Chapter 2

"Hey your late" Taylor voiced as he opened the hotel suite's door and greeted Skye.

"Eleven minutes... how will I ever get over it?" Skye joked.

Taylor laughed shutting the door as she walked in.

"How did you get rid of Jen?"

"She wanted me to leave so it was kind of easy"

"Is she mad?"

"Yes. Something beyond mad if that's possible."

"Oh, I'm sorry"


Taylor led Skye into his hotel room but before going in, Zac walked over to them.

"Where's Jen babs?!"

"Jen babs?" Skye questioned confused.

"Yeah my girlie babe"

Skye laughed. "She's in our hotel suite. You can go see her. The rooms 24J. I think she'll like your company."

Zac almost immediately ran to go see her.


Taylor stepped into his hotel room and turned the light on dim locking the door behind him and Skye. Skye jumped onto his king size bed and kicked off her sandals.

"Oh wow, a king size bed! I have a twin in ours!" She smiled surprisingly.

"Yeah its cool but I get lonely" Taylor pouted joining her on the bed. He scooted closer, putting his hand lightly against the bottom of her tanktop lifting it up leaving just a small amount of her stomach to show.

"Hmmm... I knew you weren't 'the perfect guy'"

"What do you mean by that?"

"I mean, your already trying to get my shirt off" Skye smiled.

"I am not" Taylor did a bad job at covering himself up because of his small chuckles.

"I have to be honest with you.... I have a boyfriend"

"I have to be honest with you.... I have a boyfriend too" Taylor laughed at his joke.

Skye giggled "Your one hell of a gay guy!"

Taylor and Skye laughed loudly.

"Oh, we have to be quiet. My younger brothers and sisters are sleeping."

"Okay..... but really I do have a boyfriend" Skye said quietly.


"Taylor.... don't make this difficult"

Taylor moved his hand higher up her tanktop causing the material to run with his hand. He moved his left leg around hers. He was not completely on top of her but she could tell that was what he was attempting to do. He moved the other side of the tanktop with his other hand trying to take it off gently as if she wouldn't notice.

"Tay, if your going to try to get my top off... maybe you should at least kiss me first"

Taylor took no time to think and quickly moved his lips forcefully onto hers. Skye took no time to respond and moved her tongue into his mouth. They both kissed as if they had spent their whole lives kissing each other. It was like they knew exactly what they were doing, without question or doubt.

Taylor thought Skye was the best kisser in the world and in his lifetime he had his share of kisses. He let go of the kiss and tugged her shirt up over her head to reveal her lace red bra. Before taking It off, he kissed her lips slightly.

Skye moved Taylor's arms up and lifted his tight, cotton, black tee off. He had great pecks and muscles. She thought they looked good through the shirt but without it he looked even better. Skye ran her fingers up and down his chest and then around his neck lowering him onto her.

Taylor moved his fingers to unbutton Skye's jeans and slowly pulled the zipper down all while intensely kissing her. He slipped his hand into her jeans and began to knead her, one hand feeling the silk panties, the other one trying to find the clasp on the back of her bra. A small moan left Skye's mouth as she ran her fingers up and down massaging his neck. Taylor moved his left hand from her panties and to the back of her bra. He carefully unclasped it unavailing the most beautiful breasts he had ever seen. At that moment any girls boobs would have been the most beautiful. Taylor was always horny but he had wanted it all night, he had wanted her all night. He kissed her lips once again and moved them down to her breasts. He began to lick her with his hungry tongue.

"Oh...." Skye moaned loudly as Taylor pulled down her jeans. Her mind was blank. She wasn't sure where this was going.

When Taylor had gotten Skye's jeans off he moved her hand to his. Uncertain of what she was doing, Skye began to unbutton his jeans like he had done to hers. She slid her hand into his them and began to rub up and down his erect penis which was clothed by red and white boxers.

"That feels good..." Taylor managed to say as he kissed her breasts.


Taylor moved his legs to shake down and off his jeans. As he did he heard his name being called once again.



"We have to stop"

"No.... why?"

"Because I .... I.... have a boyfriend"

"He lives so far away. He'll never know"

"But what if..."

"Shhh" Taylor moved his finger onto her lips. "He won't find out. Even if you told him. He probably wouldn't believe you. There's no 'what ifs'". He persuaded as he cautiously kissed her stomach. Taylor moved his lips now to the top of Skye's panties. He kissed her there and moved back up to her neck. His fingertips grazed over the top of the red material which matched the bra. Soon they were off and she was completely naked. Taylor now took it into himself to take off his boxers and finish this off. He moved his lips to hers in a final kiss before they connected. As she felt his warmth about to enter her body, she pushed him away.

"What did I do?!"

"I'm not going to have sex with you!"

"What?!! You have to be kidding me! You just led me on! We are both completely naked, and I have a condom on! What did you expect we were going to do?!"

"Umm... I don't know... it's just that...." Skye paused.


"I've never done it before" she said unsure of what to expect.

"YOU have never had sex?! You honestly act like its not something new"

"I guess I was just going along with what you were doing"

"Your boyfriend must be dying for some from you!"

"No he has never mentioned it"

"Then he's a fuckin fag!"

"Taylor! Don't say that about my boyfriend!"

"Fine... fine... listen sex is nothing. It won't hurt. I promise" He calmed down.

"Taylor.... I don't know..." Skye wanted it so badly from him but was afraid.

"Trust me" Taylor finished this conversation and kissed Skye as he ran his hands threw her velvety hair.

Skye felt chills. She was scared of when he would make the big move. She was scared that it would hurt more then any pain in the world. She was just plain scared. Taylor felt her tenseness.

"Relax... okay?"

"I'll try"

Taylor kissed her again trying to comfort her. Suddenly she felt him approach against her and shook away slightly. Taylor held her tighter making sure she wouldn't jump up and run for her cloths. He moved himself closer into her. She felt him inside of her body and wondered if that was all. It wasn't. She felt even more of him plunge into her as he began to make upper and downward movements within her. Her voice let out cries of pain. She felt like she would die. As she looked up, she saw Taylor looking around the room with a look of anguish. He looked like he wasn't enjoying this one bit. Taylor noticed her staring at him and looked back at her glare. He smiled slightly still moving aggressively inside of her. Skye tried to smile back but what came next was a mixture of pain and enjoyment. It was a feeling she had never experienced. She didn't know where it was coming from but she let out a mouthful scream. She felt much more comfortable when Taylor did the same. She felt aware that he was feeling what she felt. Water filled her eyes and she looked up and him once again to see him leaving her body and collapsing next to her. They both laid on the bed gasping for the cold air that entered the room. There faces were red and sweat ran down Taylor's.

"Are you sure, you have never done that before?" Taylor asked.

"I think the blood proves it" Skye breathed embarrassed.


"I'm sure you have done that, A LOT"

"I have but you were really good... I mean for your first time and all"

"Thanks, I never thought I would like the sound of your annoying moans." Skye smiled after she caught her inhalation.

"What do you mean?"

"Well...Your music is great but you always ruin the feel of the lyrics by moaning...." Skye smirked and then added. "But now I think I like it"

Taylor laughed putting his arm around her waist and pulling her closer. He kissed her forehead. "I love you" he said softly.

"We just met and you love me?!"

"That doesn't matter. It's that love at first sight thing"

"Sure Tay"


"Have you ever had sex?" Zac asked sitting on Jenny's bed.

"No, have you?"

"Once but it was only to see how it would feel. Tay acts like its the best thing in the world"

"Does Tay do it with a lot of girls?"

"Yeah hundreds! He is always touching a girl or doing it with a girl. He doesn't really have a friend who is a girl. Its so pathetic."

"Oh, do you think that's what Skye and him are doing?"

Zac pulled a strand of her blonde hair out of her ponytail and started to play with it. "You have really nice hair"

"Zac do you think they are having sex?" Jenny was worried about this male slut screwing her best friend.


"Maybe we should stop them!"

"Maybe we shouldn't" Zac looked into Jenny's eyes.

Jenny could tell Zac wanted to kiss her. "Are you going to try to follow in your brothers footsteps?"

Zac moved closer. "No" His breath tickled her nose.

"Zac, do you want to kiss me or something?" Jenny asked stroking her lips were her tongue.


"Then kiss me" She stated innocently.

Zac moved his lips smoothly on top of hers and pulled away.

"Why did you stop?"

"Cause I kissed you"

"How did YOU have sex if you can't even hold a long kiss?"

"I can too kiss for a long time!"

"Prove it"

Zac grabbed the back of Jenny's head and wasting no time aggressively guided his tongue into her mouth . Jenny returned his kiss's the same way. She had a small hint of guilt being that he was only 12 and she was 15. She felt like she was using him but she really wasn't. She was actually starting to like him.


Later on Zac and Jenny were still making out and she wanted to go further. The only problems were -- she wasn't sure if he did and also remembered that Skye's mom was in the next room. Jenny was about to move her hand between his legs but when she thought better of it he pulled away.

"I told you I could kiss long"

"Yeah I guess you were right" Jenny stated licking Zac's wonderful taste off of her lips and onto her tongue.

"I have to go"

"Zac ... no!"

"I have to. I promised my mom I would be back before morning."

"Zac, will you call me?"

"You didn't give me your phone number for nothing" Zac smirked.

"Okay, bye. I'll miss you" Jenny gave Zac a quick peck on the lips as he left.


Isaac knocked on Taylor's door.

"Go away!" He heard a muffled scream.

"Tay, you have my Aerosmith CD in your bag. I need it!"

Taylor threw on his boxers and stomped over to the door. After unlocking it he walked back to the bed. Isaac saw Skye sleeping in nothing and rolled his eyes.

"Taylor, why do girls actually let you have sex with them?"

"Because they can't say no. I just nailed a virgin. Be happy for me" Taylor grinned.

"Yeah, that's something you should be proud of" Isaac uttered taking his CD and walking out of the room.

Taylor pulled off his boxers and jumped back into bed holding Skye near at hand.


Taylor felt something wet licking his ear.

"Wicket, go away"

"It's not Wicket, it's your other pet" Skye giggled.

Taylor seductively smiled, opening his eyes.

"Meeeow" Skye joked.

Taylor laughed burying his face into her neck and kissing her delicately.

"Oh, Taylor. You don't know how much I want you" She moaned.

Taylor replaced himself on top of Skye kissing her roughly. He pushed closer, ready to reenter her body like he had did that night. Skye was not afraid. Even though her legs were still aching from having sex with Taylor the first time she still wanted him. She wanted to feel him inside of her. She had a major hunger for him. Skye pulled Taylor into her as he let out an immense moan. He had never really had a girl pull himself into her. He was usually pushing up to the girl and trying to calm her down at the same time. He thought Skye must have been really horny so he decided to make the sex more exciting this time. He moved roughly against her as she let out screams and moans into his brawn shoulder. He wasn't as gentle with her as he was their first time. He was too excited to be gradual. She felt him rub against her harder and harder. Each time he did she would scream. Taylor let out cries as well.

"Is everything okay in there?" Taylor pushed away from Skye when he heard his mother's voice.

"Yeah, we're.....okay. We're just playing......" Taylor tried to finish but he didn't know what to say.

"TAG!" Skye ended the sentence for him.

"Okay" Diana heard that they were out of breath and questioned her "okay" answer.

"Taylor, it's 9AM. I have to get going" Skye put on her undergarments and cloths.

"No, please" Taylor wanted to screw her so bad. "Why does my mother have to ruin everything?" He thought.

"Call me." Skye kissed Taylor's cheek. Taylor grabbed her arm bringing her closer and slid his tongue into her mouth. She loved the way he tasted. She could kiss him forever. He moved his hand under her shirt and placed it on one of her breasts. She quickly jerked away not wanting to start anything. "Okay, bye. Call me" she repeated herself.

"I will" Taylor sighed as his what he thought up to this point, one night stand, exited the room.