Chapter 1

'You have so many relationships in this life' ...

"Oh no, not them again!" 15 year old Skye sighed as her friend Jenny played the second track on her 'Middle Of Nowhere' album.

Jenny was in love with the bubble gum pop band Hanson. Her best friend Skye called it obsession but Jenny always doubted her intentions.

“If I hear that girlie bands crappy music one more time, which by the way their mom writes for them, I will explode!” Skye exclaimed.

“There mom does NOT write their music and they are BOYS!” Jenny disagreed.

Skye always cracked jokes about Jenny’s favorite band but deep down, she knew they weren’t half as bad as she made them out to be. Sometimes when she listened to their music she actually related to the lyrics but then of course, the song would be ruined by one of Taylor’s loud annoying moans.

Jenny picked up the latest issue of “Teen Beat” and carefully took the staples out ready to put yet another poster of Taylor Hanson on her walls. After she took it out, she jumped up on her bed. “Pass me the tape”

Skye took the tape off Jenny’s dresser and handed it to her as she watched the centerfold appear over the light blue paint. “I can’t believe your mom lets you hang this crap all over your walls!” She exclaimed.

“I can’t believe your actually sleeping over in the room of the quote ‘crappie’ walls.

“Yeah I’ll be lucky if I survive falling asleep and waking up to Isaac’s ugly face staring at me!”

“He is NOT ugly! In fact, he’s a hell of a lot cuter than that James guy your going with!”

“Oh come on! James is sweet and doesn’t make me blind when I look at him!”.

“Well I’m already losing my eyesight from running into him at the mall yesterday!”

Even though Jenny and Skye were the best of friends they always fought over the stupidest things. They were both very different in looks and personality.

Jenny had shoulder length blonde hair which gave off small curls at the ends. Her eyes were a light shade of blue and people often told her she looked like baby spice. This gave Jenny the idea that she had a good chance with Taylor Hanson because of his crush on that spice girl. She was not exactly the skinniest girl in the world but she wasn’t fat either. You could say she was at a comfortable weight. After being told she looked like Emma, she also took it into her self to dress like her too. Not with skirts but with pastel color shirts and jeans. Lots of pinks, greens, baby blues, and yellow’s. Skye often told her she looked like an ‘Easter Egg’. Her style was casual and comfortable. She didn’t spend too much time worrying on if her hair was okay and she never wore makeup except on occasion. Even on an event the most she would wear would be shiny pink lip gloss and light silver eye shadow. Jenny’s attitude was usually sweet and nice but with people she was close to, she would always stand up for herself. Skye and her siblings were a few of those people she didn’t act shy around. Skye’s parents were very overprotective like many others in Springfield Long Island. Her seventeen year old brother Derek was a punk and her ten year old sister was probably the nerdiest person she knew. Even though Jenny was shy and liked Hanson she was very popular. The reason she was popular was because she hung out with Skye. Ninth grade of highschool had just ended for both girls and this sleepover was a way to celebrate the beginning of summer 98. Not to mention, Jenny winning front row tickets to a Hanson concert in NYC. She was of course taking Skye. Jenny knew that Skye wanted to go but didn’t want to tell her that she wasn’t hiding her desire very well.

Skye appreciated the music of ‘Metallica’, ‘Seventh Stone’, ‘Nine Inch Nails’ and even ‘Marilyn Manson’. She didn’t seem to be the type to like Hanson and that was the reason she hid it. Her look was anything but freaky. In fact she was very classy. If Jenny was the ‘Baby Spice’ than Skye would most definitely be the ‘Posh’. Her family was extremely rich and she was brought up in a mansion with art and sculptures. The whole place always seemed to be clean and luxurious. This is why she questioned Jenny’s parents letting her paste tape to the walls. If she did anything like that, she would be painting a whole room, floor to ceiling to make up for it. Her parents were very strict and did not want to raise a spoiled brat. She always had gold bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces on and wore a lot of red and black. Her cloths varied from dress’s, and skirts, to jeans, and pants. Tanktops, and tee shirts, to halter tops and sweaters. She was very skinny and was made fun of for looking like she was ‘anorexic’. She hated when people called her this. She ate so much but never seemed to gain weight. Of course the reason they made fun was because they were jealous. She had jet black silky hair that went down her back and stopped right below her butt. Her dark green eyes had a hint of purple in them which she got from her father. The feature she liked most of herself had to be her eyes for that reason. Most of the time she wore red lipstick, and all the touchups. Unlike Jenny’s very light white skin, she was tan. Not too dark but certainly not too white. This was probably because of her native American side. Skye’s mother was a native American Indian and also had a similar look to her. However Skye’s father was Italian. He looked very much like actor John Travolta which gave her thirteen year old brother Danny looks that drove girls crazy. Being that he was only thirteen, Skye thought it was kind of cool. Danny was her only sibling and most of the time was a smart ass. Skye was very outgoing and always spoke her feelings except when it came to Hanson. She just couldn’t admit to the fact that they were smart, sweet, and good looking boys who played good music other then in her mind. James was her boyfriend. They had been dating for about 3 months and Skye liked him a lot. He was just as popular as her and his obsession was baseball.

All in all, both were pretty, popular, nice, well brought up girls which were things they did have in common.

“5 days until the best day of our lives!” Jenny happily said crossing out July 2nd on her calendar.

“Five days until the best day of your life, you mean! This is going to be pure torture for me” Skye jumped up grabbing a red marker and drawing a big sad face on July. 7th.

“HEY! Stop that! What’s your problem!” Jenny cried taking her blue marker and sketching a big heart over the date.

Both girls broke down in giggles and started illustrating the calendar with many other interesting details.


Taylor ran his fingers onto a strand of Natalie’s curly red hair. He played with the small spiral and than watched it flatten out at the end. Natalie was not Taylor’s girlfriend but more like a girl he liked to have want him. Some girls he wanted to be there when he needed someone to run too. He didn’t mean run to if he sad or depressed and needed help, he meant run to because he needed someone to fool around with. Taylor’s sweet innocent act was really good but his way of hiding it in Tulsa had no one mistaken. You could say he dated almost every popular girl in his home town and slept with at least half of them.

“Taylor, I’m going to miss you” Natalie frowned picking up a pansy and starting to pull the petals off. She was lying on the grass along with Taylor sitting next to her.

Taylor smiled. It was slightly windy in Tulsa that afternoon and the tree they were under was blocking the sun. “I might just miss you too”.

“You better!” Natalie playfully pushed him.

“Of course I’ll miss you!” He grinned laughing. ‘Yeah the sex’ Just thinking of having sex with Natalie made him feel horny. Pushing closer, he moved his right hand lightly onto her stomach pulling his hair from the right side of his face behind his ear. He brought his lips down to kiss her. Natalie closed her eyes and felt his pleasing warmth against her. Taylor placed his right hand off of her stomach and back to the ground moving his full body on top of hers. His hands took her hands on both sides as he pushed himself closer against her onto the ground. Natalie opened her mouth leaving just enough room for Taylor’s tongue to find its way in. Both teenagers kissed fiercely yet romantically. Taylor moved his smooth tepid hand up Natalie’s white tanktop finding that she was not wearing a bra. He smiled slightly at this thinking of all the fans at Beacon theater. His perverted thoughts wandered to his hands as he rubbed and stroked her breasts and nipples. Natalie smiled letting out small moans. All the while still managing to keep her tongue deeply down Taylor’s throat. Taylor pulled his tongue from hers and moved out of her mouth. He began tracing his lips down her neck, shoulder, and onto her chest where he had pulled her tanktop up. As he moved his tongue around her she let out a pleasured sigh using her hands to run through his long silky blonde hair. Suddenly out of nowhere she pulled him away.

“What’s the matter? Why did you push me away?” Taylor asked gently with a very small hint of anger in his voice.

Natalie paused staring at him and then spoke up. “Because... oh... your such a player” she frowned.

“I am not!” Taylor’ eyebrows extended.

“Tay, don’t try to defend yourself. You fucked my cousin last week! I tried to act like I didn’t know but what’s the use. You got what you wanted from me anyway”.

“Don’t lay that shit on me! I didn’t even know Kelly was your cousin!”

“Not Kelly! Susan!”

“Susan!? I never fucked her!”

“Taylor, sticking your dick in her is called sex!”

“Not when it’s her mouth!”

“I can’t believe you! That’s sick! Have fun in NYC! Maybe you’ll get laid by all the fans AND the prostitutes!”

“Fine, maybe I will!” Taylor replied with a smart ass answer.


All three Hanson brothers were on a plane heading to NYC. It was 2 days before their big concert and you could say everyone was excited except for Taylor.

“What’s wrong? Haven’t got any sex lately?” Isaac joked around.

Taylor folded his arms and pouted. “I have gotten plenty of sex!”

“Haha, then what’s the problem?”

“Why would I share my problems with you?”

“Maybe because I am your brother... but hey if your going to be Mr. Grumpy than forget about it”

“Fine I will” Taylor let out his final words and looked out the plane window seeing that they were just about to land. He couldn’t wait to get into his hotel room and be alone. Finally he was getting his own room which also included privacy. Isaac and Zac were going to share their bedroom. You could imagine the favors Taylor had to do for Ike to actually get the extra room.


“Tomorrow is the concert! Be ready at 5:00PM!!” Jenny repeated for the millionth time to Skye over the phone.

“Don’t worry Jenn! I’ll be there at 4:30!” Skye reassured her friend as she hung up the phone. She walked over to her egg white dresser and got a grip on the gold handle opening one of her draws. Skye searched through her scented stationary picking up a pink paper and a blue ball point pen. She began to write yet another love letter to Taylor Hanson.


“Those fuckin chicks aren’t wearing bras!” Taylor was so excited he was about to wet his pants... not with urine.

“Tay, calm yourself. Breath in, breath out”. Isaac instructed him.

“I would like to get into half of those girls pants!” Taylor was so lustful he could have screwed anyone on the spot at that moment.

“Tay, there are nearly 12,000 girls out there! So you want to screw 6,000 of them! You think you could handle that?”

“I can! You think they can?” Taylor licked his lips.

The thing that scared Isaac most about his brothers comment was that he was dead serious.

“This is going to be fun!!” Zac screamed as his father Walker taped him.

“Taylor, what do you think about the crowd?” Walker turned the camera to him.

“Better not tell them what you really think” Isaac laughed.

“I think this is going to be awesome!” Taylor recovered his innocent act that Ike was trying to ruin.


Jenny and Skye stood in their seats in the front row.

“This is so cool! Look how close we are!” Jenny screamed so Skye could hear her.

“What?!” Skye screeched not hearing Jenny’s comment.

“I said...” Jenny was suddenly interrupted by even worse deafening screams as Hanson took their spots on the stage. “Oh my god! There they are!!!”. Jenny began to scream at the top of her lungs. Skye watched the fans around her and felt the urge to get into it like everyone else. She decided not to scream until she felt comfortable with the whole idea.


Taylor looked around the crowd as Isaac sang his part in “Gimme Some Lovin”. “I would fuck her, and her, and oh yes her..” He thought as he played the familiar notes on his keyboard. If he hadn’t known those notes by heart, he would have never been able to actually look for the girls he wanted to have sex with and pull off the song. As he sang his lines a certain girl in the front caught his eye. She was the only one who wasn’t screaming. She was standing still clapping to the songs. Something about her made Taylor feel hot. Was it her small red tanktop and the fact that she was the only fan actually wearing a bra? Was it her long dark hair that matched perfectly with her tight black flared jeans? Was it her mysterious eyes? Taylor didn’t know. All he knew was that he wanted her... bad. As the song ended he gave her a sexy smile as she looked up at him. ‘That’s what she should be doing. Looking up at me and begging me for sex’ Taylor’s heart began to beat faster and faster at the thought. He wanted her to know he liked her so he decided the only thing possible at that moment. “I want you” he mouthed. She just looked down at the floor in front of the bar that was blocking her and the rest of the crowd from the stage. Taylor didn’t think she fully understood what he said or if she knew his remark was directed to her. Shaking the thoughts out of his head he began to speak. “Thanks for coming to our concert! This song we dedicate to you guys!”


The whole concert went by pretty fast with Taylor giving sexy stares to Skye in the middle of songs, during songs, and even when he talked.

Finally it was the last song of the night, ‘I Will Come To You’. As Taylor finished the song he pointed to Skye and smiled seductively. As he sang that last line he thought to himself “Yeah, I will come in you”

Jenny started to scream. She could have sworn up and down that it was her Tay was staring at, her Tay was pointing to.

Skye thought so too but also had a small feeling that Tay was not interested in Jen but in her. She doubted this ‘Nah...Why would Taylor Hanson like me’


After Taylor had sang the last line and the crowd was calming down just a bit he announced that they were picking two people to go backstage. Zac and Ike had no idea what Taylor was talking about.

“We didn’t pick the winners, you were picked randomly by your tickets” he went on. “And the winners are..... you two in the front!”. Taylor pointed to who else but Skye and Jenny.

Ike and Zac gave each other looks of disgust at Taylor’s stupid and ridiculous plan to find himself his own personal playmates. Of course they were used to it by now. Taylor had done stupider things then this.

The two girls shrieked with excitement and were led backstage by a few confused bodyguards. Taylor grinned at the tall ‘mysterious’ tanned girl walking across the stage smiling flirtatiously at him. He thought the girl next to her was also kind of cute.

‘Hmmm group sex wouldn’t be a bad idea either’ Taylor’s perverted mind thought. He paused and looked back at the audience. “Okay thanks for coming, bye!” He waved and ran backstage anxiously.

Isaac and Zac gave the audience a more respected thankyou and left the stage as well.


“Hey!” Taylor shouted at his ‘mystery’ girl and her ‘cute’ friend.

“Oh hey” Skye smiled.

“Oh my god!!! Uh... I’m Jen!!!”

“Haha, and you are...?” Taylor directed his question to Skye shaking Jenny’s hand.

“I’m Skye”

Taylor took Skye’s hand and shook it rubbing her palm gently.

“Your hands are sweaty” she laughed.

Taylor, not letting go of her hand commented. “That concert was pretty wild and the lights are hot”.

“Oh... I kind of figured”. Skye blushed.

Taylor was slightly embarrassed at her observation. He didn’t know why. A lot of girls had pointed out more embarrassing things in his past but this was Skye. Any imperfection she found in him he wanted to fix. “Your cute” Taylor let go of her hand.

“Um..... uh... thanks” Skye blushed.

Jenny looked at Skye with an unfamiliar hatred. ‘Was it her Tay pointed to?’ She concepted.

“If you want, sometime you can come over to our hotel. We’ll be in NYC for a week. How long are you staying here?” Taylor asked Skye.

“We are staying in a Manhattan hotel only for tonight then we are going back to Long Island. That’s where we’re from.”

“Ya know... I directed my question to you, not to ‘we’re’” Taylor stated pulling Skye’s arm so that she moved closer to him. His effulgent blue eyes looking her in and out.

“Well.... I’m kinda here with her” Skye muttered quietly so that Jenny who was almost in tears couldn’t here.

“Fine. So then don’t come over”

Their was a long silence between Skye and Taylor. Skye looked over at Jenny who was now being entertained by Zac making silly jokes. She was not on the verge of tears anymore. In fact she was laughing. “What time should I come over?” Skye asked pulling a piece of paper out of her backpack so that she could get the address to the hotel. As Taylor gave her the address smiling, it suddenly became well-known to her. “Taylor... that’s where I’m staying” she laughed.

“Oh awesome! So come over at like 11:00 tonight!” Taylor grinned giving her the room number.


Skye could tell Jenny wasn’t talking to her and now felt very bad.

“Jen, listen there’s something I haven’t told you”

“What!” Jenny’s tone was angry.

“I have liked Taylor for as long as you have, maybe longer”


“Are you mad?”

“It’s not like I didn’t know!”


“You didn’t hide it very well”


“In fact, you were pretty fuckin bad at hiding it. There goes that acting career you have always wanted” Jenny tried making Skye feel bad but it wasn’t working.


“No you listen! Go out with Taylor, do IT with him for all I care!”

“Okay I will! See you in the morning!” Skye exclaimed frustrated as she slammed the door to the room they were sharing. Before leaving she told her mom she was going to be at Hanson’s hotel suite and gave her the room number so that she could call. Her mom gave her questions about Jenny and after answering all of them she left to see Taylor.