Forever and a Day

Chapter 15 - Smiling

Mae got home from school and sat down to do her homework when the phone rang, she looked at her new caller id and saw that it was "Hanson, Walker" so when she answered it she said "Dominos?"

"Huh?" Came the voice.

"This is Dominos Pizza have you an order to make?" Said Mae.

"Um I called Mae."

"Mae who?" She smiled.

"Well I dont wanna order a pizza so I guess I have the wrong number."

"Yeah I guess you do Taylor."

"How do you know my name?" Taylor asked.

"Oh I meant Mr. Hanson." Mae laughed.

"Huh? Ok who is this?!" Taylor frowned.

"Well whoever were you trying to reach?"

"Mae....MAE!!!" Taylor laughed.

"I was wondering when youd figure it out." Mae smiled.

"That wasnt funny girl!" Taylor laughed.

"Oh so why are you laughing?"

"I dunno! So anyway how was school?" Tay asked.

"You will not believe how many girls either like you or your brothers. My God when this one girl, Jenny, saw us kissing she went crazy. I dunno how much I can take of this." Mae whispered.

"Oh really? Theres alot of girls liking me? Are any of them cute?" Taylor smiled. "Yeah theres this one girl named Mae that I think I love." He answered himself. "Oh yeah and shes real beautiful."

"Aww! Taylor youre making me blush!" Mae screetched.

"I love you." Taylor now the one whispering. He had said it once again to a girl, he loved Mae. He was now afraid of losing her. "I hafta go. Bye." He slammed down the phone.

Umm that was weird. Mae thought to herself. She hung up the phone when she heard the annoying phone beeping.

"Taylor? Are you alright?" His mother asked him when she saw him slam the phone down.

"Oh yeah I am fine mom." Tay said back.

"Are you sure? You slammed that phone down awfully hard." Her face full of curiousity.


"Ok ok girl problems I understand but talk to your father when he gets home." She smiled.

Taylor smiled. He knew that if he talked to his dad he would surely tell his wife.

"Anyway Taylor get Mackie washed up because I am begining to fix super and umm get Jessica to help Avery. Ok?"

"What about Zac?" Taylor questioned.

"Zac is entertaining Zoe. Oh yeah and if Isaac calls anytime please let me or dad know, ok?" Diana told him.

"Yeah ok whatever mom." Taylor went to get Mackie. "Hey Mackers whats up little friend?"

"Duh I am playing this game Zac got for me." Mackie showed Taylor the game.

"Oh is it fun?" he asked.

"Not really but dont tell Zaccy he will not like me if you tell him." Mackie looked at Taylor worried.

"I wont tell him." Taylor smiled. "But mama wants me to help you wash up before super."

"I am a big boy I can do it myself." Mackie said then smiled.

"You cant even reach the sink little man!" Taylor said.

"I can too! Watch me!" Mackie ran out of his room and into the bathroom.

"Ok." Taylor said followering him.

Mackie stood on the toilet then climbed on the counter and then walked towards the sink and sat down in a giant puddle of water on the counter and then turned on the sink and put his hands under the water. "See I told you so!" The little boy smiled.

Taylor smiled, but then noticed where Mackie had sat down. "Ugh! Mackers you sat down in a puddle of water! You need to o change! Come on."

"I dont need to change." Mackie stood up. "Umm I do now." He smiled. "Can I pick out my own cloths?"

"Sure" Taylor smiled.

Mackie jumped off the counter and ran towards his room.


"I know mom!" Taylor hollarded as he chased Mackie to his room. He knew Mackie wasnt suppossed to run in the house. He reached his room and watched as Mackie put on a power ranger shirt and batman shorts. He laughed.

"See, I can dress myself" Mackie said as he grinned.

"Sure you can. Now c'mon where gonna go eat."

"Wheres Ike? I wanna show him something!"

"Well what do you wanna show him?"

"Its for him, not you!"

Taylor pouted, "fine be that way."

Mackie smiled "I will" and he ran downstairs.

Taylor just laughed and wondered what Mackie wanted to give Ike. Taylor went downstiars to eat.

Taylor and Zac had dish duty so they were cleaning the dishes and talking.

"So when do you think Ike will be home?" Zac asked while puting the cups away.

"I dont know really. I hope sometime soon. But thats hardly gonna happen." Taylor sighed after drying another cup and handing it to Zac.

"Well..I do too.."

"Taylor you have a guest." Walker informed him.

"Ok I'll be right there." Taylor dried his hands and handed the cloth to Zac.

Zac rolled his eyes and sighed.

Taylor opened the kitchen door and found Mae siting on the couch staring at a blank tv screen. "I wanna talk Taylor."

"Um ok. Lets go out to the tree house." Taylor didnt know what to expect.

Mae grabed Taylors hand and he led her out to the tree house.

"Tell me you love me and dont run off." Mae looked him straight in the eyes.

Taylor gulped and squeazed Maes hand. "I love you."

"I love you." Mae smiled.

"So thats all you wanted? To hear me say 'I love you'?"

"Yup." Mae kept smiling.

Taylor caught Maes smile and he couldnt stop himself from smiling.