Forever and a Day

Chapter 14 - A New Beginning

Ike woke up, and his arm was weak where Lisa was lying on it, "Lisa sweety, my arm hurts." He whispered.

She opened her eyes and smiled at Ike, "sorry" she mummbled. She moved off his arm and onto the pillow. "Ive always wanted to wake up beside you." She whispered.

"Well now you have." Ike whispered back. He leaned and kissed her good morning. "Ive always wanted to wake up beide you." He said between a kiss.

"Ok thats enough of that." Doug said mumbling. "You guys just woke up and youre already at it." He said once he woke up.

Ike threw his pillow at Doug. "Oh shutup." He laughed.

"Ok, then you 2 boys have fun, Im going to take a shower now." Lisa said getting up and walking towards the bathroom.

Ike got up and followed her.

"Oh no Ike." Lisa laughed.

"Oh come on, please?" Ike begged.

Lisa smiled once Ike and her were in the bathroom. "Now what Isaac?" She said that in the tone she knew Ike loved.

He grabed her by the waste and pulled her to him and kissed her passionatily. "Are you gonna take a shower?" He asked afterwards.

"I love you." Lisa smiled after the kiss. "Yeah, but not with you, now scram." She pushed Ike away.

Ike grabed her hands, "I think not little lady." He kissed her again.

"Man, if you keep kissing me like that, youd be welcome to join me." Lisa smiled.

Ike smiled, "well...I dont know.." he turned to leave the bathroom.

"Ugh! Isaac Hanson!" Lisa squealed.

"Problem?" Ike turned around and looked at Lisa and smiled.

"Do you uhh...wanna take a shower?" Lisa stammered.

"Yeah, now could you hurry up?" Ike said sarcastically. He smiled, and then kissed her on the hand. "Id be delighted to join you." He said in a Brittish accent.

Lisa laughed. And her and Ike kissed once more before both taking off their cloths and hoping in the shower.

Neither of them doing much of anything but kissing in the shower.

Ike breathed, "Come on, we gotta wash up and everything, Dougs gonna get mad at us." He said then kissed Lisa again.

She laughed and then pushed him away, "Youre right." She shampooed his hair and then washed his body. Then they both got out. Ike wrapped them in the same towel. "I love you Isaac." She said while hugging him. "I never wanna lose you."

"Sweetie, youll never lose me. I love you so much."

"Why are we getting so sappy now?" Lisa looked up at Ike.

"I dunno, you started it." Ike smiled.

They both dried off and got dressed. Then they left the bathroom.

"Well, well, its about time you 2 got out here. You probablly used all the hot water." Doug laughed.

"Oh get over it." Ike shot back.

"Uh huh." Doug laughed as he entered the bathroom to take his shower. 10 minutes later he came out. "By tonight we should be in NC. But itll take us like 4 or so hours to get to Greensboro."

"Oh goody more driving." Ike said sarcastically.

Lisa punshed him in the stomach. "Shutup." She smiled.

"Ohh! Ikes getting beaten up by a girl!" Doug whistled.

Ike just laughed. "Are we ready to go?" He asked.

"Lemme go check out of here." Doug said.

"Ok." Ike said.

Ike and Lisa went out to Dougs van. Ike got out his faviote cd from all times and stuck it in the cd player he had, while Lisa layed down and put her head in Ikes lap. And Ike began to sing, "Lets go surfin now, come on a surfarie with me..."

"No Ike! Sing 'Kokomo' I think you sing that the best." Lisa told him.

Ike laughed, "Fine." He flipped the cd to song 20, and began to sing Kokomo.

Mae got up in the moring took her shower and dressed, she put on all black. She was nervous. She walked down to the curb and waited for the bus. She heard Taylor calling her name. She waved at him.

He was still in his boxers and shirt but he walked outside anyway. "Im just coming to say good luck today at school." He smiled.

"Thanks but dont you goto school?" Mae asked.

"Oh yeah but Im homeschooled." He answered.

Mae saw the bus coming down the street, "Well I better get ready to get on."

"Wait a minute." Taylor said as Mae was turning around. He kissed on the mouth and then whispered, "Im gonna miss you."

"Bye Taylor, I'll miss you to." She smiled and then got on the bus. She sat down in the middle section and alot of girls were staring at her. "What?" She asked.

"You were kissing Taylor Hanson!" One of them said.

"Was I really? I didn't know that!" Mae said acting surprised.

"God you are so lucky!" One said.

"Why?" Mae asked.

"Because he is the cutest guy in Tulsa! Hes usually really down everytime we see him."

"His younger brother Zac is really cute to, but I heard he was doing drugs or something. Thats weird usually hes really a good boy."

"Oh but his older brother Isaac! Oh my he is to die for!.."

Mae rolled her eyes. She was sure this school was full of girls like this and soon she knew rumors about herself and Taylor would fly. She rested her head on the back of the seat and waited until the bus ride was over. Once it was when she got off all the girls from the bus were right behind her asking her nosey questions. She rolled her eyes and kept on walking. She knew she wasnt making a very good impression, but she didnt like girls like that. She walked into the office. "Excuse me?" She asked a lady behind a desk.

The lady looked up, "Yes?"

"Uh my name is Mae Erickson and Im new here. Wheres Ms. Weavers room?" Mae asked.

"Its downstairs all the way down the left. Its by the gym." The lady told her.

Mae was confused she had no idea where the gym was.

"Oh yeah you need your schedule. Mae Erickson...." She searched for the little card holder and found Maes name and schedule. "Here ya go. Hope ya like Tulsa High."

"Thanks" Mae mumbled. She walked down the steps and towards the left and found the room with the numbers '11' and the name 'Ms. Weaver' under it. "Here goes nothing." Mae walked into the room.

The teacher, a short plump women with short hair greeted her. "You must be Mae Erickson?" She smiled.

Mae smiled back, "Yeah" She looked around the room and saw 2 of the girls from the bus, they waved at her. She mocked there wave.

"Well you can go sit beside Jenny, shes the one that waved at you." Ms Weaver told her and slightly pushed her.

"Oh yippie." Mae hated this.

"Ok now I want everyone to introduce yourselfs to Mae, shes new here, she came from Texas." Ms Weaver announced.

Mae really didnt listen as the people introduced themselves. She just smiled a fake smile. When will this day end? She asked herself.

Zac woke up when he heard Taylor coming back into the bedroom. "Whered you go?" He asked.

"Oh sorry did I wakeyou?" Taylor asked when he noticed Zac awake.

"Well duh. Anyway whered you go?" Zac asked again.

"Oh I had to see Mae before she went to school." Taylor sighed. A thought of him telling Nicole bye from her bus stop came flooding back towards Taylor. He simply smiled, no crying over her. She was gone, and Mae had been come into his life.

"Oh cool." Zac smiled that his brother looked as if he was getting over Nicole. "Now I cant go back to sleep." He yawned.

"You just yawned, idiot!" Taylor laughed.

"Yeah, but that doesnt mean I can fall asleep again." Zac threw his pillow at Taylor.

Taylor threw the pillow back at Zac and then got his pillow and started hitting Zac with it. They both laughed. Taylor got the pillow from Ikes bunk, but then paused. "Why do you think he left?" Taylor asked.

Zac looked up at Taylor, his smile disapperaed. "I dont know."

"He left to be with Lisa. Does that mean, he loves her more then he loves us?" Taylor asked like he was a 4 year old.



"He loves us, but hes inlove with Lisa. When you were with Nicole, didnt you want to run away and be with her, just her?" Zac was being more mature then Taylor.

Taylor looked down at his feet, "Yeah." He said softly.

"Yeah well, you know mom and dad didnt really think they should be together because of race. Ike loves her, and everytime you say her name, his face brightened. He wants to be with her more then anything." Zac yanwed again.

"Yeah I know...but why did he just leave us like that? We are his brothers, he couldve said bye to us." Taylor said.

"Yeah I know. But you know we wouldve tryed to get him to stay. He knows what hes doing."

"I guess." Taylor wanted to change the subject. "Hey whered you go last night I saw you sneak out."

"Oh, well..." Zac smiled. "Well I had to talk to Megan."


"And what?" Zac asked.

"Well, what happened?" Tay asked with a grin on his face.

"Taylor! You are perverted. Nothing happened, like that. I had to talk to her about stuff. Like ya know...stuff." Zac said.

"Uh huh little brother, shes gonna make a man outta you soon." Taylor laughed and hit Zac in the head with his pillow.

"Um no!" Zac hit him back with his pillow.

Soon Diana came in the room, "You both chill. You are gonna wake up Macie and Zoe."

"Yes ma'am." They both said.

"And since you are up, come help me make breakfast. Fathers gonna be up soon, and hes got a long day ahead of him."

"Ok." Taylor sighed.

"Mom, is dad gonna work over night again?" Zac asked.

"Kind of." Diana frowned.

"God! How come they make him do that?" Zac frownd this time.

"Well, hes gets payed for overtime for doing that." Diana said. "Now come on, help me make breakfast."


"Oh yeah, where is Ike?" Diana asked.

Both Taylor and Zac got quiet. They looked at Diana and then at Ikes bed, and then at the desk where Ikes note was.

Diana went over o the note. She read it. She put her hand over her mouth. "Do you, either of you, know where he went?"

"No ma'am." They said at the same time.

"Taylor." Diana said.

"Yeah?" He whispered.

"Whats he doing?" Diana said as a tear fell.

Taylor looked at his mom. He had only seen her cry a few times, and it tugged it his heart to watch her cry. "I think hes off with Lisa somewhere."

"This I know." Diana wiped away another tear. "But whats he doing?"

"I..I dont know."