I'm Not a Playa Chapter 26

Chapter 26

“Guess what?!” Jessica squealed with joy that morning.

“What?” Isaac and Taylor asked in unison.

“Dad just got me two tickets to the Backstreet Boys concert in Tulsa! That means I get to see Aaron! I’m so excited! Eeee!!!!”

Both brothers exchanged looks of laughter. “That’s great Jess.” Taylor spoke up.

“But here’s the thing. I need someone to go with.” Jessica put on her best begging pout.

“Um, not me, ask Tay!” Isaac looked over at Taylor.

“You know, I really think Zac would look forward to that concert.” Taylor hinted. There was no way he was going to go to a Backstreet Boys gig.

“I can’t. Mom said it had to be one of you two! Please go with me!”

“Let us think about it.” Isaac offered.

“Okay fine!” Jessica threw her hands in the air and left the room.

“I am not going to that concert!” Taylor beckoned once she exited.

“Same here!” Isaac laughed. “Oh uh Tay. I’m sorry about blowing up on you yesterday. I was just really upset and I miss Ella. Things just suck lately.”

“I can relate. I’m sorry for acting like an asshole.”

“Okay now that we’re friends again, you can go tell Jessica that your going to that Backstreet Boys concert with her.” Isaac grinned.

“I don’t think so! Your going to that corny teenybopper concert!”

“Nooo. I’m not going to watch five fags who can’t play or write their own music try to dance around and make girls scream. Nope not me.”

“I feel the same way about the whole thing. Maybe if it was N SYNC I’d go but not..”

“What?! You like N SYNC?! What is this world coming to!?”

“I didn’t say that. I just think their better.” Taylor stood up to empty what was left of his breakfast into the garbage.

“Whatever. Your going.”

“No! Ike...”

“What are you two fighting over now?” Diana walked into the dining room of the hotel suite sipping her mug of coffee.

“One of us has to take Jessica to a Backstreet Boys concert and both of us don’t want to.” Isaac informed.

“I am so ashamed of you two! Jessica gives up her friends and home just because she has to travel with you guys and you can’t even take her to a three hour concert!” Diana’s words flooded out of her mouth.

“Fine, your right mom. I’ll go.” Taylor settled, watching in nausea how Isaac’s face seemed to brighten up.

“Thank you Taylor and as for you Isaac, you really need to grow up.” Diana shook her head in disbelief leaving the room.

“You know, there’s going to be a lot of girls there.” Taylor pointed out looking at the upside of things.

“Yeah but they won’t be Hanson fans.” Isaac reminded.

Taylor grinned, a baneful glare on his face. “Until they meet me...”


“Taylor, get ready! We’re leaving in a half hour!” Zac shouted noticing how his brother was laying on the couch in a pair of boxers and a t-shirt, obviously not ready for the double date which was planned.

“It doesn’t take much to impress a stalker.” Taylor looked up at Zac who was standing in front of him with his hands on his hips.

“I thought you liked Alona?!”

“Yeah well, I changed my mind. Can you move so I can see the T.V?” Taylor gave Zac a shooing off gesture with his hand.

“Ughhh whatever. Get ready!”

Taylor laid on the couch for a few more minutes and then decided to get up. He groaned standing on his feet and heading to his hotel bedroom. Looking through his suitcase he took out his shiny tight black leather pants. ‘My ass looks really sexy in these.’ Taylor thought searching for a pair of briefs and a shirt. He decided to wear his blue shirt with the black Chinese writing on it. He didn’t know what it meant but it looked good. After his clothes were on, he brushed his hair and threw it back into a tail. All he wanted was for the whole double date to be over so that he could take Alona back to his hotel room and get the only thing he wanted from her.

“Come on Tay, we’re leaving!” Zac shouted from outside his door.

“I’m coming. Hold your damn horses.” Taylor opened his door noticing how Jaimee and Zac were looking very impatient. “You don’t have to rush, ya know.” Taylor walked past them. “We’re actually early.”

“Dad, we’re leaving. We’ll be back after the movie!” Zac alerted.

“Okay, have fun kids.” Walker smiled.

“We will.” When Taylor, Zac and Jaimee got outside they immediately noticed Alona. It was hard to miss her. She was the only girl in front of the hotel holding a cage with a rabbit in it.

“Oh hey!” Alona waved.

Taylor was the first to ask the question that was on everyone’s mind. “Why do you have a rabbit with you?”

“Oh well, okay, you see, I’m bunny sitting for my aunt and she told me to take it where ever I go. But don’t worry Dotty is always quiet.”


“It has pink spots.”

“Oh yeah. Um, why is it purple?”

“Because, I don’t know, it was born like that.” Alona laughed.

“That’s weird.” Taylor pointed out.

“Come on guys!” Zac yelled. “We can’t be late for the movie.”

“Oh yeah.” Alona smiled noticing how Jaimee and Zac were holding hands. That hurt, profoundly.

“Lets get away from these fans.” Taylor murmured into Alona’s ear. “This is all starting to creep me out.”

As all four started to walk Taylor and Alona got into a discussion. “The fans creep you out?”

“Only when they stalk us.” Taylor gave Alona the famous ‘look’.

“Oh yeah, like I did?”



“We’re on a date. Lets just forget that your a fan.”

Alona grinned. “All right.” As they strolled down the street to the nearest movie theater Alona realized how much attention the two Hanson’s got. People would look at them like they were from outer space. “Taylor?” She looked up at him. He was so tall.


“People are looking.”

“It’s the bunny that’s causing the attention.”

“Oh! I thought it was you guys!” Alona giggled.

“No, trust me, it’s you.” Taylor laughed.
“Alona and Tay are hitting it off well.” Jaimee pointed out.

“Yep. They look cute together too.”

“I wonder if their going to make out in the movie theater.”

“Knowing Taylor, it just could be more.” Zac grinned.

“Nahh, Taylor’s bad but I don’t think he’s THAT bad!”

“No, he’s THAT bad!” Zac assured as they got to the theater.


Isaac walked down the street looking at the stores. He was bored and wanted Ella. Walking into one of the local music outlets he noticed a girl who looked very familiar. Suddenly it hit him. It was the girl from the restaurant. “Mary!” He ran over to her.

Mary’s head shot up from the Fiona Apple CD she was reading the track list of and into his direction. “Oh hi. Nice to see you again!”

“How have you been?” Isaac tightened his ponytail making sure no access frizz was hanging out.

“I’m pretty good. How about you?”

“I’m great! Did you get that job you wanted?”

“Oh, no.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Well, It doesn’t matter much. I’m actually working for a record label now and I’ve been taking a few collage classes.”

“What label?”


“Your shitting me?!”


“Our band is on that label!”

“Your band? Oh right, Hanson right?”

“Yeah.” Isaac stated proudly.

“That’s cool. Mercury just signed a new band.”

“Swirl and the numbers?”

“Yeah, Swirl360. Their actually really good. I’ve met them a few times.”

“Awesome. You have a connection now!”

“You could say that. Although I run into you a lot without one.” Mary laughed.

Isaac chuckled. “Do you want to go get something to eat?”

“Yeah, I guess so. I have nothing better to do.”


“Lemme just pay for this CD first.”

“Fiona Apple?” Isaac shifted the front of the CD to his eyesight noticing how Brianna, his huge fan had very similar eyes as the ‘great’ singer.

“Yeah, I’ve heard it was pretty good.”

“Yeah she’s okay if you like that kind of music.” Isaac actually disliked Fiona Apple because of the fact that she won the MTV award for best new artist over them and then gave a lame speech putting down the honor. Another reason was that after him and his brothers met her at Jingle Ball 97’ Taylor actually had the nerve to take her back to their hotel and fuck her. She never opposing to screwing his fourteen year old, at the time, brother was what made him sure she had problems.

Mary smiled paying for the CD. Once her and Isaac left the store they went to get something to eat.


Zac, Jaimee, Taylor, Alona, and her rabbit sat in that order in the back row of the dark movie theater on their double date. The movie choice was ‘Something About Mary’ which Taylor had objected to seeing several times.

Alona eyed Zac’s hand on Jaimee’s wishing that it was her fingers he was gripping. This was her second time seeing ‘Something About Mary’ and Taylor wasn’t exactly the most exciting person to be on a date with. Alona watched as Zac whispered something in Jaimee’s ear and she giggled scooting closer to him. Alona had to get her mind off of the couple. She was on a date with Taylor Hanson for god sakes! This was every teenage girls dream and she wasn’t even living it! Looking over at the angel sitting next to her she smiled. He noticed her eyes on him and smiled back. Although his smile was breakable. He had his arm around her chair, sadly it wasn’t her. Alona guessed he was shy and decided to break the bashfulness by moving closer to him and leaning on his shoulder a little. He quickly responded, moving his hand around her and onto hers. So far, so good.

Taylor noticed how Alona was trying to get closer to him. He liked letting her make the first move. He decided to excite her a little and moved his hand of the arm that was around her onto her upper inner thigh. He gave her a playful smile as he softly massaged her skin. When he felt her becoming beyond tense he rubbed her on the outside of her tight at the top, flared jeans. His fingers crawled higher up to the fly and he slowly unzipped it.

“What are you doing?” Alona whispered.

Taylor slid his hand into the front of Alona’s, now open, jeans rubbing her mound with his hand. “I think you know.” He grinned.

Alona didn’t know what to do. If this was any other guy she would have stopped him but this wasn’t any other guy. This was teen idol Taylor Hanson and there was no way she could say no. “Oh...”

Taylor continued to stimulate Alona, stopping to lightly stroke her most sensitive spot. He felt her wetness stain the underwear he was handling.

Alona was extremely aroused by Taylor’s touch but when she thought of how embarrassing this situation was, had to stop him. Taking his hand out of her jeans, she gave him a stern look.

“Sorry.” Taylor felt his cheeks go red. It sometimes made him feel disconcerted when girls who admired him would stop him from touching them.

“It’s okay.” Alona didn’t look eye to eye with him. She was humiliated.

Taylor looked over at Jaimee and Zac. They were laughing hysterically at the film. ‘Is this movie supposed to be funny?’ Taylor thought watching the screen confusingly. “You know I didn’t want to see this movie at all.” He told Alona trying to break the uncomfortable silence.

“Me neither. I’ve seen it already.”

“Oh reaaally? With who?” Taylor teased.

“.. A ... guy.” Alona had really seen the movie with a bunch of friends but she figured she would lie and see what Taylor thought.

“You have a boyfriend?” He asked very concerned.

“Oh no. We just went on a date.”

“Did you like him?”

“Not as much as I like you.” Alona confessed shyly.

Taylor smiled. That was exactly what he wanted to hear. “I like you too.” He admitted hearing a ‘Shushing sound from the elderly in front of them. Both smiled at each other and stayed quiet the remainder of the movie.


“I thought that movie would never end!” Alona exclaimed sitting the rabbit on Taylor’s hotel room floor in its cage.

Taylor avoided Alona’s excitement taking a seat on his cushy bed. He was so happy that he talked her into coming up to his room. He was positive she knew what he wanted. “Sit down. It’s more comfortable.” Taylor smiled patting a spot next to him on the bed.

“Oh okay,” Alona apprehensively sat next to Taylor.

Taylor smoothly slithered to the back of Alona gently massaging her neck. “Don’t be so nervous around me.” His voice was low and scrape as it usually was in erotic situations.

“Okay.” Alona realized that her utterance took on a weird tone when she answered him so she cleared her throat and repeated her reply.

“Your so sexy.” Taylor whispered in Alona’s ear.

“Thank you.” Alona shuddered. Taylor was making her feel uncomfortable. She knew he was expecting a lot from her.

“Your making me want you.” Taylor continued to sweet talk Alona. He wanted her to fall right onto him and answer to all of his commands. The old Taylor in him wanted badly to come out and play.

“How?” Alona asked shyly.

“Just sitting there acting all vulnerable.”

“I don’t act vulnerable,” Alona defended.

“Whatever.” Taylor kissed her neck.

Alona felt a huge rush through her body. Taylor lips were smooth, moist and hot on her skin. He was so alluring and arousing it was scary.

As Taylor kissed Alona’s collarbone he worked her jacket off gliding his lips onto her shoulder which the tank top was bearing. He soon came up to her eye level and sensually kissed her lips, no tongues involved, yet.

That last kiss took Alona by surprise. She smiled not knowing what else to do. That’s when she felt Taylor, his hard erect penis on her back. ‘It can’t be...’ She thought looking him in the eye again. All he did was grin.

“You feel that?” Taylor shifted himself against Alona, still in back of her on his knees.

“Um yes.” Alona answered.

“That’s what you did to me.” Taylor took Alona’s chin into his hands and raised it so that she would look at him.


Taylor kissed Alona’s lips once again moving next to her on the bed. Alona was timidly replying to his motions. Taylor needed her, he needed all of her. Deciding that his small pecks weren’t enough he forced his tongue into her mouth.

“Mmm!” Alona squealed trying to kiss Taylor back as quickly as he was kissing her. She couldn’t keep up with his tongue that was frantically discovering her mouth. When she realized that kissing him back was nearly impossible she put her hand on his chest signaling him to stop.

“What?” Taylor asked out of breath.

“Go slower.” Alona meekly ordered.

“All right.” Taylor quickly went back to kissing Alona only at a more gentle speed.

Alona ran her hands through Taylor’s soft hair. She never imagined that she would be making out with a Hanson. This was too amazing.

Just as Alona wanted it, Taylor went gradually. He cautiously unbuttoned her tan colored tank top wanting things to progress.

“Whoa Tay.” Alona turned her head away from their kiss. “How far do you want to take this?”

“As far as you’ll go.” Taylor continued to unbutton her shirt.

“Wait...” Alona took his hand away from her clothing and into hers. “What if I want to stop now?”

“Then we’ll stop but I know that’s not what you really want.” Taylor leaned forward for another kiss but Alona carefully shoved him away.

“How do you know what I really want?”

“Stop asking so many damn questions! This is what all girls want so I’m sure you aren’t going to object. Now, are we done with my interview?”

“Listen Taylor, I’m a virgin and saving my virginity is very important to me. I just want my first time to be special.”

“Having sex with me is special.”

“You are so full of yourself.” Alona stated, her voice flat.

“I’m sorry. I guess I just really want to do this with you.”

Alona decided to think over giving Taylor her virginity. “Does it hurt?” She reasoned. After all Taylor was the expert, or at least he seemed to be.

“No, I know how to do it right.”

“Are you going to forget about me after we do this?”

“No I won’t.” Taylor tried to say this as sweetly as he could. He was so close to having Alona let him screw her.

“What if I get scared at the last minute?” Alona thought of what she had just asked. It sounded so immature. She hoped Taylor wouldn’t care.

“Then I’ll stop.”

“Fine, lets do it.”

Taylor smiled, once again leaning into Alona for a kiss. Once their lips met a passionate connection began. Taylor rested his hands around Alona’s shoulders softly playing with her dark blonde hair. Having sex with her had to relieve his tension. Taylor unbuttoned the last button on Alona’s tank top and slid it off her shoulders. She bashfully covered herself with her arms. “Alona. First of all you can take off my clothes while I take off yours. I’m not gonna do all the work here.”

“That would make me feel really uneasy. I can’t just strip you down.”

Taylor laughed. “Yes you can. Trust me, I won’t mind.” He paused. “And second of all don’t hide your body. Your beautiful and I want to see you.”

Alona looked down at her legs. She couldn’t help but think of Taylor as a major pervert. The way he was acting was disgusting. “I want to leave.” Alona spoke up quietly.

“What?” Taylor asked in skepticism and shock.

“I said,” Alona raised her voice. “I want to leave.”

“Wha... why?!”

“Because you make me feel totally indecent and I don’t like it. And on top of that I don’t like you. I like your brother and you knew that when you asked me out.”

“I can’t believe this!” Taylor stood up raising his hands in the air.

Alona grabbed her shirt and started to redress. “I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, yeah. I’ve heard it all this week.”

“Okay.” Alona lifted her rabbit cage off the floor contriving to leave.

“What do you find so attractive in Zac anyway?!” Taylor asked curiously.

“Well, he’s funny and cute. He’s the kind of guy you want to just grab and hug.” Alona continued. “He seems really easy to talk to and competitive. He really shows off a romantic side at times without having to get sexual and most of all, he doesn’t use girls.” Alona smiled unlocking the door.

“Wait.” Taylor walked over to Alona backing her against the door. “I wasn’t using you. I like you a lot.”

“That isn’t true. Don’t lie to me.”

“I’m not. I really like you. I don't want you to leave.”

Alona shook her head. “I can’t believe you. Your like the worlds greatest liar.”

“Just stay with me tonight. We won’t have sex. We’ll just hang out.”

“Um, no I have to get home and so does Jaimee. Sorry.” Alona clutched one of her hands onto the doorknob. Opening her exit she left the room listening to no additional comments from Taylor.


“Haha I can’t believe that fan was flinging fries at you in the restaurant!” Mary laughed as Isaac and her walked along central park.

“It wasn’t funny.” Isaac muttered crossing his arms.

“Yes it was! Hehe.”

“I swear I have fries in places I didn’t even know I had!”

“Oh Ike, admit it. It was funny!” Mary chuckled.

“You wanna see funny!? I’ll show you funny!” Isaac grabbed a hold of Mary. He viciously tickled her flat stomach which the mini blue and gray striped baby tee she was wearing exposed. “Seeing you in tickle torture is funny!” Isaac grinned. Mary was giggling like crazy. “I see you find it funny too.” He chortled.

“Ike....” Mary tried to catch her breath. “Ahh.. stop.. please... hahaha!!!” Isaac’s hands kept his pace. “Oh.. my.. gosh... stop hehe...!”

Isaac finally ended his tickle massage letting go of Mary. “Now that was funny!”

“You are so immature!” Mary giggled catching her breath.

“Am not!”

“Are too!”

“Oh this is us acting even more adult!” Isaac laughed.

“Hehe...” Mary panted. “Your really something Isaac.”

“You too. Hey can I tell you something?”

“Sure. Go ahead.” Extra chuckles escaped Mary’s mouth as she said this.

“When I met you, you acted so serious. I never would have thought you had a fun side but now that I know you better you just seem like the perfect woman. Your the kind of person I can really respect.”

“Thanks Isaac. That’s a sweet compliment. Your pretty cool too.” Mary took delight in how the moonlight hit Isaac’s head perfectly causing his blonde hair to shine.

Isaac smiled. “If I was single I would have put so many moves on you...”

“Same here.” Mary laughed.

“You have a boyfriend?” Isaac was suddenly let down.

“A husband.” Mary answered steadily.

“Are you kidding? Your like eighteen!”

“No Ike, I’m twenty four.” Mary corrected.

“What? No way!”

“Yes! And your in your twenties too... right?”

“No.. I’m seventeen.” Isaac said slowly. “But I’m turning eighteen next month.” He quickly added.

“Oh wow. I didn’t know that.”

“I guess we just shocked each other.”

“Big time... gosh, I had this huge.. attraction to you.. wow...”

“Had? Because I still have one towards you.” Isaac brought himself closer to Mary.

Mary strained up. She couldn’t be stuck in this situation. “Isaac, I have to get home. I think this whole date or whatever you want to call it was a big mistake. I really wanted a sexual relationship with you but putting a seventeen year old through an affair is wrong and I, I have to get going. I’ll see ya around.” Mary turned to walk away. She couldn’t believe she wanted to have sex with a guy seven years younger then herself.

“I understand. If you hadn’t found out my age you still would have wanted me.”

Mary stopped walking but didn’t turn around. “It’s not like that at all.”

“Yes it is.”

“No it’s not.” Mary insisted now walking back over to Isaac. She looked down at the ground and then into his soft sensitive eyes. Words couldn’t express what her body wanted. Her mouth seemed in perfect line of his. If only she could steal a kiss from his thin appealing lips without having it be done.

“Yes,” Isaac moved closer to Mary, their lips almost touching. “It is.” He kissed her delicately not realizing the immense problems involved. As their kiss intensified and became unwavering their souls drove closer and closer to one another. It was what they both wanted and their was no hiding it. The kiss was powerful and the sex would be ever better. When their bond had ended Mary prepared to speak up. Isaac awaited what else her lips had to offer.

“Come back to my place and make love to me Ike.”

Isaac licked his lips and nodded his head. “Okay.” He followed Mary, hand in hand through the park in the opposite direction of the hotel he was staying at. He knew what he was doing was sinful but my god, it felt so good.


Taylor was ready to scream in frustration. To recap his whole week -- Two girls wouldn’t sleep with him, he was once again ‘Taylor Hanson, girl user’ and the worst of it all, he was stuck going to a Backstreet Boys concert with his little sister. He could say things couldn’t get any worse but then of course something else remarkably awful would happen. Glancing over at his digital clock he realized that it was about 9:00. Why not invite Alanna over for a fast fuck? She made a good one night stand. Taylor stood up and left his room. He needed Isaac’s little black book, the one which held all his ex’s phone numbers. As he walked into Isaac and Zac’s room he saw Alona helping Jaimee pack along with Zac who was more interested in wanting to spend time with his girlfriend before she left. Taylor ignored Alona’s presence opening the draw on the left side of the room.

“That’s my draw. What are you doing Tay?” Zac looked up from Jaimee’s suitcase.

“Where’s Ike’s draw?”


“I just need to know.”

“First tell me why.”

“Ugh, I need one of his girl friends phone numbers.”

“Oh okay, his phone book is on the dresser over there.” Zac pointed to the big draw set in front of the room.

“Thanks.” Taylor past Alona still not making any contact with her. Grabbing the little book he left the room.

“Guys, I’ll be back soon. I have to talk to Taylor.” Alona told Zac and Jaimee as she followed Taylor back into his room. She hadn’t gotten his attention until she slammed the door behind herself. “You want to fuck me?”

“Huh?” Taylor spun around. “Where the hell did you come from?!”

“Then fuck me! Go ahead Taylor!” Alona walked over to him. She didn’t know why she was acting the way she was. Maybe because she didn’t want Taylor to hate her, maybe because she didn’t want him calling on any other girls to relieve him, maybe because she didn’t want to pass up such an opportunity, maybe because she actually liked him, who knew? Pushing him onto the bed she started to lift his t-shirt up. “I don’t have a lot of time so can you help me here?!”

“Oh um okay.” Taylor didn’t know what was up with Alona but this situation couldn’t possibly be bad.

Alona quickly stripped herself and then Taylor, him helping along the way. Once they were both in their underwear Alona grabbed Taylor’s erection outside of his white briefs, starting to stroke him. She had never done anything like this before but she knew what he wanted and was determined to give it to him.

Taylor on the other hand was in a state of shock. Trying to snap out of it, he kissed Alona’s notably soft lips. He was stunned when she aggressively kissed him back. He wasn’t going to fight with her. Running his fingers across the elastic of her panties he slowly pulled them down her body leaving them at her ankles. Alona abruptly kicked them off and onto the floor beginning to straddle Taylor, their lips still locked and him now taking off her bra.

Alona stopped kissing Taylor and licked his lips. “Come on Tay, take your briefs off now.” She ran her hand across his clothed penis.

“No, you take them off.” Taylor managed to say through his heavy breathing.

Alona did exactly what he said. She was a little terrified of what was revealed but knew she would get past it, hopefully. “What else do you want?” She asked sweetly, staring into Taylor’s eyes, the furthest thing away from what was scaring her.

“I want you to suck my cock.” Taylor gasped, sweat beading down his red face. “Long and hard.” He added.

Alona couldn’t back away now. She had asked him what he wanted and he had told her. Running her self down Taylor’s body, nibbling his fit stomach on the way, she reached what he so badly wanted inside her. Alona closed her eyes taking Taylor’s penis past her glossy lips. Her mind raced like crazy, deciding what to do. Slowly she started to bob Taylor’s shaft in and out of her mouth. Taylor watched as his hard swollen penis shimmered with her sweet salivation. He silently groaned thrusting himself further into her mouth. Alona almost choked and decided to stop the blowjob before Taylor reached his peak. She pushed herself away from him but after he slipped out of her mouth he quickly begged for more. “Don’t I get anything?” Alona assertively asked.

Taylor calmed down before answering Alona’s question. “I’m not too good at eating girls out.” He admitted. He had only done it once and although he planned on perfecting it didn’t want to disappoint Alona.

“So I don’t get anything?”

“You never finished what you started.” Taylor reminded Alona referring to the blowjob she had halfway given.

“I’ll finish as soon as you give me some.”

The thought of where Alona suddenly became sexually experienced crossed Taylor’s mind a few times in thinking about an answer to her question. He actually had a conception of asking her why she had a sudden change of mind. He then realized that he might not get a chance to have sex with her if they got into a conversation.

“So?!” Alona awaited an answer.

“All right.” Taylor leaned Alona against the head board of the bed and assisted spreading her legs apart from one another. He laid on his stomach and kissed her inner thigh. “This is what you want?” He seductively asked his head now inches away from her woman hood.

“Mmhm.” She replied satisfied. She leaned her head back and waited for Taylor’s wet tongue to tease her.

Slowly Taylor ran his tongue over Alona’s slit hoping he was doing this right. He felt relief when she loudly moaned. He took pleasure in the warmth of her dark pink insides and took excitement in what was left of the night. Licking her slit again he tasted some of her cum which he found delicious. Leaving his tongue buried between her legs, he kissed her labia. He then stroked his tongue up and down her insides evading her clitoris which he knew he would use to excite her later on. He couldn’t believe how much Alona’s whimpering was turning him on. He looked up at her, a huge smile playing on his face. Embedding his head deeper into her vagina he continued to caress her over and over with his tongue. He could hear her breathing sharpen and decided it was time to touch her most sensitive spot. He sucked gently at her clitoris hearing a huge moan leave her mouth. “Ohhh Taylor.” She cried. “You want more?” Taylor questioned a little above a whisper, knowing he had plenty more to give. “Oh god yes.” Alona replied. Bringing his hands in-between Alona’s legs he stuck just his long middle finger into her vagina hole noticing how her pre cum was drenching his digit. He was careful not to ‘pop her cherry’ knowing that he wanted to save that for when he fucked her. Alona gasped as Taylor proceeded to dart his touch in and out of her and lick heavily at her most receptive body part. When he knew she was about to lose control and hit an orgasm he stopped. “No Taylor! Please!” She bellowed. “That’s exactly what you did to me baby.” Taylor smiled.

“Oh my god! Please don’t do this!” Alona pleaded.

“Well then, what do you want me to do?”

“Have sex with me! Anything me! I don’t care! Just please touch me!” Alona pulled Taylor’s body up to hers, his long sweaty blonde hair falling into different directions.

“Damn your horny.” Taylor laughed noticing how he was now in a perfect position to enter Alona.

“Yes! Now do it!” Alona screamed.

“All right, all right. Shhh.” Taylor slowly eased the head of his penis into her. “Is this what you want?”


Taylor was sure Alona was going to go over edge any minute and knew he wanted something back too. “Your pussy is so warm and wet.” Taylor murmured into Alona’s ear driving himself deeper into her.

“Your dick is so long and it feels so good!” Alona informed back.

“Oh my god..” Taylor moaned as he felt Alona’s mix of cum and blood around him. “I wish I could stay in you forever.” He told her.

Alona gasped feeling a wince of pain. “Mmmhmm.”

As Taylor brought himself in and out of Alona he knew he was about to cum. He knew it was almost over. As he exploded heated jizzum into her body he was reminded of how he forgot to put on a condom. In his head he was screaming the word shit over and over. Alona apparently hadn’t noticed and had obviously just hit a climax. Knowing that she had gotten hers, Taylor slid out of her and laid by her side. Both teenagers caught their breath, weakly smiling at each other.

“Wow.” Alona uttered.

“Yeah, that would explain it.” Taylor was motionless.

“Um... wow.”

“Uh huh.” Had it been long since Taylor last had sex? It sure felt that way.

“That was...”



Taylor turned to his side admiring Alona, something he had hardly ever done after having sex with someone he didn’t know very well. She silently watched him watch her, removing a strand of hair from his face. For a few minutes they were quiet seeming to read each others minds, until Alona started to talk. “Well, I have to go now.” She said not moving off the bed. Taylor nodded, about to tell her that he would miss her and wanted her to stay with him.

“Jaimee’s mom is going to pick us up soon.”


“So um... yeah.” Alona sat up on the bed grabbing her clothes.

Taylor watched as she slowly put on her layers of apparel. “You’ll be at Regis and Kathy Lee tomorrow right?” He looked up at her, his big blue eyes gleaming.

“Oh well, um, do you want me to be there?”

“Yes.” Taylor simply answered.

“Then yeah, I’ll be there.”

Taylor grinned taking her hand. “I don’t love you but I honestly like you a hell of a lot.” He acclaimed.

Alona smiled. “I like you too.”

And what they had both said was the truth. There was no running around the fact that what they did was meaningful and a lot more then just plain and simple sex.

Taylor let go of Alona’s hand as she finished dressing. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”
He smiled.

Alona nodded her head. “Yeah, tomorrow.” She gave Taylor one last flirty stare, grabbing the rabbit she was ‘bunny sitting’ for and leaving the room. And what an amazing room it was, the room where she had her first time, the room where her and Taylor Hanson shared an unforgettable moment, the room where she -- fell in love?