Chapter 16

Zac walked out of the hotel that evening, without any of his parents knowing. Jaimee and her friend Kristen were the only ones standing outside. They came over and started talking to him. Zac soon gave Kristen a look as to say, "Leave us alone"

Kristen walked over to some girls that were coming down the block and kept them away from Zac and Jaimee so that they could talk in private.

"Hey Jaimee..."

"Hey Zac. Who told you my name?”

"Ike did. Hey, I was wondering, would you want to go out with me this Friday?”

"Sure... I'd love to!”

"Great!" Zac blushed slightly, trying as much as possible, not to be like his older brother.

"So where are we going to go?"

"Um... I was thinking we can go to dinner in a small restaurant in the village, and then for a carriage ride around central park and hang out all night.. sound good?"

"Sounds great!"

Zac took down Jaimee's number, smiling to himself. “Don’t tell Alona about this, okay?” He looked up after she had given it to him.

“But, why?” Jaimee asked perplexed.

“Because I think she likes me and since you two are friends I don’t want to become between your friendship or anything”

“If I tell her, she’ll still be my friend”

“Jaimee, please don’t” Zac’s chestnut brown eyes had a look of plea in them.

“Oh, fine” Jaimee sighed.

Zac grinned again and then went inside the hotel before all the little teenies could attack him.


The phone rang as Zac walked back into the hotel suite. “Yo! Anyone gonna answer it?!” There was no response. “Yo, sup kick ass mother fuckers!?” Zac laughed hoping it wasn’t his parents on the other end.


"Who is this?" His tone got mellower.

"It's Jenny!"

"Um, hi Jenny." He gulped.

"Skye called this morning and left the number to your hotel. I wasn’t home but she gave it to my mom and said you guys were in NYC again! So what's up? "

"Not much... "

"Oh, well, I was wondering do you want to do something this Friday night since your back?"

"No... I um have to um go out to dinner with um... my parents!"

"Okay... "Jenny said sounding a little suspicious and heart broken, "How about Saturday night?"

"I'm doing MTV LIVE”

"Oh, okay, I guess i’ll call you later on then"

“Yeah guess so” Zac hung the phone up now feeling confused as all hell. Was he getting like Taylor? He sure hoped not. It wasn’t his fault girls liked him and he liked them. Oh gosh, there’s Jenny, Jaimee, Alona and Margaret. Soon they’ll be a million more girls. “Oh please say there won’t be” He mumbled to himself clutching the phone tighter in his grasp.


“Can we talk?” Skye walked over to Taylor. He was sitting alone in a corner of the hotel suite holding an ice pack under his eye and looking out the window at the exquisite view.

“Yeah. What about?” Taylor didn’t look up at her.

“Us” Skye sat next to him inspecting his every move, not that he made many. “I..” She paused. “This is really hard to say”

“Just spit it out” Taylor stated rather wearied.

“I...” She quickened up the pace of her comment. “I think I need to think over our relationship”

“What’s to think over? Everything’s fine. Don’t worry about Ike. He gets like that sometimes” Taylor looked at Skye noticing she had her luggage over her arms and looked ready to leave. “Are you going now?”

“Yeah, in a few minutes”

“Oh” Taylor tried to hide his major disappointment.

Skye reverted back to her comment. “We have a problem. Im not sure if you have caught onto it yet”

“What problem?”

“Tay, haven’t you noticed im kinda on the giving end of the relationship?”

“What do you mean?”

“All the things I do to and for you. You’ve never actually done anything in return”

Taylor sat quietly. “What do you want me to do for.. to.. you?”

“Anything! I mean weren’t you taught that girls love romantic stuff like flowers and poems? And god knows how you write. You are capable of so much and you never show it except by having sex with me”

“That’s it? You want me to write poems and send you flowers?”

“Well there’s more. When we are having sex... or fooling around.. you never have done anything..” Skye stopped embarrassed and looked down at the floor. “To me, ya know?” She finished.


Their was a huge interlude in the conversation.

Skye sighed deeply.

“We’re not going to break up over this. Are we?” Taylor’s bright blue eyes looked depressing yet longing.

“No Tay. I just need to think over a few things” She kissed his moist lips gently.

“Skye... don’t go” Taylor brushed her cheek with his finger guiding her brimming red lips back to his.

Skye backed away slightly, gaining a choking feeling in her throat. “I have to” She whispered.

“I love you so much” He gasped.

“I love you too” Skye stood up. Taylor did the same.

“Well, bye” Taylor moved his hands into his pockets.

“Its not good-bye. I will talk to my mom about us. Keep in touch for now. Okay?”


Skye moved closer to her boyfriend fingering the soft tips of his blonde hair. “Your so sexy” She melted just looking at him.

“Skye, you have to go”

Skye felt tears forming in her eyes. ‘No, don’t cry’ She told herself sniffling them away.

“Oh Skye, lets not get all emotional” He noticed her eyes watering.

“I won’t” Skye placed her hand around the back of Taylor’s neck for one last kiss before she left. He gladly accepted but she soon let go and turned around. “Bye” A tear fell from her eye. She didn’t turn back to look at him. She didn’t want him to know she was crying. The past week they had spent together had been incredible. If she was ever asked to put it into words, it would be almost impossible.

“Bye” He muttered softly, sitting back in the corner he had made for himself. Tears fell from his eyes. He couldn’t believe he was crying. This wasn’t good-bye forever.... was it?


Skye exited the hotel entrance being greeted by who else but the green jello’s and red jellybeans. She went close to the street to wave her hand for a taxi but was stopped when one of the fans grabbed her arm. “Huh?” Skye turned to face the girl.

“Are you dating Taylor?” She asked, a pathetic look upon her face.

“Who are you?”

“Im Lindsay. I just need to know so can you tell me the truth, please? I won’t tell anyone and neither will they” She motioned her hands around at the other fans.

“No, im not” Skye answered attentively.

“What’s your name? Are you crying?” Another fan who Skye had recognized from that night asked.

“Im Skye. Are you Jaimee or Alona?” Skye was curious of the girls Zac was going out with other then Jenny.

“Alona. Jaimee left like an hour ago before I came. How do you know our names?”

“Zac mentioned you and a girl named Jaimee from the other night so I figured you were one of them” Skye flattened her hair.

“Zac talked about us?!” She asked surprised and blithe not knowing that Zac had asked Jaimee out earlier that day.

“Yeah, he did” Skye winked walking back to the curb where she saw an empty taxi coming. She waved her hand in the air as a signal for it to stop.

“What did he say?!” Alona asked excitedly.

Skye smiled getting in the cab. “Tell Tay that I love him. Okay?” She closed the door.

“What?!” Lindsay yelled confused as all hell.

“Sure, bye!” Alona voiced nicely because of her good mood.


The next morning on a Wednesday Zac slipped out of the hotel once again praying that Alona was there and that Jaimee wasn’t. Just his luck. There stood Lindsay, Alona, and a few fans he didn’t recognized. “Hey Alonna!” He ignored all the other girls greetings and hands that desperately wanted to be shaken by his.

“Hi Zac” Alona approached casually. She had been practicing what to say to him all night. She knew he liked her.

Zac put his hand out. She smiled and took it into hers to shake. Instead of a normal shake she felt him give her a piece of paper. “Don’t show it to anyone” His voice was slightly above a whisper.

“I won’t” She lipped as Zac started to meet and greet the other fans.


Skye went online to check her email. Surprisingly she got an IM from Taylor as soon as she signed on.

MmMbOpPoP: hey! hows it going? did you talk to your mom about us?

DpeShowSk8r: HI!!! She won’t let me talk to you as of now :o( She says I should worry more about skewl which is starting Monday :o(

MmMbOpPoP: ohhh this sux

DpeShowSk8r: I know. I miss you so much.

MmMbOpPoP: check your email!

DpeShowSk8r: Kay

Skye clicked on her mailbox and saw tons of email. She quickly scanned through it and saw one from ‘MmMbOpPoP’. Skye clicked on it and on her screen appeared a poem written by Tay to her. The poem was about how she changed him, and his love, lust and passion for her. Skye almost broke into tears reading it. The whole lyric was so deep. A download was attached and she quickly started downloading as she read it over again. The file showed up in less then a minute. It was a picture of a rose and underneath, the poem Taylor had written for her. Skye melted at the whole little advanced technology love letter and flower. She then noticed her IM bells ringing and looked at the IM from Taylor.

MmMbOpPoP: did you read it????

MmMbOpPoP: yo?

MmMbOpPoP: helloooooo?

MmMbOpPoP: LoL did ya like the poem??

MmMbOpPoP: heloo ooo ooo ooo *echo sounds*

MmMbOpPoP: oh I see how it is, our gonna just ignore me! :-(

DpeShowSk8r: OMG!! Tay your so sweet!!!!!! You wrote that?

MmMbOpPoP: yeah, I wanted to send it in real mail only I lost your address :-(

DpeShowSk8r: Thanx Tay! You don’t know how much it means to me! Its the most beautiful poem I have ever read!

MmMbOpPoP: it was the most beautiful poem I have ever written LoL :-)

DpeShowSk8r: :o) I love you so much!

MmMbOpPoP: well I hate you!!! *kidding* I love u too :-)

DpeShowSk8r: :*o)

MmMbOpPoP: wuz that?

DpeShowSk8r: Im so happy im crying :*o)

MmMbOpPoP: awww don’t cry though

DpeShowSk8r: I miss you so so so so much!!!! I want to kiss you so bad!!

MmMbOpPoP: *smooch!!!* theres a kiss! but I have to go :-(

DpeShowSk8r: WHY?!?!?!??!??!??!?!?! Dont go!!!

MmMbOpPoP: we have to do SNL tonight. u better watch it! Oh yeah, we have the morning show crap tomorrow so u have to wake up at like 8 to see that

DpeShowSk8r: I’ll watch both :o)

MmMbOpPoP: your such a great girlfriend! just dont make fun of me!

DpeShowSk8r: I wont, dont be looking at any other girls!

MmMbOpPoP: okay, i’ll look at the guys :-I

DpeShowSk8r: Ha ha, dont look at them either

MmMbOpPoP: :-) i promise I wont look at anyone. Okay?

DpeShowSk8r: You better not! LOL!

MmMbOpPoP: LoL cya beautiful...! :-)

DpeShowSk8r: L8er cutie!

MmMbOpPoP: *smoooooooooooch* !!! :-)

With that last instant message Taylor had signed off. Skye started to print out the poem he had given her. She knew she would read it over and over and cherish it forever.


That night Taylor, Zac and Isaac’s driver Dave drove them and their dad to the Saturday Night Live studios for their performance.

“Im going to see Alanna after that morning show thing tomorrow!” Isaac excitedly reminded everyone for the thousandth time.

“So? I have a date with Jaimee Friday and one with Alona on Sunday. My social calendar is filled up!”

“Oh wow Zac, two dates.. you sure are popular” Taylor’s voice dripped with sarcasm.

“I never said I wanted to be a playa like you are!”

“Like I was!” Taylor pointed out. “Anyway, I thought you were going out with Jenny?”

“I can go out with her some other time. Right now all my concentration is on my two girly girls Jaimee and Alona”

“Aren’t they like best friends with each other? Their both cool about this?” Taylor knew Zac’s devious mind was up to something.

“No one said anything about letting each other find out......” Zac grinned.

“Taylor, Zac’s getting worse then you” Isaac laughed.

“NO! Worse then I used to be! Im not like that anymore!” Taylor was restrained with the way he was always being used as an example.

“Taylor, calm down” Walker glared at him.

Taylor just sighed looking out the window. He noticed hundreds of fans as the van turned the block. He hadn’t seen such a crowd of American fans for months. He hoped he could handle this. ‘Just remember. Skye is your girlfriend’ He told himself as they pulled up to the front entrance. Screams pierced Taylor’s ears. He was not used to the shrieks after the whole quiet vacation is Tulsa.

Slowly, Walker opened the door and out jumped Isaac, Zac then Taylor.

Girls reached for Taylor’s hand. He looked around waving. Surprisingly he had remembered what to do. It all came back to him just like every other time. ‘Don’t think perverted thoughts’ He told himself but soon imagined being in a huge orgy backstage with all the fans who had showed up. Nearing the entrance, he shook his thoughts away. “Owe!!!” Taylor yelped as a someone pulled his hair. He saw that the girl who had taken his silky blonde tress’s into her hands was Crystal. “Oh shit!” He mumbled to himself.

“Hi Tay!” She said rather loud smiling.

“Uhhh, hi” He ignored her gaze and walked into the SNL studios hearing a faint scream of ‘When can we see each other again?’


“What’s sa matta?” The middle aged woman applying makeup to Taylor’s face before the show asked noticing how upset he looked.

“Nothin” Taylor murmured looking away from her as she put more cover-up under his bruised eye.

“Oh c’mon. I know when someone’s depressed and im a great person to talk to. Tell me what’s upsetting you. Is it the person who obviously beat you up?”


“Then what is it sweetie?”


“I think you’ll feel better if you let it out...”

You really wanna hear what’s upsetting me?! I’ll tell you what’s upsetting me!” Taylor looked up at her now angry that she cared so much about his life. “I hate makeup, and I hate fans, and I hate performing and I hate having to act happy when im really not, and I hate my brother, and I hate not being able to get away from my past and I hate my life and I hate...”

“Well excuse me sunshine boy!” The lady stepped back in ridicule.

“Sorry but you asked” Taylor frowned.

“Im not so syced about my job either, ya know”

“So then why do you do it. You have no fans or brothers or fathers pressuring you to be a makeup putter ‘onner’”

“Makeup putter ‘onner’? That’s funny” She laughed. “I am pressured, by my friends and family. I do this because they tell me what a great job it is. This isn’t what I really want to do. I mean the job is fun of course. I get to meet stars which is cool but you’d be surprised how many of them are exactly like you. All depressed and upset about their lives. Everyone always is”

“So your saying everyone doesn’t like their lives or just the famous people?”

“No, almost everyone darlin. The people of lives you want, want the life that you have. They want the fame and all that while you want the chance to hang out with friends and go to school everyday. That’s the way things are. You just have to be happy with what you got”

“That makes sense”

“You could be a starving kid in Africa or a homeless man on the streets of Manhattan. Think about that. What you have is great. A family, friends and people who look up to you. Some people have no one”

Taylor thought for awhile about what she was saying.“Your so right!” It finally hit him. What he had was so much better then what he could have had. Imagine what his life would be like if his father got laid off from work and he was stuck in a small house with eight other people, never having the record deal.

“Well im about done with your makeup. Im glad I made you happier”

“Oh god, me too. Thanks so much....” He looked at her name pin. “Barbara”

“No problem” She smiled.

“Come on Tay. We gotta get out there” Isaac called on him peeking his head backstage.

“Sure” Taylor jumped off the chair he had been sitting in and gave Barbara a half hug. “Thanks again” He smiled.

“Anytime” She replied thinking of how many hugs and thankyou’s she had gotten after giving this speech to thousands of famous people. Taylor seemed to take it fast but she knew she made him feel better.


“Hey guys! We’re so excited to be back on Saturday Night Live! How are you all doing tonight?!” Taylor screamed his face red with excitement.

Skye watch the television. Taylor looked so incredibly happy. She smiled wishing she was there. Just looking at him formed butterflies in her stomach and made her feel desperate. She didn’t take her eyes off of him the whole time him and his brothers sang ‘River’. “Oh god” She muttered wanting him worse then she ever would or ever did. Recklessly she stripped naked figuring she could use her hand as a cheap replacement of Taylor.


“Alanna!” Isaac screamed as he saw the 5’5, fifteen year old friend he had missed so much at his hotel suites door.

“Ike!” She embraced him with a hug backing away.

It was that moment when Ike realized that Alanna was more then a companion, she was someone he actually loved. Sure she was only fifteen but no three year age difference was going to keep him away. “You don’t know how much I missed you” He chuckled inviting her in.

“I saw you guys go into your little morning show building” Alanna smiled. “The red jellybeans convinced me to go with them. I swear I think their sucking up to get closer to you!” She laughed.

“Actually Zac is going out with two of them!”

“Oh man, that’s too weird!”

“I just hope he doesn’t end up like Taylor!”

“Like I was!” Taylor screamed from the couch where he was watching TV in only his boxers.

“Tay, for the sake of Alanna, can you get on a tshirt?!” This was one of the first things Isaac said to Taylor since he had knocked him out.

“What? She doesn’t admire my eminent body like everyone else?” Taylor actually had a lot of muscles even though he was so skinny. But even with the muscles his sense of humor was lacking.

“No she’s getting sickened by them!”

“It’s okay. Tay’s like a brother to me!” Alanna grinned.

“See? Listen to my sister!” Taylor joked.

“Hey Al, im gonna get a movie going in the bedroom for us and check on the kids so unless you wanna come help you can stay in here and watch TV with your ‘brother’” Ike smiled knowing that so many things could go on during three and a half hours of ‘Titanic’.

“I think I’ll stay here” She giggled.

“Okay” Isaac practically hopped into the next room.

Alanna checked out Taylor from the corner of her eye. He was sipping a can of ‘Sprite’ and looked very intent in the cartoon that had just come back on after a commercial. She happily walked over, joining him on the couch. “Hi Tay” A sexy smile cornered the side of her mouth.

“Hey” Taylor boredly greeted not looking up from the TV afraid he would miss something.

Alanna admired his pecks and built arm muscles as she took this moment to move closer to him. She quietly took the remote control from Taylor’s side and flicked the TV off sliding her arms onto the warm skin of his shoulders.

“What do you think your doing?” He asked candidly.

“Mmm, you smell so good” She dug her face into his neck taking delight in the ‘Tommy’ cologne he was wearing.

“Thanks” Taylor gently shoved her off of him.

“Did I ever tell you I was a firm believer in incest?” She smirked moving back onto him.

“Alanna, what are you trying to do?” Taylor asked straight out.

“I know your with Skye and all that but I just want one little, teeny, itty, bitty kiss”

“What?!” This came as a shock to Taylor because he truly believed that she was dating his brother. “Hold on.... don’t you like Ike?”

“HA! He’s an ugly loser! I’ve only been using him to get to you. Isn’t that obvious?” She acted so innocent.

“But he likes you” Taylor spoke quietly emphasizing ‘you’.

“I know! Why do the monkeys always seem to be attracted to me?!” She blurted.

“I think you should leave” Taylor pushed her off of him again, trying not to yell at her for her last comment.

“No, Tay” Her mouth moved closer to his, delicately, as she gave him a gentle peck. He hardly responded. The second kiss she was able to hold for a few more seconds until he pushed her back off of him and onto the floor.

“You are such a whore!” He avoided making eye contact with her.

“I thought that’s what you liked?” She said softly.

“Im a one whore guy now. You missed your turn”

“Oh, I should tell Skye that you called her a whore” Alanna’s voice seemed to have a slightly evil tone in it.

“Yeah, you do that” Taylor spoke blankly as he turned the television back on.

Ike smiled at Alanna after he walked back in. “Hey, movie’s set!”

“Great” She looked up at Taylor from her spot on the floor and whispered the words ‘Next time’. He just rolled his eyes and went back to watching ‘Ren and Stimpy’.


“What is with Alanna?!” Taylor asked Ike that Friday afternoon, a day after her visit.

“She’s great, isn’t she?” Isaac sighed dreamingly.

“Not really. She’s a jerk!”

“No she isn’t! Don’t talk about her that way!”

“She kissed me! She’s been using you to get to me!” Taylor screamed, mad at his brothers stupidity.

“Tay, that ego is getting way to big. I mean, come on... your such a liar” Isaac did not want to believe that what Taylor was saying was true.

“Fine. Don’t believe me. But don’t leave her alone with me ever again and don’t be all upset when she ‘breaks up with you’ quote quote”

“Your a liar” Isaac’s voice got lower and he looked down at the floor as if he were trying to get the truth from it.

“Im not lying” Taylor said gently stepping away from Ike and noticing that Zac, who had just entered the room was wearing his tshirt. “What do you think your wearing?!” Taylor pointed to his shirt.

“Clothes” Zac answered like a smart ass trying to avoid the fact that the navy blue shirt wasn’t his.

“No, my clothes” Taylor made the word my very clear.

“Tay, its only one shirt” Zac whined. “And im going out with Jamiee...”

“You do NOT need to dress well to go out with stalkers. Maybe if you were going out with Jenny I would let you borrow it but as of now your changing!”

“What?! I don’t want Jenny! You only want me to date her ‘cuz’ she’s Skye’s friend!”

“Just change!” Taylor pointed to the bathroom door.

“Aughhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!” Zac screamed stomping back into the bathroom to throw back on his baggy orange shirt.


“Supo Jaimeo!” Zac’s smile was broad as he looked her up and down. She was wearing faded blue flared jeans and a green shirt which made her eyes light up in a verdant tint. Her long curly brown hair was worn down which seemed to look curlier, maybe because she put some kind of gel in it. Zac didn’t know much about hair but he guessed that was it.

“Hi Zac” Jaimee was nervous and he could tell.

“Relax, ooooo kee????” Zac laughed throwing his hair behind his shoulders.

“Oh im relaxed, totally relaxed. Im very relaxed” She assured smiling.

“Good” Zac turned from her to the street. “YO TAXI MAN!!!” He yelled waving his hands in the air as the taxi stopped to pick both of them up for their date.


Soon Jaimee and Zac were eating their food. The restaurant Zac had picked out was very quaint and nice. The food was excellent unlike their waiter who treated them as if they were five years old. Jaimee was surprised how Zac and her conversations seemed to flow so easy. She didn’t have to worry about what to say with him.

“But im only twelve so there’s no chance im going to fall in love like Taylor has” Zac continued his sentence.

“Like Taylor has?”

“Oh, yeah. Remember the girl Tay came into the hotel with when we came back to New York?”


“Well, their in loooooooove” Zac grinned.

“Oh, wow she was really pretty”

“She’s nice too! They spent the whole week in Tulsa before we came back here, only then our parents caught them having sex, AGAIN and now they might have to break up”

“Having sex?! Taylor Hanson had sex?!” She said loud enough so that a lot of people looked their way.

“Shhh, shhh” Zac leaned over to her from across the table laying his finger on top of her mouth.

Jaimee was shocked. Zac’s finger was touching her lips. She didn’t want to say anything in fear that he might take it off. He did anyway.

“Don’t ever do that again” Zac’s eyed her sternly.

“Sorry, I won’t” Jaimee apologized for her outburst.

“Taylor has had sex with more girls then my mom and dad ever did or ever will and that’s a lot!” Zac chortled. “And not a word of this goes to the red jellybeanoids and green jellyos”

“I won’t tell. Have you had sex before?”

“Im won’t lie to you, I humped like a wild dog once!” Zac laughed then looked away from her stare blushing. “Okay I did it once and didn’t have a clue what I was doing” A smile appeared on the veer of his lips.

Jaimee laughed. “But, did you like it?” She was inquisitive.

“I think I stuck it in the wrong hole”

Jaimee couldn’t hold in her laughter. “How many ’holes’ did you find in this girl?!” She asked quietly.

“A lot” Zac laughed surprisingly.

“Oh god” Jaimee giggled.

“Yeah well...”

“So who was she?”

“A friend” Zac paused. “Or actually an xfriend now”

“Why an xfriend?”

“We got into a fight before I left”


Zac took his wallet out of his orange pants also taking out thirty dollars. “Yo, waitero!” He screamed. The waiter quickly came over. “Gimme my check, my mommy gave me money to pay for our foods” He gave off a baby voice evidently making fun of how the waiter didn’t see Jaimee and his maturity. Zac gave the money to the attendant, sticking his tongue out, grabbing Jaimee’s hand and running out of the restaurant. “I gave him a fifty cents tip!” Zac laughed after they had left.

“Oh your bad Zac” Jaimee sniggered.

“Aren’t I? That’s me! Bad to the bone” Zac’s voice got louder. “bA ba bA ba bAaAaAd!”

Jaimee pushed Zac’s shoulder playfully. “Your such a weirdo!”

“That’s me! Weird to the bone. wA wa wA wa wEiRd!”

Jaimee and Zac continued laughing until their stomachs hurt.


Zac walked Jaimee to the train station near the hotel and prepared his sappy, yeah right, goodbye speech.

“Zac tonight was so much fun! Your a lot of fun!”

“Except for the nasty horse poop yeah, it was a ton ‘a’ fun! Look I can rhyme and be a mime all that the same time!”

“Aren’t you ever serious?!” Jaimee laughed.

“Never, ever, you are clever!”

“Zac!” Jaimee continued giggling. “How about this rhyme..... All our date is missin, is a lot of goodnight kissin!” Jaimee knew that her rhyme was stupid but it was a huge part of what was on her mind and maybe if she hinted...

“I like that one!” Zac smiled moving closer to Jaimee leaning down and looking into her eyes which appeared to be hazel under his shadow.

There was a long silence. Jaimee eyed Zac’s lips for a few moments knowing that this was it. Zachary Walker Hanson was going to kiss her. His awash sweet smooth lips were going to be on hers in less then seconds. Zac was moving so close to her and so slowly. Finally his lips gently touched hers and all she wanted was more. It was at least a minute before she felt Zac’s tongue glide across her top lip. ‘Oh god, he’s going to French kiss me’ She excitidly thought opening her mouth wider so that he could slide easily into her warm mouth.

Zac’s hormones were untamed. This was one great kiss! All he could think of was getting down her pants. ‘No I won’t be like Tay’ He told himself in hope but as the kiss ended seven words accidentally and sensually slipped out of his mouth. “Do you wanna see my hotel room?”