Forever and a Day

Chapter 1 - Too Many Tears

"Isaac, you can't see her." Diana told Ike. "Why not mother? what's wrong with her?" Ike asked.

"Isaac, you know better and well you know why your mother and I don't want you seeing Lisa." Walker told his son.

Isaac, Walker and Diana were in the kitchen sitting on the bar stools at the bar. It was 4 o'clock in the afternoon.

"No I don't father, tell me why I can't see Lisa." Ike stated.

"I am not going to tell you again. But if I catch you with Lisa again, you will be in deep shit, do you understand me?" Walker raised his voice at his son, which he didn't usually do.

"No! I will see Lisa and you won't do anything to me. You don't own me and you aren't the boss of me!!!" Ike yelled back at his father.

"You live under my roof, and I am the boss of you!" Walker yelled.

"Fine, I wont live under your roof anymore!" Ike stated as he walked out of the kitchen, out the front door and onto the road that led to Lisa's trailor.

'Tay, I love you so much...' she whispered into his ear.

"Leave me alone!" Taylor shouted. He couldnt get her out of his mind and it had been a year since she died.

'Love me Taylor...' she said.

"I can't love you anymore, you're dead! You left me, how could you? And now you want me to love you? How?" Tay said on the verge of tears. Taylor was alone in his room. He was listening to the radio, and she started talking to him again.

'I never left left me...' she stated.

"No, you are dead! You left me. I never once left you. I hate you, leave me alone!" Tay cried.

'How could I leave someone I love? Tay if I did not love you, I would not talk to you....'

"I said leave me alone!" Tay shouted.

'As you wish' she said.

Taylor had seen the "The Princess Bride" one to many times and he knew what she meant.

"Dont say that! Just leave me alone!" Tay screamed.

"Honey, what are we gonna do about Taylor? He's talking to himself again. I don't think he ever really got over Nicole's death." Diana told Walker.

"Huh? what? What are we gonna do about Lisa and Ike, thats what I wanna know!" Walker blurted.

"Walker! Could you not hear Tay shouting at himself? Hon, I'm worried." Diana said.

"Why don't we send him to a phycologist then?" Walker's mind was not on Tay at that moment, it was on Ike, he had said he wouldn't live under his roof anymore, was he being serious? He couldn't live with Lisa in her small trailor and with her dad, there just wasn't room, and he didnt have enough money to buy his own house....was Walker right to say Ike can't see Lisa anymore? Walker could clearly see that Ike loved her....but she was black.

Lisa was outside when she saw Ike running down her street, she smiled, glad she would have somebody to talk to. Her father was at work. She didn't have her mother or her 3 sisters and 1 brother anymore, they had died when she was real little and all she had to remember them by was pictures.

"Hey sweetie" Lisa said as Ike approached her.

"You know what Lisa?" Ike asked but before she had time to answer him he said, "I love you so much." Isaac grabed her waist and pulled her close.

Lisa saw his eyes, hunger, hurt and passion filled them. "You had a fight with your father huh?" she asked him.

"You know me inside out don't you Lisa?" Ike said with a small grin. Ike and his father had been having more and more fights since Ike started dating Lisa. "Lisa, I hate him, I really do...."

"Shh, dont say that Ike." Lisa hushed him by putting her index finger over his mouth. "You don't really hate him, you dislike what hes doing."

Isaac opened his mouth and kissed Lisa's finger. He turned her hand and started kissing her palm. Then he looked at her face kissed her mouth with hunger and passion. They were deep in embrace when Lisa pulled away, she didnt say a word and pulled him into her trailor.

As Ike sat down on the armchair, Lisa sprawled her legs around him and started kissing him all over. She started unbottuming his overshirt. Once she had that off she ran her tounge down his neck. She noticied that Ike had 2 other shirts on and moaned, "Why you always wear so many shirts?"

Isaac answered her by pulling them off.

His breathing sounded funny to Lisa, she started to giggle.

"Wha...?" Isaac breathed.

Lisa sat up and smiled at Isaac and said, "You sound funny, calm down sweetie."

"I..I cant help it..." Ike said pulling her close again.

Lisa sat pulled back and then said "Ike, not now, please."

"Nobody loves me." Ike pouted.

"I love you" Lisa whispred in his ear.

"Then...." Ike started.

"No Ike, not right now." she said getting up and handing his shirts back to him.

"Well I really came here to ask..." Ike said while just putting on his buttom up shirt that was a light brown and that made his eyes shine back on, "was if I could um...."

Lisa knew what he was gonna ask, "I dunno Ike, my dad..."

Ike knew Ray didnt like Ike either. "Oh, alright..."

"But I'll see what I can do." Lisa said with a flirty grin.

Taylor had decided to go outside to the treehouse. He needed to get out of the house, mainly out of his room, too many bitter-sweet memories.

He decided to write. He forgot who he was, where he was and who he was writing to.

Dear Nicole;

Hiya sweetie. When you get out of the hospital, I wanna make you feel good again. I know you've gone though hell the past couple of days, and I wanna bring you to heaven. I miss you, you know that? I know I can go to the hospital everyday and see you, but its not the same. We aren't in private, and you have all these wires coming out of scares me. I love you so much, you have to fight, you have to live, for me. I can't live in this world without you by my side. You're all I have. I know they will find a cure for cancer, and you'll get all better, and you're hair will grow back and you won't need anymore tubes to live and you won't be so tired and....I just want to hold your sweet body close to mine. I love you so much. Well, I have to go now. All my Love,

J. Taylor Hanson. Taylor starred down at what he had just written: the same note he had written the last time he'd given Nicole a note.

He broke down and cried. His heart hurt. He needed somebody to fill the huge hole in his heart. He knew Nicole was meant for him. But now Nicole was gone, she was gone for good, he'd never see her face, her pain stricken face, her lovable face, her face with hurt, her face with her eyes sparkling, her face thats all he wanted was her face.

"I cant take this anymore!" he screamed.

Taylor crumbled the piece of paper up. He tore it into little tiny pieces, so he couldn't tell what the words were.

"Why God? Why the hell did you take the one person who was meant for me? I hate you! You aren't this great, powerful God, you are a jealous God who takes what doesn't belong to you! Nicole was you hear me? Mine! And you took her away from me! At least when Jesus died, he went to you, but I have nobody now. I hate you." Taylor screamed again.

Zac was at the park with his friends, Rob, Lance, Miles and Miles sister Megan. They had planned on going rollarblading.

"Hey Miles watch this..." Zac said as he spun around on his blades.

"Oh wow thats like so cool!" Miles said in a sarcastic tone mocking his sister Megan.

"Miles, dont like mock me!" Megan decalred.

"Yeah Miles, like dont mock your sister!" Zac mocked Megan.

"Uh, Zac like I told Miles not to like mock me, so like dont, ok?" Meg said a bit P.Oed. She had a very rich valley-girl accent, even though she was a tom-boy, she just couldn't get rid of it.

"Yeah guys leave Meg alone." Rob said. He secretly had a crush on Meg, and she knew it, she loved to mess with his head.

"Listen to the man, ok?" Meg said.

"Ew did you hear that Rob? Meg called you a man! Way to go dude!" Lance said punching Rob in the arm.

Zac wasn't really into the conversation now, a real pretty woman had asked Zac to help her find her lost cat. "Excuse me, young man, can you please help me find my cat?" she had asked Zac.

She seems nice enough thought Zac. "Sure" he told her.

I think she went over there, her names..." she paused, "Lila."

"Ok," Zac said following her to the bush where she had pointed and started shouting, "here kitty, kitty, Lila, kitty..."

Zac was suddenlly knocked out. She hit his head with the back of a pistol. Everything was blurred, from then on.

The next thing he remembered was waking up, in a cot at the police station.

He was sore all over and his clothes were different. He looked over and saw a cop sitting by his desk. "Where...why...who are you?" Zac asked.

"Son, I called youre mother she's on her way..." the cop told Zac.

"Well why am I here? And, what happened to my clothes?" Zac asked, he looked over at the cop's desk and his cloths were in a bag.

"Son, I'm going to give this to you straight, you were rapped." the cop told him.

The word played in Zac's mind again and again. He burst into tears. Hot tears ran down his face, they stung like a freezing cold person stepping into warm water.