Chapter 18

Taylor stripped down to nothing and walked into the shower. It had been a long week. He only talked to Skye once and she seemed busy. When he asked her how she liked school and her teachers, she didn’t want to answer. It was weird how she seemed so distant all of a sudden. Taylor missed her. Most of all he missed fucking her. He needed someone and not his hand. It was unusual how that night his silent prayers were answered. Outside the blurry shield of the hotel shower, a tall slim figure stood. Taylor was frightened but also turned on. He peeked his head out of the hot mist and saw that Alanna was standing before him completely naked. He felt an immediate erection. “How did you get in here?” He asked curiously.

She smiled almost instantly. “Isaac let me in” Her voice was low and sexy.

“Oh really?” Taylor tried to lose his sudden amusement of this situation.

“Yes, he told me you really needed me” She took pleasure in watching Taylor’s soaked blonde hair, glowing blue eyes and sweet facial features.

“This is true” Taylor smiled once again looking her over.

“I need you too” She stepped into the steaming water, pressing herself against his firm chest and taking his hands into hers. Passionately kissing him, she guided his fingers into her wet vulva allowing him to rub at her, slowly and easy at first and then faster and deeper. Alanna moaned as she was overcome by a wave of emotion. She pulled away from their kiss. “Taylor, harder!” She groaned pushing his fingers even deeper and spreading her legs wider. Taylor missed this so much and as guilty as he felt, didn’t want to stop. He wanted to make Alanna as lustful as possible. As he kissed her again, she bit his lip at the climax he had brought her to. Taylor stopped and dragged her down on her knees. Her full lips parted as he slid his throbbing organ into her mouth receiving love from her tongue. Taylor knew he was about to come and pushed himself deeper down her throat. Alanna was ready and willing as she swallowed his come hungrily, wave after wave. Pulling her up to her feet, Taylor leaned her body against the cold tiles, the hot water falling hard against his back. He started to pump his extremely erect member into her, slowly at first and then harder and harder until she was whimpering and about to approach yet another orgasm. He quickly pulled out of her turning the shower off. “Tay, don’t stop! Please!” She begged.

“No bitch, you should suffer!” An evil laugh escaped Taylor’s mouth.

“Tay... please’ Alanna followed him into the bedroom where she noticed him lock the door. He sat on the bed watching her beg for him.

“If you want it so bad then play with yourself” Taylor grinned.

Alanna unwittingly spread open her legs and started to finger herself just the way Taylor had done it to her.

Taylor watched in excitement as she did this. “Fuck yourself, baby” He had missed his old self so much.

“Tay. Please” She moaned walking over to him wanting him more then anything in the universe.

Taylor pulled his dripping hair causing water to fall from the ends. “See how wet all that hair is? I bet that’s how wet your pussy is” He looked up at her deviously.

“No it’s much wetter then that” She straddled him between her legs.

Taylor felt her in between them. “Your right baby. So how bad, do you want me?”

“Oh god Taylor, so bad...” She breathed sexily.

Taylor gently moved himself into her as she gasped. “This bad baby?” He thrust against her grabbing her butt cheeks so that he could push himself further in. “Is this how bad you want me?”

Alanna moaned in delight as his warm come entered her. "Oh Taylor, yes, yes!!” She screamed as she was overtaken by the orgasm he had owed her from in the shower. “Taylor!” She pulled at his hair as he pushed her upper body closer to him so that they kissed. She mingled with his tongue as he penetrated her to another climax.

Pulling her away he led her to lay on the bed. “Ride me now” He whispered pulling her on top of him. Alanna rode Taylor in slowly and then like a savage beast wanting more and more. Taylor grabbed her backside again, helping her ride him. He moaned nuzzling his face into her shoulder. Alanna was much better in bed then Skye could ever dream of being. Taylor never had an experience like this. Maybe it was because he hadn’t had sex in about two weeks. Whatever it was this had to go right up there with one of the best moments of his life. Wanting even more he pulled out of her and turned her around. She screamed as he pushed himself into her bottom giving anal sex. This was his first time but he was enjoying it more then he should have been. Alanna yelped in pain as he groaned cupping her breasts in his palms and firmly rubbing her hard nipples, pinching at them lightly. After all the pleasure Taylor could ever have in his lifetime was over he laid down next to her on the bed breathless. For a few minutes they just stared at each other chuckling.

Alanna uttered one word. “Wow”

“You are the experienced one. Am I right?” Taylor smiled.

“Yeah, I’m the female version of you. Taylor”

“I hope Ike doesn’t find out. Even though I told him about the kiss, he still likes you” Taylor moved his hand onto the side of her sweaty brown hair.

“The monkeys always do seem to have an attraction to me...” She repeated the customary sentence to Taylor.

“Your calling me a monkey?” Taylor grinned.

“Oh... no of course not!” Alanna giggled.

“I really needed what you gave me tonight. Thanks” Taylor sat up. “You can go now”

“You want me to leave?”

“Well, yeah”

“But.... it’s still early and Isaac and Zac went out with Diana and Walker”

“If Ike left then why are you here?”

“I’m the baby-sitter” A smile came across Alanna’s face.

“Ooo, your a bad baby-sitter.

“I told Ike and your parents that you said something about going to the movie’s tonight with your friends so no one knows. Sneaky huh?”

“I’ll say” Taylor grinned again.

“So can I stay? I know a lot more we can do” Alanna licked her lips seductively.

“I don’t think so”

“But why not?” A puzzled look appeared on her face.

“Because dispute my feelings for what we did tonight I don’t think I have feelings for you. You gave me what I wanted and I gave you what you wanted. We both should be satisfied and forget this whole thing”

“Is that all I am to you?! A one night stand? Is that it?! A slut? Some kind of cheap prostitute?! A trollop? A whore? A bawd? Is that all?!”

Taylor looked at her, his eyes squinted in disbelief.

“What did we do tonight? Fuck or make love? Answer me Taylor!”

“We fucked” Taylor answered coldly.

“Okay now answer this. Have you ever made love?”

Taylor thought about the question. What Skye and him did had to be making love... well, some of the times. And Rachel and him, did that count? “Of course I have made love” He answered unsurely.

“Then make love to me” Alanna moved closer to Taylor kissing his lips. He turned his head to hers, his neck bone extended, as he kissed her back deeply. He quickly opened her mouth so that he could move his tongue in. He moaned gently taking her face into his hands and leading her back down on the mattress. This was going to be a long night.


“Mom, I’m going to take a walk” Isaac huffed excusing himself from the diner. Zac was bored and getting on his last nerve. He had to escape. As he walked around the outside of the moonlit diner he came across a beautiful Chinese woman who looked in her twenty’s, picking up a bunch of papers that had fallen. “Oh here lemme help you with that” He walked over to her.

“No, you don’t have to” She ignored his innocent staring eyes.

“Oh come on, you can’t turn down a little help” Isaac looked at the papers. “Mary Lim” He smiled.

“I guess so, thanks. Oh god, I’m late for a job interview and getting this job is my life. I can’t believe this is happening to me. I am so unorganized and everything’s messed up...”

“Calm down. You’ll do fine” Isaac assured trying to catch her attention as he handed the last few papers over.

Mary stuffed them into her briefcase and quickly looked up. “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name?”

“Oh, I’m Isaac” He took her hand into his shaking it friendly. “Isaac...Hanson” He hinted. Their was not one sign that she knew who he was.

“Nice meeting you Isaac. Thanks for helping me” She stood on her feet rushing into the diner for the meeting. “Bye”

“Uh, yeah bye” Isaac was puzzled. Mary didn’t have a clue about his fame. For some reason this bothered him. Not only because she was extremely attractive. Their was just something about a working woman that turned him on. As Isaac entered the elegant diner he caught another glimpse of Mary. She was shaking hands with business men in suits and looked very apprehensive.

“Whatcha looking at?!” Zac asked when he noticed Ike’s eyes stuck in one spot.

Isaac turned to make eye contact with Zac. “Um, nothing” He muttered walking back to the table with his brother.


That Saturday morning Skye walked over to the coffee shop waiting for Marc. Friends usually meet, so she told him not to pick her up. This was their first ‘friend’ date. As she lingered around she saw James and Jen on a bench. What a surprise, they were making out. Skye’s heart jumped from place to place as she watched. ‘Geez, they are in public’ She couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous. James and her had been going out for about a year. Sure it wasn’t the best relationship but a lot of her firsts were with him. Thinking of relationships quickly brought Skye’s mind back to Taylor. He was leaving NYC today. She wouldn’t get to see him again for awhile. But then again she doubted he wanted to see her. She couldn’t talk to Taylor about anything afraid that it would lead to her spilling something out about Marc. The whole thing with Marc was making her nervous.

“Hi Skye” Marc smiled shyly.

“Oh hey” He had broken up her thoughts.

“What’s up?” Marc wasn’t sure how to start a conversation with Skye so he just went along with the usual greeting.

“Nothing much. You?”

“I just got Korn’s CD and its really good” Music was always a subject to talk about.

“I love Korn!” A huge grin shaped Skye’s face.

“You have their CD?”

“Of course! Although, their are a lot of better songs on the album then ‘Got The Life’” She pointed out.

“Yeah I know! I heard all the tracks and most of them are better!”

The conversation was easily continued as the two ‘friends’ entered the coffee shop.


“So how was the movie?” Isaac asked Taylor the next day as they got ready to leave for the airport.

“What movie? Oh wait, oh yeah! It was good!” Taylor remembered that Alanna had told Ike that he went to the movies.

“What did you see?”

“Uh... Titanic” Taylor couldn’t think straight.

“Titanic? Again? Is that still playing?”

“Where I went it was”

“Who did you see it with?”

“Hey, which shirt is better? The red one with the blue lines or the blue one with the yellow lines?” Taylor changed the subject.

“You cheated on Skye, didn’t you?”

“No!” Taylor shot his head up.

“Then who did you go with?”

“Uh.... myself”

“You went to the movies by yourself?”

“Don’t start getting nosy again!” Taylor wanted his brother to shutup.

“Fine, I won’t ask!”

“Thank you!”

Isaac turned to exit the room but quickly turned back to Taylor. “Damnit Tay! You cheated on her, didn’t you?! She’s such a great girl! I can’t understand why you would do something that could cause you to let her go! Would she cheat on you?!”

“I didn’t cheat on her! Leave me alone! Maybe I just don’t want to tell you anything!”

“She wouldn’t cheat on you so you shouldn’t cheat on her” Isaac shook his head leaving the room.


As Hanson left the hotel with their family, Zac noticed Jaimee. He smiled but did nothing more as he climbed into the van.

“Why didn’t you say hi to that girl you know?” Taylor asked scooting over to Zac.

“Because actions speak louder then words”

“Whoa, did that just come out of my twelve year old brothers mouth?” Taylor laughed.

“Yeah besides I have nothing to say” Zac looked sad.

“You like her, don’t you?”

“N.. N... No I don’t”

“Yes you do”

“No Tay, I don’t”

“Okay. If you say so” Taylor put his headphones on listening to the sound of ‘No Doubt’ invade his ears.

“I don’t Tay” Zac insisted even though his brother wasn’t listening. “I really don’t” He said to himself quietly.


That night Isaac sat on the sand with his guitar staring at the bright full moon. Their hotel in LA was amazing. His brothers and his room was right next to the sliding clear door to the beach. How much sweeter could it all get. As he quietly strummed his guitar’s strings, he thought to himself about Mary. She was the kind of girl he could picture spending the rest of his life with. The kind of girl who seemed hard working yet pleasant and reliable -- The perfect woman. Would Isaac ever settle down? Even though he was only seventeen he spent a lot of time wondering about this. He had never had a serious steady relationship. As of now Taylor was more experienced then him, hell maybe even Zac was. Isaac only had sex once and hardly ever made out with girls. What was his problem? Why couldn’t the perfect girl walk up to him and just... “That tune sounds so familiar” A sweet voice sounded from behind him. “Oh, um...” He turned to face one of the most impressive girls in the world. He was stunned. No words could escape his mouth. “Urrr” He had to gain control of himself. Staring up at her electric green eyes he managed to get a whole sentence out. “It’s called ‘More Than Anything’. I was just playing a few bars, nothing big”

“Hmm, the title doesn’t sound familiar but the song, the song is really beautiful” She took a seat next to Isaac on the beach sand.

Isaac went tense. This girl was definitely a California girl. The long straight beach blonde hair proved it. “What’s your name?” He took time to ask this as he looked her up and down, from her long endless legs to her tiny cute stomach up to her perfect face.

“Leah and your Isaac”

“Oh, so you have heard of me” Isaac acted flattered. “Call me Ike” He laughed.

“Mmm, the famous teen idol’s brother. Of course I have”

“Wait a sec! ‘The famous teen idol’s brother’ What is that supposed to mean?!” Leah had certainly hit a sensitive spot.

“Oh, uh, um... well I was talking about you being Taylor’s brother” Leah couldn’t believe she had just said something like that in front of a celebrity.

“He’s not the only guy in the band! I sing too, not to mention, play guitar!”

“Listen, I’m sorry” Leah tried to control Isaac’s temper which was just about to shoot through the roof, not that their was one outside.

“No, you don’t get it. Your the one who has to listen! Taylor isn’t all you think he is, even if he is a ‘teen idol’ as you put it. And if your after him approach him, not me! I don’t even want to waste my time talking to HIS fans! I’m sure if you want to see him, he won’t mind. He probably won’t mind screwing you up the ass either at his rate...” Isaac was so nervous and upset he couldn’t stop rambling. “Don’t waste your time begging me to set you up with him! He can be a jerk sometimes so being set up with him isn’t even all that it sounds! I mean don’t you think it’s pathetic how he can have any girl he wants yet when he gets the perfect one he has to cheat on her and ruin everything. And I’m saying cheat on her with the girl his older brother loves. Then he acts like he never did anything when the truth is evident. I mean, not only does he cheat on his girlfriend with the girl I love but he cheats on the girl I went through a lot of shit to get to Tulsa so she could set him straight! Don’t you think that’s the least bit weird?!”

“Ike, please! I don’t even know you and your telling me all of this!”

“Yeah you don’t want to know me. You want to know Taylor!”

“Oh my god... Does your management have you on drugs or something?”

“No, their too busy giving them all to Zac” Isaac answered honestly.

“They give Zac drugs? Isn’t he like eleven?”

“He’s almost thirteen and I don’t want to get into this. I’m sorry to bother you... even if you were bothering me but I’m going to go now”

“Wait Ike. I want to talk to you!” Leah grabbed Isaac’s arm before he could stand up. “Talk to me, please” She begged.

“Why? Because im Taylor’s brother?”

“No, because I don’t have anybody to talk to” She said sadly.

“What?” Isaac moved closer to her deciding not to leave just then.

“You heard me”

Leah was quiet but Isaac could hear her small sobs. “Why don’t you have anybody to talk to?”

“I live with my twenty two year old brother Matt who is never home. He is always out with friends, probably getting high or something. I just really need someone to talk to and you seemed like a good listener”

“Don’t you have parents?”

“My father died when I was fourteen and my mother left us when I was three so legally I have to live with my brother until I’m eighteen”

“I’m sorry to hear that. But you do have friends, right?”

“No, I have a bad reputation in school which is the reason I don’t have any friends. But your my friend, right?”

“Having a friendship with me is a hard thing to hold onto”

“Fine then just talk to me. You don’t have to be my friend”

“I want to be your friend, but I travel a lot”

“Please, just tell me something about yourself. Start a conversation with me Ike”

Isaac was beginning to think that Leah was a little nutty. She really needed friends. She seemed so lonely. “Okay, why do you have a bad reputation at school?”

“Well... I have a bad reputation because I slept with a lot of guys. I was automatically classified as a ‘slut’ when word got out. That was my freshmen year. Everything has stopped except for the fact that my reputation is still being carried on from when I was fourteen. The only reason I had sex with so many guys was because after my father’s death I didn’t feel love from anyone. The whole thing is really complicated. Its just that knowing my mother left and my father is gone leaves me with no one which makes things so dreary for me”

“Well I’m here for you, for now anyway” Isaac could definitely tell Leah was one with a tough background and a lot of stuff to deal with. He felt sorry for her and what she was going through. “Hey, how old are you?”

“I’m sixteen and a half”

“Oh” Isaac grinned laying his guitar on the sand.

“Ya know what’s funny?”


It’s funny how such a plain, ugly, stupid, lonely girl could live in such a glamorous city like LA. Isn’t that strange?”

“Please don’t tell me you are talking about yourself!”


“Did you just call yourself, ugly?” Isaac was surprised.

“Well, yeah”

Not only was Leah extremely lonely but she had low self esteem. “You are not ugly. Your beautiful” Isaac took Leah’s face into his hands, as he felt her smooth skin. “Your gorgeous” He smiled.

Leah’s cheeks turned bright red. “No I’m not”

“Yes, you are. I wouldn’t lie to you”


“Yes, really”

“Do you like me?” Leah gently laid Isaac onto the sand climbing onto him so that she straddled his thin body between her legs. She instantly felt his erection rub against her thigh.

“Whoa Leah...” This was all Isaac could say about the position she had him in.

Leah brought her lips to Isaac’s in a romantic kiss. She felt his lips press softly against hers. She slowly began to rub her thigh faster and faster on Isaac’s enlarged organ causing friction. As she backed away from the kiss she moaned out words that came from her heart. “Make me feel special Ike. Please, just make me feel special”

Isaac had to stop Leah. Sure she was special, this girl was mentally special. She was out of control. She hardly knew Isaac and was already bringing him to a climax using her upper leg. As she gave him another kiss, he tried to keep his lips shut so that her trying tongue couldn’t find its way into his mouth. Isaac’s breathing got louder as her thigh massaged him at a quicker speed. With all his force he managed to do the right thing. “Stop!” He pushed Leah off of him.

“Why Ike?!” Leah burst into tears.

“Because I don’t know you! That’s why!”

“Please Ike! Please love me!”

“Leave me alone! I can’t love you! I don’t fregan know you!” Isaac needed to get away from this girl. She was sweet and innocent yet a major psycho. She had problems and their was no way she could hide it. Grabbing his guitar, he jumped up attempting to run for the hotel.

“Ike, please don’t go! Please don’t leave me!” Leah snatched his arm digging her long nails into his skin.

“Shit bitch!” He screamed as blood dripped from the nail indents. He forcefully threw her off of him running to the porch of the hotel.

“No wait! Ike! You said you were here for me!” Leah’s voice trailed off.

“As Isaac entered the hotel room he quickly shut the curtains and patio doors sitting his guitar down on the carpet and catching his breath.

“Ike, what’s wrong?!” Taylor ran over to his brother.

Isaac took a minute to catch his breath. “There is a major nut out there!” He held onto his bleeding arm.

“Should I get mom and dad from next door?” Zac tentatively asked.

“No, no. Just get me a wet towel to wipe this blood off with”

“Was it a fan?” Taylor asked concerned.

“I’m not sure but she has a lot of problems”

“Here” Zac handed towels to Isaac. “What did she beat you up?”

“No, she chased me and apparently caught onto my arm, digging her sharp killer nails into it”

“She was probably a fan” Taylor pointed out. “Fans do stuff like that” (But Amber DIDNT!) ~~~ Sorry inside message lol Back to the story....)

“She didn’t act like one. I don’t care what she is as long as she never comes near me again! Oh god, I need sleep”

“Yeah, I was just turning in” Taylor climbed into his bed. “Are you sure you don’t want to get our parents?”

“Trust me Tay. I’m sure. If we tell them, they will have the whole management up here to find out who did this. I’ll just deal with it” Isaac tied the towel loosely around his cut up arm.

“Okay” Taylor yawned closing his eyes and rolling onto his left side facing Zac who had just jumped into his bed too.

“California beds are more comfortable then NYC beds” Zac fluffed up his pillows.

“No, NYC beds are better -- Especially when Skye is in it with me” Taylor smiled noticing that Isaac too was now in bed.

“Goodnight bros. Sweet dreams!” Zac cackled.

“How can I have sweet dreams when I’m sleeping next to the window that the nut is outside of? I’m scared out of my wits” Isaac closed his eyes to block out the light of the bright moon.

“Zac don’t do that annoying giggle ever again or I’m gonna hit you with this pillow” Taylor laughed. “And you Ike, don’t worry about her. It’s just one of our many teenyboppers”

Isaac took a deep breath. “If only you were right Tay, if only you were right”


Taylor decided to call Skye that morning. Maybe this time she would talk to him and not claim that she had to go. After dialing the numbers, she sleepily picked up after the third ring. “Good morning hun”

“Tay, it’s 7:00 on Sunday...” She whined.

“Yeah I know. What are you up to?”

“Its called sleep. Maybe you should go get some” Her voice was acerbic.

“I already had my eight hours”

“Well I only had six”

“Why were you up at 1am?”

“Because I had to study”

“All right if ya say so”

“I do say so but I have to go. Can you call me later?”

“You always have to go”

“You always call at a bad time”

“Well I have a photo shoot in four hours, a conference after it and a concert tonight so I don't think I’ll be able to call you later”

“Fine then call me tomorrow”

“Just talk to me now or I won’t be able to call you for awhile”

“Then call me in awhile. I need my sleep”

“Okay Skye. Bye”

“Don’t be mad”

“I’m not. Good-bye”

“Bye” She hung up.

Taylor frustrated, mumbled a bunch of gibberish that didn’t make sense. He knew Skye wasn’t telling him something. It was obvious. And now Isaac and Zac were sleeping and he had no one to bother. Taylor knew what he had to do. He had to go for a walk. Maybe that would help clear his mind. He threw on a pair of denim shorts and a blue t-shirt, pulling his hair back into a tail. What he looked like was no concern. The photographers would most likely give him a bunch of prissy expensive outfits to wear anyway. As he exited the hotel room and porch he started to walk on the hot sand. The sun shined beautifully and the ocean seemed clear blue. The beach had to be one of his most favorite places in California. “What are you thinking?” A voice came up from behind him. Taylor spun around facing a sweet pretty girl who he found it hard to resist flirting with. This girl was beyond attractive. “I was thinking about you” He smiled.

“Oh really? Funny thing is -- you don’t even know me” She walked by his side.

“I know my dream girl when I see her”

“So I’m your dream girl?”

“Of course”

“I’m Leah” The pretty girl held out her hand for Taylor to shake.

“I’m Taylor” He shook it happily.

“Yeah teen idol Taylor Hanson. How could I not know”

“You a fan?”

“No, not really but if you want me to be one then yeah”

“Haha, so Leah, answer me honestly”

“Sure, what’s the question?”

“Have you ever fucked a Hanson?”

“No but I wouldn’t mind it”

“How’s tomorrow night?”

“Fine with me”

“Great, meet me here at 7:00”

“You sure move fast but I’ll be here”

Taylor smiled. If Skye was going to hide things from him, he was going to hide things from her. The game could be played times two on his share.