Forever and a Day

Chapter Six - Relieved From Life

Diana entered the hospital, turned down the hall, and asked a lady behind the counter, "What room is Zachary Hanson in?" The lady looked up from what she was reading, "And who are you to this boy?"

Diana looked at the women like she was crazy and then sighed, "His mother."

"ID." This women ovisioully didn't believe Diana.

Diana got out her drivers lience from her purse and showed it to the lady.

"Room 409." The women turned back to her reading.

She walked down the corridors to find the evelvators. She found on and pressed the up button, then waited til the doors opened. When they did she saw a doctor in a white petty coat, with a green shirt on underneath and the same shade of green pants. She smiled and then stepped on. She pressed the 4 button. When the door opened again it was on level 4 and Diana got off. She got out of the little room that was surroneding the elevators. She looked left and it was a long corridor, then looked right, and saw a nurse's station. She went over to it and asked one of the nurses, "Where is room 409?"

The nurse she was taling too, looked up and smiled. "Down that.." she poined to the left, "hall."

"Ok thanks." Diana went down the hall. She looked in a few rooms, all the rooms were white with a border of some sort, usually triangles around the ceilings. She saw room 409 and walked in. She saw Walker and Isaac sitting in chairs, no Zac. "Where's Zac?" She asked with a worried tone.

"When he woke up, about half an hour ago, doctors took him to get his stomach pumped." Walker said blankly.

"So how do they do that?" Diana asked.

"They put coal in him, and then make him throw it up. That cleans out his system." Walker said again. *(Authors note: That is TRUELY how they clean somebodys system out, who has over-dosed on drugs.)*

"Oh." Diana sighed. Diana sat down on the empty bed. Then she looked in her bag and pulled out the cloths she had gotten for Walker and handed them to him.

"Thanks." Walker said. He put the cloths underneath the chair.

Diana pulled back her hair and put it into a pony tail.

Ike hadn't said a word since he had talked to his mom on the phone, Walker looked over at him, "Are you ok?"

"Kinda." His reply was.

"What's wrong?" Diana asked.

"Nothing." Ike looked up from his hands and smiled.

"Alright, then are you ready to go?" Diana asked.

Walker gave his son a suspecious look.

"No, I wanna wait til Zac gets back." Ike said matter-of-factly.

"Ok." Diana sighed.

A nurse then walked into the room, a tray with a cup of chicken broth, a carton of milk, and some crakers on it. She sat them down on the table beside the bed. "You hafta get off the bed ma'am. Zac is coming back in." The nurse ordered.

"Alright." Diana stood up. Then Walker stood up and he let Diana have his seat. "Thanks." She said to Walker.

Then Ike stood up and let his father have his seat. Walker sat down. Ike leaned against the wall. He stuck his hands in his pockets.

Then Zac was rolled in the room in a wheel chair with an IV tude in his left arm, and the bag was beside him. He looked more out of it then ever. He silently got up and into bed. "Here eat." The nurse put the tray on another tray that rolled around to go around the bed, and infront of Zac.

"I'm not hungry." Zac stated, and looked at the bowl of soup as if he'd never seen such a sight.

"You need to eat Zac." Ike said. He went over to the bed and sat down on the end of the bed, and opened the lid off the soup, he stuck the spoon in it and looked at Zac. "Eat."

"I just said I wasn't hungry." Zac said tiredly.

"But you need to. You hafta get nutierents into your body." Ike sighed.

"But they just spend ten minutes making me throw up coal." Zac cried.

"And tell me, why did they make you throw up coal Zac?" Ike asked.

Zac knew what he was getting at, he sat up and and drank some soup.

Ike opened up the milk and poured it into the glass, and then handed it to Zac. "Drink."

Zac did as told and drank all the milk.

"Now don't you feel much better?" Ike smiled.

"No." Zac pouted.

"Oh well, you'll thank me someday." Ike laughed.

"Thank you for what? Making me eat God nasty soup, and making me drink whole milk? Ha!" Zac asked.

"Yup." Ike smiled again.

"Whatever." Zac tried not to smile.

Diana and Walker just sat back and let Ike take care of Zac. Ike didn't seem to mind. He liked helping his brother, especially since Zac needed it.

Zac had fallen asleep. "Ok mom, we can go." Ike whispered.

"Ok." Diana got up and walked over to Zac's bed and bent down and kissed him on the cheek. Then she walked over to Walker gave him a kiss on the lips and then left with Ike.

Taylor just put Avery, Mackie, Zoe and Jessie to bed and went downstairs to get something to eat. It was nearly 7 pm. And Taylor was hungry. He opened up the pantry and found nothing worth eating. He opened the fridge and found some hodogs, and heated them up and put mustard, ketchup and relish on it nd went into the living room and sat down to watch tv. The phone rang again, and Taylor growled but got up to answer it, "hello?" He said with a mouth full of hotdog.

"Is Ike home?" The same unfamiler voice came again.

"No, can I take a messgae?" Taylor asked thinking nothing of it.

"No." And the voice hung up.

Taylor sat back down on the couch and flipped threw tv stations. He stopped at MTV and heard a song, he hadn't heard in about a year playing...

Right on time you get closer
and closer
called my name but theres no way in
use that fame...

Taylor quickly changed the channel. He knew the meaning of the words.

There was a knock at the door, and Taylor got up to answer it. He looked threw the peep hole, only to see a familer face. He smiled and let Mae in...

"Hey Tay, I know its kinda late, but I really need to ask you something." Mae began.

"Go ahead." Taylor instrucked.

"Ok, well...." Maes face turned pink, "I mean its ok, if you didn't, but I did, and I was just wondering if you did too?"

Taylor had a sneaking supecion he knew what Mae was getting at. He smiled then asked, "What are you asking if I did or didn't?"

"Did you like kissing me?" Mae blurted out.

Taylors face turned bright red. "Yeah." He then looked down at the floor.

"Then will you be my boyfriend?"

Taylor's head shot him that was a major turn on, when girls would be the daring ones. Also the voice she used, that sweet, yet strong kind. "Yeah." His voice cracked when he said that.

Mae stepped closer to Taylor, then backed away. She smiled. "Well, I better be going, my parents will be so pissed if they found out that I left the house.night Tay."

"Hey wait! Do you wanna do something tomorrow or something?" Tay asked shyly.

"Yeah sure. But can we talk over the phone?"

"Yeah sure Mae. Night." Taylor leaned in and kissed Mae lightly on the cheek.

"Bye." With that Mae left the house.

Even though Ike knew that he should be thinking about Zac, he couldn't. His mind kept drifting to Lisa. The smile, her face, her eyes, her hair, her body and the way she tasted to him. The way he wanted to share his world with her forever. What would his parents think about this wedding? He knew they liked Lisa as much as somebody likes getting a shot. Should he tell his parents, or just elope? He wanted his parents blessings, yet he knew they thought he was too young for anything too serious, yet alone getting married.

Ike decided that once he got home, he was gonna call Lisa. They hadn't talked in a couple of days and he needed to hear her voice. For the rest of the way home, Ike rested his eyes.

10 minutes later Diana pulled the car into the drive way and woke Ike up. They both got out. Diana went to her bedroom. Ike went to his bedroom also. He found Taylor on the phone. "Taylor get off, I need the phone."

"Isaac, I'm talking to Mae." Taylor hissed.

"Oh gee," Ike scratched his head. "Its not like she doesn't live NEXT DOOR."

"Shut up Ike." Taylor hissed again. Then to Mae he said, "Look Mae, my brother is being an ass, can I call you back later?" Pause. "Ok see you tomorrow." With that Tay hung up the phone and gave Ike an evil glare and left the room.

Ike dialed Lisas number without thinking about it. He smiled when he heard Lisas voice. He was so deep into his thoughts about her voice he hadn't heard her say hello a second time. "Oh sorry hey."

Hey Isaac! Havent heard from you in a while. I missed you. So how are you?

I'm great now that I heard your voice.

I knew there was a reason why I love you.

I love you too. Lisa I can't waste anymore time, I wanna get married soon.

Isaac, I so wanna get married to you too.

I was thinking about like in a few weeks, after Zac is out of the hospital and everything is fine. Then we can elope.

Ike, I know you don't want too, but we gotta tell our parents.

We can leave a note or something. They are gonna protest Lisa, I know they will. And then my parents will have like Taylor or somebody watch me, to make sure I don't sneak out.

Oh and Ike, we have just a little bit of money.

No I have an idea. I know some friends who went to UNC, well drive over to North Carolina, and we can live off of my friends for a while, then when we have enough money, we can get our own little apartment and everything will be good.

Are you sure? Oh and where would we get married Isaac?

I'm positive. We can find a small little church, have one of my friends be the witness. Please just agree.

I agree. But I hafta go now Ike. Lets go see a movie tomorrow, and we'll talk more. Ok? I love you sweetheart.

Thats fine with me. I love you too. Later. Ike hung up the phone and then climbed up to his top bunk. He fealt so immature sleeping on bunk beds, when he was 17 about to get married to the most perfect girl. He feel asleep with a smile on his face.

***Song credits goto: Caught a Light Sneeze, by Tori Amos***