Chapter 19

“Give me a big cheesy grin boys!” The male photographer ordered that afternoon.

Taylor did as the camera man said and smiled showing his bright white teeth. He could tell Isaac didn’t want to show his braces because his mouth was shut tight. Zac looked like he would fall over any moment. This was not a great way to spend a sunny Sunday in California.

“Okay, now give me a nice sexy look. C’mon Taylor, I know you can do that!” The photographer started to snap pictures.

‘Is this guy some sorta fag?’ Taylor thought crossing his arms and looking intensely into the camera, his eyes squinted and hair tousled.

“That’s it! But Isaac, less dramatic, more appealing! Sex sells guys!”

“If sex sells, why not have us strip naked and jerk off” Taylor mumbled to no one in particular.

“What was that, Taylor?” The photographer asked while putting another roll of film in the high equipment camera.

“Oh, nothing!” Taylor chuckled.

“Don’t say things like that” Isaac warned.

“I won’t, it just slipped out”

“Enough whispering! I want you guys to act brotherly! Put your arms around each other! Zac, wake up!”

“Oh shit Ike. He wants us to act brotherly. Better take off your pants so I can fuck your asshole” Taylor murmured.

“Tay! What is with you today? Man!”

“What’s with me? How about what’s with Zac?”

“Oh, He was out of control this morning so management gave him those pills”

“Oh god, please say your kidding”

“No, they were chasing him around trying to get them in his mouth. He was crying and screaming. I think you were outside when it happened”

“I swear, they are going to ruin him. Why didn’t he just cheek them like we told him to?”

“Guys! Don’t you hear anything I am saying?! Stop the chit chat and get closer together!” The photographer was obviously frustrated.

Taylor threw an arm around his younger spaced out brother pulling him closer. “Zac, are you all right?” Zac didn’t give a zany answer. All he did was shrug. “Zac, did you swallow the pills?”

“What pills?” Zac looked up at Taylor confusingly.

“Forget it” Zac didn’t even remember. He definitely swallowed them.

“That’s it! Now, Isaac. You join in!” The photographer smiled. “Kimmy! Change the background picture to a light purple!”

The dark navy background was now changed to a pastel purple. Taylor looked at it in disgust.

“Now, give me cute little sweet innocent smiles!”

Taylor put on his shy face. Only twenty more minutes to go then they would be out of the terrible killer nightmare photo shoot.

“Now act wacky! Jump around. Be yourselves!”

Zac couldn’t be himself. Whenever the management put him on the medication he hardly ever talked and forgot who and where he was. Taylor didn’t know how to handle this and Isaac didn’t have a clue either.

“Boys, do something!”

“I don’t think Zac is feeling too well” Taylor spoke up.

“Fine, then we’ll cut it short” The photographer seemed satisfied.


“Dad?” Taylor walked over to his father Walker’s side.

“What is it?”

“How long will Zac be like this?”

“The pills are just calming him down so that he doesn’t go hysterical and say something that he isn’t supposed to at the conference. Other then that, he’ll be fine by tonight’s concert”

“Don’t you realize that Zac is kind of messed up? He might not say anything at the conference! Right now he doesn’t even know what state we are in!”

“He will be fine. He always is”

“You put Zac on this medication about four times and every one of those times he screwed things up for us. Isaac and I ended up doing all the talking while he said and did nothing. Then the next morning he ended up crying and getting a severe headache. How can you do this to him?! I don’t understand dad!”

“I think you should stay out of it. Zac will be fine”

“No he never is and there’s no exception this time! I won’t stay out of it because he’s my brother!”

“And he is my son. We are doing what is best for all of you. Do you want Zac to say something about one of your girlfriends? Do you want the truth to get out? Because if Zac goes crazy like he did this morning, only in front of the cameras, things could get ugly”

“What did Zac do this morning that is so damn serious?!”

“Okay lets think back. He punched the clothing dresser, then started throwing things. Of course we tried to stop him but you know Zac. He went ballistic saying how he didn’t want to be in the band. He threatened that he would say the truth about everything at the conference. It was pretty much the same situation it always is. We had to give him the pills”

“No you didn’t! Zac wouldn’t have told!”

“You never know what Zac is capable of”

“He would have calmed down by the conference!”

“And how could we be sure of it?”

“I can’t believe you dad!”

“Taylor, get in the van. We are not talking about this anymore”

Taylor shook his head. “Hey dad, maybe its about time the fans do hear the truth. The truth about how you drug Zac. If I threaten to tell, will you give me the pills too?”

“Taylor....” Walker’s voice was serious.

“No, really dad. I just might tell. But I guess money is more important then your sons life. So why don’t you just give me the pills now and hope I choke on them?”

“Taylor, stop talking like that and get in the van”

“No! I’m going to tell. I’m going to tell everything about Skye, and every girl I ever had sex with. I’m going to tell them about the drugs and how none of us like our fans and want to do this. I’m going to tell them everything! Why don’t you get those pills, dad?”

“Taylor! Get in the van!”


“Taylor, listen to me!” Walker’s voice was loud.


Walker didn’t know what to do. Taylor wasn’t listening. “Fine, then we’ll leave you here” He stepped into the van.

“Like you would really do that, chance showing up at the Hard Rock with Isaac and the zombie child”

“Dave, start the van and lets get out of here” Walker told the driver.

“Wait!” Isaac shouted.

“What Isaac?!”

“I’m with Taylor on this whole thing” Isaac opened the van door and stepped out onto his brothers side. “Try having a conference with just Zac. That should go over big”

“Listen! We’re late already! Both of you get in the van!”

“We’re not budging” Isaac told his father.

“This is unbelievable! What do I have to do to get you boys to go?!”

“Don’t give Zac the medication under any circumstances” Taylor stated seriously.

“Fine but if this ruins the band don’t cry to me! Now get in!”

“And that is a promise, dad”

“Just get in!”

Isaac and Taylor slid into the van. There goes one problem that was solved, or as far as they knew, solved.


“How has your summer been? Have you toured at all?” The interviewer at the conference asked.

Isaac straightened his microphone and talked close into it so that his voice could overpower the fans. “We actually have not toured yet. It’s something we are looking forward to because we love playing live. This summer we have basically done a few shows, mostly in Europe, and promoted our band”

“But we definitely look forward to touring. We owe it to the fans” Taylor added.

“Touuur” Zac grumbled into the microphone.

“Yeah tour” Taylor hoped Zac would be quiet and not start something.

“Your playing Hollywood Bowl tonight. Do you consider this a memorable venue and are you excited about the show?” The interviewer asked the second question.

“We are actually very excited about it” Taylor smiled.

“We have heard so many things about Hollywood Bowl and how cool it is to play there. A lot of famous people are coming to see our concert tonight along with a huge crowd of fans so we are very thrilled to be doing it. The show is really going to be great”

“What about you Zac? How do you feel about playing tonight?”


“That’s it? Good?”

“Yeah man”

“He has complex problems” Taylor laughed.

“Do you have any buddies you bring on the road with you?”

“As of now, no. When we start a big tour then we might bring a few” Taylor answered.

“Most of our friends live in Tulsa and want to stay in Tulsa for now” Isaac chimed in.

“Any girlfriends in your hometown?”

Isaac spoke into his microphone. “Not quite”. Screams of approval could be heard from the fans.

“We’re not dating now. It’s too much to handle” Taylor smiled.

“What about Skye?” Zac groggily asked.

Taylor shot his head at Zac. Did he just say that? Oh god, this was going to be hard to cover up. “What about the sky, Zac?” Taylor stuttered.

“She’s pretty”

“You mean IT’S pretty! The sky is pretty, Zac!”

“Zac is out of it today” Isaac helped Taylor. “The sky is his new interest”

“Yeah, I like her” A grin spread across Zac’s face.

“You like IT, Zac. The sky is an object, not a person!” Taylor didn’t know what to say. Zac was high on the medication and couldn’t think straight.

“No, her. A girl”

“Okay, next question” Isaac said loudly.

The interviewer was confused but proceeded. “Are there any dark secrets that you have never shared with anyone outside the band?”

“Of course. Everyone has secrets” Taylor answered trying to be as calm and collected as possible.

“Care to share some with us?”

“If we told you our secrets then they wouldn’t be secrets” Taylor smirked.

“Okay, about rumors. Is it true that you are dating Aimee Osbourne, Taylor?”

“No” Taylor lied. “We only met her once” The truth was he had met her and he had fucked her. Of course that was just one of the many ‘dark secrets’ he hid.

“How about the tabloids saying that you were seen around Tulsa with a long black haired girl?”

“We’re talking tabloids here. Tabloids are full of crap that can’t be proven”

“Have you written any new songs yet?"

‘Finally, my chance to speak’ Isaac thought. “We are always writing new songs. We hope to record them soon”

“Care to share something with us?”

“We can’t share a new song but we’ll sing something off of ‘Middle Of Nowhere’” Isaac compromised.

“Okay, what do the girls in the crowd want to hear? How about some ‘MMMBop’!?” The girls all screamed at the mention of a Hanson song.

“Sure, we can do ‘MMMBop’” Isaac smiled nudging Zac’s arm.

“1...2...3... MMMBop...” Taylor started to sing the familiar song along with Isaac. Zac sat absolutely still. When the song was finished, Taylor took a deep breath. “Zac isn’t feeling well so that’s why he isn’t singing. He should be better my tonight” Taylor assured.

“We hope so” The interviewer established.


“Zac, you remember what to do, right? Sing, okay? Okay, Zac?!” Taylor was worried about his brother. He couldn’t even sing a line from ‘MMMBop’ that afternoon. How was he ever going to pull off a whole concert?

After the stage was setup, the Hanson’s started playing ‘Gimme Some Lovin’ The curtain dropped causing thousands of fans to go crazy. Zac was playing the drums without mistakes, so far, so good. The whole concert was flying by and soon they were up to their seventh song, ‘Look At You’.

“Zac pounded on the drums violently. Adrenaline ran threw his body. He had so much energy. Continuing on, he started to sing but suddenly felt dizzy. The whole venue was spinning and the screams pierced his ears worse then ever before. The lights shown brighter and the fans were suddenly becoming a huge stress. Zac stopped pounding on the drums causing everyone to end their shouting and calm down. Zac watched his brothers, their were at least four Isaac’s and three Taylor’s. He was sure of it. Tears swelled up his eyes. He feared the lights, the fans and the people he knew. He couldn’t think straight. That was when everything went black. Zac fell off of his drum set descending onto the floor.


“We don’t know what you put into your sons body but make sure you never give it to him again. There are two reason’s for Zac fainting. One is because of the antidote you had him on and the second is the stress he is under. Give him some some time to relax and put things a side for now” The doctor in the hospital told Walker.

“We only gave him the medication once this morning. It was to help him calm down” Walker reasoned.

“It was bad stuff. Zac is a normal pre-teenager and needs to deal with problems his way. Take him home tonight and let him rest for the week. It would be a good idea to have him at home, just so that he could be in a stress free environment”

“Okay. I’ll take care of it”

“You can see him now” The doctor opened the door to the room Zac was in. Walker strolled over to his side where the rest of the family was.

“Can we go now?” Zac asked quietly.

“Yes, we’re going to fly back to Tulsa tomorrow morning so that you can rest” Walker knew the best thing to do was to listen to the doctor’s orders especially since a huge amount of guilt was overcoming him.

“We can’t!” Taylor abruptly shouted.

“We have to plus, don’t you want to go home?” Walker was confused. Taylor always loved hearing a surprise that they were heading back to their hometown.

“I have a date with Leah tomorrow afternoon!”

“Did you just say Leah?” Isaac questioned worried.

“Err, yeah”

“Tall, skinny, blonde haired chick?”


“You can’t go out with her!”

“I’m not cheating on Skye, Ike. I’m just going on a date with another girl ...” Taylor quickly added -- “As a friend thing!”

“It’s not that” Isaac shook his head. “Leah is the nut who scratched me!”

“Who scratched you?!” Diana asked, concerned.

Taylor ignored the fact that his mother had just said something. “But Leah is so sweet! That can’t be her!”

“Sweet is not the word!”

“It doesn’t matter who you two are going out with! We’re going home tomorrow anyway!” Zac announced happily.

Taylor let out an annoyed grown. He was really looking forward to screwing Leah.

Again Diana asked Isaac; “Who scratched you?”

“It’s a long story, mom” -- One he wasn’t planning on telling.


Taylor smiled to himself, throwing a small stone into the river. He thought about how he hated to tell Leah he couldn’t make their date. He thought about how he hated it even more when she flipped out and started crying. She kept saying how she loved him. It was definitely the weird moment of the week. Now the Hanson family was back in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Walker was basically obeying every word Isaac, Zac and him said. You could say he felt really bad about the whole drug thing. Taylor watched the water. He kept remembering being with Skye in that same place. That whole night was crazy. Taylor hated to admit it but he missed her. He bet she didn’t feel the same way towards him. If she had the choice to just leave him, she probably would. They hadn’t had a conversation more then four minutes long in awhile.

“Well, well, well. Hello Taylor Hanson”

Taylor turned hearing familiar giggles and a cute voice break up his thoughts. “Charity, hey!”

“Where have you been?” She continued chuckling.

“We just got back from California” He smiled standing up.

“Is it just be or did you get taller?”

“It’s you” Taylor laughed. “Oh! I meant to apologize for my girlfriend that time you came over”

“She’s still your girlfriend?” Charity asked with sorrow in her voice.

“Yeah, sort of”


Things were suddenly quiet.

“Can I tell you something?” Charity looked up at Taylor.


“Promise not to make fun of me?”

“Of course I won’t make fun of you”

“Okay. I like you” She blushed looking back down at the ground.

“Oh, wow” Taylor smiled. He wasn’t shocked but he didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable by acting like he knew.

“Yeah I know. I’m one in a million. I just had to tell you this to your face”

“I’m very, very flattered”

“Now that I’m completely embarrassed...”

“This happened when you said that you thought I was cute. Don’t be embarrassed. If their was anyone in the world I would want to tell me that, it would be you”

Charity’s smirk widened.

Taylor leaned over and pressed his lips gently on hers. It was a soft quick kiss. He felt bad about Skye, but his hormones were raging. He could feel himself getting hard underneath his pants from the just about see - through halter top Charity was wearing, "Would you like to go to dinner, the movies and maybe a walk in the park tonight?" The words easily slipped out of Taylor’s mouth.

Charity, still shocked from the kiss replied fast. "I would love to!”


Dear Journal,
I can't believe my own younger brother would fuck Alanna... he knew how much she meant to me. For his own sexual pleasure, he would betray me and my feelings like that. Then he actually acted like I didn’t know when the whole thing was obvious! I thought he was over sleeping with other girls, but Alanna's been hanging out with Skye lately and said that she's been seeing some other kid... I guess they both have sexual needs now that he turned her into a sexual robot. Oh shit, I hear someone coming, I'll write later. - Isaac

Isaac put the journal away under his pillow and watched as his youngest brother Mackenzie walked into the room.

"Hi Ikey!" A young chipper voice greeted.

"Hi Mackers."

"There is someone on the phone and mommy told me to wake up Zac so he could pick it up."

"Who is it?" Isaac asked while Mackie began to jump on Zac’s bed.


"Oh... that girl."

"Ooooh, is she your girlfriend Zaccy?" Mackie asked to Zac.

"Who?" He answered groggily.


"Ike, can you ask her what she wants and why she's calling?" Zac mumbled still sleepy.

"Fine." Isaac jumped off Taylor’s top bunk almost landing on Zac. He took the portable from Mackie's hand, "Yeah?"

"Zac...?" a nervous Jaimee asked from the other line.

"No, it's Ike. Hi Jaimee."

"Oh, um, hi Ike. Is Zac there?"

"He's sort of tired right now, is it important?"

"Actually it is. I'm sorry to disturb him, it's just sort of an emergency."

"Okay, hold on." Isaac handed the phone to Zac and walked out of the room.

"Hi Zac.."

"Hi Jaimee” A small smile spread on Zac’s face.

"Um, listen, I know you probably hate me and all but I wanted to say I'm sorry for what happened in the movie theater. I just thought that after everything that happened that I meant something to you and --"

"Jaimee.. "

"No, let me finish. This is hard for me to say."


"That was my first time with a guy, and it was great. More like perfect, I loved every second of it. And I thought that by the two of us sharing that, I figured I meant something more to you than a one night stand. But I understand, Alona is really pretty and stuff. I just got hurt, so I was trying to win you back in that movie theater."

Zac sat silent, realizing he had feelings for Jaimee and Alona but more for Jaimee, because of what they shared.

"I like you so much Zac, and I just had to let you know that what you did hurt."

"Jaimee, you do mean something to me and I am really sorry that I hurt you”

“I mean something to you?”

“Of course, you were my real first in a way”

“So then why did you just let me go like that?”

“Because things are very complicated. I can’t just be your boyfriend ya know?”

“Yeah but you still didn’t have to go out with my best friend”

“I’m sorry about that Jaimee”

"Apology accepted. I had one more thing to ask you."

"Sure, what?"

"Well, I have relatives in Tulsa. And my whole family is going to go stay in Nowata for a week. It says on Hansonline that you guys will be home, and I know this is something big to ask, but there is no more room in the house and I'm the only one that has other friends in Oklahoma so I was wondering if I could stay with you guys for the week... if it's a problem it's okay, but..."

"I'll ask my mom and call you back. Bye Jaimee."

"Okay, bye Zac."

Zac hung up the phone and asked his parents if Jaimee could stay. At first they were a little apprehensive about it. After all, they caught Taylor and Skye having sex when she stayed. Lucky for Zac, they soon agreed as long as Zac made a promise for nothing serious to go on. Although, Walker would have agreed to anything Zac said at that moment. Guilt was still taking a big part in him. Zac grabbed the phone and called Jaimee back. He told her the good news, got the time and date her plane would be coming in, and other important information. Zac fell right back to sleep once they hung up.


Charity jumped out of the shower and began to look through her closet. Her parents were out of town for the weekend so she didn't even bother grabbing a towel. "Hmmm, underwear or not...? ... I think not!" She grabbed a black mini-skirt so that when she bent over, Taylor would be able to see everything. She also decided to wear a see-through white button down shirt. Since there were going to be other people around, she wore a bra. Charity finished off the outfit with platform shoes while pulling her hair back in a headband. "I think I'll be seducing Taylor Hanson tonight..." Charity said with a snicker. She was sick of being a sweet goody-goody and decided to play bad girl for the night, or maybe a little longer.


"Hi Taylor!"

"Hey Charity!" He grabbed her hand, giving her a small kiss on the cheek, "Ready?"

"Sure!" They headed off to the restaurant, ‘The Olive Garden’, was Taylor's choice. Both had salads and pasta dishes with cokes. Taylor paid for the meal and they headed towards the movie theater up the block. He paid for them to go see ‘I Still Know What You Did Last Summer’.


The movie had played for awhile and Charity was feeling a little turned on. At a scary part, she jumped closer to Taylor. Her skirt flailed up a bit, showing off her bare legs to an already horny Taylor. Her crystal blue eyes stared into his. "I'm scared, Taylor"

"Aww, here, come closer."

Charity leaned on Taylor’s chest with her hand flimsily tickling his knee. She moved her hand up his leg a bit and stopped when she reached his penis. She felt it growing hard and bigger through his pants.

Taylor tried to concentrate on the movie and ignore what was going on. Even with Jennifer Love’s boobs all over the screen he couldn’t manage to ignore the fact that Charity was touching him in a public theater.

Charity unbuttoned and unzipped Taylor’s pants revealing his white cotton CK boxers. She pulled his huge erection out beginning to stroke him. While Taylor began to moan softly, Charity lowered herself to the floor. Luckily they were sitting in the back so no one noticed. She began to lick him up and down, soon taking all of him into her mouth. Taylor began to moan louder and louder but soon lowered his voice so no one would notice. His milky come began to flow into her mouth, Charity swallowed all of it, tasting the pleasurable juices of him. She sat in her chair again while holding onto Taylor's by his erection and allowing him to catch his breath. "So did that feel good?" she whispered seductively into his ear. All he did was nod. "Want more?" She whispered again, breathing onto his neck. He nodded again. She smiled and licked his ear. Charity sat on Taylor’s lap facing the movie. She grabbed his hand, pulling one finger away from the rest, and quickly eased it into herself.

Taylor knew what Charity wanted from him. He moved his finger in and out of her slowly. When he realized how much she was enjoying it, he quickening up the pace. Charity moaned loudly causing a few heads to turn. She acted casual pretending to watch the movie. When the people turned their attention back to the big screen, Taylor pushed his finger deeper. Charity came all over his hand as she let out a pleasurable sigh. Taylor slid his wet fingers out of her. One at a time he slipped them into his mouth, licking the come off.

"Taylor, fuck me..." Charity moaned.

“If that’s what you want, baby..” Taylor pulled his pants down to his knees and hoisted Charity on top of him. He slowly pushed his firm member into her while unbuttoning her see - through shirt and unclasping the front clasp of her bra. He took one of her flinty nipples into his mouth.

Charity let out soft and enjoyable gasps as she felt the start of a climax. “Oh Tay” She moaned quietly into his ear.

“You like that?” Taylor whispered before licking her other nipple.

“MmmHmm... yes”

“You like this?” He pushed himself deeper with friction as his penis exploded warm come into her.

“Oh god” She whimpered. “Taylor...oh Tay...” Her voice trailed off.

About thirty minutes later the movie ended. Taylor and Charity gathered themselves up before anyone realized what had went on. Hand in hand they walked out of the theater with sweat dripping from their foreheads and huge grins on their faces.


Taylor and Charity walked into the park. "I really enjoyed the movie, Charity."

"Yeah, so did I”

Taylor smiled watching Charity’s breasts jump up and down as she moved.

"Hey Taylor?"


"Would you want to spend the night at my house? My parents aren't home, and you could tell yours that you're staying at a friends house."

"No thanks Charity. That's a little too much. But I'll walk you home."


Taylor walked Charity to her house and gave her a good-night kiss. He was tempted to take in her offer but knew he had to leave. “Goodnight” He said softly.

At that moment, Charity’s voice was deep and sexy. “Bye Taylor”


"Hi, is Ike there?"

"Sure, who is this?" Diana asked sweetly.

"Mariella, you know, Alfred's daughter."

"Oh, little Ella! How are you darling?"

"Pretty good, and how are you Mrs. Hanson?"

"I'm great dear. Call me Diana. Mrs. Hanson was my mother in law. Hold on, let me go get Isaac."

"Okay," Ella laughed.

"Hello?" Isaac picked up.

"Hey Ike! It's Ella!"

"Ella? You mean Ella from when we were younger? Moved to Arizona, Ella?"


"Hey! How are you? I haven't heard from you in years," Isaac exclaimed to his old crush.

"Yeah, well my mom died a year after we left Tulsa."

"Aw, I'm so sorry."

"It's okay, but daddy recently decided he wanted to move back to Tulsa and I was accepted to a collage there, so I'm back in town. I was thinking about you."

"Wow, that's great." Isaac’s reply was for when she said she was back in town and for the part where she said she was thinking about him.

"Yeah, I was wondering if you'd like to hang out sometime?"

"How about tomorrow night at like 7:00?”

"Okay, sure!” Ella told Isaac her address.

“I’ll be there. I can’t wait to see you!”

“Same here!”

“Okay c-ya!”


Isaac hung up and smiled to himself. Ella was the girl he had wanted to be with since he knew what that meant. Her family went to South America with them and they had spent a fairly long amount of time with each other. He knew something had to come out of seeing her again.


Taylor lay up in his bed that night. What was happening to him? Was he reverting back to the old Taylor. He had already betrayed Skye with Alanna and Charity. He also had made plans to betray her with Leah. He didn’t mean to do it on purpose but it was something he couldn’t help. Taylor was changing by just being apart from Skye. He was still the same perverted Taylor. -- The saddest part of the whole situation was that he wanted to be the same perverted Taylor. Maybe the only reason he felt love for Skye in the first place, was that he knew the right thing to do was to change or maybe it was because he was practically forced by Isaac to love her. Whatever the reason was, there was no hiding the fact that he enjoyed sex with different girls. Having sex with just one person made him bored. Variety was what he wanted and that was one thing that Skye couldn’t offer. His mind was made -- Skye was history.