This is how it began.
It started with a phone call, and ended with acceptance. This is my experience. This is how I learned.

Sometimes, a dream can fade forever
and all of the stars will falter in the sky
nightmares stealing them away into their dark belly.

Sometimes, a person can be left broken
and a life which once
sparkled so brightly dims before your
so blue turn to gray
and everything becomes hollow.

There's probably a song about it somewhere, but words are pale in comparison to the feelings I could never begin to talk about. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to face yourself, and understand that you have a problem.
I think I have a lot to thank him for. Including the new strength which now holds me. That's what he would have wanted - to instill strength, not weakness.
That doesn't mean I don't miss him every day of my life.

This is my story. This is how I learned.

Living is such an undeniably precious thing that so many people forget to acknowledge. The older and more distanced we get, the more we fail to realize that one day our lives may fade, and are we where we truly want to be when it happens? Sometimes we have to learn that living life is a blessing - and the only way to cherish it is to live, and to hold our loved ones eternally close. They will always be there - even when we're not.
We will always be apt to forget
and doubt.

This is my fable. This is how I learned.

Here's the story written from my pen, and with my right hand. This is how I saw it, and how I will tell it. This is how you will read it. I am but a small portion of this universe, aren't I? This is my story about coping, and breaking. About a brother and a girl who slept at my side. About all of the things baggy clothes and make-up cannot cover; and pain so strong it was not to be felt... but to be seen. A body as weak as the fire on your birthday candle, and the final resolution that tries to make it all make sense, even though it never really does make sense.

This is my poem. This is how I learned.

not so straight forward
but suddenly understanding
the moral

In the end... this will make sense

what it is to be living
and where the burns came from

This is my life. This is what ...