Forever and a Day

Chapter 11 - Second Steps Have Been Forgotten

Taylor had decided to spend the night with Mae, besides her parents weren't home, and he could just say he was spending the night with a friend. His parents wouldn't care who, anyway. Taylor and Mae danced for hours, neither of them getting tired. It was getting late, and Mae was then starting to get tired, she changed into some night clothes and then fixed some popcorn for them to munch on. Taylor just took off his pants, he was wearing boxers anyway. They went down to the living room, and sat on the sofa. "So, what movie ya wanna watch?" Mae asked Taylor.

"A funny, scary one." Taylor sighed.

"Sorry, we don't have any of those. Ya just wanna watch TV?" Mae asked.

"Sure. Do you get HBO?" Taylor asked.

"Yea, its channel 5."

He turned it to 5, and saw that Black Sheep was on. It was at the part where, Chris Farely falls down the cliff, and it gets back up and goes, "What the hell was that about?" Taylor and Mae burst out laughing. "Was a shame he had to die." He said his thought outloud.

"Yeah it was..." Mae sighed, after a minute or two the laughter died down to an awkward silence, until Mae spoke up. "Taylor, if it's not to hard please tell me about you and Nicole."

Taylor turned and looked at Mae, his blue eyes bore into hers, "Well...we meet 4 years ago, when mom had Mac, she was in the hospital, for chemo."

"She had cancer?" Mae asked with sympathy .

"Yeah she had lung cancer, and Cysitc Fibrosis, instant death threat. Her doctors couldnt do anything, and even if she didnt have cancer, shed only live til about early 20's. We were friends first, we were both ten at the time. She taught me alot about life even though we were just ten, and how you hafta hold onto things that really matter and never let them go. That's why, I haven't let her go yet...I mean she kept telling me how if you love something never to let it go. And then...she goes. She leaves me! How could she?" Taylor's voice rose with every word he said. "I don't know how to handle this, I dunno what to do..."

Mae wanted to say something, but with what she wanted to say, she'd feel foolish. "Taylor, mabye she wasnt talking about you guys as a realionship. I mean I know you loved her. But mabye she wasnt talking about not letting her go, the things like rainbows, or cloudless nights, or the way it fealt to stand on the beach in a cool summer night. Those are things people love but take for grantidid, and nobody really understands how to treasure these things until its the last time you see one. Mabye she loved them so much, she never wanted to let them go. Why would she tell you to never let something you love go, if she knew for a fact that she wouldnt live a long life? I bet she knew that you loved her, she wouldnt tell you to never let her go. Shed want you to be happy and go on with your life."

These were words Taylor needed to hear. He didnt need to hear, "Youll get over it Taylor, in time you will." or "I know it hurts right now, but you hafta get on with life."

"Tay?..." Mae tapped his shoulders.

"Oh sorry. You're right. I mean she loved pizza, and every night that I was at her house, she'd have pizza, and it was always pizza with green peppers, ham and pepperonies. She said she loved that pizza more then life, I knew she was kidding but sometimes I believed her. I know she wouldnt want me to be hurt, or for me to be stuck in this hell, but shes left me, and I dont know how to go on with life. Or look at pizza."

"If I were you, I wouldn't know either, and Im not gonna lie, and say it'll get easier. But you'll just go on living, without Nicole. And someday you'll find somebody else, and you'll get married have kids, and then someday you'll die to."

"Oh gee thanks, I've got alot to look forward to huh?" Tay said sarcastically, smiling.

"Well you want me to lie and say 'you'll have a great life Tay!'? Cuz I could if ya want me to?" Mae said as she grabbed Tays stomach and tackled him, so she was ontop of him.

He closed his eyes, and she leaned down to kiss him, but nothing ever happened. She was to nervous, and just got off of him. They both sat back up, and watched the rest of the movie.

Diana was furious with Zac, she didnt wanna even look at him, so she had Walker go get him.

Walker went to Lances house, where 2 police cars were already parked.

One officer noticed Walker and went over to him, "Is any of these kids yours?" He asked.

Walker pointed to Zac, "Him."

"Well, hes going to jail for illegal drug use. And his 2 buddies."

Walker noded, "Alright."

"He'll hafta spend the night in jail, and then we will sign him up for a rehab program." The officer said.

Walker simply starred at Zac in handcuffs inside the car. Zac had his head down. He was seated beside Lance, and Sean was in the other police car.

"We really cant do much, I mean we can put him in jail, for a night, and then in a rehab program, 12 Steps. But after that, theres nothing we can do..." The words faded right as the police said them. Walker wasnt paying any attention to them.

Zac looked out the window towards his dad, and tears started flowing down his pale face, and it stung his eyes.

Walker didnt know anything else to do, so he left. Zac wasnt gonna get any better if he babied him. "Alright fine whatever." Walker said as the polie finished his sentance. "I'll get him tomorrow, and Ill think of something to do with him. I want him to spend the night in jail. See what kinda hellhole it is." Walker got in his car and drove home.

Zac was suprized that his father left him, to be put in jail! Zac wasnt sure, but he knew somewhere that he had lost all respects from his parents.

"Isaac sweetie...get up!" Lisa said as she lightly shoved Ike to get up. It was just the brake of dawn. "Ike! I wanna watch the rest of the sunrise with you! Get up!" She shoved harder. Then she bit his ear.

"Oww! What the he--?" Ike said while his head shot up and bumped into Lisas.

She laughed. "Ikey I wanna watch the sunrise with you now sit up!" Lisa said as she grabed his arms.

He slightly smiled, "Fine I'll watch it with you." He sat up, and they moved towards a tree, he leaned back against it, while Lisa leaned back on him. Ike wrapped his arms around her lower neck. And they watched the sunrise. It was glowing, and they both were mesmorized by the oranges, yellows, purples and pinks that went along with it. And then it was over almost as soon as it started. "That," Ike breathed, and Lisa turned to face him. "Was the most beautiful sunrise Ive ever seen in my whole life."

"It was very beautiful." Lisa agreed. She smiled and looked up at him. "But Ive seen stuff more beautiful then that."

Ike scratched his head, and looked confusingly at Lisa, as if saying, 'what?'.

Lisa laughed, "You!" She punched him in his stomach. "I swear sometimes you act so stupid!"

"I resent that mark!" Ike said as he bended down, and picked Lisa up like a baby.

"What that you are beautiful?! Well now I do to!" She giggled. And then wrapped her arms around his neck.

"No, see I know Im beautiful!" Ike mocked a model. "But that one about me being stupid? I am NOT stupid!"

Lisa just giggled.

Ike looked adoringly at her and then he kissed her. She was suprised but kissed him back, as if it were the first time they had ever kissed each other. There lips part. But Ike still stared at her. "What do I have something on my face?" She asked sarcastically, and then grabed his ears and pulled his face down to hers, and whispered, "I wanna make love to you, right here, right now."

"You dont hafta whisper it. Were the only ones around." He said sarcastically back at her. "I wanna make love to you to." He placed her on a pile of dried leaves.

Walker didnt say anything to anybody that night, he simply walked up the stairs into his room, and went to sleep.

In the morning Diana came in, carrying a food tray with eggs, toast, bacon and ornage juice. She was followed by, Jessica, Avery and Mackie. Who were all carrying a card and pressent. And all at once they started singing, "hapy birthday to you..."

Walker woke up, and smiled. He had totally forgotten about his birthday. He gave eachchild a hug and kiss and said thank you.

They then left, and Walker and Diana were alone. "So where is Zac?" Diana asked Walker softly. "All the 3 kids wanted to know where he was, and I didnt know. And I didnt wanna wake you up."

"Hes in jail. And later today, we hafta get him and put him in a rehab program." Walker said as he layed back down.

Dianas eyes were wide. Then the phone rang, and Diana answered it, "Hello?"

"Can I speak to Ike?"

"Um, yeah sure. Whos calling?" Diana asked.

The voice was silent, and then hung up.

"Weird. That is like the 5th time that person has called, and wanted to speak to Ike, and then hung up. They wont tell me there name either." Diana thought outload.

"Yeah thats weird. Anyway, about Zac..."

"Where did we go wrong with him?" Diana's eyes filled with tears. "Our little boy, whos 12 years old, is gonna go into a rehab program?!"

Walker sat back up, and hugged his wife. "Please dont cry. We didnt do anything wrong with him, he was raped. Thats what happened, he just wanted a way out." He rubbed her back.

"But mabye I shouldnt have been so hard on him. I mean I yelled at him, when Ipicked him up from the police station, and it wasnt his fault that he got rapped. Mabye I shouldve hugged him, and told him everything would be alright."

"Its ok, you just over-reacted when you saw him. Dont blame yourself." Walker hushed his wife by kissing her softly.

She pushed him away, "But it is my fault. Dont you see? If I had been loving towards him, mabye he wouldnt have done any of this!"