Forever and a Day

Chapter Two - The Memory of Kissing

When Diana picked up her son at the police station, the first thing she said was, "What were you doing helping some stranger that you didnt know, Zac?" "I dunno, she seemed nice and..." Zac mumbled.

"She seemed nice? Zac you had no clue who she was! What the hell were you thinking?" Diana yelled.

"Ma'am, dont yell at him. He didnt understand and hes 12 years old." The cop said butting in.

"Well, officer," she looked at his badge, "Shepard, hes my son and I'll yell at him for doing something stupid..."

"But he did nothing stupid, it was not his fault." The cop said.

"It was his fault, he should not have followed that bitch in the first place and..." she began.

"MOM!" Zac screamed. "You always said to help people and I was..."

"I said to help people you knew! Not some stranger!" Diana shouted.

"Ma'am.." the cop started.

"You stay out of this!" Diana shouted at the officer.

"Mom, I get rapped..." Zac said quivering, "and when you come pick me up, all you do is yell and scream at me and Officer Shepard. Why? Youre so mean and...." Zac was crying again.

His mom just stood there, lips in a line and hands on her hips.

"Ma'am, I really think you need to cool off. If you want, I'll call youre husband and he can take Zac home..." the officer was saying.

"No, I can take him home, now get up Zac and lets go." She said as she reached for Zac. He pulled away and got up on his own.

"Be careful, hes very vulnerable right now..." the cop began.

"I know he is. What do you think I'm stupid?" Diana yelled at the cop.

"Mom shut up and lets go." Zac butted in.

"FINE!" Diana shouted.

Diana walked out of the police station. Zac walked behind her, but the cop shouted after him, "Zac...heres your cloths. And take care." The cop tried to smile.

"Yeah whatever thanks I guess." Zac said, hurt in his tone.

The car ride hom was silant. No radio, no talking and breathing was very soft, except for Zacs cries.

Lisa just saw her dad pull into the cravel interence to thier trailor, "Ike, leave out the back way, NOW! My dad is home!" Lisa squeaked.

"K, call me later. Love ya" Ike said as he crawled out of the window, that was supposaly, the 'back' way out.

Ike did not know where to go, he couldn't go home, he did not want to fight with his dad, he hadn't heard about the inccident with Zac yet. So he headed for Darryl's house.

"Dad, what do you think about Ike?" Lisa asked her father.

"He seems sweet, but I dont know about you two dating each just doesn't seem right." Ray said.

"Why? Cuz I'm black, and he's white?"

'Lisa's so blunt, I wonder where she got that from? Not from me.. Ray was thinking.

"Earth to dad! Tell me, I know you don't except that fact, but, I love him." Lisa stated.

"You dont even know what love is! You can't love Isaac." Ray shouted, and he did not know why, maybe because he was loosing his baby girl.

"Yes, I do dad. It's when you yearn for thier touch, you wanna be around that person just to hear them breath, your stomach gets butterflys when they are around, and they always make you feel good, no matter what. Dad I don't care that Ikes white, but he makes me feel different. He makes me feel special...and you do too, but it's different with Ike and it's amazing."

Ray listened as Lisa explained what love was like, and he relized he wanted somebody to love. He missed that feeling. "Lisa...what did you wanna ask about Ike?"

Now how did he know I was gonna ask something for Ike? Lisa wondered. "Well, him and his father, aren't what youd call, being friendly, with each other now, and Ike can't stand it anylonger and..."

"And you wanna know if he can stay here, huh?" Ray asked.

"Darryl, what do think about me and Lisa? I mean are we so wrong to like each other?" Ike asked his friend.

"I dunno, do I look like some love expert, or something?! Man, give it a rest! All you've been talking about lately is that you love Lisa. If you're dad, doesn't like it, screw him." Darryl told his friend.

Darryl and Isaac were at Darrly's house in the basement.

"Darry," Isaac was saying when the phone rang, and Darryl answered it.

"'Talk to me'" Darryl mocked Jessie from 'Full House'. His little sister, Amber watched that show all the time, and he was sick of it.

Darryl got a smile wide across his face, and looked up at Ike and mouthed, " party at Mable's tonight!"

Isaac knew Mable, she liked Isaac. Mable was one of the most popular girls at Darryl's school, but she was a snob, and even though millions of guys would die to go out with Mable, Ike could not stand her. She had long blond hair, down to her lower back, blue eyes and a great smile. Her teeth were perfect. She wore cloths that girls out on the street would wear.

After Darryl hung up the phone he looked at Ike and said, "Do you wanna go?" There was pleading in Darryl's voice and Ike knew Darryl liked Mable, but Ike though he could do much better then Mable.

"Sure," Ike sighed. "As long as Lisa can come with us!"

"Isaac man, there will be chicks so much better then Lisa..." Darryl began.

Ike cut him short by saying, "I think Lisa is perfect and to me, no girl is better then her."

"Whatever man!" Darryl laughed, but Ike didn't find it very amusing.

"Why do you put Lisa down? She's so sweet and..."

"Isaac! I don't put her down." Darryl did not want to fight with his best friend.

"Well atleast I'm not the one running after a whore! Darry, you could have any girl, why do you want Mable?" Ike asked.

Darryl knew Ike was right, but he liked Mable, and did not know why. "Ike lets just get ready ok?" Darry said to change the subject.

"Ok." Ike said as he stood up, he looked down at himself and then said, "I'm ready. Can I call Lisa and invite her from here?"

"Sure, I don't care." Darryl replied.

Isaac quickly picked up the phone and dailed Lisa's number. "Hey gorgerous! Um, me and Darryl are going to this party tonight and I was wondering if you'd like to come with us?" Pause. "k, we'll pick you up when we leave for the party then! Later. Love I love you I love you! Ok, bye sweetie." Ike said as he put down the phone.

Darry was laughing at Ike, Ike was so dumb around Lisa, he wondered how she could like him, when he was such a fool around her.

"Shut up Darry!" Ike said as he noticed Darryl snicker.


"Nothing, now lets go!"

At the party, Isaac noticed it was a 'make out' party. Ike saw people that were making out, just to be making out.

Isaac led Lisa to a room filled with couples.

Isaac leaned on Lisa as she sat down, and started kissing her ears, he led his mouth down her face and found her mouth. Her mouth tasted sweet, and Ike craved her mouth more and more and kissed harder. It was getting real hard for Ike to control his craveings, Lisa pulled away.

"Ikey, can we go somewhere else? I'm sorry, I just don't feel, comfortable here"

Ike looked at her with sad eyes. But said, "Alright." And Isaac got up and they walked out the house hand-in-hand.

The Hanson family, except for Zac and Ike were sitting at the kitchen table. Eating steak and mac 'n' cheese.

Zac was in his room, starring up at the ceiling. His mind racing. He couldn't eat, his stomach was sore.

"Mackie, put down the macaroni...dont throw it at your sister." Walker was saying as Mackie threw the food at his sister.

"Daddy!" Avery whined, the food had hit her.

Avery looked around the table, she heard Jessie giggling.

"Jessie! Its not funny. How would you like it, if I threw food at you?" Avery said as she threw a piece of steak at her sister.

"Thats enough girls!" Walker said in a stern voice.

Taylor was tired of his kid sisters childish behavior. He got up and headed straight for his room when Diana stopped him and said, "Where do you think you're going?"

"Upstairs." Taylor simply stated.

"Not before you clean your plate off." Diana said, she noticed Taylor just stood there, "Now!"

Taylor did as he was told. He rinced his plate off in the sink, and he remebered when he and Nicole had had a water fight in the kitchen, he smiled to himself and daydreamed about it.

[Taylors daydream]"Tay! Dont you dare!!" Nicole said as she ran in the kitchen.

"What? I'm not doing anything!" he said with an evil grin on his face. He had a water-balloon in his hand that was behind his back.

"Let me see your hands boy!" she said noticing his hands.

Taylor stepped closer to her, he held out his hand with the balloon in it. "Here take it."

"I don't want it!" Nicole said. She knew what he was going to do.

"Fine!" he said right as he threw it at her stomach.

"Oh no! Taylor Hanson, you are going to get it!" Nicole mouthed as she got up. She ran up to him, gave him a huge hug, and then grabed the water sprayer that was in the sink, and soaked him.

"Oh my God!" Taylor scretched as the water hit him.

Nicole noticed that the water made Taylor look aborable. He had water running down his cheeks from his hair. He had water driplets on his nose, and his ears. She couldn't help but notice his shirt, it was sticking to his body.

Taylor noticed Nicoles starring. He bent down and looked her in the eye. Her face was skinny and fragile. He placed his palm around her face and whispered "you are beautiful." He then placed his lips on hers.

She stopped the passionate kissing and looked at him. His eyes were shining and told him "I love you." and then ran to her house.

"TAYLOR!" his mom yelled.

Taylor was brought back to reality then. "Huh?"

"HUH? You don't say 'huh?' to me!" she said.

"Sorry, yes mom?"

"Are you going to do the dishes or just stand there with that grin on you're face?"

"I am not doing everyones dishes! I said mine, not yours..."

"Fine then, move!" Diana shouted. She muttered something under her breath but Taylor didn't understand it.

Taylor walked passed Zac, who was asleep on the couch. He turned off the tv. He walked upstairs to his room, and got out of his 'secret' drawer a picture of Nicole, she had on a long dress that was a light green that brought out her blue eyes. Her skin was pale and very boney looking. She had on a wig that was brown, it was long. Her kemo had made her hair fall out, she hated not having hair so her mom bought this wig. It was made of real hair. She hated it, but also hated walking around bald, she always had a fear that it would fall off.

Suddenly Taylor fealt somebody watching him. He looked up and out the window, he saw her, Nicole.