Forever and a Day
Chapter Three - Introduction to a Friend

Zac laughed at all the colors that had surrounded him, there were blues, greens, yellows, pinks, oranges, reds and purples. They were blending together, and then they'd seprate and make beautiful pictures. He fealt like he was flying, he was the happiest person on the planet at this moment. He knew the colors would never hurt him. Taylor woke up the next morning, his eyes were puffy and red, but there was something in his heart that had been rekindled. He smiled, remebering what love was like.

Taylor walked down the stairs in his house, nobody was home, and Tay was thankful for that.

Taylor noticed a letter on the fridge that read:

Dear Taylor;

We all went out to buy some food and then we are heading off to the the mall to pick up some cloths for Jessie. "God, they baby her so much" Taylor said aloud. He opened the fridge and got out some orange juice and a cup and poured himself some. He then went to the pantry got out some, Fruit Loops and didnt bother with milk, he just ate them out of the box.

He heard a knock at the door, so he got up and went to answer it.

"Yeah?" He said as he opened the door. He noticed it was the same girl who was watching him the other day and his cheeks turned red.

" I just moved into the house next door....I was just wondering if you could show me around sometime?" she said standing in the doorway.

"I guess." Taylor mumbled.

"My name is Mae." she said as she held out her hand.

"Mines Taylor. You can come in, if you want." Tay said as he took her hand. He noticed it was soft, and small, like Nicoles. Taylor led Mae into the living room, where they sat down. They both were silent for a minute, then Tay asked, "Where did you move from?"

"Nowhere, and I'm not going back."

She obvisioully didn't want to tell Taylor, so he didn't press any further. "So, who'd you move with?"

"My family."

Well duh Taylor thought. "So why'd you move here?" Taylor was trying to start a converstation, it obvisioully wasnt working.

"My moms work."

"So what does she do?"

"She works for an oil company, and they moved her here."

"oh cool, my dad works for one too."

"Yeah real cool." she sighed.

What in the world is up with her? She was bold at the door, and now shes all...weird. Taylor thought

Mae noticed the confused look on Taylor's face and said, "I'm sorry, I just don't like to talk about what my parents do, or where I come from. We move so much, those questions are just old, and I hate answering them."

"Oh alright." Taylor said releaved it wasnt something he had done.

"So what kinda music do you like Tay?"

"Oh anyone, from LeAnn Rimes, to Aerosmith. I really like anytype of music."

"Cool. I like'em all too."

They both looked at the door, they heard somebody laughing and somebody fall against the door.

"Ikey! Your parents could be home!" Lisa screached as Ike tickled her til' she fell againt the front door of the Hanson house. "No they aren't, they went to the mall." Ike smiled.

"What about your brother?"

"Ow he doesn't care." Ike grabed Lisa by her waist and pulled her closer to him, then he picked her up and swung her over his shoulders and walked around to the back of his house. She was beating his back and screaming at him, but he only laughed.

Ike carried Lisa to the treehouse. He put her in the house and then climbed up into the house. "Isaac! I can't believe that you just carried me..." Lisa was cut short by Ike placing a small kiss on her lips.

Isaac gentaly pushed Lisa on the floor and kissed her neck. He pulled off his shirt, and looked down at Lisa, she was beautiful. Nobody could tell him different, no one could say they didn't belong, because they did. He loved her, and he knew she was the one and only for Ike. He leaned down and kissed her with passion and hunger, and let his and her tounge mingle for a few minutes. He pulled away, but Lisa still had her eyes closed. He layed down beside her and messaged her stomach.

"Ike why'd you stop?"

"Cuz I love you."

Lisa knew what he meant, he didn't want to mess around on the floor. Ike liked soft, and the floor wasnt soft. Lisa was kind of glad, that he didn't want to hurt her, but she also wanted him, right then and there.

Ike sat up and looked over at Lisa and said, "Lisa, all I wanna do is be with you, and I love you so much. I wish my parents accepted you. You are my angel, the only one I want...."

"Isaac, I wish my dad accepted you, but he doesnt, and theres really nothing we can do about that."

"Yes there is." Ike looked down at his pants and pulled out a square box, he had gotten the ring a week ago, he didnt know when was the perfect time to ask. He didn't know if he should. He was only 17. Then looked Lisa straight in the eye and whispered, "Will you marry me? Will you spend all your days and all your nights with me? Will you be the mother of my children? Will you..."

Lisa had tears running down her eyes, then she said, "I will. I will marry you, and I'll have all your kids, and I'll be yours only." She smiled as she said this.

Zac had just came down from his high. It was the first time he had ever gotten high. Zac loved the feeling of being high, the feeling that nobody else mattered, the feeling like he was special, the feeling that everything was fine. He hated not being high. Now the world was a blur, nobody cared about Zac and he knew it.

Zac wanted to get high again, he thought he really needed too.

"Lance, can you can get me some more Speed?" he asked Lance who had just gotten high also. Lance's brother was a heavy drug dealer, and he could get Zac whatever he wanted.

"Sure man." Lance smiled knowing that Zac was now entering the world, in which he could not leave.

"So what do you wanna see?" Taylor asked Mae.

"I don't really know. What's there to see?"

"Nothing really, its like a hick town. We have farms all over the place, and we have a bunch of bars. The only really cool thing we have is, LazorQueast. Thats really cool." Taylor sighed.

"Ok, can we go there like tomorrow or something?" Mae asked.


" I better get going. I'll see you tomorrow at...whats a conveinent time for you?."

"11 am?"

"Sure, it's a date. Gotta go Tay bye." Mae said as she left the house.

Oh God, what am I getting myself into? A date? Its only been a year. I dont know if Im really ready to start dating again? Oh God what have I done? I cant say no now, well it wont really be a date, she just wants to see downtown. I'll just be a friend and show her. Yeah thats it. Oh but she was so sweet. Oh no, I can't, I ant like her. No I swore to myself I'd never like any other girl. Oh I hope Nicole is ok with this. Taylor thought, as he sat in the same chair as he had when he first kissed Nicole.