Forever and a Day

Chapter 5 - When You Come Around

"Zac? What in Gods name are you doing?" Jessie shouted when she saw Zac inhale nail pollish remover. Zac jumped as he heard Jessie voice behind him, and he spilt some remover on the carpet. He turned around to face Jessie. His eyes were slit. "Get out...NOW!" He screamed at his sister.

Jessie had never seen her brother be like that, and it was scaring her. She left Zac's bedroom. She went down to find her mother. "Mom! Zacs acting weird, and he was just smelling my nail pollish remover.."

"What?! Smelling your nail pollish remover?" Diana ran down the hall to Zachary and opened the door, to see Zac's back turned to her, and pollish remover in his face and he sniffing real hard. Zac hadn't even noticed his mothers arrival. "Ahem!"

Zac turned around slowly and dropped the pollish remover and feel over on the floor.

Diana ran over to her son and caught him right before he hit the ground. "Taylor! Isaac! Walker! Get in here NOW!" Diana screamed.

Walker arrived first, "what's wrong Diana? What happened to Zac?" He questioned. He looked at the floor beside Diana and Zac, a bottle of empty nail pollish remover was on its side. He ran over to Zac and picked him up and carried him downstairs into the car.

"Dad? Where are you going? Whats wrong with Zac?" Ike spoke up first.

"Isaac come on get in the car now! Taylor help mom with everything. Ike we gotta go!" Walker hissed.

Ike got into the car, while his father placed a knocked out Zac into the backseat. Walker then got in the car and rushed out of the driveway. Walker's heart was pounding so loud, he thought that Ike could hear it, his blood pressure was rising with every beat and he was scared. His foot hit the excelarator harder and the car got faster. Ike was worried that they were going to get caught for speeding but they didn't, and got to the hospital. Walker and Ike both got out and Walker carried Zac like a baby into the emergency room.

"Where's a doctor?" Walker shouted.

"Um, sir, excuse me sir?" A nurse walked up behind him. "You hafta wait for a doctor to see you. But I can get youre medical history right now."

"I need a doctor NOW!" Walker shook with fear.

"Sir you hafta wait. You see all these people.." she pointed to everyone else in the waiting room, "they all need a doctor also. Now I need your medical records."

Walker looked at everyone else in the waiting room, it was certain that these people also need a doctor, but he doubted anybody needed a doctor as much as Zac.

Ike sat down in a chair infront of the nurse, he had no clue what was wrong with Zac but it was something bad, he knew. "Dad come over here. This nurse needs the.."

"I know" Walker sat down beside Ike, and placed Zac on the floor.

"Name?" The nurse asked.

"Walker Hanson."

"Not you, him." The nurse said pointing down to the boy.

"Oh Zachary Hanson."


"Octorber twenty second, nighteen eighty five."

"What happened to him?"

"He...he...he was sniffing nail pollish remover."

The words hit Ike like a bowling ball hitting all 10 pins down. He knew Zac wasn't ok after being raped but he never knew that Zac would go and do drugs and get high.

The nurse looked at Walker and said, "He's 12 years old. You could goto jail."

Walker knew this nurse was right. "I know that ma'am. But I had no clueabout this."

"Yeah well, you could either get fined a fee, or goto jail. But we hafta see how much of this nail pollish remover is in his blood first."

"Please hurry." Walker said. He didn't care about the money thing or going to jail, just as long as Zac lived.

"We can't let you break Mr. Hanson, there are people here who also need a doctor. This also reminds me, who's your doctor?"

Walker thought for a moment, "Uh, Doctor McMillian, Steven McMillian."

"Well doctor McMillian is not here right now, he took leave. Is Zachary allergic to anything?"

"Um no."

"Well we'll see what we can do for him."

10 minutes later Zac's name was called.

Walker and Isaac got up and Walker picked up a still knocked out Zac and walked into the the room with the doctor.

"So I heard about Zac? High off of nail pollish remover and then passed out?" The doctor went over and fealt Zacs pulse. He then put the stethascoop on his chest.

"Thats right doctor." Walker answered.

"Well we need him to stay over night. When he wakes up, we will hafta pump his stomach for any poisonings he's had. We might need to keep him more then over night if we feel the need too." The doctor said almost like he was on cue.

Taylor ran around the house and picked up toys and cleaned the rooms.

Diana ran around also, picking up the toys Taylor missed. She went into the kitchen and put the chicken in the oven. She then went into the toyroom where Zoe was crying she picked up the baby and ran around the house with Zoe in her arms. She heard the phone ring, she went to grab it, but Taylor had already gotten it.

"Hello?" Taylor said in a hurried voice.

"Hi Tay, its Mae." Said the voice on the other line.

Taylors heart skipped a beat. "Hey Mae." He smiled.

"Am I disturbing something? I just saw your dad and brothers rush outta the driveway. Is everything ok?"

"Mae, Zac...I dunno. He just passed out, and dad and Ike took him to the hospital I guess." Taylor sighed.

"Oh Taylor, I'm sorry." Mae said.

"Don't be sorry, it isn't your fault." Taylor answered her.

"I know but I'm still sorry, Well I just wanted to call and thank you for yesterday. I had a great time." Mae blushed even though he couldn't see her.

"I had a great time also Mae." Tay whispered.

"Well...I guess I'll let you go. Bye Taylor."

"No wait!"


"Hold on." Taylor said. He put the phone down and walked over to where his mom was drinking some tea. "Hey mom? Can Mae eat supper with us?"

"Taylor, I guess. But you'll hafta share youre meal with this Mae person." Diana sighed. She did not feel like making another chicken.

"Thats ok mom. Thanks." Taylor walked back over to the phone, "Hey Mae? Can you eat supper with us?"

Mae had heard what Tay and his mom had said, and she was tickled that Tay would share his meal with her. "Um hold on lemme ask my dad."

"K." Taylor said.

"Yeah I can." She said with a smile on her face.

Taylor could almost image Mae's face, he smiled. "Thats great!"

"Ok, so what time do you want me over?" Mae asked.

"Umm, how about 5ish?" It was 3:50 and Taylor knew she couldnt come over til supper was almost finished, and by 5 it would be almost done.

"Later Mae." Taylor then smiled and hung up the phone.

Taylor was still standing by the phone when the phone rang again. "Hello?"

"Hey Tay, can I speak to mom?" Ike said.

"Yeah sure, hold on Ike." Taylor went into the kitchen and inhaled the smell of chicken. He then sighed, "Hey mom, Ikes on the phone and wants to talk to you."

"Ok Tay." Diana walked into the living room and picked up the phone, "Ike?"

"Hey mom. Zac has to stay over night in the hospital." Ike got right to the point.

"Oh, ok. Well is dad gonna stay with him? Is he ok?" Diana was worried about Zac now.

"Yeah dads gonna stay with him."

"So how are you going to get home?"

"Mom, can you come pick me up?" Ike asked with an innocent voice.

Diana tried not to smile at Ike's tone, then she said, "I guess so. Does dad need another set of cloths?"

"Um hold on, lemme ask." Ike was gone for a few minutes then came back. "Yeah he does mom."

"Alright." Diana said. "Well Ill be there in about half an hour."

"Ok, later."

"Bye Ike." And with that Diana hung up the phone.

"Taylor!" Diana shouted.

"Yeah?" Taylor answered his mom.

"I need to goto the hospital to pick up Ike. Dad is going to stay over night with Zac. So I need to get him cloths too."

"Ok mom." Tay still didnt have any clue what was the matter with Zac.

Diana walked upstairs and got cloths for her husband, and then came back downstirs and said her goodbyes to the young children. "Tay, Ill be back in about an hour. Ok?"

"Ok mom, later." Tay closed the door behind his mom. Then he heard a great big crash coming from the kitchen. He ran in there and saw Avery and mackie trying to get to the pot with the chicken in it. Taylor ran over to them, and grabed Mackies hands away from it. "No Mackie."

"Why?" Asked a curious four year old.

"Cuz that water is hot. And youd get burnt really bad if you touch that." Taylor said matter of factly.

"Oh." Mackie walked away.

"Taybear?" Avery smiled a big frontless tooth smile.

"Yes Avie?"

"Can I have some candy?"

"No Avie."

"Why not?"

"Cuz you haven't had supper."

"So? Mommy isn't here..."

Taylor smiled at his sister, she had gotten her edge from him. "Swear not to tell?"

"Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye." Avery smiled, her sister had taught her that.

"Ok." Taylor reached ontop of the fridge and pulled down a piece of fruit flavored candy and handed her a piece.

Avery smiled sweetly and then walked away. Taylor laughed. Taylor heard Zoe crying and went into the play room. "What's wrong baby?"

Zoe screamed louder. Taylor walked over to her and he could've fainted from that aroma that filled his sister. He picked her up and placed her on the changing table, and changed her into new cloths and then put her back into the playpen. She feel asleep after tay left.

"Tay!" Jessie screamed just as Taylor tried to sit down to watch tv.

He walked upstairs into his sisters bedroom. "What?" He asked.

"Avery has candy! I'm gonna tell mom!" Jessie said.

"No you won't!" Taylor charged at his sister and tackled her to the ground. She screamed as Taylor tickled her.

"Stop it! Taylor!" She giggled.

"You're not gonna tell mom are you?"


Taylor stood up and was about to leave when he heard Jessie say,

"You think I wont tell mom, if you don't get me a piece?"

Taylor then said, "Come downstairs then."

Jessica followed Taylor down the stairs and then said, "I want cherry flavored."

"Alright. Now leave me alone." Tay said as he handed her the cherry flavored candy.

"Okie dokie." Jessie skipped through the house.

Taylor sat down, then the phone rang, he wanted to scream but simply answered the phone, "Hello?"

"Is Ike home?" Came an unfamiler voice.

"No he's not. Can I take a message?" Taylor asked.

"Um no thats ok." And the voice hung up the phone.

Taylor sat back down and flipped on the tv. It was now 4:30 and Montel was in the middle of his show. "Dammit." Taylor sighed. He hated missing the beginning of shows, so he flipped through and watched the news. He was bored with the news so he turned it to MTV. It was some weird show with that new VJ Jessie. "What a freak." Taylor said to himself. But he smiled as Jessie made a stupid joke. There was nothing on tv, so he turned on the radio in his kitchen, and the song that came on, broke Tays happy spell...

Just afloat on the sea
Find myself on a page of history
You know as I ride along
Theres a memory of a song
About you.
And where you're meant to be
Youre going to tell me the answers
Ill know
When you come back to me.

He flipped stations as tears of sadness crept into his eyes. "Dammit, come back to me Nicole." Taylor said outloud.

Nicole had left so many unanswered questions, and Tay didn't know the answers to any of them.

Taylor's thoughts were brocken by a knocking at the door. He went to answer it, and saw Mae's face smiling at him. He smiled back. "Hey. You're early."

"I know, I can leave if you want me too." Mae said softly.

Taylor looked at her, and she reminded him so much of Nicole, he smiled then said, "No it's fine." Taylor opened the door wider, and let Mae in.

Mae walked in and inhaled the smell of a "real home". She studied how everything had its own place.

"Mae?" Taylor looked at Mae in a confusing way.


"Something wrong?"

"Taylor, you have lived in the same house most of your life, right?"

"Kinda, sorta, since I was about 10 years old. But I've lived in South America some, and in the carribean too."

"Oh. Well I've never had a 'real home'. Its weird I guess."

"Living in the same place is boring. You never get to see new people, and see new places."

"Yeah but when you see new places and people, you leave all the old new places and people behind." Mae sighed and then walked over and sat down in the big loveseat couch.

Taylor walked over beside her, and studied her, she had on long baggy jeans with gray strips down the sides and a tight black top. I wonder whats under her shirt... Taylor silently thought and then bashed himself for thinking that.

Mae studied Taylor as well, he was wearing brown shorts and a blue shirt. His eyes were sparkling.

Taylor sat down beside Mae. Mae looked at Tay and he looked back. There eyes locked onto each other, Taylor leaned over to Mae, and placed his lips on hers. There lips tickled eachothers, and Tay's tounge pushed threw Mae's teeth. They stayed there kissing for a while and then Taylor pulled away, looked at Mae again, then turned away.

"Something wrong Tay?" Mae asked.

"Mae, I really liked kissing you. But..." Mae interupted Tay's talking and put her hand on his shoulder.

"Taylor I know." And with that Mae got up and walked out of the door.

Taylor still sitting on the loveseat and cried.

***Song credits goto: World Part, "When You Come Around"**