I'm Not a Playa Chapter 28

“So how was the show?” Zac asked Taylor that morning as he flipped through a Teen Beat Magazine.

“It was pretty good.” Taylor answered, looking for a sheet of paper.

“I had fun too. Alanna’s really cool.”

“Do you know where a...” Taylor took a sudden stop on his words. “You didn’t do anything with Alanna, right?” He was hoping Zac would say no.

“Course not Tay, all we did was watch WWF.”

“Oh okay, good.” Taylor smiled in relief.

“What are you looking for?”

“Paper.” He searched through his book bag.

“There’s one of those mini hotel notebooks on Isaac’s dresser.”

Taylor looked up at his brother. “Why didn’t you tell me that before?” He walked over to Isaac’s side of the room grabbing the small booklet of paper.

“Cause you were too busy wondering about Alanna to ask where it was.”

“Whatever.” Taylor rolled his eyes settling himself on Zac’s bed, stomach down.

“You had sex with her right?” Zac asked out of nowhere.

“Who.” Taylor started to write.



“I just want to know.”

Taylor gave Zac an expression that was hard to understand. It seemed to have a bit of coldness in it with a mixture of laughter. “So who are we having at you party?” Taylor spoke up hedging Zac’s question.

Zac looked at Taylor’s paper. At the top, ‘Zac’s Birthday Party’ was written, underlined in big letters. “I’m not having one.” Zac stated sadly.

“What?! Almost every year we throw parties! Why don’t you want one this time!?”

“Dad won’t let me after the Regis and Kathy Lee thing.” Zac slumped down on the bed next to Taylor.

“I’m sure dad will get over this. He always says stuff he doesn’t mean.” Taylor reassured.

“Nah, he sounded serious.”

“Well, don’t worry. We’re going to have that party whether dad likes it or not.” Taylor stated strongly, listing Zac’s name at the top of the list.

Zac laughed. “You think Jaimee can come?”

“Lets put Tulsa people on the list first.”

“Okay. In that case I wanna invite Tommy, Anthony, Brandye, Mike, Brian, Kara, Rory, Jill, ummm, Kyle and Kristina ,Grace, Kelly, Alexandra, Eric, Jeremy, Alicia, Melody, Melissa, Tayla, Suzanne, Pumb, Mylah, Kim, Karen, Jessie...”

“Geez Zac, slow down. I can’t write that fast!” Taylor finished jotting the names down. “Are you sure you want to invite Jill?”

“Yeah, she’s my friend.”

“She’s also Margaret’s best friend and inviting her might not be a good idea considering you’re in a fight with Margaret.” Taylor pointed out.

“I don’t care. I hope it makes Margaret even more jealous and mad! I hate her so much!” Zac complained.

Taylor took a deep breath realizing something. “How come all the girls you date are older then you by like three years?”

“Um, hmm.” Zac thought of an answer and soon came to one. “I guess I like older women.” He chuckled.

“I don’t think that’s it. I think you like what the older ‘women’ give you.” Taylor smirked. “In my opinion you and Margaret should go out again. You two are exactly the same age.”

“We never went out, we were just friends plus Margo and I aren’t the same age. She’s a month older then me.”

“Well, there ya go, an older women.” Taylor laughed.

“Ah shut your grill.”

“My grill?”

“Your mouth.” Zac defined.

“Where’s the ghetto talk coming from?”

“I don’t know. I guess I watch MTV too much.”


“Anyway, put Adam and Tara on the list too.”

“No, not Tara.”

“And why not?”

“Because I haven’t seen her since we broke up a a year ago. It would be really uncomfortable for me.”

“You didn’t even go out with her. You fucked her. And you can’t break up with a girl you used only to fuck.”

“I didn’t ONLY fuck her!”

“Yeah, you ate her out too right?”

“No.” Taylor shook his head. “Anyway point is it would be too weird.”

“Well, It’s my party and I say she’s coming.” Zac demanded stubbornly.

“You won’t be having a party if she’s coming.”

“Aww come on Tay. You screwed Jessie too and she’s gonna be there.”

“Jessie was different. She wasn’t as special as Tara.”

“It was the same thing!” Zac argued.

“No it wasn’t! And how would you know? Did you have sex with either of them? Noooo, I didn’t think so.”

“Ughhhhh!” Zac let out a restrained scream. “Fine, put a star next to Tara’s name and we’ll let Isaac decide.”

“Fair enough.” Taylor drew the star. “Now for my friends....”

“Your friends are coming too?” Zac whined.


“It’s going to be too crowded in the basement!”

“Not all of the people are staying for the sleep over so it won’t be full the whole night.”

“Fine.” Zac agreed watching as Taylor started to write names on the paper. Funny, most of them seemed to be guys. Guess Taylor didn’t want all his past fucks in the same room with him. If they were, chances are he would get his ass kicked by the end of the night.


That afternoon Taylor and Isaac walked out of the hotel to go clothes shopping. Immediately they both noticed who was there.

“Shit!” Taylor murmured. “Why is SHE here?”

“Maybe she wants to talk to you about Skye.” Isaac answered confusingly.

Not knowing what to do, Taylor greeted the hotel groupies ignoring Jenny’s presence.

“Hi Taylor!” Jenny exclaimed as he walked past her, head hanging down as if she wouldn’t notice it was him.

Taylor knew he couldn’t pretend she wasn’t there. It was too discern. “Hi Jenny.” He spoke up, now facing her. The guy he saw standing next to her seemed attractive enough to be Skye’s boyfriend. If he was, Taylor would just have to kill him on the spot.

“You remember my name?” Jenny asked surprised.

“Yeah. Who’s that?” Taylor pointed his thumb at the guy whom he suspected was Skye’s lucky new love interest.

“Oh, this is James, my boyfriend.” All James did was nod his head towards Taylor, a simple gesture which meant hi.

Taylor eased up. “Why does that name sound so familiar?”

“He used to date Skye.” Jenny smiled.

“Oh, oh yeah. Is she here?”

“Yeah but not with us. She didn’t want to come to the hotel so she went shopping instead.”

“Who’s she with?” Taylor had a bad feeling about the answer to his question.

“Oh, um, Marc.” Jenny hoped she hadn’t hit Taylor’s sensitive spot.

“Oh.... That comment wasn’t necessary.” Taylor spoke with grief taking over his voice. He was yet again stabbed in the heart by Skye’s deathly knife.

Jenny could tell Taylor was let down. “Do you love her or something?” The question slipped out of her mouth. She used to hear Skye constantly talk about how Taylor loved her but she always wanted to hear it from come from him.

“.... I have to, leave now.” Taylor didn’t want to answer Jenny’s question. Skye seemed to be moving on with her life quite well and he didn’t want to seem like he wasn’t.

“You do love her.” Taylor’s face couldn’t lie.

“Is it possible, by any chance, for you and everyone that has anything to do with Skye to stay out of my life?!” Taylor snapped causing the fans to turn their heads in his direction.

“I can’t believe you!” Jenny was furious. “You’re trying to run around the fact that you still love her by pushing her away from you!” Never in a million years had Jenny thought that she would be fighting Taylor Hanson.

“I’m over Skye! As a matter of fact, I have a new girlfriend now!” Taylor yelled wanting more then anything to let Jenny know that Skye meant nothing to him.

“Oh yeah right!”

“You don’t believe me?!” Taylor had the tone in his voice of an upcoming challenge.

“No, I don’t!”

Looking around at the fans, Taylor spotted Lindsay watching the quarrel with a dumbfounded utterance on her face. Slowly jogging over to her, he grabbed her hand and pulled her towards Jenny. “This is my girlfriend!”

Lindsay was shocked from the moment Taylor grabbed her. ‘Oh my god! This isn’t happening!’ She thought savoring the concept of Taylor just calling her his girlfriend.

“Oh please! We all know that you just grabbed any random fan off the sidewalk!”

“Oh yeah!? If she wasn’t my girlfriend then why would I do this?!” Taylor fronted Lindsay taking hold of her shoulders and pulling her into a hard kiss on the lips. The press lasted about three seconds and when he pulled away a deafening scream left her mouth. The twelve fans that were at the hotel watched on in traumatism, camera flashes going off from every corner. Taylor awaited a response from Jenny.

“So does your ‘girlfriend’ always scream when you kiss her?” Jenny questioned about ready to burst into laughter.

Taylor turned bright red and felt his eyes tear. He wouldn’t cry in-front of Jenny, he wouldn’t cry in front of all the fans. He couldn’t let them see his sensitive heart-broken side. Taking deep breaths he tried to calm down but it was hard, real hard.

Isaac, trying to help the situation, walked over to Taylor advising him to leave. Taylor ignored him.

Stared straight into Jenny’s eyes for a few seconds, Taylor finally spoke the truth. “Fine! I still love her! Is that what you want to hear?!” He shouted feeling the hot tears desperately try to surge out of his glassy crystal eyes.

James standing side by side with Jenny now realized that all the times he teased Skye about her relationship with Taylor, he never actually thought about how serious it really was.

Jenny couldn’t believe she had made Taylor so upset. Guilt overcame her and at that moment all she wanted to do was apologize.

“Taylor, lets leave. Don’t let them see you like this.” Isaac whispered over his brothers shoulder.

Taylor closed his eyes tight, hoping his tears would stop. ‘This isn’t happening.’ His mind raced. ‘This is all a bad nightmare. There’s no Jenny, no Lindsay....’

“Taylor, come on. Let’s go back upstairs.” Isaac restated. He hated more then anything, to see him like this.

“No!” Taylor opened his eyes. Turning away from Jenny and the fans, he started to run far away from them. He didn’t know where he was running but he knew Isaac would be right behind him. When Taylor reached a bench at the end of Central Park’s block he sat down, his head buried in his hands.

Isaac finished running, half way limping, and when he caught up to Taylor almost fell on his bad leg. Panting, he took a seat next to his crying sibling. “You shouldn’t have let Jenny get to you.”

Taylor wiped the rest of his fallen tears on the sleeve of his jacket. “Did they know I was crying?” He looked up at Isaac.

“Yeah, I think so.” Isaac answered sincerely.

Taylor nodded his head. “I couldn’t stop. I was so mad.” He admitted.

“All those things you said to Jenny were meant for Skye’s ears to hear.” Isaac made Taylor aware.

Ignoring what Isaac had just said Taylor stood up feeling a huge amount of energy strike him. “I’m not going to let this bother me! It’s over. I’m dealing with it fine! I’m fine! I’m not going to let Jenny bring me down!”

“Good!” Isaac rooted him on. “But you shouldn’t have kissed Lindsay!” He briskly added.

“Who gives a shit about her!? Everyone knows I would never date her!”

“Then, um, why are you two going out tomorrow?” Isaac asked prying into a subject that Taylor seemed to be a tad confused on.

“I’m not going out with that teeny! She talks to Skye so I was trying to find out...”

“Don’t you think it’s time you give up on Skye?” Isaac interrupted. “The only reason you want her is because you can’t have her. It’s always like that Tay. You always manage to get the girls you want, some way or the other, and this time your losing, plain and simple.”

Taylor thought about what Isaac was telling him. As always, his brother was right. Not wanting to start another argument in the middle of a public place Taylor changed the topic. “So... how about that shopping!” He managed to get a stale laugh out.

“You can’t keep ignoring the question.”

“Can we talk about this later?” Taylor frowned.

“Later in your world means never. Am I right?”

Taylor gritted his teeth, his jaw clenched showing definite signs of anger. Deciding not to let Isaac’s questions bother him, he brought up something that would change the subject and keep it changed. “You know what Ike?”

“What?” Isaac was frustrated.

“I want a tattoo.” Taylor decided in the spur of the moment.

“You’re kidding me?” Isaac was baffled. Where was this all coming from?

“No, lets hop on the train, head to the village, and get me a tattoo.”

“You’re not kidding.”


“Our parents will kill you. You’re aware of that, right?”

“They won’t know.” Taylor walked to the train station, Isaac in disbelief, following.

“You need they’re permission.”

“That’s why I have you, eighteen year old brother of mine.” Taylor patted Isaac on the back grinning.

“I’m seventeen.”

“You’re turning eighteen next month, close enough.”

“They’re gonna ask for I.D. But besides that, getting a tattoo hurts and you could get aids or something.” Isaac tried desperately to talk Taylor out of it.

“Not a risk I haven’t taken before.” Taylor’s voice was blank.

“A tattoo costs a lot of money!”

“And I have a lot of money with me.”

Isaac stopped dead in his tracks. “You only want this because you’re frustrated over the Skye thing!” He made this sentence clearer then the rest.

“No, I don’t have a reason for wanting one!”

“Taylor! You’re NOT doing this!”

“Yes I am!”

“No you’re not!”

“Yes-I-am!” There was no way Isaac was going to talk him out of this. The whole day was causing Taylor a lot of stress. This was one thing that was going to make him happy and he wasn’t going to let anyone stop him from getting it.

Zac picked up the phone and dialed Alanna’s number. After thinking over how wrong last night was he had to call her.

“Hello?” Alanna picked up with a wearied greeting.

“Hi, is Alanna there?”

“This is she.”

“Oh, this is Zac,

“Which Zac?”

“The Zac, Zac.” He laughed.

“Which Zac, Zac? I know two. Be more specific.” Alanna ordained as she finished painting her left set of toenails.

“The last night Zac.”

“Ohhhh yeah, what’s up?” She asked cracking her gum.

“Nothing much. I just called you to talk. I mean, I have to tell you something.”

“I have to tell you something too, Zac.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Well, you first.”

“Okay, we’re just friends right?” Zac’s voice was humble.

“Yep. That’s what I wanted to make sure you knew.”

“Oh okay, good! Because I’m seeing someone and I love her more then anything in the universe!” Zac exclaimed.

“I understand that. To be honest, giving you a b.j meant nothing to me.”

“So then why did you give it to me if it meant nothing to you.” Zac disputed.

“I felt bad for you. Besides, It’s not like I’ve never given them before. I guess I just figured one more person wouldn’t make a difference. I’m not trying to sound like a slut...”

“No I didn’t say that, did I?! You’re not a slut, you’re a friend.”

“Oh thanks, well, I’m glad we got this straightened out.”

“Same here buddy.” Zac smiled.

“That was corny Zac! You’re getting more and more like your brother everyday.” Alanna joked.

“Nope. Oh hey! DX is wrestling on paper view tonight!” Zac reminded her.

“I know, I have the bootleg box that gives me all the stations, I’m gonna watch it!”

“I’m gonna order it!”

“I betcha anything that Stone Cold’s gonna win!”

“Fuck no! It’s DX all the way!”

Alanna and Zac continued their wrestling talk, both feeling refreshed that they had the same feelings about what went on last night.


Isaac and Taylor sat inside the tattoo parlor waiting for the man with the ink and needle filled gun to call his name. As they waited, Taylor checked out the tattoo’s they had to pick from.

“Taylor, don’t do this.” Isaac begged.

“Do you think girls find roses sexy?” Taylor inspected the design of two roses embedded in each other.

“You are a teen pop star, not a motorcycling bully.”

“Tattoo’s shouldn’t be stereotyped.”


“Besides, with our money, I can get it taken off easily.”

“When mom and dad see it you can bet your ass that you’ll be getting it taken off!” Isaac gave a reality check to Taylor.

“I’m putting it on the middle of my back. If I recall, our parents don’t usually strip us naked to check out our backs.” Taylor pointed out.

“Yeah well, if I tell them where it’s located then I’m sure you’re gonna be doing a lot of stripping down!”

Taylor spun around. “You wouldn’t!” He dared.

“No, you got me all wrong. I think I would.” Isaac corrected in all seriousness.

“Wait, shhh.” Taylor held his hand up to silence Isaac. He listened to the familiar giggle coming from the next room. “Doesn’t that laugh sound familiar?”

“Um, no.”

“Ah, oh well. Anyway this is something I really want....” Taylor went on discussing the point of why he wanted a tattoo and the reasons why Isaac shouldn’t tell their parents.
“Ahhh! I love it!” Skye studied the tattoo she had just got done. It wrapped around her upper arm like the singer Monica’s and WAS designed with thin vines, roses and butterflies.

“It looks really good!” Marc complimented.

“This was such a good idea! It’s the best early birthday present in the world!” Skye jumped into his arms.

“I’m glad you like it.” Marc smiled.

“I love it!” Skye repeated. “And I also love yours! It’s just like Jonathan Davis’!”

“It is Jonathan Davis’!” Marc told Skye checking out the KoRn tattoo on his right arm.

“Okay, the doors just behind that curtain.” The tattoo artist pointed to the drapery. “If you don’t mind, I have someone waiting.”

“Oh sure. Thanks Uncle. Bob!” Marc took Skye’s hand.

“No problem.” Bob read off of his list. “Jordan Taylor. I do believe it’s your turn.” He called.

Skye’s head dashed up. ‘Taylor, oh my god! He’s here!’

“Yep, Jordan, that’s me.” Taylor walked into the quaint tattoo room tightening the hair tie which was loose on his low ponytail. His eyes widened when he saw Skye standing face to face with him. “What the hell are you doing here?!” He interrogated checking out her huge Jnco’s and Marilyn Manson shirt. She looked like the definition of a freak.

“Um, same reason you’re here, most likely.” Skye answered acting as if Taylor meant nothing to her. On the inside, her heart was punding at just the sight of him.

“Oh yeah... well, Lindsay said you wanted to talk..”

“No not here, not now.” Skye took a step closer to Taylor. “Alone.” She lipped, her eyes broad.

“Oh,” Here Taylor was standing next to the girl he wanted desperately and all he could say was ‘Oh.’

“Skye, come on, we’re leaving.” Marc wanted Skye away from Taylor, and quick.

“Hold on a sec! Geez...” Skye turned back to Taylor. “So what tattoo are you getting?” She nervously started a conversation with him.

“Um, I was thinking a cross but now I’m debating on getting one that says ‘Love Sucks.” Taylor informed her making sure she knew what he was getting at.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Skye’s voice was low.

“Nothing...” Taylor muttered looking away from her.

“...Oh... you like mine?!” Skye showed him her tattoo.

“Yeah, it’s sweet.” All of a sudden, Taylor seemed shy.

“Where are you getting yours?”

“My back.”

“For real?! That’s so sexy!” Skye gushed.

“Really?” Taylor looked up at her, responsive of her calling him sexy. Well, maybe not him but close enough.

“Yeah, as long as you don’t get ‘Love Sucks’ on it.”

Oh, I guess I’ll go with the cross. The same design that’s on my choker, ya know?” Taylor felt the urge to get whatever Skye wanted him to, even if it was ‘permanent’ ink in his body.

Skye nodded. “Yeah, that’ll look good. You’re parents are letting you?”

“No but they won’t know.” As Taylor said this he noticed something intensely meaningful. Skye was wearing the ring he gave her. Maybe she couldn’t part with it, or even better, maybe she still loved him.

“Oh, my mom said I could get one.” Skye answered now aware that Taylor was staring at her hand with a look of wonder on his face. Instantaneously she realized what he was looking at, the ring he had given her. She never actually could take it off. She felt as if it was part of her body.

“Skye, please! We’re gonna miss the movie!” Marc shouted.

Skye and Taylor both escaped their trances. ”Well, Taylor, I have to go...” She turned to Marc burying her hands in the huge pockets of her Jnco’s.


“Nice talking to you.” She began to walk away.

“Yeah, you too.”

“Oh! One more thing!” Skye strolled back over to Taylor. “You know I was lying about not really loving you, right?”


“And, I, um, I still love you.” Skye whispered, her eyes completely sensitive.

Taylor gulped. “Oh.” He felt the butterflies in his stomach go crazy.

“And I won’t forget about talking to you... alone, I promise.”

“Okay.” A candy-coated grin played on Taylor’s face. He couldn’t even comprehend everything that had just happened. It all seemed so impossible. What were the chances Skye would be in the same tattoo place as him at the same time? What were the chances that right after Skye was brought up she appeared out of nowhere? And the chances that on the day Taylor confessed his love for her she actually had the opportunity to confess hers to him? Taylor’s mind was filled with questions yet no answers. Maybe they bumped into each other for a reason.... One things for sure, when Skye had said ‘We’re going to meet each other again’ and ‘I’ll just show up.’ he never really expected it would be so soon.


Zac sat near the suites huge window watching the skyline light up in front of him. New York City was beautiful when the sun was setting. He wished Jaimee was with him to watch it. Picking up his dad’s cellular he dialed her phone number.

“Hello?” A male voice picked up.

“Can I talk to Jaimee?” Zac asked in his best polite voice.

“Sure, hold on. JAIMEE!! It’s your boyfriend!”

“Zac?” Jaimee picked up. “Put the phone down, I got it!” She yelled to her brother who was downstairs.


“Yeah, what’s up?”

“Um, I love you.”

“I love you too Zac, is that it?”

“Yeah, that’s it.”

Jaimee smiled. “That’s so sweet Zac!”

“Also, I don’t want to see you anymore.”

“What?!” Jaimee cried in shock, a sudden change in her voice.

“No not like that. I want you to be my girlfriend again, my only girlfriend.” Zac blushed as he said this.

“Aww Zac, what made you change you’re mind about things?”

“I don’t know. I guess I just pictured you with another guy and had a really bad attitude on it. I also realized that it’s impossible to go out with any other girl when all I think about is you.” Zac avowed.

“I know what you mean, I don’t know how’d I feel if you ever went out with another girl.” Jaimee said openly.

Suddenly a huge amount of guilt hit Zac. Why did he let Alanna give him a blow job? It’s not like Jaimee wouldn’t have come around in time. He was sure when she was ready she would have done it. “Listen Jaimee, I have to tell you something.”

“Okay, go ahead.”

“I’m just being honest because I don’t want to hurt our relationship.”

“Okay, I understand.” Jaimee grasped the phone tighter.’

Zac’s palms started to sweat. “I let another girl give me head last night...” He could hear Jaimee’s breathing increase. “But wait, before you say anything, I didn’t do a thing to her! And all she did was suck it. I swear!”

“But you didn’t stop her and chances were you were the one who asked for it. I’m sure she wasn’t down on her knees begging you.” Jaimee debated.

“Jaimee, I was wrong. I’m sorry.”

“I understand Zac. We did say we were seeing other people but I mean, just cause I didn’t do it...” Jaimee started a new sentence. “I would have done it sooner or later. I just didn’t feel ready.”

“I know. I shouldn’t have made it seem like I was forcing you. It’s just something I really wanted.” Zac admitted.

“We can’t turn back time. Let’s just be rational about this.”

“I agree.”

“But one thing...”


“You don’t like her or anything?” Jaimee prayed he would say no.

“No way! Anyway, she likes Tay.” Zac laughed.

“Oh okay.”

“Oh also, If I can invite friends outside Tulsa, then will you come to my birthday party? I’d pay for the plane ticket and stuff.” Zac really wanted Jaimee to be there.

“Of course Zac!”

“Great, okay I’ll let you go now.”

“All right.” Jaimee said this even though she didn’t want him to let her go. She wanted to talk to him forever.

“I love you.”

“I love ya too Zac.”


“Bye.” Jaimee giggled as she hung up. She was glad Zac was honest with her. That’s what a relationship is supposed to be based on, trust. And that was one thing she was sure she had for him, besides love of course.


“I can’t believe you just did that!” Isaac bellowed as Taylor and him stepped out of the tattoo parlor and into the dark cool air.

“It hurt like hell but it was so worth it! Now I am definitely the sexiest Hanson!” Taylor grinned.

“And is you’re ego as sexy as you are?” Isaac lifted an eyebrow.

“Hell yeah!” Taylor was happier then the day he got his first blow job.

“Let’s just get back to the hotel and put this fucked up day to its end.”

“Wait... stop.” Taylor paused.

“What now?” Isaac balked throwing his hands onto his hips.

“I need to have sex.” Taylor smiled an innocent smile even though his voice seemed insisting.

“What?!” Isaac yelled in skepticism. It wasn’t even like Taylor said ‘I want to have sex.’ Noooo he needed to have sex.

“I just got a tattoo! I have to show it to someone!”

“Taylorrrr!” Isaac growled.

“I’m sure there’s a million night clubs we could meet girls in!”

“We?" Isaac asked, knowing he didn’t want to have anything to do with Taylor’s clubbing idea.

“Yeah Ike. It’s time you get out of you’re pathetic little shell and fuck someone!” Taylor explained, his voice screaming attitude problem.

“I have a girlfriend! Did you forget that?” Isaac gave Taylor a overwrought look.

“She’s like a million miles away! It’s not like she’s just gonna show up! Plus I am positive she’s back at home cheating on you!”

“How do you kn... okay just shutup!”

“Well anyway, I don’t give a fuck if you go because I am!” Taylor continued walking.

“You don’t even know where you’re going!” Isaac reminded him.

“I’ll find a place. But ya know Ike, you really should learn what fun is. You never go to parties in Tulsa, hardly ever have sex... you’re just no fun.” Taylor informed, buying a dirty water hot-dog and mountain dew from a hot-dog vender.

“That isn’t true. I go to parties in Tulsa and I have sex.”

“Yeah birthday parties for six year olds... And the only time you had sex was after you met up with Ella again. Admit it Ike.” Taylor took an vast bite out of the end of his hot-dog.

“Fine, I’ll go to prove to you that I know how to have fun!” Isaac contended.

“Good!” Taylor grinned.

“And even though you get more sex then me I know how to give it...”

Taylor almost spit his soda out when he heard Isaac’s stupid anthology. “Haha!” He burst into laughter. “You’re dick is like three inches! Haha... and you couldn’t even hold it in long enough so that the girl actually gets enjoyment out of it! Haha..”

“At least I have some of, it!”

“What do you mean by that?!” Taylor gave his brother a joking push.

“With all that mountain dew you drink and with those tight ass briefs you’ve gotta have a low sperm count!” Isaac chuckled.

“Don’t even go there...” Taylor popped the last piece of bread from his snack into his mouth, washing it down with what was left of his soft drink.

“So how about we find out where the parties are happening?”

“Good idea.” Taylor beamed. “Hey Ike?”


“I had fun today... we should hang out more often,” Taylor admitted.

“Unh huh.” Isaac agreed; In his mind he was swearing that he would never go anywhere with Taylor again. His brother was a rebel. It sounded funny but it was true. ‘Rock and roll’, tattoos, sex... what was next? Drugs and alcohol? Isaac wasn’t sure he wanted to know, in fact, he was positive he didn’t want to know.