Chapter 20

"Isaac!" Ella jumped into his arms after opening her front door.

"Ella! Wow!" He hugged her back slightly lifting her off of the floor. Was this the little girl who used to live on 77th street? The one he had a huge crush on when he was younger? The one who he had always wanted? She had changed so much being even more beautiful then the first day he saw her.

"Come in! So, what's the wow for?" Ella let go of the clutch she had on him.

"The wow is for you! Your just as amazing, if not more, as you were when you were thirteen!"

"Aww thanks Ike"

Isaac took a few minutes to stare at the change. Ella's legs seemed endless. Her small stomach seemed to be in perfect shape with the touch of a silver belly button ring. Her hair was bone straight and ended a few inches above her butt. It was brown with a touch of almond colored highlights. The clothing she wore was flattering, bringing out her figure with the high slits on the long black skirt. The tight black tank top she wore showed off a lot of cleavage. Her eyes were the same deep colored blue they had always been. There was something so electric about her. Something so mysterious. She was the same Ella who he spent so much time with in their earlier years yet she was so much less of that.

"Sit down" Ella smiled.

"Thanks" Isaac took a seat on the sofa. Ella sat next to him.

"I'd offer you something to drink but I don�t know where the fridge is" She laughed. "This place isn�t exactly organized yet"

"Haha yeah. Well, it will be soon"

"I'm so happy about how fortunate your band got. I tried to get in contact with you but it was difficult. Anyway, it looks like everything in your life is going perfect!�

"Actually -- It hasn�t been perfect up to now�

"What�s so special about now?�

"I know you again� Isaac smiled.

"Aw Ike. Your still the same romantic and sweet guy you always were! I�m so glad you haven�t changed!� Ella moved closer to Isaac giving him another hug.

"Your just a little different then I remember� Isaac grinned returning the embrace.

"Yeah Ike. I'm all grown up and so are you"

"I've noticed that"

"Let me ask you something, Ike" Ella let go of Isaac.


"I have this burning question." She paused and swallowed. "Did you ever like me?" Her dark sapphire eyes stared into his soft brown ones as she sighed, blowing her bangs out of her face

"Why do you ask Ella?" All Isaac's interest was in her question. He gently fingered her hair waiting for a response.

"Because, well, I liked you... a lot, and I was just wondering."

"Okay then, yes, I liked you -- so much it was unbearable." Truth was being revealed everywhere.

"Oh... wow..."

"Now your saying wow" Isaac chuckled.

"Yeah funny how we both admired each other and no one ever said anything" Ella smiled.

"Yeah, but look, we met again. Maybe it's destiny, Ella"

"I sure hope so because it's taking so long for me to find the right person"

"I know what you mean. I've been having the same problem..." Isaac smiled. "Until now"

Things were silent for awhile. Packing together all of his guts, Isaac made a move. He gradually picked up Ella�s chin so that they were eye level and kissed her soft pouty lips. Ella was a bit surprised but gently returned the buss giving him a small flavor of her tongue. Isaac moved his hand onto one of Ella's breasts as he pinned her down on the couch. Things were going rather fast. Ella ran her hands through his wavy soft hair allowing him to touch her wherever he wanted. All Isaac could think of besides the fact that he was kissing Ella was sex. He strived for it and was prepared to go as far as she wanted to. As he unbuttoned the button on his pants Ella unzipped the fly. She quickly slid her panty hose off spreading her legs apart widely. Isaac was aroused at what he saw. Quickly, he finished taking off his pants and boxers.

"Go ahead Isaac" Ella beamed.

Isaac was about to have sex with Ella. He couldn't believe this. It was too good to be true. He hadn't had sex in about two years and now a sweet, sexy woman was lying on a couch just waiting for him. Only problem was, something deep within him was saying no. He knew exactly what it was. Backing away, he grabbed his boxers.

"Isaac? What's wrong? You don't want to have sex with me?"

"No Ella. That's not it. Any man on earth who didn't want to have sex with you wouldn't be sane. I just want this to be right for us. I�ve always had a crush on you so having sex on a sofa without a condom when at any moment someone can walk in just seems wrong. This has to be special for you and me. Not just a moment thing. I mean we haven�t even taken off our shirts!"

"Oh my god. Isaac, are you for real about this? What kind of guy are you?"

"A guy who cares about you. A guy who doesn�t want to rush into things and wants a serious relationship"

"Isaac. There are a few things you need to know about me before you even think of us having a serious relationship"

"All I know and need to know is that I�m having feelings I haven�t had since you left. It�s meant to be, Ella"

"Isaac, I'm an atheist" Ella closed her eyes not wanting to see or hear his response.

Isaac backed off of Ella. �Whoa, when did this happen?� He knew that his parents would never in a million years let him date someone who wasn't a Christian or something close to it. How would they feel about an atheist?

"After my mother died. I don't want to get into it. All I know is your parents wouldn't approve of you going out with an atheist."

"They wouldn't know if no one told them� Isaac crossed his arms at the thought.

"No Ike. I feel strongly about my beliefs. I wouldn't lie to anyone. I'm an atheist and that's what I truly am. I won't live a lie."

"You wouldn't lie to be with me?" Isaac's smile was weak.

"No Ike. Would you ever deny your religion?"

"Well no but..."

"Then why would I contradict mine?"

"For you I would"

"That's sweet Ike..." Ella placed her arms around Isaac's neck and pulling him into a quick kiss. "But how about we don't get into this now. Just... lets just be friends, for now anyway"

"Ella, no. I want you and I to be together. I always have"

"We'll see what happens... okay?"

Ella's voice had very little reassurance in it but Isaac's weak smile appeared larger on his face. "Okay."


Skye and Marc stood outside her house that night. Nothing had really went on between them. Marc actually respected the fact that she had a boyfriend. Although, Skye on the other hand wanted nothing more then to be with him. They had so much in common and he was so sweet. If Taylor actually cared for her then he would have called a lot more often.

"Marc?" Skye gazed up at him.


"Can you kiss me?"

"No. You have a boyfriend"

"I don't like him. I like you"

"Are you sure?: Marc wanted to kiss Skye ever since they had met but wasn't sure if it was a good idea.

"Yes" Skye leaned in closer to him as he did the same. There lips touched softly. Skye could tell he wasn't very experienced but liked that innocence. Smiling to herself she knew that Taylor was soon to be nothing more then a lost crush.


The next morning Taylor decided to pay a visit to Charity's house. He had some questions and wanted them answered. As he approached the small inviting house he knocked on the door. There was no answer. Taylor noticed a window that was wide open and wondered if it was her room. He quietly walked over and saw that indeed it was her room. �Um Charity.... what are you doing?� What Charity was doing was obvious but out of concern he thought he should ask.

�Oh my god! Taylor!� Charity was shocked. She quickly moved her fingers from her wet genitalia searching the floor for a towel to cover herself. Her cheeks turned bright red as she put it over her body. �There is something called privacy! You should respect that!�

Taylor ignored her comment. �If you wanted it so bad you could have called me� He climbed into her room through the window.

�Taylor! I can�t believe this!�

�Don�t embarrass yourself because I�m no reason for you to be embarrassed. I�ve done it when Skye wasn�t around�

�Taylor! Just shutup!� Charity sunk into her bed as tears fell from her eyes. She definitely had not intended on Taylor catching her masturbating.

�Oh and another thing -- I have seen you naked. Well, some of you anyway� Taylor snatched the towel from her body.

�Taylor!� Charity tried to get it back.

Taylor laid on top of her taking her slim wet body into his arms. �It�s no big deal. It really isn�t� He whispered into her ear.

�Yes it is� Charity sniffled. Soft ends of Taylor�s hair tickled the side of her face.

Taylor was glowing with different emotions. He was filled with excitement from seeing Charity�s own fingers rubbing deeply against and into herself. He was filled with romance, wanting to talk to her smoothly and gently. He was also filled with guilt for not just walking away after what he saw. All he knew was at that moment he wanted to fuck her. Taylor calmly spoke up. "I have done it before. A lot of people have done it before" Now if he was to put that in truthful words it would be more like "Thousands of girls have done that in front of me."

"But the person they like didn't see them" Charity looked up at Taylor, finding it hard to make eye contact.

"You'd be surprised" Taylor chuckled.

"Taylor... what did you even come here for?"

"I had to ask you a few questions"

"So are you going to ask them, leave, or just hold me and act like I'm some kind of clown in a circus?"

"I'll ask them but then I have to get rid of this problem" Taylor looked down at his pants. His penis was about to explode and it was obvious.

Charity giggled. "I think you should ask the questions fast and then I'll take care of it for you"

"Okay" Taylor smirked letting go of her. "You obviously weren�t a virgin when we had sex in the movie theater so then how come you were so sweet and innocent when I first met you and when you met Skye and all that?"

Charity hid her naked body in her blankets. "Because my parents were home. That's one reason and the next is because I'm trying to change. It's a long story but lets just say I wasn't exactly 'sweet and innocent' Charity in Colorado." Charity's eyes were still red from crying.

"And how exactly are you going to change when you fucked me in the movies?"

"I'm trying. That's why I was masturbating! I didn't just want to go and fuck you again!" Charity wiped the grief and frustration from her face.

"Oh okay. Well if you fuck only one guy it doesn't really amount up to the label "slut". Just make me the only guy you fuck"

"Tay... that would mean you were my.... boyfriend"

"Well actually no..."

"Then what else would you be?"

"Just the one guy you fuck"

"Okay, Taylor" Charity knew that was how it was going to start. As just the one guy she fucked. But eventually things were going to change, whether he liked it or not.


That afternoon Zac stood in the airport waiting for Jaimee to get off the plane with her family. All of a sudden he saw her. She was so radiant. Her long brown curls recently highlighted blond, her green hazel eyes gleaming and her mini-skirt and halter top she was wearing which was a major turn on. "Hey Jaimee!"

"Hi Zac!� Jaimee ran over, giving him a huge bear hug. �This is my younger brother Matt." She introduced him after the embrace ended.

Zac shook Matt's hand and said hello. The boy was about his age give or take a year and looked really bored. Next came Jaimee's older brother Erik who was a marine. Zac shook his hand, returning smiles. After her brothers he was introduced to her parents who seemed very laid back about most things.

"Well mom, I'll see you in a week, have fun at Bradley's." Jaimee stated happily wanting to leave.

"Okay Jaimee, call us from the Hanson's. And Zachary, please thank your mother again for letting Jaimee stay with you."

"It's not a problem, Mrs. Weiss."

"What a sweet boy." Jaimee�s mother gushed.

"Okay bye mom!" Jaimee grinned.

The Weiss' walked off in one direction while Jaimee and Zac walked over to Isaac and Taylor who were waiting outside the van for them, along with some girl that didn't look familiar.

"Hi Taylor!" Jaimee exclaimed.

"Hi STALKER!" Taylor laughed.

"Taylor didn't sound like he was joking" Jaimee thought greeting Isaac.

Zac and Jaimee took the backseat to themselves. "I missed you a lot. I tried to forget about you but I couldn't. I'm glad you called"

"Same here Zac."

Zac leaned over and gave Jaimee a soft kiss on the lips. After awhile his tongue entered her mouth. Jaimee smiled entwining hers with his. Soon it became a game of tag.

"That is so gross" Charity stated.

Jaimee stopped the kiss and looked up at the unfamiliar girl. "And how old are you, fifteen? How could this be gross?"

"Its just you and Zac... ew. See now, Tay and I. We can do stuff like that and make it look good"

"Charity baby. Could you sit down and gimme some lovin?" Taylor laughed tugging on her light green baby tee.

Charity turned around and sat on the van seat closer to him. �Okay Taytortot�

Jaimee could here giggles escaping Charity�s mouth and knew that Taylor was doing something naughty to her. Jaimee wondered what a relationship with Taylor would be like. He seemed to have quite a few of them.

"Why are we stopping?" Taylor asked Isaac as he climbed off of Charity.

"I need to pick someone up" Isaac slid open the van door.

"Who the fuck lives here?" Taylor pondered looking at the house.

"Tay, kiss me again"  Charity began giggling once more.

"Ooo la la" Taylor joked beginning to kiss her intimately again.

"Did we interrupt something here?" Ella asked climbing into the front seat of the van with Isaac on the driver side.

"Who the fuck are you?" Taylor sat up.

"Taylor, watch the language. I�m Ella, remember me?"

"No, I would have remembered someone as pretty as you"

"Taylor!" Charity gently hit him.

Ella smiled at the compliment. "Gosh, you all grew! Is that little Zachy in the back? You look so much bigger in person! The contrast of growth really shows its true colors! And you all have girlfriends! How cute!"

"She�s not my girlfriend!" Taylor and Zac claimed in unison.

"Whoa, okay okay" Ella leaned into Isaac. "No one remembers me" She whispered sadly.

"Taylor should" Isaac whispered back. "Taylor, how could you not remember Ella? She grew up with us. Remember you were around ten" Isaac started the ignition.

Taylor looked up searching Ella�s face. Soon it all came back. "Oh shit! Ella, Holly's friend!" Ella was not only Holly's best friend but she was also the girl Taylor had a huge crush on when he was younger. He even signed Isaac's love letter to her with his name.

"You remember me!" Ella smiled. "Oh! Holly told me to say she said hi and give you her number if you ever want to meet up. She says you two had some pretty fun times together"

"Well. I really wouldn�t say that" Taylor muttered between his teeth. Just remembering memories made him want to throw up. He should have been suing for rape. Was that even possible? "Are you and Ike together now?"

"No, more like friends, Taylor"

"Oh, thats cool, I guess. Where are you two going?"

�To see �I Still Know�� Isaac answered.

Taylor immediately gave Charity a look as to say �Remember that movie?� or more like �Remember what we did at that movie?�

�Okay, get out! Your home� Isaac basically threw his brothers, Charity and Jaimee out of the van so that him and Ella could get to the movie theater.

Since Charity had to start on a project for school she left to go home. The other three teenagers entered the house. Jaimee said hello to everyone, introducing herself to the younger ones who she had never met. Zac showed her where she would be sleeping. It was in the three brothers room on the same uncomfortable mattress Skye had slept in next to Zac�s pullout bed.

Jaimee bent over to put her bags down, showing off her white underwear. Zac licked his lips. She noticed and smiled.

"Well, how about I show you around T-Town tonight?"

"I think I'd like that Zac."

"Okay..." They both smirked. Zac left Jaimee alone so she could get ready and he could take a shower.


Taylor sat home that night. Isaac was still out with Ella, and Zac was out with the love of his life Jaimee. He thought back to the girl's outside the hotel in New York. One had caught his eye, Alona. Zac liked her, but ended up with Jaimee instead. Last night Taylor told Zac about how he wanted to get to know Alona better. Putting it as a �get to know� thing wasn�t exactly the truth but he didn�t want to say that he wanted to �get to fuck� Alona. Taylor was convincing Zac that going slow was a lot better even though for him, it just plain sucked.


Zac and Jaimee walked around the carnival going on in town. Jaimee bit off a big chunk of her pink cotton candy, sneaking a peek at Zac in his white tank top. He looked sexy with his little arm muscles showing off underneath it. He was wearing beige khakis and brown docs to go with the whole preppy look. Jaimee decided to wear a blue mini-skirt and gray halter top with a button up sweater over it.

"Wanna go on the roller-coaster?" Zac asked modestly, remembering something he had seen in the movie Fear.

"Sure," Jaimee smiled and sighed under her breath. She really wanted to be with Zac, alone. Not in the middle of some huge crowd on a roller-coaster.

As they got onto the roller-coaster, Zac put his hand on Jaimee's inner upper thigh. She smiled as the ride started. Since she had seen Fear too, she now realized what Zac was planning on doing. Jaimee opened up her legs a bit more, while Zac moved his hand under her skirt and through her underwear. He stuck a finger in her intensely as she let a stiff moan out. Not aware of how far this was going to get, Zac added two more fingers in her as well, making Jaimee moan so loud he could almost hear her over the roller-coaster. The ups, downs and spins just added to the excitement Jaimee was getting from Zac. After about two minutes the ride was nearing a stop. Zac, not intentionally, had his whole fist inside of Jaimee. She was ready to practically burst because of all the thrills and fear. Zac�s erection was growing bigger and bigger from hearing her moans. He tried to take his mind off of it and slid his dripping hand out of her. He wiped the come onto the seat hoping that the next riders wouldn�t notice. Soon they got off the roller-coaster and Zac pulled Jaimee off to the side. "Want to go into the woods? I know a secret path where there's a club house?"

"Sure," Jaimee agreed, trying to contain herself. The carnival music was getting fainter as they walked into the woods. Her mind went back to Alona. "Hey Zac?"


"Do you have feelings for Alona?"

" But Taylor actually mentioned her last night�

"What did he say?�

�He said he wanted to get to know her better�

�Oh cool� Jaimee and Zac continued their journey to the club house.


Alona sat at home, wondering to herself about Zac. 'What a bastard...' she thought. All at once, her phone rang. "Hello?" she asked bouncily.

"Alona?" A soft male voice questioned.

"Yes, who is this?"


"Taylor .... Hanson?"


"Oh my god! Hi Taylor!" A million thoughts ran through Alona�s head.

"Hey, I was wondering what you were doing?"

"Does Zac want to talk to me? Oh, I�m just sitting home� Alona�s hopes were high and she was nervous.

"No I want to talk to you. I�m sitting home too�

"Oh, cool! Where is everyone in your house?"

"My parents took Jessie, Avie, Mackie and Zoe to a friend's house in downtown Tulsa, Ike is out with an old family friend Ella and Zac is out with Jaimee."


"Yeah... you guys still aren't friends?"


"You two should make up. You and Zac wouldn't work out anyway."

"And why wouldn�t Zac and I work out?!"

"Because he knows I like you and he wouldn't do that to me." Taylor knew the reason Zac was with Jaimee was not because of him but he figured he would make Alona feel better.

"Wait a second, you mean you like me?"


�I never knew!�

�Haven�t you noticed the way I look at you? Or the way I always talk to you first when your at the hotel?� What Taylor was saying was mostly convincing bullshit but he knew it would work.

�Well, no...�

�Okay... anyway we'll be back in New York in a week with Jaimee. Maybe she can she take us to your apartment? I'd love to take you out on a date... maybe a double date with her and Zac? Just so you wouldn�t feel to uncomfortable"

"Sure, I'd love to!!!" Alona was radically happy. �How long are you staying?!�

"Only for a few days. It�s really just to bring Jaimee home, do Regis & Kathy Lee and set up plans for a concert�


�So, I'll see you in a week. We'll call you when we get to New York."

"Okay, bye Taylor!"

Alona hung up her phone and screamed in joy. She wasn�t sure if she was going out with Taylor to get back at Zac, just because he was in her favorite band, or because she actually liked him. Whichever one it was didn�t matter. The news had just about made her day -- no year -- maybe life!


Zac and Jaimee gathered their clothes and put them on as quickly as possible after hearing footsteps coming towards the clubhouse. They ran out the back entrance and towards the Hanson house.

"Zac, do you carry condoms with you everywhere?" Jaimee asked.

"No, only when I�m with you" A grin took over his face.

"Well, I�m on birth control just in case. I asked my doctor for the pills"

"So your parents know about you and I having.."

"Oh no! The doctor is a nice friend of mine. I talk to her about everything. Only she knows and she won�t tell anyone"

"Okay, good. My parents don�t know about us doing this..."

"I would hope not!" Jaimee laughed.

"Jaimee, I really like you. I�ve never felt this way about someone before." Zac held her hand.

"I like you too and I feel the same way" Yet another smile formed on Jaimee's face as she grasped onto his hand tighter.


Taylor decided to make a few more phone calls. He picked up his phone book and quickly remembered someone important. Dialing the number he thought of what to say.

�Angel here�


�Oh please Taylor! Now you call me!�

Angel�s tone of voice seemed to break out in tears right after she heard him. �Angel, wait listen. We have issues so I think we should talk about them efficiently�

�Yeah and it took you three months to come to that conclusion!�

�Did you keep the baby?�

�Yes Taylor! I kept the baby! I�m pregnant! I�m twelve and I�m pregnant! Are you happy Taylor!?� Angel was hysterical. All that time and now he called her.

"So I'm a father?" Taylor asked feeling proud yet upset.

There was a pause on the other end. "Yes!" Angel wept into the phone, tears flooding from her eyes. It took so long for him to call.

"Angel, about what happened. I'm sorry"

"It's a little to late for apologies! I can't believe you did that to me!"

Not wanting to get into a huge fight, Taylor took her side. "I'm sorry. That's all I can say. It was a mistake. You were to young"

"It's not the age, Taylor! You can get a girl of any age pregnant! It's the fact that you didn't use a condom!"

"I asked you if I should wear one!" Taylor couldn't believe Angel was blaming the whole thing on him.

"No. You asked if I had my period!"

"No Angel. It was obvious you didn't have your period so why would I have asked that?"

"I don't know. Why did you?!"

"Angel! This isn't all my fault! It takes two people to make a baby and you never stopped me!"

"You raped me!"

"You said I could have sex with you. You made that clear!"

"Taylor, my parents even said it was rape!"

"You told them?"

"Yes I told them!"

"Why'd you do that?"

"Because I was sick of lying. Aren't you ever sick of lieing?"

Taylor ignored her question. "So they know I'm the father?" He thought it was really weird to be calling himself a father. The title just seemed like it was for older people.

"Yes and they know your not coming back"

"They didn�t tell the press or anything, did they?"

"No but just curious. How many girls did you get pregnant?!"

"You, that's it" Taylor thought about his response. The genuine truth couldn't have been that. How would he even know? Most of the girls he slept with couldn't get in touch with him. He might have hundreds of babies around the world that he took a part in creating.

"Okay. I need you to call back later and talk to my parents"

"Angel, no"

"Better yet. Have your parents call my parents"

"NO! My parents don't know!"

"Well, maybe they should!"

"No Angel. But I'm going to make you a promise that I'm going to keep. I'll be by your side for the birth of the baby"

"And how will you know when I'm having the baby?"

"About five or six months, right Angel?"

"Taylor...Don't make promises you can't keep"

"I'll call you. Keep in touch, Angel"

"Tay wait! Don't hang up!"


Angel listened to the dial tone on the other end. "I need you, Taylor" She murmured to herself.


Taylor had to get himself out of the whole 'tell the parents thing' with Angel and the only way to do that was to hang up. Of course their was a lot of guilt about the whole situation but he was going to make sure he never got a girl pregnant again. He was going to use a condom in all situations. The promise he had made to Angel was one he was going to try to keep. Sighing, Taylor dialed Skye's number.

"Yeah?" She picked up.

Taylor couldn't think. His heart beat rapidly just hearing Skye's gentle voice. Calling her was not giving the reaction he had expected. It was making his stress go away and bringing back old feelings.

"Hello?! Don't act like I don't hear you breathing, Marc" Skye laughed.

"Marc?! Who the fuck is Marc?!" Taylor snapped out of his trance, shouting into the receiver.

"Taylor! Oh hi! He's a friend"

"Should I be worried?"

"No, of course not"

"Okay, listen, I'm coming to New York next week and I really need to see you. Do you think we can meet up?"

"Next week?"


"Call me later and we'll make plans"

"We can't make them now?"

"No, I have to go. Bye"


"Bye Taylor"

As Taylor hung up after Skye, he felt a huge amount of attachment sweep over him. He was still in love with Skye. By just hearing her voice he wanted her. This wasn't adding to his luck with the whole Angel problem and was making the date with Alona sound worse then it could possibly ever be. It was time he made a decision. Was it going to be Skye or the way things were before her?