Forever and a Day

Chapter 9 - Not Another Night Like This

"Is Mae home?" Taylor asked into the phone.

"yeah hold on"

"Taylor?" Maes voice cracked as she said his name.

"Mae! Hey." Taylor said.

"What do you want Taylor?"

"Look I'm really very sorry about this morning"


"Can you come over?"


"What were you doing sleeping at 7?" Taylor was curious.

"I was tired, so sue me." With that Mae hung up the phone.

Taylor listened to the dial tone, for a minute and then heard that beeping sound when you keep a phone off the hook for too long, then he placed it back in its cradle, and thought about what he was going to tell Mae.

"Are you ready to go?" Walker asked, he had returned back to the hospital to tae Zac home.

"Yes." Zac sighed.

"Well then get dressed." Walker said referring to the hospital gown Zac had on. Walker handed Zac the cloths he had brought for Zac to wear.

Zac took them and walked into the tiny bathroom in the room. A few minutes later he came out. A nurse had entered the room with a wheel chair. "I can walk."

"All our patients who leave ride one."

"Zac just sit in it." Walker instructed.

"Fine, whatever." Zac sat in the wheel chair and placed his hands on the arm rests, and placed his feet in the feet rests. "Ok lets go, come on."

The nurse smiled, and wheeled him out, with Walker walking behind the nurse. They reached the elevator and rode down it. They got to the entrance of the hospital, and Zac got up out of the wheel chair. "Lets go dad." Zac hissed.

"Bye Zachary!" The nurse waved.

"Bye." Zac returned.

Walker and Zac walked towards the white van, and road home in silence.

When they returned home, Megan was sitting on the couch and watching tv, with Avery by her side. Avery was sitting like Megan, and when Megan would laugh so would Avery.

When Megan saw Zac she smiled, "Hey Zac!"

Zac saw her, and smiled back, a warm smile, "Hey!"

"Hey Zac!" Avery copied.

Zac looked at Avery, smiled a little smile, "Hi sis."

Just then Diana walked in with a basket of brownies, "Would you like one Zac?"

Zac raced towards his mom and grabed 2 brownies.

"I said one Zachary. You have 5 other siblings that would probablly want them, and you have a friend over." Diana hissed.

"Sorry mom." Zac said with a mouthfull, and raised his hand to put back the brownie.

"No!" Diana slapped his hand softly, "Dont put it back. Eat it, but next time be respectful."

"Yes ma'am." Zac said.

"Would you like one Megan?" Diana offered.

"No thanks." Megan said politely.

"Zac, Megan is spending the night, like she used to. Her parents went out of town, and Miles went over to Rods, you tow can go over to his' laters." Diana informed Zac.

"Alright thats cool."

"But thats after super." Diana said.

"Ok mom, thats cool." Zac grabed Megans hand and pulled her upstairs. Zac had no clue that the action he had just done, would change his and Megans realionship forever.

Ike had been grounded. He ran around his room packing cloths, and items he wanted to take with him. He went into the bathroom, grabed his toothbrush, toothpste, brush and some hair ties. He went back into his room, and packd them up. He sat at the desk, and wrote a small note,

Whoever gets this;
We all do what we gotta do, right? Well, I gotta do this. Someday everyone will understand. Dont try to contact me, if I want to talk to you, Ill call. I cant live in this house. Dad, we never really got back to even grounds, but someday we will. Mom, be good to Zac, hes just a boy. Zac, stay good, ok? Greig I mean Taylor (see now dont you feel stupid, and bad?) dont do anything I wouldnt do. Jessica, Avery, Mackenize and Zoe, be good for mom and dad, they need all the help you guys can give them.
Love you all,

Ike finished packing and hoped ou the window, just as he heard Zac and Megans voice come down the hall. "Bye evryone." Ike whispered as he walked down the road with a bookbag full of all the belonings he wanted to take. He stopped at Texaco to wait for Lisa. They were gonna meet there. A few minutes late, he saw Lisa, carrying a bag like his and a box with her hair and makeup stuff.

"Im scared Ike." Lisa whispered when she got by him.

Ike wrapped his arms around her, and kissed her ear softly. "Dont be scared, Ill protect you."

Lisa laughed at the last statement. "So, how do we plan on getting to North Carolina?"

"Doug, he took vacation here and is going to back to Carolina, tormorrow morning. We hafta either stay at a hotel tonight, or sleep outside. Which do you prefer?"

"I prefered to stay in a warm building."

"Lisa hotels cost money, and were trying to be cheap here. One night outside wont kill you. Anyway we can catch up on our snuggling." Ike smiled.

"You just want snuggling dont you?" Lisa playfully punched him in the arm.

"God, youre so right. How did you know?"

Lisa grinned and hugged him tight. "Then we hafta keep ourselves warm, Ike." She pinched his sides.

"Good thing I brought alot of blankets. I mean Im sure gonna get cold out here and.."


He looked down at her, "What?" He smiled.

"Lets find a place, to sleep."

"Lisa, we are standing at a Texaco, we hafta walk to a wooded area. So the cops cant find us, and send us both home. Dougs gonna meet us here tomorrow around 10 am." He grabed her hand and they walked to find a wooded area.

Taylor waited outside his treehouse. He then saw Mae walking heavely towards the treehouse. He smiled.

" what?"

Taylor took a deep breath "Look, I am so very sorry for calling you Nicole." He began.

"Why'd you call me that?" Mae asked.


"Taylor, just tell me."

"Its not a simple story." Taylor whispered, and closed his eyes.

"Well if you arent going to tell me... Ill leave." She turned.

"Please don't leave." Taylor whispered and grabed Maes hand. "I cant, its too hard."

"Tay, Whats too hard?"

"Mae, I lost this beautiful girl, this girl I thought I was gonna spend forever with."

Mae listened attentively as Taylor spoke...

"I lost her and thought Id never be able to look at another girl. But then I saw you, this person, this beautiful girl who looks so much like Nicole."

"Taylor, if you just like me because I look like your old girlfriend, dont try to start a realionship with me. Im sorry about you and Nicole, but Taylor, I'm not Nicole."

"I know that. Im sorry, I dont like you because you look like Nicole. But when I first saw you, I did. But I know how much you two are different people."

"Taylor Im sorry, I've been acting like a bitch. But I'm tired. Look, I know what you've been threw. I havent lost a boyfriend or anything, but Ive lost somebody very close to me."

"You werent acting like a bitch, I wouldve reacted the same way." Taylor smiled and look down at Mae.

"Dont look at me like that Taylor!" Mae said.

"What?" Taylor asked, confused.

"That way. Your eyes, they're beautiful." Mae starred into his eyes.

Taylor didnt say anything, and pulled Mae closer by her waist. There lips meet softly. And then Taylor pulled away.

"yeah sorry." Mae whispered. "Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow Taylor." She walked off, while Taylor starred after her. He wanted another kiss like that.

Zac and Megan where in zacs room, Zac had yet to see the note Ike had written. They were watching tv, but Megan kept scooting over towards Zac.

Zac looked at Megan and smiled nervously.

"Zac, um, I..." Mean began.

"Please dont say what I think you are going to say."

"What? I was just gonna say I think you have a booger in your nose!" Megan laughed.

Zac laughed, but noticed Megan, she kept scooting closer to him. He then got up and blew his nose, and he found the note that Ike had wrote, "Oh crap!" Zac whispered.

"What?" Megan asked.

Zac went over to the bed and showed Megan the note. She responded the same way as Zac.

"What are you gonna do?" Megan asked.

"I dunno." Zac answered her.

"Well, you gotta do something!"

"What can I do? Im his little brother, I cant stop him. Besides, I know why he left, he wants to marry Lisa."

"Oh that black girl?"

"Shut up. Shes nice."

"I was just saying.."

"Shes black, duh. Im not blind or stupid."

"Calm down Zac. Geez, what bit you in the butt this morning?"

"Nothing bit me anywhere!" Zac said in defence.

Megan rolled her eyes, and then Diana shouted them for super. "Betchay I can beatchya down stairs!" Megan hollored as she raced downstairs to the kitchen.

"Whatever!" and Zac took off following Megan.

Megan reached first, and Diana told her to wash her hands. She did so. Then Zac walked in the kitchen, and Megan yawned. "We were wondering when youd be down here Zac." Megan laughed.

"Wash your hands Zac." Diana intrstructed.

"You got a head start Meg, thats no fair!" Zac complained from the sink.

"Naw, just admit it Zac, you are slow!"

"I am NOT slow!"

"Thats enough. Wheres Taylor?" Diana asked.

Megan shrugged.

"The last I saw him, he was outside talking to Mae." Zac said.

"Well can you go get him?" Diana asked.

"Sure." Zac got up from his place at the table, went to the porch, opened the screen door, and hollored, "TAYLOR! SUPER IS READY GET YOUR BIG BUTT IN HERE NOW!" He shut the door and walked back to the tabel and sat down.

Diana was putting Zoe in the highchair, and then looked at Zac, "I said go get him, not scream for him. I couldve done that myself."

"Sorry mom." Zac said.

Just then Taylor walked in.

"Where have you been?" Walker looked up from the newspaper.

"Outside, I was reading." Taylor answered.

"Then whats this business with Mae I hear?" Walker questioned.

"Oh, we got..I mean she got mad at me, and I was saying sorry and stuff." Taylor said.

"Oh, well wash your hands, and take a seat. I'm hungry." Walker placed the newspaper under his chair.

"Hey Megan!" Avery laughed.

"Hi Avery." Megan returned.

"Do you like my brother?" Avery asked.

"Which one?" Megan asked.

"Where is Isaac?" Diana interupted.

Zac shrugged his shoulders. Then looked at Megan for her answer.

Taylor came back and sat at the table. "Where is he? I need to talk to him."

"I dont know! Dont look at me." Zac snapped.

"Zac, silly!" Avery said referring to there earlier conversation.

"Avery shut up." Jessica said.

"I don't hafta shut up, do I Megan?" Avery shot back.

Megan just smiled.

"Anyway...Mac stop that!" Diana said while Mackie played the green beans that were on his plate. "We should start eating, Ike should be downstairs any minute, were having his faviote steak."

Jessica rolled her eyes, "Yea uh huh sure mom. Can I get my ears pierced? Please!"

"I don't know Jess, stop asking me that. I'll let you know if you can or can't later." Diana answered her.

"Well how come?" Jessica asked back.

Diana gave her daughter that look. And Jessica shut up then.

"So do you like him? Tell me!" Avery complained to Megan.

"Mommy, can I have more milk?" Mac askd while holding up his orange cup.

"I like him as a friend yes. But no further." Megan answered, lying threw her teeth. She looked at Zac and her face flushed.

"Walker, can you get Mac some milk?" Diana asked.

Jessica kicked Zac's foot under the table and he looked at her, and she mouthed, "She likes you."

Zac just shook his head.

"Ya'll, I want to see a clean plate. We have ice cream for desert, but if you don't have a clean plate non for you." Diana said.

"Mom, I smelt brownies, where are they?" Taylor asked.

Diana looked at Zac.

"God, why is he always eating everything we have?" Taylor said under his breath.

"I don't eat everything!" Zac said in defence.

"Yeah sure whatever." Taylor said. "God, where is Ike?"

Walker watched his family, and decided, he was going to do something, because there family was this disfuncional family. "Everyone listen up." He began, "I want to eat like a family. Now if you aren't gonna say something nice, please don't even open your mouth." Walker picked up his fork, and began eating his food while all eyes we still on him.

"Walker, I asked if you could plase get Mac some milk, can you?" Diana asked, seeming unaware that her husband had just spoken.

"Fine." Walker got up and got his son some milk.

Everyone else ate in silence, except the sound of the fork scratching the plate. After supper, it was Taylor's turn to do the dishes, so he did them.

"Mom, me and Meg, are gonna goto Robs house now. Ok?" Zac asked.

"Yea ok. But be home by 10." Diana returned while taking Zoe outta the highchair.

"Alright. Bye everyone." Zac waved and got his jacket.

"Bye guys." Megan followed.

They all said bye to them, automatically.

Zac and Megan were walking down there driveway, and Zac told Megan, "We're gonna go to Lances house, alright?"

"Why?" Megan questioned. She knew Lance was trouble.

"I wonder."