I'm Not a Playa Chapter 27

“We need to talk before you leave.” Zac told Jaimee, biting his bottom lip, anything to pause the words he had to tell her.

“Yeah we do. Why have you been so quiet all night?” Jaimee asked him now that they were alone and he obviously had something to tell her.

Zac approached Jaimee. “You know I love you.” He took her hands into his.

Jaimee looked down at the floor and then back up at him. “Yes, Zac, what are you trying to say?”

“You also know how I’m traveling and really busy all the time right?”


“Okay, well I can’t have a girlfriend at this time of my life. There’s no easier way to put this.”

“So you’re breaking up with me?” Jaimee felt her eyes water. She hated rejection and she hated it worse coming from Zac’s mouth.

“No, not at all!” Zac squeezed Jaimee’s hands tighter. “I just want to slow things down between us. I can’t have a girlfriend for millions of reasons right now so I want to... see you.”

“But that means you want to see other people too?”

“Sorta.... uhh... yeah... kinda.” Zac sighed. “But I want to see you as much as possible! Your muh number one home girl.” He grinned.

“Funny Zac.” A tiny smile broke onto Jaimee’s face. “But what if you fall in love with some other girl? Then what’s going to happen to us?”

“That won’t happen. I’m not going to turn into a Taylor. I probably won’t even go out with anyone! This is just to make sure we don’t get TOO close.” Zac assured.

Jaimee understood what Zac was saying. They couldn’t get too attached to each other or everything would get out of hand like Taylor and Skye’s relationship. Nodding her head she brought Zac into a comforting hug which she needed the comfort from. “You won’t forget me, right?”

“I will never ever forget you. I could never forget you. In fact, I couldn’t forget you even if I hit my head against the wall ten million times and knocked myself into a coma.” Zac heavily embraced Jaimee then pulled away to give her a smooth kiss on the lips.

Jaimee kissed Zac back soon feeling his tongue glide across her top lip. She smiled beginning to flicker her tongue in and out of his mouth. Zac answered her twitting by trying to catch it with his own tongue. Soon they couldn’t restrain their laughter and drew themselves away from each other.

Zac’s grin was large as he pulled Jaimee back to him. “You know, I really love you.” He declared.

“I, I love you too.” Jaimee flushed.
Isaac pinned Mary against the wall of her bedroom kissing her deeply as he started to glide her midriff showing T-shirt up. “Oh Isaac..” He heard her moan noticing that his hard erection was standing straight up in the middle of her legs. Smiling, he kissed her once again, running his hands through her black silky hair that was newly highlighted with thin red streaks.

Mary started to strip Isaac, him doing the same to her. “Lets go over to the bed.” She breathed in-between kisses.

“Kay.” Isaac kissed her shoulder and then ran his lips back up to her earlobe which he licked playfully. Backing Mary onto the bed, there lips met once again. The powerful connection he had with her was driving him crazy. Removing her bra he lowered himself to her breasts and hungrily started to suck one of her nipples watching as it got harder and harder.

Mary moaned feeling shivers of ecstasy run through her body. She brought a hand down to Isaac’s boxers massaging his large hard on. Her other hand was wrapped around his neck fingering his soft golden wavy locks.

“I missed getting this so much.” Isaac groaned as her hand rubbed him firmly.

“I’m glad you like it Isaac.” She went faster on him.

Isaac gave his attention to Mary’s other nipple gently pulling at it with his teeth.

Mary moaned once again then hearing a sound of jiggling keys. “Shit.” She softly pushed Isaac away from her. “Jason’s home.” She whispered.

“Jason? Who’s Jason?” Isaac asked feeling terrifyingly paranoid.

“My husband. I heard his keys in the door. Isaac, you have to leave!” Mary looked frightened.

“No shit.” Isaac jumped out of the bed. Too late, the door to the bedroom swung open and there stood a tall, muscular tanned man who could easily beat the living shit out of Isaac.

“What the fuck do we have here?!” Jason hollered.

“Honey, relax. Please, just calm down.” Mary silenced.

“Um, uh, yeah please.” Isaac pleaded meekly. He felt as if he was an eight year old being bullied for his candy money.

“So your messing with my wife, naked buns?!” Jason pushed Isaac to the wall with extreme anger.

“N-n-no... I wasn’t.. I-I-I...” Isaac was filled with fear. He couldn’t even move.

“Leave him alone!” Mary yelled standing up after she had gotten her undergarments back on.

Jason ignored Mary. “You like fucking married women? Is that it?! Well, lemme tell you something, you are never going to fuck Mary again! You wanna know why!?”

“Erm, I, um..”

“I said, do you want to know why?!” Jason gave Isaac a shove, not exactly hurting him physically but causing his dignity to hit a non existent level.


“Because I’m going to fucking kill you!!! That’s why!!” Jason grabbed Isaac bashing him into the wall again, this time causing a nose bleed.

Mary ran over to Jason. “Stop it!” She tried to push him away from Isaac, but as logic may have it, he was far to strong to budge.

“Get off of me!” Jason shot Mary to the ground with one slap of his hand. Going back to what he intended on doing, he threw a punch at Isaac’s right eye watching as the seventeen year old screamed in pain.

Isaac tried to fight back but it was impossible. Jason was at least half his size and fought like a boxer. Another hard swing blew at his left eye this time. “Stop!” Isaac yelped trying to escape the ‘killer’. As the hardest jab of them all hit Isaac’s stomach the air was knocked out of his lungs and he fell to the ground unconscious.

Jason gave Isaac one last swift kick in the ass, soon afterward, walking over to Mary. “Why’d you do it!?” He screamed.

“I’m sorry.” Mary didn’t look Jason in the eyes. She was frightened he would hit her again.

Jason nodded his head and with no beyond words, left the room.


“Shit, shit, shit, shit.” Taylor muttered over and over. “Why didn’t I wear a fucking condom!?” He asked himself wondering if he could take the sperm out of Alona the same way he put it in.

“Where the hell is Isaac?!” Walker swung open the door to Taylor’s
room bursting in with no invitation.

“Um, I don’t know.”

“That boy is going to be in so much trouble when he gets here!”

Taylor knew Isaac was in going to be grounded, big time. Whenever their dad referred to one of them as ‘that boy’, it was bad. “Did Alona and Jaimee leave?”

“Yeah, a few minutes ago.” Walker grunted.

“Okay, bye dad.”

“If Isaac comes home, you tell me.” Walker stalked after the door.

“Okay, bye.” Just as Walker left Taylor’s beeper went off. He read the number out loud and when it didn’t seem too familiar, he curiously picked up the phone and dialed.

“Hello, Taylor?”


“This is Lindsay!”

“Oh, hey.” Taylor greeted sounding casual.

“I talked to Skye.”


“She wants to see you again.” Lindsay regretted telling Taylor this but if she wanted a chance with him, she had to be honest.

“Where? When?”

“She said not to worry about the timing. She’ll just show up.”

“Just show up? What kind of bullshit is that crap!?”

“I don’t know. She said it.”

“What about the abortion? Was she lying about that?”

“I forgot to ask! Oops! I could call her back!”

“Nah, forget about it.”

“Okay, and um Taylor?”


“Do you want to like go out for dinner or something as friends?” Lindsay shyly asked feeling stupid right after the words left her mouth.

“No, not dinner. Dinner is too much like a date-date. How about lunch?”

“Yeah, OKAY!” Lindsay shouted happily.

“We’re leaving Saturday night so how about lunch then?”

“Okay but why not tomorrow?”

“I can’t. We’re busy tomorrow.”

“Oh okay. No problem. Where are we gonna meet?”

“Meet me outside the hotel at 2:00.”

“All right great!”

“Yep, I have to go. I’ll c-ya Saturday,”

“Okay, bye!”

“Later.” Taylor hung up. He had no intentions of putting his hands on Lindsay. Mostly, he wanted to know more of what Skye told her. Although, he knew it would be important to be careful of what he did seeing that Skye’s line “I’ll just show up.” might not turn out okay.
“Isaac?” Mary beckoned holding an ice pack up to one of his swollen eyes.

“Hmm?” Isaac grumbled feeling tortuous agony all over his body.

“Are you all right?” Mary asked out of worry.

Isaac looked up at her with an expression that read ‘well duh! Do I look all right?’

“I’m sorry I put you in this position.”

“It’s not only your fault. It’s actually mostly mine.” Isaac tried to stand up but found the discomfort in his left leg making it strenuous.

“No your just a teenage guy with raging hormones. I’m the adult and I should have stopped this.” Mary helped Isaac up.

“I’m not a kid.” Isaac snitched. “Maybe I couldn’t fight back against that muscular husband of yours but I’m an adult, not a child.” Isaac redressed as Mary stood still thinking of what he said.

“Okay. Your right. I’m sorry. I guess I just feel so old with you and I forget...”

“Your not old compared to me. Twenty four is young, trust me on that one. In fact, when I turn eighteen next month it’ll be legal.” Isaac smiled jokingly.

“Yeah I guess so.” Mary liked the fact that Isaac could smile even with two black eyes, a hurt leg and lost honor.

“Well, I have to get going. I have an interview in the morning.”

“Okay.” Mary started to walk Isaac, who was limping, to the door.

“Bye Mary.” With those only words Isaac walked out of her apartment and out of her life -- for now anyway.


Saying good-bye to Jaimee was harder then Zac had imagined. He was deeply in love with her and missed her the second she left him. Throwing the thick flower patterned hotel blanket over his body he noticed Isaac quietly slip into the room. “Ike?” Zac sat up.

“Shhh!” Isaac lightly shut the door to their room.

“IIIIIIIIIke? Pssst.” Zac repeated lower.

Isaac didn’t respond. He walked into the bathroom of their room and shut the door behind him. Looking up at the mirror in front of him, he inspected his cuts and bruises. His nose had dry blood running from it, the skin around his eyes was puffy and already showed signs of severe black and blues even though they looked purple. He could barley even open his eyes due to the pain. His hip was also killing him from where Jason had given him a hard kick. Isaac hadn’t remembered being in a fight so bad since the time a bully made Taylor’s nose bleed and he stood up for his bro. Bringing his glare away from his reflection, he turned on the shower. Hot water would be relaxing and that’s just what Isaac needed, to be relaxed. Not only did he feel terribly guilty for cheating on Ella, worlds “perfect women”, but he was going to be in big trouble when his dad saw the noticeable marks on his face. Isaac didn’t even want to think of it. Walking into the shower, after stripping down, he let the tepid water run down his back as his thoughts drifted away into the steam.


“Enhhhh Enhhhh!”

“Oh fuck you.” Taylor mumbled into his pillow smacking his alarm clock off the dresser. "Kur pank, boing, crack!”. The clock fell to the floor in pieces. "Shit, what a way to start off a day." Taylor groaned picking up the gadgets.

"A little aggressive to the alarm clock huh Tay." Walker laughed walking past his sons room.

"Oh, uhhh.. sorry?” Taylor apologized noticing that someone opened his door that morning.

"Just remember, that's coming out of your money." Walker pointed out.

“Yep, okay. What time is it?”

“6:30. Get ready. You have that interview with Regis and Kathy Lee.”

“Ew, how could I forget.” Taylor muttered to himself taking some clothes out of his suitcase.
“Ugh this cover up isn’t working!” Isaac hollered in frustration.

“Boys, get up!” Walker yelled opening the door to Zac and Isaac’s room.

“Yeah, yeah, we’re up.” Isaac shouted from in the bathroom.

“Apparently Zac isn’t.” Walker entered the room. Walking past Isaac who’s back was facing him, he repeated his message to Zac. “Wake up. You have an interview.” He gently shook him.

“Nawww man.” Zac rolled over opening his eyes a little.

“Also get out for a few minutes. I have to talk to Isaac.”

“Awww damn.” Zac tiredly left the room, covers and all.

“Ike, you and I are having a little chat.” Walker called his son.

Isaac left the bathroom and confronted his father.

“Oh my god! What happened to you?!” Walker asked in shock.

“I got beat up last night.” Isaac looked down at the floor sadly.

“By who?!”

“Some gang. They brought me into a ditch and did this. I was so scared dad. They wouldn’t stop!” Isaac ran over to Walker and clung onto him, praying that he would believe him.

“Why would they do this!? Why were you out so late?!”

“I had dinner with a friend and then when I was walking home they did this. I thought they were going to kill me dad!”

“Your lucky they didn’t!” Walker made aware. “I’m warning you. Be careful. New York City can be a tough place if you don’t know how to handle it.”

“Yes dad, I understand. But do you think that the people at the Regis and Kathy Lee set will be able to hide these bruises?”

“I’m sure of it. Now get changed. I’m going to tell your mother about this and see what she says.”

“Okay dad. Thanks.”

As Walker left the room, Isaac thanked God that he believed all the lies that were just told.


Later that morning all three Hanson brothers were being interviewed by the oh so famous Regis and Kathy Lee. Unfortunately, things weren’t going so well.

“You remind me so much of my little son Codey!” Kathy Lee told Zac bursting into excitement. “Did I tell you about the time he took his first poop in the toilet?!”

“Yeah, uhm like six times." Zac muttered.

“Oh well, oh my gosh!” She screamed once again grabbing three small brown baggies filled with a substance in them. “I almost forgot!” She told Hanson, a sing song voice filling the air.

Taylor eyed Kathy Lee with the weirdest look. ‘What the hell is she about to say or do on national TV now?’ He thought.

“As you all know Codey has the flu and well, we all hope he gets better. Right?!” Claps could be heard from the audience of very pathetic Kathy fans. “Now last night he wasn’t feeling very well and threw up! I thought his barf would look like normal everyday barf but oh my! He had the most adorable vomit in the whole world!” She squealed. “And guess what, Mr. Isaac, Taylor and teeny weenie Zac!?”

“What?” All three asked, frankly not giving a second shit. Isaac was about ready to upchuck himself..

“I saved some for all three of you!” Kathy handed each one of the brothers a bag of Codey’s actions. “Now you are the three luckiest guys on earth!”

“Oh yeah, thanks, this should definitely get me far in life.” Isaac smiled trying to sound polite as he disgustingly held the bag of puke.

“Um, listen, I need to say something!” Zac dropped his brown bag onto the floor.

“Oh sure Zac! Go ahead!” Kathy screeched.

“Yes, talk, talk.” Regis encouraged.

“I don’t give a flying rat ass shit about your fucking son’s barf in a bag thing! And may I add that I don't want to hold it, this is just screwed up! I don’t like you and I don’t like your bootleg show and I don’t like the fact that you haven’t mentioned anything apart from your kids in this whole entire interview!” Zac snapped, fumed that Kathy Lee, the most annoying person in the world, was actually “interviewing” them. “And as for you ... Mr. REGIS...I am not a damn five year old, or a SURFER! Damn it, I am soon to be thirteen, can you say that? THIRRTEEN! Okay, I’m done now!”

“Oh my gosh!” Kathy cried.

“Zac, get off the set right now!” Walker screamed.

“Yes discipline your child!” Regis ordered as Zac walked over to his dad. “And edit that out!” He added to the camera man.
“Dad! She handed us her kids barf, what’s up with that?!” Zac reasoned.

“You disrespected her! If word gets out about that the band is in a lot of trouble!”

“She wasn’t even interviewing us! Codey this, Codey that.. OHHH Codey’s vomit is so nice to look at, here guys, have a sniff, or no, actually HOLD IT! Hail to Codey’s smelly shit ass barf, let’s pray upon it. No let’s just eat it and have this oh-so-wonderful shit inside us.”

“Shit? Didn’t I tell you to stop using fowl language? And as for this rhetoric, when we get back to the hotel, I’m going to make sure you get your mouth washed out with soap.”

“Oooo soap. I’m so afraid! While your at it, why don’t you just wash my mouth out with Codey’s barf?!”

“Okay, enough from you, just shut the hell up. You’re grounded, and as for your birthday, don’t count on a party. Also tonight your brothers, mom and I are going to see ‘The Lion King’ on Broadway, and guess who’s staying home?”

“Lemme guess, me and Codey’s barf?!”

“Yes, you, maybe not the vomit but you most definitely.” Walker stormed off while Taylor and Isaac stood by watching Zac calm himself.
“Taylor!” Alona ran over to him.

“Hey Alona! How’d you get backstage?”

“My aunt works here.” Alona smiled.

“Oh cool. Listen Alona, we have to talk alone.”


“C’mon.” Taylor took Alona’s hand pulling her towards an empty exit.

“What Zac did just now was...”

“Okay, so here’s the thing.” Taylor cut Alona off.


“Last night, I forgot to wear a condom.” Taylor would have finished his comment but he couldn’t think of anything else to say.



“Well... if it helps, this is sorta embarrassing, but my doctor put me on birth control pills to regulate my period. So, the chance of me getting pregnant isn’t that high but if we ever do this again, you have to wear one.” Alona was stern on her last sentence.

“Yeah, I usually do wear them but last night you came into my room and I didn’t expect anything to happen so it was like a huge shock and I forg...”

“I got it, shutup.” Alona grinned smoothly kissing Taylor’s lips, something she had wanted to do since his ‘Hey Alona!’

Taylor responded slowly. He wasn’t in the mood for a make-out session. When Alona’s tongue was trying to find the inside of his mouth, he backed away. “I don’t feel like doing this now.”

“All right.... so, um, what’s up?” Alona was finding Taylor to be a hard-to-talk-to person.

“Nothing right now. I have to get going. Page me if you want. Jaimee has the number.”

“Okay, sure.”

“You want an autograph or something before we leave? I mean, you are backstage.”

“No thanks. I really wanted you to consider me a friend, not some kind of obsessed fan but I guess that’s not gonna happen.” Alona acclaimed sadly.

“I’m sorry Alona but I have sections, one of friends, one of fans, and one of enemies. You’re still in the fan one.”

Alona nodded her head. “Okay, sure. It’s better then being in the enemy one.” She tried to let out a chortle.

Taylor smiled. “So I’ll c-ya at the hotel and stuff.”

“Yeah, maybe.”

“So, um, bye.”

“Bye.” Alona’s one word seemed to have plenty of emotion in it. All the feelings she was having for Taylor he wasn’t having of back. All he thought of her as was a simple one night stand. As she watched him walk away, a single tear rolled down her cheek.

“Anyone know the number of the baby-sitter we hired last time we were in New York?” Walker asked the guys who were now at the hotel in Isaac’s and Zac’s bedroom.

“You mean Alanna?” Taylor asked filled with curiosity.

“Yeah, that’s her!”

“If she’s baby-sitting tonight, then I’m staying home!” Taylor announced.

“Why Taylor?”

“Oh well, um, she plays a mean scrabble.” Taylor laughed at what had just suddenly left his mouth.

“Well, we have tickets for the show and I’m already letting one go to waste so you’re going whether you like it or not.”

“Hold on, who’s not going?”

Walker eyed Zac. “After the fit he through today, you should know it’s him.”

“Oh yeah, true.” Taylor walked away.

“So does anyone know her number?” Walker repeated.

“Yeah, I have it.” Isaac mumbled handing Walker his little black book.

Walker flipped to the A’s and quickly saw Alanna’s name listed. Since he had the phone in his hand he dialed the number a.s.a.p.

“Yup?” Alanna picked up.

“Is this Alanna?”

“Yup. Who’s this?”

“Oh okay, hi. This is Walker Hanson, Hanson’s father. I need a baby-sitter for tonight. I’m sorry to call on such short notice but it’s really important.”

“Oh, I’d love to do it! Is Taylor going to be home by any chance?”

“Oh yeah, I heard you two love playing Scrabble.”

“I guess you can call it that..” Alanna laughed.

“Well he’s going out with us but Zac will be home.”

“Oh cool. What time should I be there?”

“6:00 is fine.”

“Sure, no problem. Same room number?”

“Yes. Thanks a lot!”


“Thanks again, bye.”

“Yep c-ya later.” Alanna hung her phone up happy that Walker needed a baby-sitter. Not only was the pay good with the Hanson’s but maybe she could even see Taylor before he left....


Later that evening a knock on the hotel suite door sounded. Taylor casually stood up and answered it. “Oh hey Al.” He smiled looking Alanna up and down.

“Hey!” She hugged Taylor. He kissed her on the cheek, nothing more.

“I wanted to stay with you tonight.” Taylor winked.

“Don’t worry. They’ll be plenty of time for ‘Scrabble’ in the future.” She giggled.

Taylor grinned. “You do play a mean ‘Scrabble’”

“I prefer the mastered edition.”

Taylor gave Alanna a small shove on the shoulder. “Ya know I love ya babe!”

“Urm, are you sure your straight?” Alanna gave him a crooked stare.

Taylor laughed. “I was just joshing with you!”

“There ya go again Tay! Haha...”

“Alanna! Glad you could make it!” Walker entered the room.

“Like I said, it’s no problem.” Alanna gave him a sweet smile.

“Okay we’re leaving now. C’mon Ike and Diana huns!” Both entered the room and everyone threw on their jackets to leave. “Emergency numbers are on the coffee table, I’ll pay you your money later and remember, kids are in bed by eight.”

“All right, don’t worry. I have everything under control and don’t forget to have a good time. Specially you Dike...” Alanna whispered. “Oh oops, I mean Ike.”

Isaac gave Alanna a cold glare. “Ha ha, funny.” He mumbled sarcastically.

After everyone had left Alanna went to check on the kids. Avery and Jessica were playing Barbies, Mackie was playing with his GI Joe action figures, and Zoe was fast asleep in her crib. Deciding that Alanna had nothing to tend to, she went to see what Zac was doing. Not to seem like she was intruding she walked into a room that seemed occupied. “Oh sorry, I didn’t know anyone was in here.”

“Oh well, what’d you think, you were baby-sitting the couches?”

“Oooo, little baby Hanson has a big mouth, huh?” Alanna jokingly teased shutting the door behind her.

“I’m notta babyyy.”

“Oh yeah your a big boy. So whatcha watching?” Alanna sat next to Zac on his bed.

“Wrestling. WWF, whatever shit you wanna call it.”

“Why aren’t you with the rest of your family?”

“I’m grounded.” Zac gulped down some of his Pepsi from the cool blue can.

“Auhhh, can I have a sip?”

“Um, no.” Zac guarded his soda.

“Geez, why do you have to be so rude?”

“Why do you have to be all up in my business?” Zac defended.


“Shutup, DX is coming out!” Zac alerted moving closer to the TV so that he could see his favorite wrestler in action. As the theme song started Zac sang along getting more hyped up by the second.

“You are such a GUY!” Alanna laughed.

“I said shutup!” Zac ordered.

“Okay, okay.” Alanna hissed.

“ARE YOU READY TO BOW TO THE MASTERS?! Break it down! Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, D-GenerationX proudly presents to you its WWF tag team champions of the world, the road dogg, Jessy James, the bad ass Billy Gunn, the new age outlaws and if your not down with that we got two words for you -- SUCK IT!!!” Zac laughed getting even more intense.

“Zac, um, you got nothing to suck!”

“WHAT!? Didn’t I tell you to shut your grill!?”

“Ohhh, so little Zac is trying to be from the hood, huh?”

“Check it out yo, well whatda you know bro, your a double zero...”

“And you gotta big dildo?” Alanna asked not even aware of what she was saying.

“What did you say ho?!”

Zac and Alanna stared at each others faces as if they would explode into laughter any second. That happened to be exactly what they did. Holding their stomachs which were in pain from laughing, they layed themselves down on the bed.

“So have you ever had anyone suck it?” Alanna giggled.

“Maybe, what’s it to you?” Zac turned to face her.

“Just curious.”

Just as Zac was going to ask Alanna a dirty question Zoe started crying.

“I’ll be right back.” Alanna stood up to check on the infant.

As Alanna walked out of the room, Zac’s eyes followed her long legs and ass that was almost bare from the short baby blue mini skirt she was wearing.

When Alanna returned she watched Zac root DX on. “You know, DX sucks. Rock is the man!”

“What did you just say!?” Zac swung his head around in shock.

“I said DX sucks!”

“Why don’t you come a little closer and say that?”

“Ai’ight.” Alanna approached Zac unaware of his plans.

Standing up, Zac grabbed Alanna and mischievously placed her in a headlock.

Taken by surprise Alanna thought of a threatening line. “So you wanna fight with me?! I’ll show you how its done!” She seized his soft lotioned hand and wrapped it behind his back. “There... now I got you.”

“Ow! You like to play rough, huh?” Zac noticed, veering Alanna, with a smirk on his face.

“Hmmm, rough? Nah, just playing it right. Un-like you, Mr. Girly-Boy.”

“How old are you, by the way?” Zac questioned changing the subject, while Alanna let go the hold she had on his wrist.


“Oh, I can take on a sixteen year old.” Zac warned. Jumping on Alanna, they both fell onto the bed once again. The wrestling practice he had with his brothers was paying off in this situation.

Turning over onto her back, Alanna was now facing Zac, him on top of her.

Zac knew exactly what he was planning. In his mind he was arranging every step his hands would take. By “accident” he grabbed her breast and tenderly squeezed it.

“Zaaac... ummm? Stop..” Alanna grabbed his hand but in attempt he took hold of her shoulders forcefully pulling her into a rough press of their lips.

Reluctantly, Alanna kissed Zac back soon feeling his tongue blunder into her mouth. She knew she wanted it from him, but thinking of the age difference, she pushed him away.


“Call me Al.”

“Okay Al... you wanna stop?” Zac asked sadly.

Alanna looked down at the floor. Honestly she didn’t. Thinking of all the good sides in this position she answered him. “No...”

“Good.” Zac neared her again beginning to kiss her. “Hey wait?” He stopped.


“If you were my girlfriend, would you give me head?”

“I guess so. Why?”

“Because Jaimee, my like kinda girlfriend, wouldn’t do it for me.” Zac stated shyly.

“Maybe she chickened out.”

“Probably, I just really wanted it.” Zac hinted.

“Oh, so your a horn dog huh?”

No, just hormonally challenged.”

“So where are you heading with this business?”

“Heading?” Zac grinned.

“Damn, and I thought I had a nasty mind. What, has Taylor been teaching you these corny pick up lines?”

“Oh, speaking of pick up lines -- I lost my number, can I have yours?” Zac smiled sweetly.

“Haha Zac, you are too much like me, hahaha... so you want my number?”

“I wouldn’t mind having it, you know, just in case I need a baby-sitter sometime.” Zac gave off his best flirting ever.

Alanna took a pen from Zac’s dresser. “Give me your hand.”

“Why?” Zac looked at her funny.

“Don’t worry. I’m not gonna eat it.”

Zac gave Alanna his hand. She gently took it into her palm and slowly wrote her phone number. “Don’t give me ink poisoning!” Zac laughed.

Alanna ignored Zac’s silly comment. “Kay, there ya go. Just don’t be calling me when your in Tulsa, I don’t think I can afford to go over there and baby-sit you.”

“Oh, so I’m not worth the drive?” Zac asked moving closer to Alanna trying to view some flesh under the little skirt she was wearing.

“No, no, that’s not it.”

“Hey, how come girls wear skirts even when it’s fucking cold outside?” Zac observed changing the subject once again.

“I don’t know. I guess I had nothing else to wear or something. Or maybe it’s cause I’m used to wearing skirts. I wear a freaking uniform to school.”

“All girls school?”

“Yep, very prude.”

“I wouldn’t mind going there! Free peep shows!” Zac exclaimed.

“I think you can sneak in there, you have the hair. All you need is makeup, and a skirt.” Alanna pointed out feeling Zac’s eyes on her legs.

“Umm, I think, I think...” Zac started, seeing that Alanna was positive that his eyes were on her creamy exposed skin.

“You think what Zac?”

Not knowing what to say, Zac started singing a David Cassidy song in a goofy voice. “I think I love you but what am I so afraid of? La la la la la...”

“You sure love to switch subjects quickly.”

“Oh yeah, sorry. Whatcha want to talk about?”

“Nothing really, I better check up on your sibs soon.”

“Don’t bother, I bet they are sleeping already” Zac indoctrinated trying to take control of Alanna, wanting bad for her to stay with him in his room. “You know, I wouldn’t mind you putting me to bed” Zac twinkled his eyes.

“You’re kidding, right?”, Alanna chortled, not believing the stuff Zac was saying to her.

“No, I’m not kidding. I mean it.”

“Be straight with me. What do you want?”


“Yeah, honestly.”

“I want you to kiss me.”

“No, I don’t think so...”

“And why not?!”

“Your a big boy Zac, or so you’ve said. So how about you kiss me.”

“Alrighty then.” Zac slid closer to Alanna on the bed and moved his arms, one on each side, blocking her body. Starting to kiss her gently, he felt a rush of excitement when she delicately pushed her tongue into his mouth. Zac smoothly laid Alanna down on the bed fondling her breast with his right hand.

“Ow...What the hell?” Alanna muttered leaning her body up so that she could see what she was laying on. She realized it was the TV remote and raised it up to the hotel’s cable box preparing to turn it off. “Are you still watching this?” She asked Zac.

“No, fuck WWF.” Zac began to nibble on Alanna’s ear, biting the cartilage rather hard.

“Who the fuck do you think you are, Mike Tyson?!” Alanna laughed.

“Sure, why not.”

“Oh okay, so I guess you rape girls just like he does?” Alanna joked.

“Yeah, only in a good way. But guess what? You’re my victim tonight.”

“Oh really? So what do you want to do to me first?” Alanna asked slyly.

“How bout we switch this around and you do something to me?” Zac grinned hoping she would say yes to his suggestion.

“What do you got in mind?”

“You know how you said if you were my girlfriend, you would give me a blow job?”


“Well, just do it any way.”

Alanna thought about what Zac wanted. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, very!”

Alanna soon came to a decision. “Okay, but you owe me. I’m just doing you a favor here. I can see no one ever gave you head which is the reason you’re so desperate now.”

“Well... that’s one reason, but I’ll tell you the other one later.”


Silence filled the room but was broken quickly when Zac spoke up. “So which are you gonna do, spit or swallow?” Zac chuckled as he asked this.

“Swallow of course. I’ve heard that it does wonders on hair.” Alanna laughed. All Zac did was grin, wondering if what she said was true.

As Zac’s thoughts filled his head, Alanna reached over placing her hands on the elastic of Zac’s boxers. She slowly slid them off leaving him in only a T-shirt. Alanna sluggishly bit her lower lip, unsure of this situation, yet still ignoring the consequences. Lowering herself onto the floor, she brought herself closer to Zac’s semi-erect penis. Her curly hair tickled his thighs making him shudder in laughter. Alanna smiled licking the head of his man-hood completely aware of how she was teasing him.

Zac fingered Alanna’s hair, not knowing what else to do in this position. His breathing spun out of control when she actually took his whole erection into her mouth. He watched with satisfaction as Alanna bobbed his penis in and out of her saliva filled mouth. What seemed like a few minutes past and Zac felt a familiar feeling, the feeling he got when he was almost finished screwing Jaimee. “Ohhhh!” He groaned.

Hot tears formed in Alanna’s eyes as she completed the blowjob swallowing every last drip of Zac’s cum. As he left her mouth, she backed away from him.


“Zac, are you okay?” Alanna asked with all concern.

Zac gaped up at Alanna, a blank look upon his face. Suddenly he lit up. “Hahaha that tickled like shit!” He laughed.

“Um, so, you enjoyed it?”

“It was a new thing. Pretty cool.” Zac admitted blushing.

“Yeah, that’s what all the guys say.” Alanna giggled.

“How many guys have you done this to?” Zac started to put his boxers back on.

“More then you wanna know about.” Alanna smiled. “Listen, you know not to tell your brothers about this, right?”

“Yeah I guess...”

“Oh and especially don’t tell Isaac. He’s already upset about the whole Taylor thing.” Alanna added.

“What Tay thing?”

“Forget it for now, when you’re thirteen I’ll tell you.”

“So I should know everything in like five days huh?”

“Yeah, I guess. If you would care then, anyway.”

“I will.” Zac paused. “Ya know Al, you’re a cool cracker.”

“Gee, I’m flattered.” Alanna gave Zac a warm smile.

As Zac admired Alanna’s gaze, he thought confusingly to himself, “Am I really as in love with Jaimee as I think I am? Or maybe I’m getting over her faster then I thought. Nahhh, tomorrow I’ll probably feel totally guilty about all of this. I’m in love with Jaimee. I know I am, and it’s not like I had sex with Alanna. Ask Clinton, Monica blew him and it wasn’t “sexual relations”. Yep, I’m a good guy, innocent.... yeah... that’s me.... I hope.’