Forever and a Day

Chapter 7 - Whats in a Name Anyway?

Zac woke up groggy with a stomach and head ache. The nurse that was in Zac's room was telling him to eat his breakfast. "I'm not hungry." He kept saying that over and over, but nobody was listening to him. "No, you must eat." The nurse kept repeating.

Walker sat up in the chair he had been sleeping on. He had heard Zac say he wasn't hungry about a billion times. Besides, the stuff that they wanted him to eat, did not look that apetitizing. "Nurse, I'll feed it to him." Walker stated.

"Alright." With that the nurse left.

"Dad, I'm not hungry!" Zac whinned.

"I know you aren't. Im' not gonna make you eat this stuff." Walker got up and got the tray with the food and walked to the bathroom and flushed the eggs down the toilet.

Zac smiled.

"Before mom comes today, we'll tell her to stop at McDonalds and have her pick us up some real food." Walker said.

"Thanks, but really I'm not hungry." Zac said.

"Yeah, well, I won't make you eat this hospital food, but you hafta eat something." Walker sat back down.

Zac sighed.

Walker got up and went to the bathroom again. He took a shower and changed cloths, while Zac turned on the tv. He watched Scooby Doo look for some ghosts. Well Scooby and Shaggy kept running away and getting some Scooby snacks instead of looking for the ghosts. He laughed a little, but then fell back to sleep.

Walker came out of the bathroom, turned off the tv, and started reading.

Taylor had never gone to sleep. He had just simply watched the stars. Now it was morning and the stars disappeared behind the suns bright light. He got up from his place in the tree house and walked to the house beside his and knocked on Maes window. She woke up and went to the window to see what was the racket and saw taylors face. She smiled and was now the one letting the other inside.

"Morning Mae." Taylor said as he climbed into the room.

"Morning Taylor." Mae reminissed. She was still tired and layed down in her bed. Taylor sat in the desk chair.

"If you are still tired, I'll leave." Taylor asked.

"No its fine. Let me just goto the bathroom and wash up." Mae said as she sat up and left the room.

Taylor studied her room, it was painted black, with a black desk, black dresser, but the sheets were a faded dark green. He looked up at the ceiling and noticed those stars that everyone has, were all over her ceiling. There was even half a moon. Her room wasnt very glamerous. She had an alarm clock on the table beside her bed. She had a stero on her desk, beside a lamp. The dresser was beside the closet door. The dresser had lava lamp with red lava in it. She had a collection of candles on it. A tall mirror was hanging on the closet door. She had a couple pictures of--Taylor guessed--her friends. There was one picture that caught Taylors eye, it was a picture of her with another guy with his arm around her. He studied it, he seemed to be happy, but Mae seemed unhappy.

"Taylor?" Mae whispered when she saw Tay studing her pictures.

Taylor jumped. "Oh sorry. I was just looking at the pictures."

"No its fine." Mae sighed and walked to her bed and sat down again.

Taylor moved and sat beside Mae on her bed. He moved his head towards hers, smiled then asked, "What do you wanna do today?"

Mae could not help but laugh. "I just wanna walk around. See where we end up." Mae grinned.

"Sounds good with me." Taylor grinned too. "Well, then I hafta go change. I'll be back in about hour and a half. K?"


Taylor jumped out the window and walked into his own house. He jumped in the shower, changed into a pair of lose jeans, and a red shirt. He put on some of his necklaces and then blow-dried his hair and pulled it back into a pony tail. Grabed his sneakers and put them on. He then left the house with a set of house keys in his pocket. He left a note on the fridge:

I went out. Wont be home til about 5. Dont worry about me.

With that Taylor left. He really didn't know what time hed be home, or where he was going. He just wanted out of the house, and he just wanted to be with Mae.

Isaac also left the house, except he didn't leave a note. Besides his mom wouldn't notice that he was gone anyway. He walked on the gravel dirt road that led to Lisa's home. He went up to the trailor, and knocked lightly on the door. He was suprised when Ray answered the door.

Ray gave Ike a dirty glance. "Yes?"

"Is Lisa home?" Ike asked, but he knew she was.

"Yes she is, but she's asleep right now." Just as Ray was saying that, Ike could see Lisa peaking out behind the hall.

"Dad?" Lisa came out. "Why did you lie? You knew I wasn't asleep."

"Oh." Ray eyed Isaac.

"It's ok daddy." Lisa came outside and stood beside Ike. "Dad, me and Ike have a date now." Lisa grabed Ikes hand and lead him away.

When they were far enough away from Ray, Ike asked, "What was that about?"

"Why did you come over so early Ike?" Lisa ingored Ikes earlier question.

"Cuz I missed you. Now what was that about?"

Lisa pulled Isaac to the grassy part of the road they were walking along. She pushed him down. "Look Isaac, I don't need this! We haven't kissed in days. I miss your tongue in my mouth." With that Lisa jumped on Isaac and shoved her tounge in Ike's mouth.

Ike had no problems accepting Lisa tongue. He ran his hand around her stomach and led its way to her back, and played with the back of her bra. He unsnapped it. Lisa's hands roamed around Ike's stomach and she slipped her hands into his pants. She unzipped his khakies, unbuttoned them, and then pulled them down. She moved her hands into his boxers, and rubed between his legs. Ike was reaching his climax, and Lisa could feel it. He took off Lisa's shirt, and then took of her bra, he rubed his hands around on her chest.

Neither Ike nor Lisa cared that they were about to have sex on the grass. All they cared about right now was pleasing the other one.

Lisa needed Ike inside of her, she crawled out of her pants, and then pulled Ike ontop of her. He straddled her and then sat up. She was beautiful. Her eyes were pleading, Ike knew what she wanted. He pulled off his shirt. Now they only thing both of them were wearing was there shoes.

"Isaac, please.." Lisa pleaded.

Answering Lisa, Ike layed down ontop of Lisa, and inserted himself ever so slowly. Both moaning with pleasure, and desires being filled. He thrusted in and out of her. When Ike had no more energy, he collasped ontop of Lisa, breathing was hard and came fast for Ike.

Lisa noticed Ike's breathing, "" Lisa could control her breathing.

"I'm...fine." Ike closed his eyes, and got his breathing back to normal. He then sat up on Lisa, and all he wanted to do was stare at the beauty below him. He ran his hand again on her chest, and then licked her all the way down. He layed back down on Lisa. "I love you so much." And then he fell asleep.

Lisa looked at Ike, his eyes were closed, and his breathing was normal. She ran her fingers threw his hair, and it fell over her shoulders, and she smiled. His hair was soft, and it fealt good on her bare shoulders. Lisa then fell asleep.

Ray had seen everything. He saw his only daughter, his pride and joy, give her all for a guy, who Ray didn't trust, nor like. He had also noticed the ring on her left ring finger. He wasn't about to let Ike and Lisa get married, no matter what it took.

Diana had to take Jessica, Avery, Mackie and Zoe with her to the hospital, and she wasn't thrilled because they were going to be hyper, and she didn't need this now. "Jessica! Avery! Get down here now!" Diana hollared. She heard 4 feet rushing downstairs.

"What mama?" Jessie asked rubbing her eyes.

Avery sat down on the chair and pulled the blanket she carried around and rested her head on the table.

"We gotta goto the hospital to see Zac. Dad called and wants us to pick up some food for them. So we gotta go now."

"What about Mackie or Zoe?" Jessie asked.

"There gonna come with us too. But they don't need a bath, and you 2 do. Jessie go take a shower. Avery goto my room, I'll be up there in a second to give you your bath."

Avery simply got up and went into her parent's bathroom. She sat on the toilet and waited for her mom.

Jessie went upstairs to the other bathroom, got her a towel and some cloths from her room, and took her shower.

Diana went and gave Avery her bath, dried her off and then got her dressed. Then Diana went into the playroom and got Zoe dressed. She then got Mackie up and dressed.

"All ready to go?" Diana asked Jessie when she got downstairs.

Jessie was usually the one to take the longest. "Yup."

Diana handed Zoe to Jessie. Jessie took Zoe and walked out to the van and placed Zoe in the car seat. Zoe was still asleep.

Mackie and Avery walked outside, while Diana locked the house, she noticed that Tay's house keys were gone.

Diana got in the van and drove threw the drive threw at McDonalds and ordered 4 sausage and egg biscuits and 5 orange juices. She gave Jessie one of the biscuits, and an orange juice. She handed Avery an orange juice. She ate one of the other biscuits and saved the rest for Walker and Zac. They drove into the parking lot and had to go under a roof, so they had to pay 5 dollars to park. Diana was pissed off at that. She found her a parking space, and then put the breakfast in her purse, and got Zoe out. "Jessie and Avery hold Mackie's hands."

Both girls grabed Mackie's hands and walked into the hospital. They went into the elevator and got to the 4th floor and found room 9. They walked in, but Zac was still asleep.

"How is he?" Diana asked.

"He's better, fighting with the nurses." Walker grinned at his wife.

She smiled back, and then handed Walker his breakfast.

"Thanks." Walker took the biscuit and OJ from Diana. "He'll hafta eat his later. I don't wanna wake him."

"Yeah." Diana motioned for the kids to sit down. And she gave Zoe to Walker.

Jessica sat on the radiator by the window. Avery sat beside her, but she kept sliping off, and Mackie sat in the chair beside his dad.

"Daddy? Can I have a bite?" Mackie asked pointing at the biscuit his father was holding.

"Sure." Walker handed the bisquite to his son.

Mackie took a big bite. "Thank you." He said with a mouthful.

Walker laughed. And then took the biscuit away from Mackie and ate the rest.

Jessica and Avery were playing hand claps singing, "Miss Mary Mack." and giggling whenever the other one would mess up.

Then Zoe woke up and started crying and started hollaring her little lungs out. Diana took her into the bathroom to change her. And then Zac woke up.

"Hey Zaccy." Avery said when she saw her brother wake up.

"Hey Avie, when did you all get here?"

"4 hours ago." Jessica said saracasticlly.

"Funny." Zac answered her.

"Only about a couple minutes ago Zac." Mackie said getting up from his chair and sat on Zac's bed. "These are neat." Mackie said pushing a button that made Zac's head go up. Mackie giggled.

"Stop it Mackie." Zac said.

"Sowwy." Mackie titled his head to the left side. "What's wrong with you?"

"Mackie leave Zac alone right now." Walker said.

Zac sighed. "I'm hungry."

"Mom got you some food." Walker went and got Zac his biscuit and handed it to him. Then he got the OJ.

"Thanks." Zac said as he dug into the biscuit.

"So how are you now Zac?" Walker asked.


Taylor being daring grabed Mae's hand while they walked. She didn't object. "So where to now?" Taylor asked while they walked down the pathway of the long strip mall.

"How bout' Barnes and Noble?" Mae returned his question.

Taylor was suprised but happy, he wanted some new books to read also. "sure."

Mae smiled at Taylor, and he stared at this girl, this human who was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen. His thoughts wondered back to Nicole, and how everytime he was with Nicole, hed tell himself that. But Nicole, she was different then Mae, Mae had a spark in her that Nicole didn't have. Mae didn't have one thing, but Taylor wanted to give it to her, but he was afraid to give it to her, thinking she might break it. Taylor couldn't get his heart broken again. It was still being put back together.

They walked passed a few more stores, until they reached there destination. They walked inside the the air condintioning, and they both sighed. Mae walked over to the horror section and picked up a book. She read the the first page of Dying to Know You by, Auston Davis. *(Authors note: There is NO book titled that nor an auther by that name! Both names were came up by the auther of this story!)*

She liked it, so she sat in a chair and began reading it.

Taylor noticed Mae reading, he picked up a book, and sat beside her and began reading his book. Taylor didn't really like the book, so he began to play footsies with Mae.

Mae noticed what Tay was doing, she looked at him and smiled, and then got up.

Taylor figured she was playing-hard-to-get, just like how Nicole would play. He got up and followed her around like a dog.

Mae watched Taylor follow her, and she laughed to herself. "What Taylor?"

"Oh huh?" Tay had put his nose in a book when he realized Mae knew that Tay was following her.

Mae walked over to Tay and placed her hands around his neck and whispered, "You're cute." Then kissed him lightly on the cheek.

"Ah ha, and so are you Nicole."