Forever and a Day

Chapter 4 -- Regaining Consciousness of a Memory

Taylor looked at himself in the mirror, and cringed. He was going on a date for the first time in a year. "Not its not a date, its just a person showing another person around." He said outloud to no one. "Ow Tays got a date!" Ike said noticing Taylor standing at the mirror talking to himself.

"It ain't a date Isaac." Taylor hissed.

"Oh yeah? Then what is it?"

"I am going to show Mae around, thats it."

"So I see." Ike just smiled.

Isaac had been so happy that Lisa had actually accepted his proposal.

Taylor noticed that Ike had been alot happier then normal, and said, "Ike what are you so happy about?"

"Taylor, have you ever just been so in-lov--" he stopped remembering Nicole.

"Yes Ike, I have." He whispered.

Ike looked Taylor in the eye and sighed. "Look Tay, I know you really loved Nicole, but you hafta get on with your life. I am not telling you to get over her, I'm just saying get on with your life. You will never get fully over her, because you just won't. But you know life goes on."

Taylor starred back at Ike, Ike didn't have anger in his eyes, he had understanding and caring for his brother. " don't understand."

"Taylor I do understand. I know what its like to lose someone you love...."

"No Ike you don't. You know what its like for someone you love to leave you, not die. All your old girlfriends are still alive, you can call them up anytime you want too. But I can't."

"I am not talking about girlfriends Taylor. I am talking about Bryan."

"Who the hell is Bryan?"

"Taylor," Ike sighed. "Bryan was my best friend up until we were 12. One day he got hit by a car. He was fine at first, but he was bleeding internally, and his body just shut down because the blood clotted up his organs. Bryan was a person who should not have died, he died for a stupid reason, and he hadn't lived. I thought it'd take me forever to get on with my life. You can't shut people out of your life because you are afraid of losing them Taylor. Taylor you have shut the world out of your life for a year now. You've lost most of your friends, and everyone thinks you are strange. I love you because you are my brother, but I hate what you are doing to yourself. I know how Nicole fealt about you, she loved you Taylor with all her soul, and she always wanted you to be happy. You aren't happy. You are a mope. You hafta have fun again, and just remebering fun thoughts is not fun. Going out helps Taylor...."

"Isaac look, I'm sorry about Bryan or whatever...."

"No Tay listen to me. Don't interupt me, right now you are going to show Mae around and you are going to enjoy yourself, because thats what Nicole would want you to do. Nicole had a diese that could not be cured, but she didn't hate everybody that tried to confort her. She didn't shut the world out because of it. You can't either. Life goes on with or without you. Right now all your doing is going with the flow. You can't do that Taylor. Make your own flow. You have so many memories of good times together with Nicole, but you can't live in your memories. You hafta make new ones." Ike stopped and didn't say another word, and just walked out of the room.

Taylor just starred after his brother. Ike had a point. Maybe he would try to have a good time with Mae. What could it hurt?

It was now Wednesday 2 days after Zacs incident in the park.

"Zac, look, we need your help. Please help us out here. What do you remeber about on Monday?" The officer stated his point.

The police station had called Diana last night and asked her and Zac to come down to the staton. She had woken up at 6 am, and got Zac up at 6:30 to be at the station by 7 am.

"I...I was umm...skating with my friends...this woman came up to me and asked me to help her..." Zac stuttered. He had gotten high again in the middle of the night, so he wasn't sure about anything right now.

"What did she look like? What was she asking for help about? How tall was she? What did her voice sound like? Zac we need you to answer these questions. They will help us out to catch her." The officer said matter of factly.

Zac laughed. How was he supossed to answer these questions, if he just couldn't remember?

"Zac answer the questions." Diana stated bluntly.

Zac wanted to scream at the cop and his mom. They both didn't understand, he just didn't remeber. "Look, I can't remember what you wanna know. I can't remember what you asked. I can't remember where I live or who I live with. I can't remember my friends and who cares about me. I can't remember what I got for Christmas, or the last time I got anything. I can't remember the last time somebody hugged me, really hug me with love and carringness. I am sorry I can't remember any of this."

Taylor and Mae had just walked around downtown, it was extremely hot.

"So what now?" Mae asked Tay.

"Wanna see a movie?" Tay blurted out. Oh my God I did not just ask her that... Tay though to himself. But honestly he did wanna see a movie with her.

"Sure, which one?" Mae asked. She had secretly been hoping he would ask her that.

They just passed the Dollar Theatre.

"How bout 'Scream 2'?"

Mae thought about it for a little bit, she had seen 'Scream', and it didn't thrill her one bit. It had just looked all fake to her, but she agreed with an unenthusiastic "sure".

Taylor noticed that Mae wasn't so 'sure' about seeing it, so he asked, "Is that an ok movie with you?"

" yeah" Mae smiled.

"k." Taylor was now nervous, as they stepped in line. Oh God, am I supossed to buy her ticket? I was the one who asked...maybe I should...But then she might think its a date....

"One for 'Scream 2'" Mae said to the attendiant behind the ticket booth.

Ok so I don't hafta buy her ticket...maybe snacks? Yeah that'd be nice... "Um one for 'Scream 2'" Tay said. As they entered the room, Tay asked Mae, "Do you want any kinds of snacks or anything?"

Mae did not know what to say, yes she wanted snacks, but then shed look rude, but if not excepting would be rude too. "Yeah sure, if thats ok."

"So, what would you like?"

"Oh um, I guess just some popcorn and a small drink."

"Alright." Tay looked at the screen, and it read, 'Small drink: 1.75. Median Drink: 2.50 and Large drink: 3.00.' Taylor only had 5 dollars in his pockets. "Damn" he muttered under his breath. "Hey Mae? Can we get a medium drink, and a popcorn? Cuz thats all the money I have."

" I can help you with the money."

"Oh no dont." Tay blurted out again.


"Um cuz guys are supossed to pay for the...." he stopped his sentence.

Mae blushed and said, "Ok, if you say so."

They had got it all figured out, and had entered the theatre. The previews had already begun, so Tay and Mae had to find there way in the dark. They sat down in the middle row, they watched as the previews went off and the movie begun. Tay hadn't been paying much attention to the movie, he had already seen it and it was boring to him now. Tay watched Mae, she wasn't entertained by the movie. She didn't squint when the knife went though the first guys head and blood pured out of his mouth, nor did she jump when the killer killed the girl in the theatre. She looked bored.

"Do you wanna leave?" Tay asked.

Mae didn't wanna sound rude, "Do you?"

"yeah" They got up and headed for the exit.

Taylor watched Mae walk, she walked sure of herself, yet not too full of herself.

Mae watched Tay watch her. She kinda liked Taylor watching her. She wanted to talk to him but she didn't really have anything to say to him.

Tay noticed that Mae looked at him while he was looking at her, and he looked away, although he really did not want too.


"Mae..." ok this converstation is going nowhere...

"What do you wanna do now?" she asked.

"I dunno, depends, what time is it?"

Mae looked down at her wrist, "its almost 3."

"Oh shit I gotta get home. C'mon we gotta go." Tay was in a hurry cuz he had promised his mom hed be home by 3.

"ok." Mae threw the popcorn away and headed off with Tay.

They had reached there neighborhood. Tay walked Mae to her door. "Look Mae, I had a really nice time with you, and everything I mean it. But Im not really ready to start dating or anything..."

"Oh Tay I know, I had fun too. I just wanna be friends."

"Ok, thanks. Well see ya later." And Tay walked away. The only trouble is, he didn't wanna just be friends with Mae.

Isaac kissed Lisa. She pulled away.

"Ike, how old are we?" Lisa asked.

"I'm 17 and you are 17." He said in the 'duh' tone.

"No I mean it. We aren't old enough to drink, vote, get into the really good clubs. What makes you think we can married? Sweetie both are parents don't except either of us." Lisa was sad as she said this. She wanted more then anything to marry him. She wanted him forever to be hers. But she knew reality and rehad no picture of 'Ike and Lisa together forever.'

Ike looked at Lisa, straight in the eyes, and she had mean't every word she said. "Lisa please, don't do this...don't say we can't get married or people won't accept us or that our parents don't accept us. I don't care. But I do care aboutyou and I. Lisa I can see so much in your eyes. I don't wanna lose your or let the public decide what is 'right' for us. Lisa I love you, I will always love you, I will love you forever and a day. I can't see my life with out you in it. And if you can, then you listen way to much to the public, and you don't truely love me."

Lisa had tears in her eyes. Ike was 17, but yet knew so much. "Ike I do, I love you honestly. I don't care what the public thinks or neither what are parents think. But Ike we are only kids, we can't just get married because..."

"Why cant we just get married? Lisa, please. If you don't wanna marry me, say so right now. Don't get married because I want you too. It hasta be in your heart. Lisa you are the only person in my heart. And I wanna marry you. I wanna be the father to your kids, I wanna spend my sleepless nights with you."

Lisa broke down and cried. She burried her face in Ikes shirt and let the tears pour. She wanted to 'have and to hold' Ike forever. She knew she loved Ike. She did, but she also listened to the public and she knew they wouldn't like this. She hugged Ike and looked down at her finger, the ring Ike had given her wasn't much. It was a simple gold band with a tiny blue and green amathiest sitting on the top. It was beautiful to her, maybe not to anyone else, but it came from Ikes heart, and his savings account. She knew a ring like this wasn't very cheap. She then looked into Ikes eyes, she saw the same thing in his eyes, she saw his love for her. This love that seemed to be going on for miles. She smiled and then kissed Ike. She let her tounge slip into his mouth, and he let her lead. She stopped kissing him, and said, "Clarke Isaac, I don't care what people or our parents say, but I want to be yours. I know it now. I'm sure of it. I want to hold you in my arms forever."

Ike smiled.