Forever and a Day

Chapter 8 - Dammit

It's alright
to tell me
what you think
about me
I won't try
to argue
or hold it
against you
I know that
you're leaving
you must have
your reasons
The season
is calling
and your pictures
are falling....down

The steps that
I retrace
a sad look
on your face
The timing
and structure
did you hear
he fucked her?
A day late
a buck short
I'm writing
the report
I'm losing
and failing
when I move
I'm failing now

And it's happened once again
I'll turn to a friend
Someone that understands
See's through the master plan

But everybody's gone
And I've been here for too long
To face this on my own
Well I guess this is growing up
Taylor listened to the words of this song that described himself, and who he was and what he's done to everyone around him. He was gonna make it up to Mae somehow. He messed up big time on this...this thing with Mae. He knew he was getting feelings for her, he just couldn't control them.

Walker had invited Miles and Megan over to the hospital to see Zac. Zac didn't know and was happy to see some familiar faces, without them being his family.

"Hiya Zac!" Megan smiled.

Zac smiled back, "Hey."

"Hey Zac." Miles waved.

Zac waved back.

"How are you feeling?" Megan asked.

Zac sighed, "All right I guess."

"Well me and Miles made ya something.." Megan reached behind her back and pulled out a sign that read, Feel Better Soon Zac! in bright blue bold writing.

Zac could tell that Megan wrote it, her hand writing was shakey, yet bold. He smiled, and thanked Megan.

Megan returned a smile to Zac and gave him a small hug.

"This place stinks." Miles blurted out.

Walker and Zac laughed. "Miles it's a hospital it's supossed to stink!" Zac said.

"I know that man. I was just saying." Miles sat down in a small chair in the corner of the room.

Zac could tell Miles was nervous. "Duh Miles, we've been here over night I think we know how it smells!"

"Yeah well.."

"Miles we know how it smells, drop it!" Megan hissed.

"Gee sorry." Miles didn't say much after that.

Walker looked at Zac with a confused look, Zac said, "They're siblings dad."

"I know that." Walker smiled.

"Anyway Megan and Miles, how is everyone?" Zac asked.

"Well like everyone's worried about you." Megan replied. She gave Zac a shy smiled, "I've been really worried about you too."

Zac was glad to hear that. "Well I'll be outta here either by today or tonight? Right dad?"

"Yeah." Walker replied. He noticed Megan never left her eyes off Zac. He smiled to himself, maybe this girl would do some good for Zac.

"Good, I can't wait to be home." Zac had other plans when he got out of the hospital, and they didn't involve any of his friends.

Ray had gotten Lisa and Ike. He had told Ike to stay away from his daughter, and she had cried. Lisa and Ike had planned on eloping that night, just because of Ray. But Ray had other plans. He picked up the phone and dailed his best friends number and asked him, if his son would like to take Lisa out to dinner, he had agreed.

"Lisa come here." Ray shouted.

Lisa ingored her father and simply starred at her ceiling as she had ben doing for the last hour and a half.

Ray listned to hear if Lisa was even moving and no sound came from her room. He walked down the hall and knocked on her door. She didn't answer. "Lisa I'm coming in." With that Ray walked into the room.

"Get out of my room." Lisa mumbled.

Ray sat down on the desk chair.

"I said get out, not sit on my chair. Now get out." Lisa said angerily.

"Lisa I caught you and Ike having sex on the freaking highway. If thats what you.."

"Dad that was our very first time ever doing it." Lisa smiled and only wished that her and Ike could do it more.

"Look Lisa, you can get STDs, Aids or anything else. I don't want my daughter to get anything."

"Ike doesn't have anything wrong with him, he's perfect, all over."

"Lisa he is white."

"Whoa dad. I had no clue, oh God what am I gonna do?" Lisa said sarcastically. "Dad I know he's white. But if skin color is all that matters to you..."

"Skin color isn't what matters to me, but if you have a baby with him, that child is gonna get picked on." Ray sighed.

"My children wont get picked on." Lisa shouted.

"Then how will you raise a child if you have one with Ike? Would you raise it in a black community or a white?" Ray asked.

"Does it matter? Does it matter if we raise it in a mexican community? If we love the child it shouldn't matter where we raise it."

"You say it doesn't matter where you raise a child? Would you want your child to be raised like you were? In a trailor? Without a lot of money?"

"I'm not pregnant dad, so why are we talking aout raising a child?" Lisa didn't like the last question her father asked her.

"Well, you are going out tonight with Maurice, Travis's son."

"No actually I'm not. Dad I love Ike, I'm not going out with another guy. End of conversation." Lisa was angry that her father was doing this to her.

"Lisa you are going out to dinner with Maurice."

"No I'm not!" Lisa told her father.

"Change your clothes into something nice." With that Ray left Lisa's room, when he heard she wasn't moving, he yelled, "NOW!"

Lisa still didn't move, she wasn't going to go out with anybody but Ike.

Ike's parents werent pleased with what Ray had told them.

"Isaac Hanson, what in Gods name were you thinking?" Diana tried not to raise her voice.

"That I love her and just wanted to please her." Ike couldn't stop what was coming out of his mouth.

"You always think you love all your little girlfriends."

"Dad, Lisa is different."

"And how is she different then all the rest?"

"She is who she is. She doesn't put on stupid acts. She loves me..." Ike could go on all afternoon.

"You could have gotten her pregnant! Do you know what that means Isaac?" Diana asked.

"Mom, I have 6 younger siblings. I'm not stupid." Ike answered.

"Being an older brother and have your own child is much different. Ike, if you did get her pregnant..."

"Mom her name is Lisa, say 'if you got Lisa pregant..' She has a name so use it."

Diana stared at her son, then sighed, "If you got Lisa pregant, you hafta pay child support.."

"What makes you think I'm not gonna be around to help her? And besides we just had sex, so she wouldn't know anyway." Ike blurted out.

Diana bit her lip to keep from screaming. "Isaac, you had sex in the grass on a road. You can't do that." She said cooley.

"We didn't even have sex mom...."

"Ike you just said you had sex with her!" Walker said in disbelief.

"It wasn't sex like with what you and mom do..."

"And just what did you mean by that?" Walker asked angry.

Ike couldn't believe he had said that. "I mean...I dunno what I mean. Why can't you just let me be with Lisa? I mean you and mom were going this steady when you guys were 17."

"That was different..."

"How was it different dad?"

Walker didn't know how to answer his son, truth was when he was 17 him and Diana had already done it. "It just is."

"Ugh." Ike got up from the bar stool and left the kitchen and went into his room, where he found Taylor reading some corny little book. "Do you realize mom and dad were having sex when they were 17, and when they found out me and Leese did it, they freak out." Ike blurted out.

Taylor looked at his brother like he was crazy. "So you and Lisa did it right?"

"Is anyone home in that head of yours?! Yes me and Lisa did it, Lisa's dad found us, and he was raging mad! Some people act like they've never been inlove before. I swear if mom and dad are still inlove, they'd know how I feel. Why can't they just let me and Lisa be? I mean.."

"Ike shut up! You're just going on and on. So tell me, how was it?" Tay said with an devilish grin.

Ike rolled his eyes, "Oh I thought you and Nicole had gotten it on." When Ike realized what he had said he sighed, "Oh Tay I'm sorry."

"No don't be sorry. She wouldn't let me do anything good. She was afraid..of what? I don't know."

"Well you guys were only 14. I wasn't really thinking about having sex with Amanda then." Ike said referring to his girlfriend when he was 14.

"But you didn't love Amanda." Taylor sighed, "I loved Nicole."

"Taylor," Ike didnt know how to put together the words he wanted to say.

"Don't say it, I did love Nicole. You people say I don't know what love is because I'm only 15. But I do."

"I know you loved her Taylor, but...nevermind. So how are you and Mae doing?"

"Well uh, not so good."

"Taylor what did you do?"

"Oh what like I do everything to screw things up?" Tay asked defensively.

"No, not always." Ike laughed, "Taylor you like Mae. So being your brother I know you would screw things up when you went out with Mae." Ike grinned.

"Ugh shut up."

"Well then tell your big brother wat you did to mess things up now?"

"I called her Nicole right after she said I was cute! Ugh sometimes I do the stupidest things." Taylor screeched.

"Oh Taylor that was a baaaad move."

"Ya think? Now she's giving me the silent treatment."

Ike laughed.

"It's not funny Ike."

"Yea Tay I think if you called any girl by another name she'd get pissed." Ike told Tay.

"But she looks so much like Nicole, just slipped out."

"Taylor? Nicole and Mae look nothing alike."

"You just don't see it."

"Uh Tay, Mae has what? Green eyes? And blond hair? Nicole had brown hair and blue eyes. I can go on."

"But just the way Mae looks at me, it was the way Nicole would look at me, what Mae does, Nicole has done. It's just weird." Taylor sighed.

"Well Taylor just explain things to Mae, she'll understand and if she doesn't, she's not worth it."

"I guess I will."