark like that leave his mouth, he suddenly felt entirely embarrassed.

"I'm Tiffany but people call me Tiff." She blushed.

"I, I, I'm Zac." He couldn't help but think of what a moron he was being. He was losing his cool
in front of a girl, one whom was brave enough to approach him.

"I know who you are silly!" Tiffany smiled.

"Oh... you're from here?"

"Wow, I thought you would ask why I dunked you under the water, not where I'm from!" She

"Oh, well... why did you?"

"You really wanna know why?" Tiffany laughed.

"Yep. Why?"

Tiffany approached Zac slowly as if she had a secret to tell him. "Because I think you're cute."
She whispered into his ear. She was shy but tried hard to hide it.

Zac's eyes widened. "Really?"


‘Wow' Zac thought. His mind raced. "So... um, where are you from?" He restated wanting
desperately to start conversation.

"Columbus, Ohio but I'm filming a movie here in Manhattan."

"Wow, you're an actress?" Zac was starry eyed.

"Yeah and right now I'm loving every part of it!" Tiffany gushed looking over Zac's broad
shoulders, flabby muscles and wet golden hair.

"You're gonna love new fame!"

"I'm going to love fame, period!" Tiffany winked pulling her hair into a scrunchie. "Do you stay
at this hotel often?"

"Yeah." Zac felt himself intimidated by Tiffany. This didn't make him feel bad though. Hardly
anyone but Taylor could intimidate him, especially girls. Tiffany had to be special. "This hotel is
really boring." Zac enlightened her, ringing his hair dry.

Tiffany looked up at Zac, a playful look in her eyes. "It doesn't have to be." A mischievous grin
took over her mouth.

First Zac thought Tiffany was talking about sex but as he watched her expressions he could tell
that definitely wasn't it. "What do you have in mind Tiff?" Zac's smile was inquiring.

"Ever play elevator tag?" Tiffany raised an eyebrow.


"It's also known as causing havoc for snobby rich people." She laughed dangerously, still,
seemed entirely innocent.

"Ooo, I like destruction!"

"Haha, and on top of that, it's fun!" Tiffany lightened up.

"Soooo... how do you play?"

"Let's get out of the here then I'll tell you." Tiffany took Zac's hand from under the water
guiding him out of the pool. When they were on land she grabbed two towels and ran, still
holding Zac near at hand.

"Wait! My sister!" Zac warned.

"Don't worry about her! There's a lifeguard there!" Tiffany giggled.

Zac calmed down and followed Tiffany. He noticed they were dripping on the expensive marble
floors but since she didn't seem to mind, he didn't think he should either.

"Okay!" Tiffany backed Zac into a corner stopping the mad dash they had made. "Here's the
game plan. You take the elevator on the right, I'll take the one on the left. Whoever makes it to
the top first wins."

Zac grinned. Tiffany's elevator game actually sounded amusing. He couldn't wait to see the look
on her face when she saw him waiting for her at the top. "Okay! Let's get the elevator's!" Zac
pushed the down button to signal the lift. When both elevator's had made it to the lobby, they
both jumped in and punched in the highest floors number. Zac impatiently watched the digits on
the top of the door crawl up. ‘Aw shit' The door opened at the sixteenth floor and two hotel
visitors stepped in. "C'mon, c'mon." He muttered but the elevator stopped once more. Now a
mother and a little girl entered.

"Oh my gosh! Mommy! That's that boy in the band cousin Joey likes!" The little girl pointed to

"Oh no..." Zac whined silently giving the mother a kind smile.

"You wouldn't mind signing something, would you?" The mother asked handing over a pen and
paper from her purse.

Occasionally Zac wasn't allowed to sign autographs without his brothers signatures included.
This was different. He had to win a race and to him victory was everything.

"Can you sign one for me too? I have a niece who loves you guys." Another passenger asked.

"Sure, sure." Zac inked in his name on the papers just as the elevator came to it's last stop on the
top floor. He finished signing the papers and cautiously stepped out. What a surprise, he was
greeted by a big proud grin. "Yeah, hi." He mumbled.

"Hi-hi loser." Tiffany laughed.

"I woulda won if I didn't have to sign autographs."

"No you wouldn't. I was here at least thirty seconds before you!" Tiffany chortled.

"Okay then, one more round! Winner takes ALL!" Zac challenged.

"Sure. We're going down now."

"Yep. Hey, I got a question, how old are you?" Zac asked as they waited for the elevators to
come back up.

"I have two numbers in my age. One looks like a stick and the other represents how many stripes
are on you're swim trunks. What am I?" Tiffany chuckled.

"Aw c'mon, that's stupid!" Zac looked down at his trunks then back up at her. "Two?" A baby
smile cornered his lips.

"Do I look like I'm two?!" Tiffany joked.

"Awww Tiff.... this is like math... I don't wanna do math."

"Twelve Zac, twelve." Tiffany sighed. "But I'm turning thirteen soon." She added.

"Me too! I'm turning thirteen in four days!" Zac expressed holding up four fingers.

"Happy birthday to you..." Tiffany started to sing, laughing her way through the first verse.

Zac smiled. "The elevators are here, you can stop singing!"

"Dear Zaaaac...." Tiffany stopped. "Oh okay, ready, set, GO...!"

As Zac hopped into the elevator he had a plan. ‘What if I get off the elevator, take the stairs down
a few flights, signal Tiff's elevator then jump in and scare her? Haha, It'd be so funny to see her
pale as a ghost.' Deciding to put his ‘brilliant' scheme into action Zac did exactly what he
planned out. He hit the twenty-fifth floor, ran down a few flights of stairs, thereupon pushed the
calling button on the left elevator. ‘Haha, this is gonna be so good.' He thought just as the door
opened. "WAH!" He screamed. Exactly as he intended, Tiffany shot back against the wall behind
her, a small shriek departing her mouth.

"Haha!" Zac treaded into the elevator watching Tiffany catch her breath.

"I can't believe you did that Zac!" Tiffany clutched her heart.

One of Zac's famous giggles left his mouth. "Aww poor Tiffy got scared." He advanced towards

"Yes, actually I did." Tiffany pouted.

"I'll make it all better." Zac smiled stroking her cheek with the back of his hand, a sure plea of
sympathy for a jesting circumstance.

Tiffany wanted to make a huge come back but she couldn't. Something was weird about this
situation. Zac was so silent, so grim. She hated when things were quiet. She was an outgoing girl
and she needed to be in an outgoing environment. Having Zac diligently nuzzle his half-naked
self against her certainly wasn't an example. "Zac," Tiffany looked straight into his big brown

"Hmm?" Zac smiled.

"What are you doing?" She didn't mean to sound so bratty but she was nervous.

Zac blushed. "Well, I... Can I kiss you?" He had the look of appeal in his eyes as if he were, well,
as if he were a twelve year old boy asking a girl for a kiss.

"I..." Tiffany bashfully looked away from him.

"Please?" He whimpered feeling remarkably stupid.

"I... Why isn't this elevator moving?" Tiffany abruptly changed the subject.

Zac looked away from her. "Maybe because you never pushed the down button."

"Oh, oops." She leaned over and pressed it.



The moment was over. There was no way Zac was going to get to kiss Tiffany. Oh well, it was
most likely better that way. He had a girlfriend and he couldn't forget it.

"STOP IT!" Tiffany shouted out of nowhere.

"Huh?" Zac's assertion fully spoke his mind.

"Stop thinking!"

Zac narrowed his eyes. It might have made sense if Tiffany was joking but she was totally
solemn. The elevator came to a stop just as he spoke up. "Are you okay?" He asked as they
stepped back into the hotel lobby.

"I'm fine Zac." Tiffany assured. "I just hate when everything's calm. If you think something, say
it please."

"I can't tell you everything that I'm thinking but... if you like loud places then you're in the best

"Sure am! I love the crowds and the taxi horns!"

"Two things I can't stand." Zac timidly took her hand into his.

"Can you forget about my outburst in the elevator?" Tiffany questioned nervously.

"Yeah, not that it was a big deal or anything..."

"Thanks!" This was all she said.

"But, um, can you forget the kiss thing?" Zac had to make things even between them.

"Yeah but can I ask you something?"

"Of course!"

"...Do you like me?" Tiffany bashfully looked down at the floor as she asked this.

Zac put a hand on her shoulder apprising her to stop walking. "Look me in the eyes when you ask

Tiffany looked into Zac's eyes confusingly. "Why?"

"Now ask." Zac's head was being filled with thoughts of romance and lust.

"Okay... do you like me?" Tiffany reiterated with little assurance in her voice.

It took awhile for Zac to answer. All he did was stare at her. He admired how her light red shaded
hair seemed to help frame her face and how her eyebrows brought out her smile. It was weird
how she was so, perfect. It was like God worked extra hard to perfect her looks. Even her
cheerful attitude appeared as if her soul was had over-time help. The answer to her question was
clear. "Yeah, I like you... a lot... but, do you like me?"

Tiffany's cheeks turned a deep shade of red. "A little bit... but,"

"But what?" Zac asked curiously.

"You're no Justin Timberlake!" She screamed giggling.

Zac shook his head jokingly. "RUN little bopper, RUN!"

"Hehehe!!" Tiffany hurried down the empty hotel halls laughing like crazy. She knew Zac was
close behind and would catch her at any second. Lucky for her, the hotel room she was booked
with was on the first floor. Taking her card-key out of the towel it was wrapped in, she hastily
opened the suites entrance, shutting it before Zac had a chance to catch her.

"HEY!" Zac bellowed. "Not fair!" All he could hear were giggles from the other side of the door.
"Awww Tiff, let me in!" He knocked.

"Ummmm, NO!" She teased.

"Please." Zac put on a phony blameless voice.


"Come on, please."

Tiffany swung the door open. "Okay!" She shrugged.

Before Zac could say anything he snatched her small body into his arms kicking the door closed
with his foot.

"Ahhhh Zac! Put me down!" Of course Tiffany didn't want him to let go of her. She just didn't
want him to know that she preferred being in his arms.

"I'm taking you hostage!" Zac cackled.

"Nahhh.... I can bite ya know?"

Zac grinned. "Oh reaally?"


"I like girls that bite."

As Zac gripped Tiffany's legs tighter, her face hung backing his round butt."You know, the view
down here's not that bad." She chuckled playing Zac's little flirting game back.

"Ew don't look there pervert!" Zac joked throwing her onto one of the hotel beds in a separate

"Thanks for putting me down!" Tiffany sat up fixing her hair.

Zac shyly sat next to her. "So... what's up?"

For a few seconds Tiffany was quiet. "Remember what you asked me in the elevator?" She didn't
look up from her lap.

"Hey! I said to forget that!" Zac whined.

"I can't..."

"Why? And don't tell me you're bringing that up to embarrass me!"

"No, no, no. I'm bringing it up because... I want you to."

"To kiss you?" Zac asked slowly.

Tiffany blushed. "Uh huh." She tried to elaborate. "It' just that you're so much fun to hang out
with and... and, we had a lot of fun. I just wanted you to... I, I..."

"Shhh..." Zac got down on his knees so that he could look into Tiffany's eyes. Raising her chin
up, he delicately laid a soft kiss on her radiant lips.

Tiffany smiled. "Do it again." She surveyed him as he neared her, taking her soft hand into his.
She never actually realized how adorably cute he was until his face was touching hers. Their next
kiss lasted longer and soon she felt Zac's tongue probe into her mouth. Sure, she had never
French kissed anyone before but it was worth a try. She was definitely not going to push him

Laying Tiffany on the bed, their kisses became deeper and much more concentrated. Making out
with her would have been a lot easier if Zac hadn't promised himself to Jaimee. On one hand, he
wanted to stop kissing Tiffany and face the fact that he had a girlfriend but on the other he found
her irresistible. It wasn't like he wanted her for sex, he just wanted her. She had made him feel
like he was a twelve year old boy and not some huge pop star who was expected to be mature.
That was something he hardly ever felt with Jaimee.

As Zac's hand crawled up Tiffany's shirt she backed away. "I don't want to go further then
kisses, okay?"

"Yeah, sure." Zac agreed out of breath.

Tiffany smirked. "It's getting late and you have to get you're sister... so um, wanna hang out

Did Zac want to hang out with Tiffany tomorrow? Of course! "Yeah, that'd be cool! We could go

"Yep, you know the city better then me."

"Not really but I know where a really cool ice skating rink is! I went there with my brothers for a
photo shoot once! They play awesome music and the it's really big."

"Oh wow! That sounds like so much fun!" Tiffany exclaimed.

"It is! How bout I pick you up at one?"

"Great! I'll be ready! Oh but I have to be back by seven, we're shooting some of the movie
tomorrow." Tiffany walked Zac to the door.

"I have to be back around that time too. We're going home."

"Awww, you're leaving?"

"Yeah... why? You're gonna miss me?"

"Mayybe." Tiffany laughed opening the suites door for him.

Zac smiled. "I'll see you tomorrow." He kissed her mouth one last time. "Sweet dreams." He said
softly closing the door behind himself.

"Here it is!" Taylor alerted pointing to the huge loud night club.

"Yeah, there it be." Isaac stated uniformly walking over to the entrance.

"NO! Wait!" Taylor pulled him back. "We have to wait for someone!"

"Who'd you invite?" Isaac whimpered.

"You'll see..." Just as Taylor said this, Alanna showed up.

"Hey peeps." She greeted.

"You came! I have to show you my tattoo! It's so dangerou..."

"Why the fuck did you invite her?!" Isaac interrupted.

"Because I felt like it." Taylor ignored him and lifted the tight shirt he wore over his head turning
around. "Doesn't it look so cool?!"

"Yeah Taylor. It's phat." Alanna ran her fingers over the medium sized cross on the small of his
back. "Actually, it's really sexy."

"Doesn't it make you want to jump in the sack with me?!"

"You know I always want to jump in the sack with you." Alanna whispered into his ear, nibbling
it sensually. Isaac stood by rolling his eyes.

Taylor grinned. "If I wasn't me then I would fuck me right now! Haha!"

"Ooo can I watch?!" Alanna joked.

"I'm gonna go find a chick, I'll see you two later." Isaac left them and walked into the club. He
had to prove that he was a fun guy. But first he had to loosen up. There was no way he could
relax being as tense and he was. Walking over to the large bar, he ordered a few shots of alcohol.

"How old are you?" The bar tender demanded.

"I'm twenty-two." Isaac lied hoping he wouldn't ask for ID. It turned out he didn't but he still
gave Isaac a few suspicious looks. As he began to gulp down the shots, he already felt like he
was a fun guy. Taylor was wrong about him, Isaac could be the funnest guy in the world... if he

Taylor took a seat at the bar watching Alanna scarf down a whole bunch of alcohol. Deciding to
have some of his own fun he left the table and walked over to a pretty teenager in a very short
black skirt. "Hey." Taylor smiled pulling back his sweaty hair. He knew his sexy raspy voice
would make the girl he was hitting on fall into his arms.

"Hey cutie." The girl spoke. "I'm Carol." She knew well enough that he was trying to start

"I'm Taylor. You wanna dance?"

"Sure." She smiled as he took hold of her hand and walked her to the crowded dance floor. As
the the beat echoed on the floor, Carol felt like screaming. Her eyes were eased and shut, sweat
steamed off her face, and the lights pounded on her back. She sensed Taylor's body moving
further away from hers, and knew his eyes were melting into her heated skin. Reaching her hand
to her dark brown hair, she seductively pulled it through her long fingers. She pretended that she
didn't know Taylor was watching. She knew he wanted her just as bad as she wanted him. Carol
knew how to work for it, and the goal of the night was to win the little game she played. The cool
air from the newly allotted space, quickly slipped away invaded by heat. She felt Taylor's hands
wrap around her bare waist to pull her in. She moved in with no objection, letting her own hands
float in the air. Taylor wanted her hands on him therefore he pulled them around his neck moving
his body closer to hers. Carol could feel him, hard against her skirt.

Taylor wanted Carol's body to move with his, to the beat. Both horny teens rocked together as
his hands drifted lower and lower down. Suddenly he took a strong grip on her backside, pushing
her into him, no space left between them.

Carol was about to speak up but it wasn't like he would hear her over the throbbing music. It was
fairly obvious he was turned on and just wanted to feel, not chat. She knew simply from the fact
that she felt that way. All Carol could think of besides the fact that she lecherous was how fine
Taylor looked. Sure he was a Hanson, but at that moment he was one of the sexiest guys alive.
His fingers caressed the sensitive area behind her ears, and he pulled a few strands of hair away
from her face. She couldn't resist his touch, his presence.

"Let's get out of here, baby," Taylor mouthed.

Carol nodded. That was just what she wanted to hear. Taylor's sweaty palm grabbed a hold of
hers, and they found their way into the cool night air. "Where are we going?" She could hear her
shoes click across the sidewalk.

Taylor didn't answer. He guided her to the back of the club, the music getting fainter and fainter
as they walked.

"Where are we going?" Carol repeated.

"Right here." Taylor stopped at the back corner of the cabaret opening a door to a spare bedroom
which Alanna had told him about earlier. Closing the door behind them, he pinned Carol against
the wall ripping at her shirt. He easily took it off. Carol laughed wriggling out of her skirt and

His fingers stroked Carol's sides, and outlined the rim of the satin fabric of her bra. His eyes
traced her cleavage, and he winded his fingers behind her back,
quickly undoing the clasp. He watched as she slipped it off, her breasts jiggling and his hands
already beginning to palm them. Taylor was turned on when a soft moan escaped Carol's mouth.
He corruptibly stroked the skin of her breasts, creating hardness in her nipples.

Carol thought that was the most she could take at the point, until she realized Taylor has a lot
more to offer. His playful tongue took one long lick across the surface area, before attacking the
nipples of both breasts, as if her body was a lollipop. Why Taylor Hanson, Mr. Teen Pop Star
wanted to sleep with Carol, a seventeen year old nobody was beyond her. Taking control she
unclothed Taylor as he watched a bit mystified. He offered absolutely no help. He liked to make
girls work for it, just as he has to. When he was only wearing a pair tight navy briefs, Carol
noticed him flinch in pain. That was the one article of clothing he obviously needed to get rid of
most. Slipping her hand inside, she heard him lightly whimper. She continued, tracing around his
balls, gently massaging them. Her hands were taking on a life of their own, leading down to his
throbbing organ to the area below the head that seemed to center his need for sexual desire.

Taylor backed away from Carol's hand. He wanted it to last as long as
humanly possible, but her single goal was to make him cum. He slipped out of his clothing, and
let himself be free. He was covered in pre-cum, and she decided that she wanted to see what he
tasted like. Sitting him down on the bed she spread his legs apart. Leaning over she began to suck
him, gently at first, increasing her roughness. His loud demanding cries encouraged her to try
harder. Until, he took her shoulders, and gently nudged her off the floor and onto the bed. Carol
could feel Taylor's body gently collide with hers, his hands moving briskly, lips on her neck,
traveling dangerously low. "Oh God," Carol yelped, as he got on his side in order to place a
finger inside her. She was enjoying the feeling of his exploration of her body. Forcing her eyes
open, she could see Taylor's glowing red face examining her to understand which touches
brought about the most satisfied facial expressions. "Come on, Baby. Go ahead. I can't take it
any longer," she gasped. Rather than having the power, she just gave it up to him. Taylor soon
positioned himself to enter, legs on each side of Carol's hips
straddling her. She closed her eyes, expectantly, just waiting for him to make her feel like he did
when they were dancing. Then, in a rush of perfection, he was inside her. The music could still
be heard from a distance, and they kept in time to the pulsating rhythm. Eyes shut tightly, Carol
envisioned spinning colors like the ones vibrantly painted on the walls of the grunge like
bedroom. Senses numbed, she focused solely on the one part of her body that felt so absolutely
wonderful at the moment. Taylor continued to work on her with his hands until she reached her
peak, and collapsed with him in a tangled heap on the messy bed. It was strangely obvious that
neither wouldn't be catching their breaths anytime soon. Carol knew she would be fairly
worthless in doing any physical activity within the next day and as for Taylor, he was used to the
feeling after having sex. To him Carol was just another girl he fucked, another one night stand.


"Awww shit." Isaac stumbled across the night club feeling completely out of it. It was safe to say
he had way to much to drink. He couldn't walk, think or look straight. Deciding it was time to
find a girl, he scanned the club for someone interested. Floundering over to a familiar pretty face
Isaac took a seat next to her. "Yo what's up homie." He was stuttering and majorly drunk.

"Hey!" Alanna responded bombed out of her face as well. She couldn't seem to stop giggling.
"Do I know you?!"

"Y-yeah, I think so."

"Yeah, you're a Hanson! Haha! I knew that!"

"Yeah, that's me! I'm one horny FUN Hanson!" Isaac attempted to take a seat in the stool next to
Alanna but missed and fell onto the hard floor. "Woops!" He laughed trying his hardest to get up.

Alanna giggled like crazy. "So you're horny?" She chuckled finishing her ninth bottle of beer.

"Oh yeah! Are you?"

"Oh yeah baybe!" She screamed. "Woo-hoo!"

"Wanna get a room some place?!"

"Yeah baybe!"

Alanna and Isaac both found their way out of the bustling club and into an empty bedroom. They
were unaware of what was going on, and it was certain that when they found out it wouldn't be

"So Mr. Ike Hanson, what you wanna do?" Alanna slurred approaching Isaac once they were

Just the nearness of Alanna's body made Isaac hot and horny. "I wanna get it on! YEAH!"

Alanna straddled Isaac sloppily, feeling him stiffen underneath her. After unbuttoning his jeans,
she stripped him of his clothes, boxers and all. "Heh, Ike is horny." Alanna chortled beginning to
stimulate the shaft of the penis.

"Mhmm.." Isaac moaned.

"You like it? Hehe.."

"Oh yeah!"

Alanna continued to rub Isaac listening to his groans of enjoyment. She couldn't comprehend the
fact that she was giving one of her biggest enemies a hand-job. She was too drunk to think about
what she was doing. Kneading his balls, she knew he was about to cum. She had too much
experience in her life to not know this.

A last groan escaped Isaac's mouth as he laid Alanna down on the bed lifting her skirt up. He
pushed her further up to the headboard lying down on his stomach so that her clothed vulva was
directly in front of his face. He looked up at her before he went on. Gently, he bit at the flower
printed silk panties she wore causing them to become wetter then they already were. Alanna let
out a light moan trying hard to concentrate on Isaac's moist tongue licking the area where her clit
was throbbing with pleasure. She couldn't think straight. If she was sober she would have pushed
Isaac away a long time ago. But, she wasn't and all she could do was lay back and enjoy the
feeling of his lips and tongue against her. Pulling Alanna's underwear down, his mouth was now
touching her moist flesh. He continued to stroke her most sensitive spots, soon after, guiding his
tongue into her vagina hole. Shaking his head violently, he soon got a taste of her sex juices as
she hit a climax.

Alanna giggled like crazy trying to calm herself down. Before she had time to give him
something, he had already taken it. "Ohhh!" She moaned as he entered her body, his hips rapidly
moving with hers. She took hold of his round pushing him closer to her so that his whole penis
penetrated her body. Fondling her nipples, Alanna started to giggle again. The whole night was
flying past both of them and no one was realizing what a mistake it was. After Isaac and Alanna
had both hit an orgasm they laid next to each other snickering. For the next couple hours all they
did was laugh, until they passed out, that is.


Taylor watched the bright colors on the ceiling as if they were something beyond amazing. Carol
laid next to him completely silent, afraid to utter a word since they hadn't really talked. They
both had sex for one simple reason, to get off.

"Now for some real fun." A very deep womanly voice entered the room.

"What the fuck?!" Taylor sat up facing a severely tall curvy individual.

"My name is Athena Axel."

Carol sat absolutely still. She had an eerie feeling about Athena.

"Any of you horny?" Athena asked reapplying more makeup to her powdered, over-done face.
"Because I'm in for some major fun tonight."

"What do you have in mind?" Taylor asked playing master flirt.

"Oh I dunno, maybe a nice fuck?" She sat next to Taylor on the bed.

Taylor licked his lips. "We could do that." He grinned.

There was no way Carol was going to stay in a half vacant room with an aroused women.
Grabbing her clothes, she prudently slipped them onto her body.

"How about a nice long blow-job?" Athena asked Taylor.

"Sounds good." Taylor unzipped his pants.

"Oh no honey. I mean me." Athena whipped "her" dick out of the tiny skirt "she" wore.

"HOLY SHIT!" Taylor covered his eyes in shock.

"Oh god!" Carol burst into laughter. Taylor cradled himself into a ball, scared shitless of the

"I guess guys don't turn you on?" Athena smiled.

"FUCK! I don't go that way!" Taylor grabbed his clothes running out of the room with Carol
behind him. He couldn't believe what had just happened. He had never ran so fast. Lights from
the club blurred past him as he continued his journey to nowhere. When he figured he had run far
enough from Athena, he hid in a corner.

"Are you okay?" Carol politely asked still chuckling from the surprising incident.

"Yeah fine.." Taylor muttered. "Just fine.."

"Haha... well, besides what just happened, you were really great tonight. You knew all the right
places to touch me and I would kill to do it again."

Taylor smiled. "You were good too."


"Well... I'm going to go find my brother and recover from that little event."

Carol chuckled. "Okay, I better get going too."

"Later." Taylor wrapped her in a hug and watched her walk away. ‘Now where's Isaac?' He
pondered entering the club. As he looked around the crowded room he couldn't find him or
Alanna. ‘Where am I going to spend the night if none of them show up?' He thought, then
realizing that the answer to his question was simple -- find some girl to screw and spend the night
with her. If he just happened to find a hot girl, he wouldn't pass up the idea. Carol hadn't even
mentioned his tattoo and that was his whole point of getting a girl in bed.

"Excuse me?"

"Hmm?" Taylor turned around, facing a nice looking teenager.

"I was just wondering if you had someone to spend the night with." She shouted moving closer to

How perfect was this? Just what Taylor wanted. "Actually I don't. You want to be an option?"
He flirted.

"Definitely! I'm Veronica by the way." She smiled.

"I'm Taylor. Wanna get a room?"

"I have one already."

"All right then."

"So you want to stay in my room?"

"Sure I'll stay in you're room, but can I stay in you too?" There was a pick up line...

Veronica giggled. "Of course!"

Taylor chuckled and then followed her through the club and into a dim lit motel room.

Veronica rummaged through her purse for handcuffs. "Ah, here they are!" She smiled at Taylor

"You're gonna handcuff me to the bed?" He asked confusingly.

"Nah anh, you're going to handcuff me to the bed." Veronica corrected stripping her clothes off.

Taylor's mouth dropped. ‘Wow' His mind went wild as he watched her blamelessly sit on the
mattress, totally naked. He was going to have a lot of fun with this. Advancing towards Veronica
he kneeled in front of her on the bed.

"Here." Veronica passed him the handcuffs conveying her hands to the thin bars of the head

Taylor locked her first hand to the bed and then the next. What he was going to do to this girl...
Spreading her legs wide open Veronica promised him that she wouldn't move them unless he
asked her to. Taylor just smiled taking the thin rubber band, which held his hair back, out.
Removing his shirt, he sat on the bed, his back facing Veronica.

"You have a tattoo!"

Taylor was thrilled she noticed. "Yeah, I do."

"Oh my god... that's so fucking sexy." She moaned.

"I know." Taylor agreed standing up and taking his pants off. Once he was naked he crawled
onto the bed beginning to lick the inner part of Veronica's left leg. His tongue dragged up to her
thigh and then around her hip. "Eat me out please..." she begged once his mouth neared her
vagina. Taylor ignored her pleas sliding his tongue up the center of her flat stomach to the middle
of her chest. The intent he needed to reach was to make Veronica as horny as possible. Running
his tongue over her nipples and around to the side of her neck, he made it up to her face where he
slipped it into her mouth. There tongue's mingled with each others as Taylor brought his fingers
down to her women-hood stroking her clit, up and down, with his fingers. "Mmm.." she moaned
once again, causing him to move his fingers faster. "Ohhh!" Veronica pulled her face away from
his. "Ohh yeah!" she yelled in satisfaction feeling an upcoming orgasm. Cleaving two fingers
into her, Taylor rubbed actively, feeling pre-cum on his digits. Just before Veronica was about to
reach her level of contentment, he stopped. "You can't get there yet, baby." He grinned standing
up in front of her, still on the bed. "I want you to suck it." He directed his rock-hard pulsing
member into Veronica's mouth. Pumping his erection in and out of her, he kept his balance by
retaining his hands on her head, her ebony short straight hair feathering at his fingertips. It was a
matter of seconds before he reached a climax and shot wave after wave of cum down her throat.
She was helpless, she had to swallow. Pulling out of her, Taylor smiled seductively. "You want
me to eat you're pussy out?"

Veronica finished gulping down Taylor's actions. "YES! Badly!"

"Well then, I should give you what you want. After all, I can't be too selfish." Taylor playfully
lied down in front of Veronica taking hold of her hips. Being his naughty self, he began to lick
her clitoris. Just like he had done with his fingers, he did with his tongue, slow little up and down
motions. Veronica's whole body tingled and the warmth of her vulva caused Taylor to dig his
face deeper.

"Oh Taylor... fuck me... you're making me horny... I want you inside me."

Removing his face from Veronica's sex, Taylor stood up off the bed taking a seat in an empty

"What are you doing?!" Veronica asked in consternation.

"Watching you." Taylor simply answered.

"Oh god, don't do this to me!"

"I'll tell you what. How about I unlock one hand from the cuffs then you can touch yourself."
Taylor smiled at his eminent idea.

Being extremely desperate, Veronica took in his offer. "The key is in the side pocket of my
purse." She informed him.

Taylor unzipped the bag and took the key out, unlocking her right hand. "Finger you're self." He
nodded towards her sitting on the bed. He wanted to have a good view of her masturbating.

At first Veronica refused to touch herself but when Taylor began to tease her again she couldn't
take the fulfillment she needed. Sucking on her index finger she brought it down to her vulva
forcefully caressing her clitoris. She moaned, rubbing herself as deep and fast as she could. She
watched Taylor's condom covered penis go erect. Just viewing this was enough to bring her into
a climax. "Ohhh..." She whimpered loudly.

Now Taylor was being tortured. Standing up, he walked over to Veronica and powerfully entered
her hot inviting vagina.

"Oh god!" She screamed as he rode her.

Taylor was never as energetic having sex, as he was at that moment. He drove himself into
Veronica, over and over again, listening to her shriek in enjoyment. She didn't even have a
reason to scream harder or faster because he was giving her all he had to propose. His rhythm
was strong and solid, his pace was fast and aggressive and he was just plain sexy. At the same
time, as if it were on cue, the pair made it to their highest peak of thrill. "Whoa!" Taylor yelled
once he had left her body and fallen next to her.

Veronica didn't respond. She needed to catch her breath. "I have never felt that good in my entire
life!" She squealed.

Taylor unlocked Veronica's secured hand and then threw an arm around her waist. "That was
good, that was really good." He admitted laughing.

"I just want you to know for the hell of it, that I'm not a slut, I've just always found you an
incredibly sexy person."

"Well, trust me on this one, if I didn't find you sexy, I wouldn't have fucked you." Taylor smiled.
"You don't mind if I stay here for the night, do you?"

"No, not at all." Veronica rolled over, her back facing him. "After that, I'm wiped out."

"Same here. So, um, goodnight?"

Veronica yawned. "Yeah, goodnight."