Chapter 10

It was morning and Taylor stepped out of his house with Rachel’s diary. He was going to return it to Jeff. He felt humiliated that Jeff knew how he had sex with his sister. Taylor figured he would casually return the diary and leave. Jeff opened the door about a minute after Taylor knocked.

“Do you realize it is 8:00 in the morning on a Saturday?!” Jeff exclaimed fixing his hair which was all over the place.

“I guess I’m used to waking up early. I came to return Rachel’s diary”

“You don’t want to keep it?”

“No. I don’t really think it is as important to me as it is to you” Taylor thought about what he had just said and tried to save himself. “I mean your her brother and all”

“Oh, yeah well once you read it, you kinda get the point”

“Yeah, so here” Taylor handed Jeff the thick notebook as he began to turn around to go home.

“Do you want to come in for a few minutes or something?” Jeff offered.

“Well, I don’t know” Taylor so much didn’t want to but he figured it would be rude if he just left considering Jeff let him read all of his sisters secrets.

“Taylor, come in” Jeff motioned for Taylor to follow him into the house. Taylor decided to do so. “Sit down, relax” Jeff told him when they entered the living room. Taylor sat on the black leather couch, his legs spread wide open and his hands fiddling with each other. “Want a soda?” Jeff asked before sitting down on the loveseat across from Taylor.

“No thanks”

“Okay, so what did you think of the diary?” Jeff sat down.

Taylor didn’t know what to say but finally something came into his head. “A lot of the things she wrote surprised me”

“Yeah me too, like the fact that she lost her virginity to you”

Taylor was hoping Jeff wouldn’t bring that up. “Yeah well...”

“She really loved you so I’m not to upset about it” Jeff interrupted.

“That’s a relief”

“Yeah but honestly, you have had a lot experience in sex. Haven’t you?”

“I guess so”

“Taylor, I know I’m not your brother, but speaking as your friend, I think you should be careful with your tool okay?”

Taylor was again stumped. He was in another loss for words. Rachel’s brother certainly had a way to make a conversation uncomfortable. “Umm...okay”

“I’m serious. Word has gotten around about you in Tulsa. It’s only a while before the media finds out about your real reputation and they ruin your career. Not only that, but sex is dangerous. There are millions of sexually transmitted diseases in the world. You have sex with one girl who has aids and then you become HIV positive. You then have sex with another girl and give it to her and she has sex with someone else and he’ll get it. A whole chain of people with this disease will form and pass on making it bigger . Everyone along that chain and in that chain will die. You have to be careful. Do you understand?”

Taylor hated these long sex talks. “Yeah I understand” Taylor nodded, even though had humored Jeff’s oral novel.

“Did you have an aids test yet?”


“You should take it into consideration to get one”

“Okay, maybe I will” Now Taylor so much wanted to leave.


Taylor stood up. “Well thanks for the chat but I have to go”

“Yeah, no problem” Jeff walked Taylor to the door. “Hope I was a help”

“You sure were, later” Taylor walked outside back into the bright sunlight as Jeff shut the door. ‘What the fuck is with that guy?’ Taylor thought waving to the fans who had just piled up outside the front of his house. Before he could go in he was stopped by Natalie.

“Taylor, Taylor! I need to talk to you!”

“What Natalie?” Taylor turned around to face her.

“I have fourth row tickets to an Aerosmith concert right here in Tulsa tomorrow night and since your such a big fan, me being such a caring person took it into myself to ask you to come with me” Natalie’s voice was very chipper and excited.

Taylor took the sides of her face into his palms, her frizzy/curly hair smoothing down. He moved his head to hers and looked her eye to eye. “No” He let out the one simple word.

“But Tay whyyy?!” Natalie whined after Taylor took his hands off of her face and began to walk closer to his front door.

“Because I have met Aerosmith like five times and have seen them in concert like four times. That’s why”

“But this is you, me and Aerosmith” She grabbed Taylor’s arm turning him around as she emphasized the word ‘and’.

“Sorry Natalie, but thanks for the invite”

“Okay, wait Tay!” Natalie walked in front of him pushing her hands on his chest to stop him.

“What?!” Taylor didn’t want to cause a scene for the fans who were very much interested in what was going on.

“Give me one more chance, Tay!!”

“Natalie, shut up” Taylor motioned his eyes in the fans direction.

Natalie pulled closer to Taylor. “I’ll suck on your cock for hours and swallow every drip of your come if you take me back. I know you’ll like that” She whispered into his ear.

Taylor got excited at the thought. “You really will?”

“Yes, I’ll do anything you want me to”

“Like what?”

“I’ll feel myself up, I’ll let you shove your long, big dick anywhere you want, I’ll touch you until you are swimming in come, anything!”

Taylor had to cave in to that. “Okay when do you want to go out?”

“Lets skip the concert tomorrow. I’ll give my tickets to my parents this way we’ll be all alone”

“Okay, so what time should I come over?”

“The concert starts at 8:00 so come at 8:30”

“Alright, I’ll be there”

“Okay!” Natalie gave a satisfied smile.


The next day, Taylor threw on a pair of black flared leather pants, a long but tight, light, silk, blue shirt and a black leather jacket which was about an inch longer then the shirt. He had his hair down and he thought it looked pretty good. As he examined himself in the mirror, Isaac walked in.

“Looking to see if your ego got any bigger?”

“I don’t have an ego!” Taylor snapped.

“Why do you actually look half what decent tonight? Is there an occasion I’m missing out on?”

“I always look decent! In fact I always look a zillion times better then decent! It’s you who was born with the screwed up eye!”

“Lay off my eye! Mr. Ego!” Isaac felt hurt as Taylor laughed. “You are using my one flaw against me because your jealous!”

“Haha, yeah that’s it Ike!”

“You better be nice to me! I drove you to Oklahoma City!”

“Oh yeah, your right” Taylor began brushing his hair again.

“So where are you going?”

“Out with Natalie”

“Hold on, I thought you loved Skye but you had sex with Sandra yesterday and god knows what you are going to do tonight with Natalie!”

“I just need to fulfill my sexual needs when Skye’s not around”

“Your sexual needs?! Your fifteen, your supposed to use your hand to fulfill your sexual needs! You already dug yourself into a hole with Angel, which by the way calls five times a day asking for you! Why do you need more holes?!”

“Yeah I need more girl holes to shove my dick in” Taylor was humoring his brother.

“Taylor!” Isaac grabbed his siblings shoulders making eye contact with him. “Your not going anywhere tonight! You have to stop having sex and as your brother I’m not letting you go out!”

“And how are you going to stop me?” Taylor emphasized the word ‘you’.

“Simple” Isaac walked over to the door and locked it blocking it from Taylor’s escape.

“Oh come on Ike” Taylor laughed walking over to the door. As soon as he got close to it, Isaac pushed him away. Taylor quickly attempted again only this time Isaac pushed him onto the floor. “I’m going to scream!” Taylor threatened.

“Go ahead. Mom and dad took the family out. No one will hear you”

“Isaac” Taylor whined.

“Your not going anywhere if I have to stand here blocking the door all night!”

“That’s it!” Taylor tried punching Isaac but Ike grabbed his fist kicking his knee smack into the middle of his legs. Taylor fell to the floor. “What the fuck is your problem!?!” Taylor was in pain.

“Your horny dick should be kicked once in a while!”

“No my horny dick should be in Natalie’s juicy cunt right now!”

“You have a fuckin problem, Taylor! I tried talking to you about it but you don’t listen! If this is the only fuckin way I can keep you from fucking girls then I’ll fuckin take this way!”

“You might keep me from having sex tonight but not after that!” Taylor went to the top of his bunk bed. He hated his brother for this. Taylor pouted and was ready to cry from the way he was fighting with Ike. They had never had fights like this. Isaac didn’t respond to Taylor’s warning and soon Tay had fallen asleep out of boredom.

Isaac walked over to Taylor. ‘He looks so peaceful and normal when he’s sleeping’ He thought. Isaac didn’t understand why Taylor was so obsessed with having sex. Ike had to think of a way to stop him and finally, he did.


“Ring, Ring!” Skye’s phone rang. She threw her covers over her head and picked it up. “Hello?”

“Hey Skye? This is Ike”

“Oh hi!” Skye’s rubbed her forehead throwing her feet off her bed and onto the floor.

“Did I call too early?”

“No, no. What’s up?”

“Taylor is in trouble and I need you to help me get him out of it”

“Trouble?! Is he all right?!” Skye was worried and her voice was suddenly awake.

“Don’t tell him I told you but he really loves you”

Skye’s heart was ready to pound out of her chest. “Oh” She tried to keep her excitement down. “So then what’s the problem?”

“The problem is, he can’t commit himself to you. He is always dating, always having sex.. He won’t prove it to himself that he loves you”

“Having sex? With other girls?”

“Yes, like five this week! He is getting himself into trouble and he doesn’t realize it” Isaac lowered his voice when he noticed Taylor squirming around in bed mumbling.

“So how can we stop him?” Skye now felt terrible that Taylor was in a way, cheating on her.

“You have to get to Tulsa and show Taylor how much he loves you! Make him remember!”

“Ike.. I can’t get to Tulsa”

“That is no problem! I will get you here!”

“Oh really? And how are you planning to do that Isaac?”

“I’ll fly you in”


Skye and Isaac’s plans went on for about an hour and then they agreed on their method.


“Your brother locked you in your own room?!” Taylor’s friend Chris stated surprised as they stood in the Hanson’s sunny backyard.

“Yeah, Natalie is not going to believe this!” Taylor laughed.

“Natalie is a freak. I laid her last year!”

“You did?”


“I would have fucked her last night if Isaac didn’t have to fuck everything up. Was she good?”

“Yeah, well.. she was a virgin!”

“Your kidding!”

“No, I’m not” Chris grinned.

“She let you?”

“Yeah, I told her I could hook you and her up if she let me fuck her so... you can see the results. My good looks helped too”

“Ha ha, yeah right!”

“Oh man, here comes that ‘hard to fuck chick’ Elizabeth” Chris rolled his eyes as the similar lookalike to Katie Holmes walked their way holding a pen and pinups of the Hanson trio.

“Hey Elizabeth!” Taylor greeted as she handed him the pinups.

“No one calls me Elizabeth! It’s Liz! Okay?!”

“Yeah, all right, all right. You don’t have to get all pushy, geez. Why are you giving me pictures of myself?” Taylor asked in a confused tone.

“It’s a late birthday present because I know how much you love Taylor Hanson”

“Liz...” Taylor was not finding Liz’s ‘Stuck up, Daria’ act very amusing.

“Just sign them please” She handed the permanent black marker to him.

“To you?”

“No the first to Adelina, the second to Josephine and the third to Andy”

Taylor began to sign the pinups. “Where are all these chicks from and who are they?”

“Their internet friends. Adelina is from Florida, Josephine is from the UK and Andy is from NY”

“Okay, here ya go” Taylor handed her back the pictures and pen.

“Thanks” Liz muttered.

“Say Liz, wanna check out a movie at that new theater tonight?”

“With you?” Her voice seemed disgusted.

“Well, yeah”

“No, I have far better things to do then hang out with horny stars who think they are so famous that they screw any girl they want”

“Ouch that hurt” Taylor felt rejection, a feeling he wasn’t used to. He now felt determined to get this girl on a date with him. As she began to walk away, he grabbed her hand.

“What?! Let go of me!” Liz squirmed around in his grip.

“Don’t be like that. I only want your company! I swear!”

“Tay, that’s BS and you know it!”

Taylor gave Liz a sweet and innocent expression. “Just give me a chance, please” His voice was warm and gentle.

“Tay, no!” Liz threw his hand off of her and ran for her house up the block from his. When she was running she didn’t notice that she had dropped her marker and that Taylor had quickly picked it up.

“Just give up on her, There’s 1000’s of hot girls that will fuck you” Chris persuaded.

Taylor clasped the marker tight in his hand. “No, I’m not giving up”


It was 6:00 and Taylor decided to return Liz’s marker. He knew she wouldn’t care about losing it because after all, it was just a marker, but he really wanted to talk to her. He rang the bell once wishing that Liz would come to the door. After about two minutes of ‘Hold on’s’ on the other side a lady finally opened.

“May I help you?” The tall ‘mom’ dressed woman asked.

“Uh... yeah, is Liz here?” Taylor felt a little fidgety.

“Why do you want to see her?”

“I have to return something she lost”

“She’s out with a few friends but I’ll give it to her for you”

“Where is she?”

“Young man! My daughter is none of your business! Now give me whatever you came to give her and leave!”

Taylor knew that Liz’s mother had heard about his reputation. “I’m really sorry! I just want to return it to her in person” Taylor was extremely nervous now.

“Just give it to me and stay away from my daughter!”

“Just tell me where she is and I’ll give it to her. After all, It is hers”

“Don’t be stubborn with me! Your a fifteen year old boy who is not going to boss a forty year old woman around!” Liz’s mother gave Taylor one last rude look before slamming the door in his face.

Taylor let out a sigh, thinking of a place where she could be. On Sunday’s a lot of teenagers from his part of Tulsa hung out at a very upbeat diner. He knew that was where Liz had to be. He never went there because he was usually mobbed but he had to see her. Taylor walked back home and strapped on his rollerblades preparing to go to the diner. It wasn’t long before he was standing outside the entrance. Taylor walked in hearing ‘Ghetto Superstar’ blasting on the speakers, and seeing a bunch of teenagers dancing and eating. A few girls were staring in his direction whispering. He smiled at all of them as he caught eye contact with Liz who was sitting at a table with a few people. “Hey Liz!” He waved walking over to her.

“Taylor, what are you doing here?!” All of Liz’s friends were giggling except for the one’s he had used during his past in Tulsa which included Amanda.

“I came to return something to you”


“Come with me and I will give it to you”

“No way!”

“Just come on” He grabbed her hand.

“Why should I?!”

“Because its yours and I have to return it”

“So just give it to me here”

“I can’t, come on”

Liz rolled her eyes but stood up to followed him.


“Here” Taylor handed Liz the Marker when they were outside and started to rollarblade away.

“Wait, that’s it?!”

Taylor stopped, turned around, and rolled back to her. He seized her wrist pulling her body into his. “What else do you want from me, Liz?” The words sexily breathed out of his mouth.

“Um...nothing. Thankyou” She moved away from Taylor as he took his hand off of her wrist. Liz hated to admit it but she was starting to have a small crush on him.

“Bye!” Taylor’s voice was now chipper.

“Uh, bye Tay” Liz waved looking down at the marker.


When Taylor got home he was greeted by Natalie outside his house. “Taylor, where were you!?”

“When?” He sat on the grass and took his rollerblades. Natalie quickly joined him.

“Just now and yesterday?”

“I just went to return something to a friend. I’m really sorry about yesterday. Ike wouldn’t let me out of my room, just please don’t ask.

“What!? You stood me up! I think I should be hearing your little excuse in details! I could have been at the Aerosmith concert!”

“Okay, okay, calm down. Ike was afraid I would have sex with you so he didn’t let me out of my room. Everytime I would go to the door to leave, he kicked me. It sounds stupid but he kicks hard! I am so sorry Nat!”

“So what if you had sex with me!? Why is it his business?!”

“Why don’t you ask him? I honestly don’t know!” Taylor stood up holding his rollerblades.

“So when are you leaving Tulsa?”

“About a week”

“Can we go out before you leave?”

“Probably, I’ll see”

“Okay, you better call me!”

“I’ll try”


As Taylor walked in his room, he rolled his eyes at Ike who was on the phone.

“Oh, Tays here. Do you want to talk to him?”

“Who is that?” Taylor asked Ike.

“Oh, she doesn’t want to talk to you” Isaac smiled.

“Who is it??”

“None of your business”


“Shutup. Can’t you see I’m on the phone?”

“Yeah with my friend! Is it Sandra, Angel??”

“No, Tay go away!”

“Ugh... I hate you so much!” Taylor stomped out of the room.

“I love you too!” Ike shouted to him as he left.

“Fuck you” Taylor added.

“Ahh, go mmmbop yourself!”

“Drop dead”

“Okay but you’ll miss me”

“No I won’t” Taylor got his last words in.


“That was mature” Skye had listened to Ike and Tay’s little fight over the phone.

“Yeah, we have been fighting a lot lately”

“Ike, go mmmbop yourself, haha!!”

“Oh shutup!” Ike laughed along with Skye.

“I thought mmmbop was a frame in time or something!”

“I invented a new meaning!”

“Skye continued laughing.

“I can’t wait to see you tomorrow! I think Tay will be surprised too!”

“Yeah but its weird how you guys are going to NYC next week and I’m coming to Tulsa this week” She calmed down her hysterics.

“Yeah but it makes sense. You can come with us home”

“I guess so. Well, I better let you go”

“Yeah, I’ll see you tomorrow at 9:00PM right?”

“Around there”

“Okay, have a fun trip!”

“Yeah bye!”

“Cya!” As soon as Isaac put the phone down it rang. “Hello”

“Hi, is Taylor there?”

“Who’s this?”

“This is Liz”

“Liz? And who are you?”

“A friend of Taylor’s, sorta”

“Hold on” Isaac cupped the phone. “Yo Tay! Its one of your playmates!” Isaac waited for a response and finally walked in.

“Gimme that!” Taylor snapped at Ike grabbing the phone and walking into another room with it. “What’s up?”

“Hey, its Liz”

“Liz, uh... hey Liz!”

“Hey, I decided to come home and give you a call. I just wanted to say sorry for being so mean to you lately”

“Lately?! Your always mean to me!” Taylor laughed.

“I know and I’ve been asking myself why I’m always mean to you. I haven’t come up with a reason so I figure I owe you an apology”

“Thanks but I’m only going to forgive you if you let me take you out tomorrow night”

“Where do you want to take me?”

“Dinner at that really cool restaurant on near that big river and then we can go for a walk”

“A walk where?”

“Around, under the stars” Taylor knew girls loved those kind of romantic things.

“Well, I don’t know”

“Why don’t you know?”

“My mom doesn’t really like you”

“I didn’t ask your mom out”

“Taylor!” Liz laughed. “She knows about how you take advantage of girls”

“Oh, well, I wouldn’t do that to you”

“And what makes me different from all the other girls?”

“I like you, a lot”

“You do?”

“Yeah, I have always liked you. You just never gave me a chance”

“I never knew you actually liked me for anything other then what all guys want”

“Well, I do. So dinner’s on tomorrow?”

“I guess so but if you make one wrong move, I will never give you another chance!”

“Don’t worry. I won’t. I’ll pick you up at 7:30”

“No you can’t!”


Liz lowered her voice “I can’t let my mom know I’m going out with you”

“Okay, so come to my house, unless you want to meet somewhere”

“I’ll just go to your house”

“Okay cya then!”

“Yeah bye”


Taylor had his plans set. As soon as the Liz arrived, he would run out of the house with her so fast so that Isaac wouldn’t know he left. After getting dressed in one of his favorite outfits; a gold silky tight shirt and now his baggy black leather pants; and after he told his mother where he was going, the doorbell rang. Taylor quietly went to the door. Without even stopping to tell Liz how pretty she looked he snatched her hand and ran just as he intended. Finally both out of breath teenagers had found themselves near the river and sat at the nearest bench.

“What was that all about?!” Liz pulled a strand of her brown hair from her face. Her hair wasn’t silky, long and straight. More like wavy, hoarse and to the shoulders.

“I’m trying to get away from Ike, sorry”

“But he’s your brother...”

“Exactly” Taylor looked at the little black cotton skirt, and pink silk like shirt Liz had on. The shirt was a v-neck and Taylor loved how it showed off her cleavage. “You look really nice” He complimented.

“Um... thankyou. I don’t usually dress up but I figured I needed a change plus I didn’t buy this skirt for nothing” Liz shrugged.

“Yeah the skirts awesome” Taylor gently placed the palm of his hand onto the material but Liz stood up causing him to move it off.

“Are we going to go eat or something now?”

“Uh.. yeah, the resturant is right down there” Taylor pointed across the tree’s.

“I can’t believe we ran all the way here” Liz stated as they began to stroll to the diner.

“We would have been walking anyway. It’s really not that far”

Soon Taylor and Liz had entered the restaurant and were sitting across from each other.

“So what do you want?” Taylor asked Liz politely as the waiter came.

“Whatever your having I guess”

“Okay, two of those three cheese pasta things and two Pepsi’s” Taylor ordered.

“Sure, no problem” The waiter smiled and left.

“So, Liz” Taylor turned his face back to hers, gently taking her hand and holding it.

“So, Taylor” She mimicked.

“I’m glad we’re out together”

“I don’t know if I can say the same just yet”

“You don’t have to” Taylor smiled.

‘Taylor’s smile is so adorable’ Liz thought grinning back. Before she could say anything, which she didn’t know what, the waiter had brought their soda’s. Taylor thanked him, sucking some of the soda through his straw, Liz doing the same. Taylor finally spoke up. It seemed like she was waiting so long for a word to escape his mouth. “Your friends with Amanda?”

“Yeah, she’s cool” Liz was wondering if Taylor was using her to get to Amanda.

“She is pissed at me”


“All this stuff about how I changed”

“You did change but then again everyone changes”

“So how did I change?”

“Not your attitude. Your still the same annoying jerk you always were” She laughed. “Your looks changed.....” She paused. “Your body”

Taylor blushed. “Well, your body changed too” He stared at her cleavage again but soon felt her fingers on his chin, guiding his head back up to her face.

“Watch where you put those baby blue eyes, Tay. Your not getting any from me so don’t get yourself excited” Liz smirked.

‘We’ll see about that’ Taylor thought as he nodded his head.


“That pasta thing was good. You really know how to pick your food huh?”

“Yeah” Taylor laughed as he held Liz’s hand.

“Lets go walk near the river” Liz took her black cloggy sandles off holding them in her right hand as Taylor held her left. Taylor agreed as they walked onto the dirt. “Its so pretty out”

“Yeah, it is and you only make the scenery look better”

“Oh Tay!” Liz lightly pushed his shoulder as blood rushed to her cheeks.

Taylor stared at her as they walked. He wanted to kiss her so badly. He wanted to hold her. Why did she have to be so stubborn about him touching her? “Do you want to sit down?”

“Sure, I guess so” Taylor sat on the soil, a little worried about his leather pants but more worried about not getting to even kiss Liz on their date. Liz sat next to him, their legs next to eachothers.

“Lay down” Taylor instructed.

“Tay, no!”

“Im not going to do anything to you! There’s people here!”

Liz sighed. “Okay fine” She laid down careful not to get her hair too messed up.

Taylor moved his arm to the right side of her body gently pushing down and nuzzling her neck with his lips.

Taylor’s lips were warm and smooth against her. Liz could smell his heavenly cologne. She really liked the fact of him against her but had to stop this. “Tay, stop okay”

“Mmmm” Was the only sound that left him.

“Tay, stop it!” She pushed him off of her, standing up and shaking the sand out of her hair. “What happened to ‘there’s people here!’”

“Well...” Liz started to walk away from him but he quickly grabbed her hand. “Im sorry, your just so beautiful and sweet. It makes me want to touch you but I won’t!”

“Ughh, Tay I hate how you do that!” Liz and Tay began to walk side by side down the path.

“Do what?”

“Have control over me. Your able to make me do whatever you say! Is it like that with all the other girls?”

“I don’t know”

“It’s that innocent smile and those sensitive eyes” Liz shook her head as Taylor smiled.


“I actually had a kind of fun time tonight” Liz told Taylor as they stood in front of his door.

“Are you sure you want to walk home alone? It feels weird not walking you home on a date” Taylor moved his tempted hands into his pockets.

“If my mom sees you she’ll kill me and I’ll never see you again so I think its better this way” Liz looked down at the ground.

“So your saying you want to see me again?” Taylor was surprised at her comment.

“Yeah, well..” She looked up at Taylor. “Yeah if you can actually deal with the way I like moving slowly”

“We don’t have to rush anything” Taylor smiled embracing her in a hug.

“That’s sweet Tay but I think we can do a little more then a hug” Liz smiled.

Taylor pulled away from the hug, still holding her and now looking into her eyes. “Like this?” He moved onto her lips. She responded the same way. Taylor tried to get her mouth open but it wouldn’t budge. Liz moved her arms around Taylor neck and he moved his around her waist as he gently rubbed her back. Soon she had pulled away and a huge grin formed on Taylor’s face. The huge grin soon turned into a huge ‘O’ shape and his eyes widened. “Skye!! What are you doing here?!?!”